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Lawrence Krschonovych (1691)

Nicholas Zharkikh

In 1691 in Chernigov was printed "Prayer", written by Abbot of Chernigov Trinity Monastery Lawrence Krschonovych. The second edition of this book came out in Chernigov as well in 1697. This prayer contains three Akathists, the second of which is devoted to st. Barbara [Borisenko K.G. . – Collection of Kharkiv Historical and Philological Society, 2006. – T. 12. – p. 51 – 58]. This akathist still never reprinted, and quotes from it in Borisenko's article are vague, so we can not say whether this akathist contain (except glorification) also some historical data, and whether it had influence on subsequent works, particularly on akathist by J. Krokovsky.

For us it is important that it was the first printed monument in honor and glorification of st. Barbara that came to us. Synaxarion and Life, which saw Paul of Aleppo, seems have not preserved, at least they don't mentioned in scientific literature. Compiling, and the more printing such text indicating that the church authorities began to recognize the truth of relics, portrayed by Sofonovych.