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Dynamics of the historic center building's


The fifth period of developing the ensemble began in the late 19th century and continues to this day. In the late 19th century development of capitalism led to a sharp increase in the price of land in Kiev. Land and home owners have sought to squeeze more money out of the sites belonged to them, that have built up more and more high buildings.

Analysis of the dynamics of this process on the basis of 180 buildings constructed in the radius of 200 meters from St. Sophia, showed two periods of construction fever (1895 – 1914, 1999 – 2011), separated by a period of relative stability of urban planning (1920s – 1990s).

The highest house builded during first fever had 7 floors, in our time around the cathedral erected building in the 14 floors, which are approximately equal in height to the bell tower of the cathedral.

The maximum number of floors in built…

Fig. 4. The maximum number of floors in built (reconstructed) homes for decades

Change the scale of development has deprived the ensemble of the Cathedral and its dominant role. Now it is possible to watch or from adjacent streets, or from outlying hills.

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