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Nicholas Zharkikh

June 16 2022

The enemy does not stop trying to establish full control over Severodonetsk

’’ Ukraine will win ’’: Reznikov listed what weapons Ukraine will receive as a result of Rammstein-3

SBU exposed the Kyiv pharmaceutical company which financed "DNR"

Israel and Egypt will supply gas to the countries EU

The suspect was detained at the London airport espionage to Russia

Up to 1,000 Ukrainian servicemen die and wounded in Donbass every day – Arahamiya


Ukraine received five from Slovakia of helicopters and ammunition for MLRS "Hail"

Torch for millions of dollars: in Russia the largest gas field burns (video)

Ukraine will receive MLRS with guided missiles - joint statement by the United States, Great Britain and Germany

The French tech giant is leaving Russia after a loud scandal

Putin talked about "attempts to suffocate" Russia and complained about the United States again

American chips were found in Russian weapons: the United States launched an investigation

The Armed Forces are 18 kilometers from Kherson – Arestovich

CNN: two Americans fighting for Ukraine, disappeared. Probably taken prisoner

Explosion in Chornobayivka: the number is named dead and wounded

Putin talked about Crimean security bridge

We are dealing with a large amount of information about crimes of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, – Karim Khan

"All this must be seen and known" - Draghi shared his impressions after what he saw in Irpen

In Kherson, "Servant of the People" began working with a new Gauleiter

From July 16, the websites of Ukrainian companies and program interfaces on goods must have the main version in Ukrainian

Britain imposed sanctions on Patriarch Kirill

In Russia, offered to forcibly seize property all Russians who left the country

Sanctions in action: the Russian billionaire can not to start copper mining in Transbaikalia

The body of another murdered man was found in Kyiv region Russian civilians

Guardsmen "fried" the occupiers in Kharkiv region: details

The occupiers in the near future will try to take full control of Severodonetsk – General Staff

Sharia Party banned in Ukraine

We want peace, but Ukraine must defend itself, – Dear

Macron, Scholz and Draghi came to Ukraine: what is known

The DBR detained a former Kharkiv resident militiaman who helped the troops of the Russian Federation

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky awarded Ukrainian Defenders with state awards

Over 33,000 bulletproof vests and more than 19,000 helmets were handed over to the Armed Forces in a week, – Painter

Russia has seized access to the largest networks of energy companies of Ukraine: the expert named the reasons

Russia’s Gazprom continues to cut gas supplies to Europe

More than 300,000: the General Staff named the number of Russian soldiers who attacked Ukraine

Russian troops fired on Nikolaev again banned cluster munitions – Senkevich

The NATO Secretary General commented on the Pope’s statements about the "provoked" war in Ukraine

Who and how on behalf of the Kremlin organizes the annexation of the occupied territories of Ukraine

The Czech government will supply Ukraine with additional ammunition and chemical protection equipment

Russian aggression and support for Ukraine: Zelensky’s first statements after meeting with European leaders

Air defense systems with artificial intelligence operate in Kyiv, – adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Ukrainian intelligence announced the receipt of documentation for the Kerch Bridge

A photo of the "Azov" fighter has appeared, which shot down the vaunted invaders helicopter

A Russian ammunition depot exploded in the Luhansk region

The occupiers declare the "transition" of the Zaporozhye NPP under Russian control since September – Energoatom

With love from Boris: Britain will provide Ukraine with more ACS

European leaders promise weapons and a path to EU membership for Ukraine

In Kharkiv, a lawyer photographed the equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and sent the photo to a friend of the occupier

Mykola Tyshchenko’s "Servant" handed over low-quality bulletproof vests to the Teroboron activists

Italian energy giant Enel is leaving Russia

Coca-Cola stops production and sales in Russia

The ROC stated that sanctions would not be imposed Cyril to give up the blessing of the war against Ukraine

Russians fighting for Ukraine captured Ukrainians fighting for LDNR

June 17 2022

During the past 24hrs, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 26 occupiers, a fuel and lubricants depot and two units of equipment in eastern Ukraine.

