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Nicholas Zharkikh

August 4, 2022

Russia failed offensive attempts in four directions – General Staff

Russia hit Kharkiv – the mayor

Powerful explosions in Mykolaiv: two districts under fire

Two manuals of the occupiers were exposed in Slovyansk, who were "leaking" data on the Armed Forces

Ukraine recalls its peacekeepers from Kosovo

Deputy of the Kyiv City Council Pogrebysky was concussed in battle: I am the "three hundredth", but we did not miss them. Photo

The ICRC has not yet been able to gain access to the prisoners of war who suffered in Olenivka

Buchan volunteers detained a group of men and handed them over to the SBU: details

The S&P agency recognized the default of Belarus

A warehouse with ammunition and ammunition is on fire near Berlin: the cause of the fire was an explosion

The Russians launched an anti-ship missile at Odessa, which exploded in the air

The Air Force told why the Russians started hitting ground targets with anti-aircraft missiles of the S-300 complex

In the Donetsk direction, Ukrainian marines eliminated 20 invaders and destroyed an armored combat vehicle

The Armed Forces received hundreds of drones and other devices from Lithuanian volunteers

Shuster was banned from entering Ukraine for three years

Law enforcement officers revealed the identity of the Russian occupier

The Armed Forces destroyed 47 Russian troops and seven units of enemy equipment in the south

The commander of the Ground Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces visited one of the most tense areas of the front

North Macedonia transferred four Su-25 attack aircraft to Ukraine

Participants of the action "Olenivka – the new Auschwitz" called on the ICRC to obtain access to the site of the tragedy in Olenivka

DJI AIR 2S Fly More Combo drones will fly to the Armed Forces: what is known about these UAVs (video)

Exxon is selling its stake in the Sakhalin-1 oil and gas production platform

The US Senate supported the entry of Finland and Sweden into the alliance

The Ukrainian military stopped the offensive attempts of the Russian occupiers in the areas of Dolyna and Bogorodychny – General Staff

The EU introduced new sanctions against Yanukovych and his son

August 5, 2022

The Gauleiter has changed in the Kherson region. What happened to Saldo

Kherson collaborator Saldo is taken to Sklifosovsky Research Institute in Moscow

Our troops repelled the assault and offensive of the occupiers in the Bakhmut area

The UN Coordination Center allowed the departure of three more ships with grain from Ukrainian ports

The pseudo-deputy "mayor" of occupied Berdyansk is suspected of collaborationism

SBU identified traitors who helped Russia steal more than 650,000 tons of Ukrainian grain

Russian Gazprom burns its own gas in order not to supply it to the European Union – mass media

Berlin refuses to hold an exhibition of broken Russian equipment. Melnyk called it a scandal

"It’s like being in the Middle Ages": the ombudsman on the scandalous Amnesty International report

North Korea has announced its withdrawal from the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons

How the war unleashed by Russia cancels globalization – commentators

Mykolaiv is closed for two days, a curfew is introduced

The body of a person who died during the occupation was found in a utility well in Kyiv region

Colonel Oleg Degtyarev, who commanded a combat military unit on the eastern borders, died in the battles for Ukraine. Photo

Collaborator Saldo is in a medically induced coma, reports rosZMI

Mass shelling of Mykolaiv: the number of wounded doubled

The effectiveness of the Ukrainian air defense system impresses colleagues from NATO countries

The US ambassador met with the head of the SAP

Former TV presenter Yurii Kot is suspected of treason

In Kyiv, they said goodbye to the deceased founder of "Nibulon" Oleksiy Vadaturskyi

Reznikov: Canada sent 225 instructors to train Ukrainian fighters

An online service for searching for missing servicemen has been created –

The theft did not help: Russia announced the disruption of grain export plans

Russian troops shelled the Zaporizhzhia NPP for the second time — there are risks of hydrogen leakage and sputtering of radioactive substances

The Russian ship returned to Sevastopol completely burnt (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the shelling by the occupiers of the Zaporizhia NPP

Erdogan came to meet Putin in Sochi – intelligence suggests a cunning Russian plot

The court seized the corporate rights of 9 Russian enterprises for UAH 40 million

