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Tale of Podillja land

Nicholas Zharkikh

or Myth in the period of germs

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

The next entry, which historians consider the "source" for the "Battle of Blue Water" comes from "Vytautas" chronicle. I specifically dedicated extensive work chronicles the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and now I will draw on the conclusions of the source study.

Tale had been written by the author cited, that had to know only the words Algirdas, Tatars and Podillja. He did not need any sources, and only a small fraction of imagination.

The author demonstrated in this passage all aspects of his incompetence – just as careless student who drew the worst exam ticket.

And what about Blue Water, in which we are all accustomed to seeing our native Ukrainian Synjukha?

One should know that this name is quite common in Eastern Europe, and can relate to the following objects (moving in a circle around Vilna from the north clockwise):

Blue Water on the map of Eastern Europe

Blue Water on the map of Eastern Europe

Grand Duchy of Lithuania occupied not so small area, so we should limited to any one of these 34 names, the closest to our hamlet.

Conclusion: considered fragment of "Tale of Podillja land" is the late fantasy on themes of heroic deeds of great ancestors, which can not give the value of the historical source.