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Marriages Jagiello

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

2-7. The edition of the 59th episode TOV – marriage Jagiello with Jadwiga – should be considered as just own inventions of the author,

5. The story about Jagiello engagement and marriage with Sophia Golshanska placed in Lit1L after 1401 and before the article by article 1402.

Of course the story is based on Dlugosz [Jana Długosza Roczniki czyli kroniki sławnego królestwa Polskiego. – Warszawa: 2009, ks. 11, 1413 – 1430, s. 159, 165 – 166, 203 – 206], although it does not contain any direct text borrowings. In Dlugosz this news spread in the articles 1421 – 1424 years. Miechowski have said about this very briefly [Chronica Polonorv[m]. – Kraków: 1519 ]. But it in a short form (with preservation of all material facts) are presented in Cromer [Kronika polska Marcina Kromera biskupa warmińskiego. – Sanok: 1857 ].

Everything else should be considered as the result of the writer’s imagination of Lit1L author, who used book Cromer, not Miechowski. Thus, the estimated time of writing Lit1L we can determine more confident – after 1555.