The head of the "Isolation" underground prison in occupied Donetsk will be tried

The director of Kherson-based Ukrposhta faces prison for aiding and abetting Russia

He justified the armed aggression of the Russian Federation: the editor-in-chief of a news site is on trial in Transcarpathia

As of August 5, there are still 216 unidentified bodies in Kyiv region

The Ukrainian military stunned the Americans with a new way of using HIMARS

The offensive of Russian troops in the Kherson region: the enemy was resolutely repulsed

The former deputy head of the military intelligence department of Ukraine, the SBU, was arrested for treason

In Kyiv, a millionaire, volunteers, a poet and a former prisoner were taken on their last journey

August 6, 2022

The troops of the Russian Federation advance on Bakhmut, hostilities continue – General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Congresswoman Spartz was offered a meeting with Yermak, which she refused

In the Kyiv region, 2 helicopters, 11 enemy combat vehicles and 21 anti-tank mines were pulled out of reservoirs

Dmytro Piven, a pupil of Dynamo State University, died at the front

Fighters of the 54th brigade shot down the "Orlan-30" of the occupiers

Bellingcat identified the non-human who tortured and executed the Ukrainian fighter

In Donetsk region, a group of collaborators surrendered the positions of the Armed Forces to the occupiers

The developer of hypersonic missiles was unexpectedly arrested in Russia

It became known how many ammunition depots of the Russian Armed Forces were destroyed in a day -

The Armed Forces destroyed the command post of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Zaporozhye

Fierce battles for Pisky continue in Donetsk region: new information about the situation in the village

The Armed Forces control Pisky in Donetsk region, – Kyrylenko

In Chornobayivka, the command posts of the Rashist division and army – the General Staff – were destroyed

The headquarters of the 76th Division and the 49th Army of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were destroyed in the Kherson Region

"We shot down 29 air targets" – a separate Sicheslav Airborne Brigade

A tragic loss: a soldier from Snovsk was killed

Vasyl Mysak, a resident of Tlumach, died in the war

Oleksandr Fedorchuk, a soldier from Horishniy Plavni, died

The Kherson Gauleiter was placed in intensive care at the Sklifosovsky Institute in Moscow

Soldiers of Prince Monomakh’s brigade from "Stugna" defeated the Russian "Ural" together with the invaders

That night, several rockets "did not want" to leave their native Belgorod, and exploded on the territory of the Russian Federation – Synegubov

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Russian "Uragan" salvo fire system with the help of the "Fury" drone (Video)

The occupiers reported an attempt on a collaborator of Hur in Nova Kakhovka

The Armed Forces conducted successful special operations in the east and south: the Russian Federation suffered significant losses

The SBU exposed Russian FSB agents who helped the enemy destroy shipbuilding infrastructure in the south

In Pervomaysk, a post office worker praised the occupiers and glorified Putin

A resident of Pavlivka approved the actions of the occupiers: the 67-year-old man will answer for his actions in court

Separate units of the enemy tried to advance to the area of the western outskirts of Bogorodichny, they did not succeed, they withdrew – General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The ex-wife and children of the commander of the occupying forces in Energodar live in Ukraine, Bratchuk

August 7, 2022

The enemy is trying to hold positions in the South Buz direction

In the southern direction, the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed 72 invaders and 4 S-300 air defense systems during the day

Scandalous Amnesty International report is Putin propaganda – The Times

North Macedonia helped Ukraine with tanks and planes

Zelensky said how many settlements have already been liberated from the Russian invaders

"Just a little more – and the Ukrainians will organize a parade!" What is happening in the border regions of the Russian Federation

In Toretsk, the police caught more than 10 correctional officers in one day

Shelling of the Zaporizhzhya NPP by the Russian military – proceedings have been initiated

The priest of the OCU is building a church in honor of fallen Ukrainian soldiers

Kosovo arrested a Russian journalist suspected of espionage by many countries

Putin’s friends circumvented sanctions by using a loophole in England

Morning attacks of the Russian Federation on Kharkiv: Sinegubov reported the first details

The Russians began to conduct roundups of men in ORDLO, the mobilized are issued with ammunition of the 1941-1945 model, – GUR