In Donbass, the Armed Forces forced the enemy to flee in several directions

The enemy retreated in the Bakhmut direction, but continues to storm Severodonetsk – General Staff

Denmark has called for Ukraine to be a candidate for EU membership

In a village near Kharkov, a former law enforcement officer sided with the enemy and agitated others

US intelligence destroyed the Russian hacking network

The former employee of SBU in the Crimea will be tried for high treason, – prosecutor’s office

Book of executioners of Ukraine: the authorities launched an information platform with enemy data

Ex-head of Rosvooruzheniya found dead near Moscow

Gazprom cuts supplies to Italy by 50%

The Ministry of Defense called "brilliant" operation to eliminate the tug of racists

The Armed Forces shot down an enemy drone, which is not in service with the Russian army

Orcs get tired, but do not end – heavy fighting continues in Luhansk region

A teacher who called the atrocities in Bucha “staging plots” will be tried in Zhytomyr Region

The ex-chief from SBU Naumov could transfer to the Russian Federation secret data on Chernobyl

A Russian man with weapons and ammunition was detained in Ivano-Frankivsk

The APU drove the occupiers from Kochubeevka in the Kharkiv region

Losses of the Armed Forces in technology reach 50% – the commander of the troops

PHOTO FACT: A military warehouse is on fire in occupied Donetsk

APU in the Kherson region destroyed the Russian SAM S-400 together with the occupiers

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed Russian ammunition and fuel depots in the south

Ukrainian aircraft hit the cluster enemy equipment in the Kherson region

The APU liquidated the commander of the occupying company, who stated that Ukraine no longer existed. Photo

June 18 2022

Lithuania stops transit of goods to the Kaliningrad region

Norway has banned the import of Russian oil

Ukraine can get underwater drones for demining rivers and lakes, – Monastyrsky

The European Commission has recommended that Ukraine be granted EU candidate status

Zelensky and the Prime Minister of the Netherlands discussed Ukraine’s security

The Russian occupiers focused their main efforts on three areas – the General Staff

Ukraine and Russia exchange prisoners according to the formula "5 for 5"

The Pentagon has released a complete list of weapons for Ukraine – BBC News Ukraine

The leaders of the occupation administration of Skadovsk were declared suspicious

The SBU detained a Russian spy who was correcting strikes on the bridge across the Dniester estuary

In Kyiv, on Independence Square, they said goodbye to activist and spy Roman Ratushny

Russia threatens BP with expropriation of $ 1.5 billion in dividends from Rosneft

ТОнеТО | A Russian bank has introduced a $ 200 commission for SWIFT transfers

The racists threw all their reserves in the Severodonetsk and Bakhmut directions, – Gaidai

The occupiers fired a missile at the oil depot in Dnipropetrovsk region: there are casualties and large-scale destruction

The chairman of the Kherson regional council told about the traitor from SBU who led the enemy past minefields

A Russian collaborator was injured in Kherson

Artemy Dimid, the son of a famous UGCC priest and icon painter, died in the war

Boris Johnson spoke in favor of holding "Eurovision-2023" in Ukraine

June 19 2022

Situation in Luhansk region: the battle for Severodonetsk continues, the enemy is pressing from Popasna

Ukrainian aircraft attacked clusters of the enemy and his equipment, – OK "South"

The war can last for years, we should not stop in support of Ukraine, – Stoltenberg

We need to prepare for a protracted war: Johnson believes that Putin will not have the wisdom to retreat in Ukraine

In Mariupol, a collaborator handed over her own son, a Ukrainian soldier, to Russian captivity

Investigation into Rosneft President Igor Sechin’s Amore-Vero yacht launched in France

For Ukraine to survive the war with Russia: Johnson offers the West 4 steps

Stoltenberg says Russia will be declared a threat to peace and stability in NATO’s new concept

Azov Commander Prokopenko handed over command of the regiment until his return from captivity

In the Vyshhorod district of Kyiv region, the air defense shot down a missile

Microsoft has banned Russians from downloading Windows 10 and 11

APU advanced 10 km in the direction of Melitopol – the mayor

Ukrainian art is working, Russian MLRS is burning: the General Staff has shown the destruction of enemy equipment

The President signed a decree on the awarding of state medics to military medics

"Ukraine’s losses are much smaller than the enemy’s," Danilov said

New "cargo 200" of the Russian army – lieutenant colonel, combatant and pilot – Russian war against Ukraine

"Thunder and flame": The Armed Forces showed how the occupiers were "roasted" with equipment

Married at the front: the love story of a scout and a sniper of the APU

In Kyiv, from June 20, two more bridges will work for traffic

The Armed Forces continue to attack Russians in the Kherson region

The aggressor continues to strike missile and air strikes on objects of military and civil infrastructure of Ukraine, – the General Staff

Australia has started transferring armored personnel carriers to Ukraine

"Prepare for a new battle in Europe": the commander of the British army turned to his troops

