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Nicholas Zharkikh

June 23 2022

The troops of the Russian Federation are trying to surround units of the Armed Forces near Lysychansk, the fighting continues – the General Staff

10 dead and 9 wounded: consequences of shelling in Kharkiv region

A new batch of "cargo 200": the Armed Forces "denazified" the officers of the Russian army

The PACE adopted three resolutions regarding Ukraine, – the head of the Council delegation

In Ternopil, a man from Kharkiv walked around with Soviet symbols: he faces up to 5 years

Ukrainian photographer Levin was tortured and killed by the Russian military – Reporters Without Borders

The USA will hand over the robot dog Spot to Ukraine for demining

Russian hackers attacked 42 allied countries of Ukraine

In Russia, the Tereshkova museum burned down, a case of arson was initiated

The global paint manufacturer Tikkurila is leaving the Russian market

Ministry of Defense: the situation in the east is difficult, the Ukrainian military is carrying out maneuverable defense there

Russian invaders stole the largest solar power plant in Ukraine

The court banned the activity of Natalia Vitrenko’s party

Britain has expanded sanctions against the Russian Federation – supplies of aviation fuel and chemical weapons technology have been banned

The SBI found an underground warehouse of "OPZZH" in Okhtyrka

Andriy Bachalo, a defender from Lviv Oblast, died during the war with Russia

33-year-old Oleg Boyko from Carpathians died in the war (PHOTO)

A 21-year-old Carpathian volunteer died in the fighting in Kharkiv region

A 22-year-old defender from Pokrovsk died in the war

Ivan Dobrovolsky from Berdychev died in the battles near Severodonetsk

Soldiers of the Armed Forces showed the destroyed "high-tech" drone of the Russian army

Combat reconnaissance near Vershyn in Donetsk region ended in failure for the occupiers

Intelligence: Russians plan to hold "referendums" in Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions on September 11

The occupiers are conducting a "census of the population" in Mariupol with the removal of fingerprints, – GUR

Russia threatens to attack the US embassy in Kyiv

He was released on probation. The mayor-collaborator of Yuzhny was sentenced

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported the detention of saboteurs in Kyiv

The IT army attacked the Russian portal "Gosuslugy"

"There will be nothing left of Microsoft in Russia," said the company’s president

France will be able to do without Russian gas – the minister

Russian oligarchs’ superyachts lack safe havens, – Bloomberg

The US refused permission for a special flight to return expelled diplomats to Russia – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation

Russians killed six civilians in Donetsk region, OVA

The State Duma erupted into hysteria over the supply of anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine and called for an attack on the US embassy in Kyiv

The Russians have set the date of the "referendum" in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions – intelligence

In Cherkassy, the activities of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate were banned

June 24 2022

The Armed Forces stopped the enemy’s offensive in the Borivskoye area

The occupiers are intensively shelling Dergachi, the electricity and gas supply networks have been seriously damaged

Seleznyov: Putin’s army will strike in three directions, our air defense is working beyond the limit of what is possible. Interview

Emmanuel Macron congratulated Ukrainians on the Ukrainian candidacy

The government announced the terms of Ukraine’s accession to the European Union

EU leaders called on the European Commission to submit proposals for support in the reconstruction of Ukraine as soon as possible

Suspicion of collaborative activity was received by the ex-Deputy of the "Party of Regions"

"When we entered Bucha, there were mountains of killed people": Colonel Verlatii on whether he believes in "good Russians"

The first trial of a Russian soldier for the rape of a Ukrainian woman began in Kyiv: it is being held behind closed doors

Four suspects of working for the Russian occupiers were detained in Kyiv

A large Russian retailer confirmed the receipt of iPhones and game consoles through parallel import

Russian oil tankers receive certification from India through Sovcomflot

The occupiers use helicopters to destroy all the roads to Lysychansk, trucks can no longer pass – Heyday

Russian Ka-52 "Alligator" landed by Lviv paratroopers – Russia’s war against Ukraine

Zelensky expects the Council to adopt European integration laws "in priority order"

Johnson warned against seeking a "bad peace" in Ukraine

Ukraine froze the assets of a Russian businessman for 1 billion

Exnardep hid more than 6,000 artifacts stolen from Crimean museums in the attic

In Vyshhorod region, the occupiers destroyed one of the most modern enterprises of Ukraine

