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Absurd "anniversary"

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

Among enthusiasts theme "Blue Water" acquired a certain popularity of the idea of celebrating the anniversary of the "event", such as "650 years of the Battle" was scheduled for the year 2012.

Without denying the benefits of anniversaries (especially for those who have the ability to push celebration on the state level and get some money from the budget), I have to raise the following objections against particular anniversary "Blue Water battle."

1. There was no battle at all. There was and there is a historiographical myth.

2. False date – 1362. This date was the result of long-standing, but has not cleared up until now, the error in conversion of the date of creation of the world in the modern era.

3. One occupant has won the second occupant. Even if – contrary to the sources – we assume the "battle" occured, in it Lithuanian invaders defeated the Horde invaders in the Ukrainian territory. What’s it was better, than "Golden September 1939" or "liberation of Kiev" by the Nazis in 1941?

We can not celebrate the victory of others, even if they occur on our soil.

4. Internecine war. Even if – contrary to the sources – we assume the "battle" occured, it turns out that ancestors of one part of modern Ukrainian political nation beat ancestors the other part of the modern Ukrainian political nation.

Does "celebration" of such events contributes to the consolidation of the modern Ukrainian political nation? Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars are part of our political nation, which does not include the Lithuanians. We should not celebrate the anniversary of the ancient civil wars.

Such events should be studied, be known, be explained to others, but not to celebrated.