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Jaroslav Dashkevich (2006)

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

Dashkevich J. and in the western Black Sea region as a problem in the history of Ukraine 14 cent. – Materials and research on the archeology of Volyn and Prykarpattya, 2006, V. 10, p. 112 – 121.

Our author is completely at odds with A. Galenko in all matters of interpretation Blue Water princes. It might even result in a comparative table, but I was already tired of repeating truisms to doctors of sciences. It is clear that both articles – completely subjective and do not contribute anything positive to the question under study.

In vain J. Dashkevich complained that it is some kind of evil men prevented researchers to study the "prairie state." Science can not deal with the fact that there is only one person in mind.