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Imaginary record about the death of Igor Olgovich


Vyacheslav Kornienko (the historian of the National Reserve "Kiev Sophia") published an article "Reflection of events in 1147 in Sophia Kiev epigraphics: graffiti about death Igor II of Kiev" (Scientific publication devoted to 900 anniversary of St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, K., 2008, pp. 145 – 150).

The author re-examined in situ recording, published in 1966 by S. Vysotski (Vysotski S.A. Old Russian inscriptions of the St. Sophia Cathedral. – K.: 1966, p. 24, № 12 ) and concluded that it should read as follows: «Month of October 19 th reposed Peter, and in the 20's was buried».

V.Kornienko assumed that this record tells of the death of Prince Igor Olgovich, what happened on Oct. 19, 1147. Once having come to this conclusion, the author considers it a mistake to chronicle the date of death of Prince (19 September 1147) and believes that Prince Igor was the Christian name Peter.

All these conclusions are based only on the personal conviction of the author and have no support by any sources. They can not be accepted. This graffiti has no relation to the death of Prince Igor Olgovich.

Full text available on the ukrainian language (use lang selector above the text).

Kyiv, Sep 20, 2009.