June 20 2022

Russia continues to focus its main efforts in the Severodonetsk and Bakhmut directions – the General Staff

The SBU reported about suspicion to the Zhytomyr citizen who disseminated on the Internet data on the deployment of servicemen of the Armed Forces

In the Kyiv region caught a traitor who claimed the "genocide of Russian-speakers" and was waiting for the Russian offensive

In the EU, the assets of Russian oligarchs were frozen by almost 13 billion euros

Under Izyum, the defenders of Ukraine liquidated the occupiers from the Kantemirov tank division. Photo

In Kherson and Zaporizhia, the Armed Forces are successfully carrying out counterattacks, analysts say

The Council ratified the Istanbul Convention

Six Berdyansk police officers sided with Russia

YouTube has banned the channel of a well-known Russian media holding

The Armed Forces hit the drilling platforms stolen by the Russians in the Crimea – the media

The Air Force told how the pilots managed to shoot down Russian missiles

Terekhov on the shelling of Kharkiv: the intensity of the fire is sharply increasing

Soldiers of the 72nd brigade captured the Wagner pilot

Collected data on railway crossings, tunnels and bridges: the inhabitant of the Kyiv region is suspected of espionage on "DNR"

A Russian saboteur who planned to set off explosions on the railway was detained in Chernivtsi

10 lanes for trucks instead of four: on updated checkpoint earned on Ukrainian-Polish border (PHOTOS)

The President of Moldova has signed a law banning news programs from Russia

Due to the resistance of local Russians postponed the "accession" of the occupied territories – intelligence

More than 10,000 civilians killed and wounded in Ukraine as a result of Russian invasion – UN data

The south of Ukraine was shelled by the occupiers

The occupiers stole election documents from the State Archives of the Kherson region

They don’t even let jailers in. It became known where Russia holds Azov fighters captive

The Security Service of Ukraine voiced the grounds for banning the party "Opposition platform – for life"

The National Police announced the detention of the supporter "Russian world", who lives in Bucha

The council banned Russian music and books: what exceptions

The Ministry of Culture reacted to the renaming of the Tchaikovsky Kyiv Conservatory

Australia sent to Ukraine the first armored personnel carriers M113AS4: Auto news from AUTO-Consulting – armor

Ukraine received Mastiff armored vehicles

For the first time in Germany, real estate was confiscated from Russians due to sanctions

The Russian ambassador to Great Britain was banned from visiting parliament due to the war in Ukraine

In the Luhansk region, the occupiers are trying to drive local farmers to the collective farm – intelligence

He called to recognize the borders of "L / DNR": Leonid Chernovetsky was declared a suspect

23 killed and 50 wounded: the attempt of the occupiers in the Kharkiv region ended in great success for the defense forces. Video

Soldiers of the Kastus Kalynovsky Regiment were awarded the GUR of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

In Ivanovo they said goodbye to the dead officer of the National Guard

Ukrainian MLRS on the Unimog chassis: the Armed Forces upgraded a truck from Mercedes-Benz

Arestovich voiced the losses of the Ukrainian army

Fighting is already going on in the Severodonetsk industrial zone, the racists are advancing along the Lysychansk-Bakhmut route, Gaidai

The court sent behind bars an FSB agent who was building a "Russian world" in Ukraine for millions of dollars

June 21 2022

ZSU repulsed the assault on the Slavic direction and near Marinka, – General Staff of the ZSU

Kadyrovsky’s son was exchanged for "Tyra" "Authority" refused to go to Russia: new details of the scandal

German authorities confiscate three apartments in Munich belonging to a State Duma deputy and his wife

Canada has prepared a historic decision: the assets of Russia want to withdraw and transfer to Ukraine

Stephen Zabelsky, a US citizen, was killed during the fighting in Ukraine: details have emerged

Ukrainian partisans shot dead three Russian occupiers in Kherson (Photo)

The Armed Forces released a video of the interrogation of a captured Wagnerian pilot

Heroes of Bukovina: 33-year-old defender Mykola Martyniuk died

APU destroyed an accumulation of military equipment in the Kherson region

Wounds since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine received 587 children – juvenile prosecutors

The Russian military ingloriously fled because of failure of the assault attempt in the area of Marinka in the Donbass, – APU

APU destroyed a rare enemy BMP-1AM "Basurmanin". VIDEO

A student of Kropyvnytskyi University, who was defending Ukraine, died

Lviv says goodbye to the Heroes of Ukraine who died for the Motherland. Live

Danieli continues to supply Russia with equipment for the production of military equipment – the Ministry of Defense

