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List of princes in Ljubech Synodikon

Nicholas Zharkikh

Ljubech synodikon – pious list, which was written in Anthony’s Monastery in the town of Ljubech (now – Chernigov region). As stated in our previous article, the bulk of the list was rewritten about 1753 from the materials received, in our opinion, from Chernigov episcopal.

Third logical partition Ljubech synodikon contain list of princes. To this list we give the abbreviated name of "list of Princes in Ljubech synodikon" (LPLS). This title – the objective and does not contain any assumptions as to the origin and destination of the list.

This article focuses on the study of sources in this list. It contain only abstract, full text available in ukrainian or russian versions.

Kiev, October 2013 – September 2015

Download free full text of the work ( 133.55 Kbytes)