Rubizhne: the occupiers just now buried the bodies of half a hundred Ukrainians killed in April

Two defenders from Cherkasy region were posthumously awarded orders

"We will definitely clear the skies over the whole of Ukraine of Russian aircraft," said the commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A well-known Kherson collaborator, Gura, died after the assassination attempt

They were brought to their knees and killed: Russian troops brutally shot 5 civilian men in a basement in Buch

Since February, the Kremlin has fired at least six generals who commanded the offensive against Ukraine, according to British intelligence

Traitors "sell" Ukraine for 5-10 thousand hryvnias, the Ministry of Internal Affairs said

A second caravan with Ukrainian grain left Odesa and Chornomorsk

The name of a spy from the leadership of the DKAU, who passed on secret data to the Russian Federation, became known

The SBU exposed FSB agents in the Mykolaiv region

Satellite images show that the Armed Forces liquidated the occupiers’ warehouse in Stepano-Kryntka, Donetsk region

Vasyl Mysak, a Carpathian, died in the war

They gave their lives on the battlefield: two Heroes from Bukovyna died at once in Donbas

A man was taken into custody in Vinnytsia who was "leaking" information about the Armed Forces

A group of saboteurs was caught in a village near Kyiv: photos, videos and the first details

Patreon and Grammarly have been blocked in Russia

The paratroopers showed how British howitzers destroy the Russians in the Kherson region

The marines destroyed up to 15 occupiers and 1 warehouse with ammunition, the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. PHOTO

At night, the Ukrainian military destroyed the "Pantsir S-1" air defense missile defense system, a radar station and eliminated 23 occupiers, – OK "Pivden"

In Ukraine, the lieutenant colonel of the Center for Special Purposes of the FSB of the Russian Federation, Horban, has been liquidated. PHOTO

"We need a real reaction, not concern": the OVA spoke about the situation at the ZNPP after the shelling of the occupiers

GUR confirmed the mining of the Zaporizhzhia NPP

The spent nuclear fuel storage sensors were damaged at the ZNPP due to Russian shelling – "Energoatom" —

Explosions rang out in four regions: what is known

"Seizure policy": the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine made a statement on the occasion of the anniversary of Russia’s attack on Georgia

Ukraine needs multi-purpose fighters for the de-occupation of territories – the speaker of the Air Force

In Mykolaiv, since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, 132 people have died, more than 600 people have been injured, – Sienkovych

The assistant professor of KhPI received a suspended sentence for helping the Russian occupiers

August 8, 2022

At night, the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck from HIMARS systems at the points of temporary deployment of Russians in Melitopol

In the southern direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 24 rockets, an ammunition depot and enemy equipment, OK "Pivden"

Ambassador to Turkey Vasyl Bodnar: In a certain way, Erdogan influences Putin

Sanctions deprive the Russian Federation of resources for waging war

Approximately 100 DRGs and 1.6 thousand alleged saboteurs have already been caught in Ukraine — Ministry of Internal Affairs

Law enforcement officers in Bakhmut detained six supporters of "Russian peace" | Public TV

Ukraine opened almost 26,000 cases of war crimes committed by Russia after its invasion

The Armed Forces shot down a Russian cruise missile over the Odesa region

A rocket was shot down over Umanya: debris fell on an infrastructure object, there are injured

Kharkiv is under enemy fire: there are dead and wounded

During the day, five people were killed in the Donetsk region due to shelling by the Russians

The first ship with Ukrainian agricultural products arrived at its final destination

The manufacturer "Bayraktariv" bought land for the construction of a plant in Ukraine

The SBU collected evidence on three more collaborators from the Kherson region

The Ukrainian military liquidated the occupiers who were questioning civilians in Buche

The rocket attack on Voronovytsia was confirmed by the head of the community

In Berdyansk, an explosion rang out near the house of a collaborator

The first three German Cheetah anti-aircraft self-propelled artillery installations are already in Ukraine, OK "Pivden" (video)

The SBU liquidated the agents’ network of the occupiers

Russians and "Dnrovets" in Mariupol staged a shootout over the loot

Two admirals of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation who may be involved in missile strikes on Ukraine have been identified. Photo

