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Disposition of Kiev Rus' time


Plan of buildings around the cathedral of St. Sophia
ca. 1100

In the old Russian time around Sophia Cathedral, built in the 2nd quarter of the 11th century, were erected several buildings. This were the Golden Gate city of Yaroslav, Church of St. George, two ancient churches, archaeological sites discovered in 1833 and 1909 (their names are debatable), the stone wall around the Metropolitan Cathedral yard. A detailed chronology of these buildings has not been established, in general, they are dated as well as the Cathedral – the 2nd quarter of the 11th century, at the reign of Prince Yaroslav the Wise.

Each of these buildings has its own orientation. There are no two buildings the main axes were parallel. Axis of Golden Gate passes east corner of St. George Church and do not point to the cathedral.

Two segments of the wall of the Metropolitan Court did not parallel to facades of St. Sophia Cathedral and form an angle of 85 °, rather than a right angle. The reasons for such lining the walls are unclear.

The principal axes of the church of 1909, the St. Sophia Cathedral and St. George's church cross (approximately) at one point lying on the shaft of the city of Yaroslav. What was the specific role of this point – is unknown.

We do not have to name ancient architects mediocrity – they have provided for us a place in the World Heritage List. But the principle of planning that they have used is still not clear to us, as an inscription in an unknown language.

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