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Publishing of genealogical books

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version.

The first notable publication in this direction belongs to the same Nicholas Novikov (1744 – 1818), who published in 1787 the latest official Moscow genealogical books – the so-called "Velvet Book", compiled in 1682 – 1687.

The next notable publication of three pedigree books was carried out in 1851.

In 1913 the "Pedigree Book of the Most Holy Sovereign Filaret Nikitich Patriarch of All Russia" was published [Jubilee collection of the St. Petersburg Archeological Institute, 1613 – 1913, St. Petersburg., 1913, p. 1 – 106].

In 1977 M. E. Bychkova published two early books – the so-called "Chronicles" and "Rumyantsev" edition of the genealogical book [Rare sources on the history of Russia. – M., 1977, Issue. 2.-254 s.]

Here, in fact, everything that archaeography of genealogical books boasts.