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The objectives of source study

Nicholas Zharkikh

The biggest problem research LPLS – is the lack of source analysis of the text.

So, before we use any text for genealogical and / or historical reconstructions, we have to find out the extent to which the text can be a historical source. To do this, answer the following questions:

1. When the text was written?

2. Which historical period covers the text?

3. Where the text was written?

4. Which geographical area covers the text?

5. What are the sources used in the preparation of the text?

6. How competent was the author of the matters about which he wrote?

7. What was the purpose of writing the text?

8. What are the methods of treatment of sources available to the author to achieve his goal?

9. What are the structural parts is the text? (And further questions 1 – 8 for each part).

We consider LPLS in terms of these issues, and then try to answer the integral question – can we consider this text historical source (and if so – a source for what issues).