The occupiers released from captivity the chief of fire department of the occupied Energodar Troyan, – the mayor Orlov

Armed Forces advance in the Kherson area, despite strong defense of Russians, – OK "South"

Entered as a volunteer: for participation in the war against Ukraine, a captured resident of Donetsk was sentenced to 15 years in prison

In Kyiv, almost 300 objects are being de-Russified – the Kyiv City State Administration

Ukrainians pay last respects to Oleg Kutsin, commander of the Carpathian Sich Battalion

The bodies of 35 dead servicemen were returned to Ukraine – the Ministry of Reintegration

Cooperated with the enemy: SBU exposed one of the leaders of "Ukrenergo"

The APU announced "significant losses" of the Russian Federation on Zmein after a new strike

Slovenia handed over 35 armored infantry vehicles to Ukraine

In Ukraine it is planned to ban 7 more pro-Russian parties, – the Ministry of Justice

Wounded Russian servicemen are being taken to a hospital in Sevastopol again

Scholz Olaf: Germany supports a positive decision on Ukraine’s application for EU membership, – Scholz

Zelensky thanked Orban for support of Ukraine and invited him to Kyiv

Ensured the safety of the occupiers: a former police officer from Izyum is suspected of treason

The Russian Su-25 attack aircraft crashed in Rostov region, – the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (photo)

In the Kaliningrad area declared that Lithuania extended a ban on transit on freight motor transport

Minister of Economy of Germany: Reduction of gas supplies by Russia is an economic attack

The ruble is too expensive: Belarus has stopped paying Russia for gas, – the media

Satellite images of Snake Island appeared after the attack by the Armed Forces

SBU stopped illegal andesite mining by Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska

June 22 2022

On Snake ZSU destroyed enemy SAM "Pantsir C1" and 49 enemies, – OK "South"

In the Bakhmut direction, the enemy regrouped troops

A US task force will investigate war crimes in Ukraine. It will be headed by a "Nazi hunter"

Ireland froze Russian assets worth 1.7 billion euros

In Nikolaev detained the couple who handed over to occupiers positions of ZSU

Shelling of Kharkiv region: today Russians killed 15 people, 16 were wounded

According to updated data, as a result of Chuguyev’s shelling, 6 people died and 6 others were injured

Ten probable saboteurs were detained in Kyiv

An attack on Lithuania will be an attack on the United States and NATO. The State Department responded to threats from Russia

An oil refinery was on fire in Novoshakhtinsk, Russia

Russia’s largest banks have suspended currency transfers

A new hot spot in the war against Ukraine can become a city in Russia itself – CNN

The enemy continues to focus on the Severodonetsk and Bakhmut areas

Nikolaev under rocket fire: the first details

A soldier from Volyn died in the war with the Moscow occupiers

In the Luhansk region, 20 enemy shellings per day

APU go: near Kherson the occupiers’ ammunition warehouse burns effectively (video)

Well-known publisher and journalist Volodymyr Chepovy died in battle with the occupiers

Children were shot, the dead are not allowed to be buried: the Russians staged terror in the captured Izyum

Armed Forces set off bright fireworks in the warehouses of the occupiers’ BC in Luhansk region (Video)

The prosecution of the ARC has been charged with treason against 48 judges from the Crimea

In Poltava region sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment of 9 fighters of so-called "DNR", – SBU

Britain has expressed support for Lithuania amid threats from Russia over restrictions on transit

The United States has increased tariffs on imports of Russian goods by 75%

Interception of the SBU: The APU was almost completely destroyed the "elite" of the Russian Armed Forces, which was being prepared to fight NATO

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation stormed Bakhmut and Novobakhmutivka, - General Staff of the Armed Forces

Partnership with imperialist Russia impossible: Scholz makes loud statement before EU, NATO and G7 summits

The Kremlin in a panic throws soldiers to slaughter: what happened to the army of the occupying country

In Kryvyi Rih, police detained a fan of the "Russian world"

Germany will train the Ukrainian military on Mars II systems

In the event of an attack by Russia, Finland is ready to fight – Kivinen

Putin signed a decree on the payment of Russia’s foreign currency debt in rubles

Tried to shoot yourself? The porter of Putin’s suitcase was found in a pool of blood and with a traumatic pistol

The headmistress of a school in Mariupol is accused of collaborationism

Intelligence confirmed the explosion of the car of People’s Deputy Kovalev

In Russia, the military exploded on its own projectile