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Novgorod Dubrovsky chronicle (1539)

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

Chronicle, published in 2004 under the misleading title "Novgorod Dubrovsky chronicle" (NLD) [PSRL, vol. 43] – was not written by a collector P. P. Dubrovsky (1754 – 1816), but by unknown scribe of the circle of Novgorod Archbishop Makarios (in the future – the Moscow Metropolitan). At the core lies N4L chronicle, the most valuable part of it is a records for the 16 cent. The last event in the chronicles was in 1539.

8. Another article titled "Beginning of the Lithuanian kin" given on p. 265 – 269. It is nothing more than a copy of "Tale of Vytautas" rewritten accurately enough and without additional fantasy, except that some erratums.

It is important for our topic more: this copy confirms my assumption that the "Tale of Vytautas" was common as a separate product. NLD copy ends just at the place where, according to my reasons, ended TOV. (The reader may be interested to know that I have identified TOV independently only on the basis of the "Lithuanian" chronicles; NLD copy used much later).

This, in turn, gives hope to find other autonomous copies of TOV. Thus, the publishers of the NLD said that there are 3 article collections that are similar in composition to the articles at the NLD (p. 6). I have not had the opportunity delved down, if they contain a TOV.