Serhii Lytvynenko, a soldier from Ladyzhyn, died in the war

During the war, Taras Knap, a fighter from Bukovyna, died as a result of enemy artillery fire

Volodymyr Teslyuk, a 28-year-old soldier from Ternopil, died in the East

Dmytro Ionuts, a native of Bukovyna, was killed by a sniper’s bullet during the war

A defender from Skole died in the battle with the invaders

A warehouse burned down in occupied Donetsk

"Here there will be either Russian land or scorched desert": the occupiers announced the detonation of the Zaporozhye NPP –

The Armed Forces liberated the village in the Slavic direction

The network showed the consequences of the shelling of the Antoniv bridge in Kherson – photo

The SBI informed the ex-Minister of Defense about the suspicion of treason due to the Kharkiv Agreements

The wreckage of the Russian Kalibr cruise missile shot down today was found – the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. PHOTO

A bitter loss: a junior sergeant from Volyn died in the war. PHOTO.

A Russian tanker driver in Chernihiv was sentenced to ten years in prison

A resident of Luhansk region, who works as an "assistant prosecutor" for the Russian occupiers, will be tried

Activists brought Cherkasy deputy-collaborator to the monument to the fallen soldiers of the ATO/OO

At least 458 people died in the Buchansk community during the full-scale war, 419 of them were killed

The Ministry of Statistics calls on IT professionals from all over the world to rename Russia a "terrorist country"

Russian airlines began to disassemble planes for spare parts due to sanctions – Reuters

Lavrov will go: Putin refused to participate in the UN General Assembly

The occupiers are trying to hold back the Armed Forces in the Kharkiv direction, – General Staff

The defeat of Russian air defense on August 5-7: the supply of HARM missiles to Ukraine has become as deadly as HIMARS

Shelling of the Antoniv bridge – a video with the results of the attack of the Armed Forces appeared

The United States will provide Ukraine with another $4.5 billion in support, Reuters

Ammunition for HIMARS and 75,000 shells for howitzers – the USA said that it will be included in the next package of military aid for Ukraine

August 9, 2022

The enemy partially retreated near Krasnohorivka, Avdiivka and near Bakhmut – the General Staff

Soldiers of the Armed Forces destroyed an anti-aircraft complex, a tank and several vehicles of the occupiers

Lebanon refused Ukrainian grain from the ship Razoni

Called to support the occupiers: a resident of Brovary will be tried for encroachment on the territorial integrity of Ukraine

In Bila Tserkva, a street was renamed in honor of Lt. Col. Andrii Halchus, who died in the war with the Russians

During the night, the occupiers released three packages of rocket munitions on Nikopol

The SBU named the traitors who joined the ranks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Zaporizhzhia region

Night strikes on Kharkiv were carried out by S-300 from the territory of the Belgorod region – prosecutor’s office

A soldier from Drohobychchyna was killed in Zaporozhye

"DNR" terrorists want to shoot "Azov" soldiers, according to "the court’s decision"

The commander of a tank company of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was killed in Ukraine

The Dubrovnik community lost two defenders

A fighter of the "Bear" special unit, which is part of the "Azov" regiment, died in captivity of the "DNR" occupiers. This is reported by the separatist mass media.

The best combat helicopter pilot of the Russian Federation was liquidated in Ukraine

He was only 36: Vasyl Mikirin, the Hero from Bukovyna, died in a fierce battle in Donetsk region

A Kamian resident died in the war with the invaders

Oleksandr Zhul from Glukhiv region died near Bakhmut

Pavlo Kotyuk, a soldier from Zdovbytsia, died at the front

The Armed Forces received 50 Turkish Kirpi armored personnel carriers (video)

The police stopped the activities of criminals who sold cars intended for the Armed Forces

Activists have launched a campaign demanding the resignation of Amnesty International’s leadership: how to get involved

An emergency EU plan to reduce gas consumption has entered into force

General Marchenko spoke about the results of the "long" curfew in Nikolaev

Powerful explosions at the main military airfield of Crimea: the occupiers announced the evacuation of the population

In the USA, a warrant was issued for the arrest of a private plane of a Russian oligarch, worth more than 90 million dollars

