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We observe how the tragedy of the Roman persecution of Christians gradually turned into a commercial enterprise. In the 20th and early 21st centuries changed only methods of monetization of this Christian "mineral resource" that are of interest.

After the revolution of 1917, when the Bolshevik obscurantism (communist religion, that very often, but quite erroneously called "atheism ") struggled against the old regime Christian obscurantism, St. Michael's monastery was abolished and most of its buildings – destroyed. Most of the precious metals, which for centuries been accumulating in monastery (including in honor of "St. Barbara"), was confiscated by the Bolsheviks, sent to the state treasury and spent on the preparation of "world revolution" (ie aggressive war against other countries the world).

Relics of "st. Barbara" could not been melt, so they did not care about the Bolsheviks. They were taken from the monastery and after wandering around Kyiv churches have found refuge in the Vladimir Cathedral. The question about attitude of authority toward them is not understood.

Thus, the legacy of the Kyiv company "St. Barbara" was distributed between the shareholder (the Bolsheviks and churchmen) after the principle: you pancakes – my roots. Thus, each of the parties received that in its eyes was more significant value.

Grateful theme of cheating the laboring masses with false relics, for which relics of "st. Barbara" beautifully rendered, was not used by communist propaganda. The propagandists themselves were sincere obscurantists and don't knew anything about this fraud, because their education was limited to the first lines of "The Communist Manifesto", where – as in the whole "Manifesto" – st.Barbara not mentioned.

Or even more – the Communists themselves imbued with Christian ideas of obscurantism and started to worship his communist relics. The first of these new saint incorrupt relics which had become a beacon of "progressive mankind" was V.I.Lenin.

Ukraine in Soviet times not taken care of their own communist relics, so we have not stuffed comrade Skrypnyk nor comrade Kaganovych. Adding to the list of national shrines grave of comrade Scherbytsky – a palliative that cannot create new religion.

Instead, in 2006 Ukrainian obscurantism still managed a decent asymmetric response communist obscurantism. On the occasion of the 1700th anniversary of st.Barbara (306 – 2006) Ukrainian Orthodox Church organized tour of st.Barbara relics by towns and villages of Ukraine. The difficult question, to which stopped Pavel Ivanovich Chichikov – "such as dead in the economy? " – found a clear concrete answer.

Now the Communists in order not to lag behind, need to sent stuffed comrade Lenin in world-around cruise through fields and mountains, seas and oceans – to mobilize workers around the world to fight for victory of our obscurantism over all other possible variants of obscurantism.

Americans for this aim had gone in their own way, fully independent. In 1959 they proposed a Barbie doll (rightly judging that the long name like Saint Barbara is not good to the trademark). This convenient and beautiful doll sold (and selling) in millions of copies and triumphantly subordinated country by country and continent by continent.

In 1991, Barbie attacked the Soviet Union and conquer it without regard that mighty empire of evil could put up against each doll one combat aircraft, two tanks and three guns (and that's not counting half of ballistic missile!). This can be assumed as last miracle of st. Barbara…

The reason for the commercial success of the doll, which becomes religious success, – was correct planning. Creators of doll consciously rejected any attempt to link it with the Christian saint, focusing exclusively utility (usability) and the elegance of their creations. And doll brought their creators much more American dollars than stuffed comrade Lenin and relics od st. Barbara together.

At the end of this very sad article about the falsifiers of history and their falsification I want to submit something optimistic, life-affirming.

In 1969 Pope Paul 6th issued the encyclica "", which was ordered veneration of saints in the general Catholic calendar. The universal veneration of series of saints has been canceled by this document, including st. Barbara – because of doubts about the historicity of the legend (in particular, that even the place of her martyrdom can not be determined with certainty).

Certainly, if such a measure would be applied to Jesus Christ, and from him also probably left little. Yet such is the collective opinion of the Catholic Church (and for Catholics this idea expressed by the Pope, is also infallible truth).

So, rationalism and secularism gradually acquire Christian world, and only our native Kyiv firmly and unwaveringly kept old obscurantism.