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Changes in the area of the composite effect of the Cathedral


Planning axis oriented to the cathedral and bell tower, in this period were almost completely destroyed.

Only one axis along the journey of Vladimir, which provides a visual link of Sophia and St. Michael's monasteries, continues to organize the space. It serves as a tuning fork – which should be an architectural image of the center of Kiev.

The prospect of Zolotovorotska street… The prospect of Zolotovorotska street… The view from the belfry of the…
The prospect of from the platform of Golden Gate. View of the ensemble blocked by building of 1934 (St George's Lane, 2). Photo N.I.Zharkikh, February 1, 2005 The prospect of Zolotovorotska street from travel of Golden Gate in the direction of the monastery of St. Sophia. Photo N.I.Zharkikh, March 19, 2012 The view from the belfry of the cathedral in the direction of the Golden Gate. House of St. George Lane, 2 completely blocks the prospect of Zolotovorotska street. Photo N.I.Zharkikh, May 4, 2006

The axis along Zolotovorotska street almost lost its composition role: 1, the prospect is covered by a huge house in St. George Lane; 2, the disclosure of organic species with dense vegetation, so that today, walking on the street, it is impossible to see what next – Sophia ensemble. These problems inherent in other axes.

To improve the environment of the architectural ensemble of St. Sophia must not fight with one specific building, but the concept of urban development in Kiev as a whole.

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