The occupiers are taking their families out of Kherson in a panic: the OVA stated the reason

Preparations are underway for the transfer of NASAMS systems to Ukraine – ZSU

The police documented 19 crimes of the Russian army against the civilian population in Luhansk region in one day

A collaborator who helped the Russian Federation occupy Kyiv Region received 15 years in prison

The ambassador of Ukraine to the UN reacted to the scandalous statement of the founder of the band Pink Floyd

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine commented on the explosions in Novofedorovka

In the Russian Federation, the explosions at the airfield in Crimea were explained by a "violation of fire safety"

The Armed Forces of the Ukrainian SSR disrupted reconnaissance by fighting Russian troops in the area of Bakhmut and Pidgorodny – General Staff

What happened in Crimea at the airfield near Evpatoria (VIDEO)

Everything is just beginning – Podolyak about the explosions in Crimea

Ukrainian courts have already sentenced 8 Russian soldiers

Ukraine stopped the transit of Russian oil

The Armed Forces neutralized the reconnaissance group of the Russian troops in the east – the General Staff

August 10, 2022

Social networks report explosions on the administrative border with Crimea

A National Guard fighter shot down an enemy attack aircraft in the Zaporozhye direction (video)

A defender from Vinnytsia died in the battles for Ukraine – senior soldier Ruslan Shchepanskyi – VezhA

In occupied Horlivka, an explosion occurred in the premises where the meeting of the occupiers was taking place – photo

Air defense forces shot down a Russian drone "Orlan-10" in Kherson Oblast

Ukrainian infantrymen destroyed a Russian BTR-80

The USA commented on the explosions at the Russian air base in the occupied Crimea

Infinite cynicism. The Russian Federation initiates a meeting of the UN Security Council due to alleged "Kyiv strikes on the Zaporizhzhia NPP"

In Kharkiv Oblast, suspicion was announced against the woman who was the first to receive a Russian passport

A deputy of the district council in the Luhansk region will be tried for collaborationism

Gave the enemy information about residents of the Kyiv region and the checkpoint: the traitor of Ukraine was sentenced to 15 years

In the Kharkiv region, the "mole" of the Russian special services was exposed in the ranks of the SBU

Zelensky awarded almost 200 defenders of Ukraine

Summary of the General Staff: Russians are trying to advance in the direction of Donetsk – Pisky, fighting continues

Animal feed manufacturer Purina has stopped production and supply of a number of products in Russia

According to SBU materials, another traitor who helped the Russian Federation to occupy Kyiv region received 15 years in prison

In Bakhmut, a local resident adjusted the fire of Russian artillery in the city

"No one prepared the Russian Federation for such failures." What does a probable strike by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on an important military target in Crimea mean for Russia and Putin personally

Stolen grain from Ukraine is transported by 87 ships – the ambassador of Ukraine in Lebanon

Cyber police identified more than 13,000 Russian soldiers involved in war crimes

The people of Irpin said goodbye to their compatriot Viktor Voytenko, who died at the front

Neatly, but effectively: the Armed Forces hit the bridge in the area of Kakhovskaya HPP – OK "Pivden"

After the "cotton", Russians are fleeing Crimea en masse

There was a powerful explosion in Mariupol in the afternoon: what is known

10 people died at the checkpoint in Vasylivka

The body of a man who was tortured by the Russian military was found in the Kharkiv region, the prosecutor’s office said. PHOTO reportage

The former People’s Deputy from the "Party of Regions" has been declared an international wanted man

In Lviv, a woman who abandoned her children and fled to the Russian Federation was deprived of her parental rights

Fraudsters wanted to appropriate a building in the center of Kyiv with the help of the Crimean court

AvtoVAZ admitted the inability to produce Lada Vesta

In the Kursk region, the railway "came out of order".

NACP added 362 more people to the sanctions list who support the Kremlin’s policies NACP added 362 more people to the sanctions list who support Kremlin policies

Shelling of a stop in Mykolaiv: the number of dead has increased to 8 people

Three more policemen are suspected of treason in the Luhansk region – First Blogpost

In Ukraine, three militants of the so-called "DPR" were sentenced to 15 years in prison