Another Kherson collaborator was blown up today

There is no question of the retreat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Lysychansk, the withdrawal from Severodonetsk "will take some time", – Vlasenko

Another pro-Russian party was banned in Ukraine

The Kremlin reacted to Ukraine’s application to the EU

In the Lviv region, a traitor surrendered the positions of military checkpoints to terrorists for money

Swiss customs checks imported Russian gold for compliance with the sanctions regime, – AP

The Russian aviation industry suffered record losses due to the war and sanctions

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the motorized rifle battalion of the aggressor

There is currently no talk of withdrawing from Lysychansk – the head of the RDA

He did not return 10 rotorcraft to the National Guard during martial law, and earned money from subletting. The general director of the company was detained. PHOTO

In Kyiv, the "Rosatomy" building worth UAH 60 million was seized

In Donetsk region, SBU counter-intelligence neutralized an agent of the Russian special services

To stabilize the situation in Luhansk direction, it is necessary to establish fire parity, – Zaluzhny in a conversation with Milli

The Armed Forces repulsed the assault on the outskirts of Lysychansk, the enemy took possession of Mykolaivka – the General Staff

A paratrooper struck a Russian attack aircraft "Rach" with the "Igla"

Ukraine will receive a new batch of HIMARS in July, the US Ministry of Defense said

Another target for the partisans is the head of the village council in the Kherson region, who is suspected of collaborationism

In Vinnytsia, a local resident was sentenced for collaborating with the occupiers

The Canadian Senate approved the confiscation of Russian assets

Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Gurulyov threatens that London will be the first city to be hit in the event of the Third World War

June 25 2022

In the south, Ukrainian defenders destroyed "Hyacinth" and two Russian T-72s

The Armed Forces of Ukraine stopped the enemy’s offensive near Bakhmut

The situation is very bad: the mayor of Mykolaiv has called on local residents to leave the city

At night, the Russians launched a massive missile attack on the territory of Ukraine

The Russian Federation cannot disrupt the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine

The Pentagon announced when Ukraine will receive a new batch of HIMARS

Russia has already lost the war, states the US Secretary of State

1,338 civilians died at the hands of the Russian occupiers in the Kyiv region

Russia accused the US of blocking Kaliningrad

The soldiers leave Severodonetsk. All emotions in one photo

The Russians are trying to enter Lysychansk. Artillery and airstrikes are carried out. There are dead people, and the lives of two children are being saved in the Dnipro hospital, – Heyday. PHOTO

Air strike aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 8 Russian BMPs and an ammunition depot

The SBU exposed People’s Deputy Andriy Derkach in cooperation with the Russian General Staff

The Russians twice tried to restore lost positions in the Kherson region

The USA will give Ukraine warships and patrol boats: the curtain of a new tranche was opened in the Pentagon

Moscow has suspended key generals from the war in Ukraine — the British Ministry of Defence

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces showed how the M142 HIMARS multiple rocket launcher systems are fighting for Ukraine

The occupiers release up to a thousand shells per hour, they have an unlimited resource, – Reznikov

People’s deputy-collaborator Kovalev was not declared wanted and is not suspected of anything

Moldova will join the anti-Russian sanctions introduced by the EU countries

Medvedev threatened to cut gas to Moldova and is being blackmailed by "Russians" in Transnistria

Foreign leaders come from Irpen and Buchi with other people, – Arestovych (video)

Ukraine has sent intelligence information about business related to the Russian Federation to four more countries

"Sovcomflot" avoids sanctions

The Russians fired again at the nuclear installation in Kharkiv

Ukrainian intelligence made it clear to Lukashenko that he knew about the DRG

Strike aircraft of the Air Force of Ukraine destroyed 8 enemy BMPs and an ammunition depot – details

A Ukrainian woman helped hackers "spill" the data of thousands of Russians: an expert disclosed the details of the breach

YouTube blocked 500 pro-Russian channels at the request of the SBU

Biden and G7 leaders agreed to ban gold imports from Russia, CNN

Summary of the General Staff: the Armed Forces repelled all offensives and assaults of the occupiers in Donetsk region

We are focused on defense, security and military cooperation, – Simmons on the alliance of Great Britain, Poland and Ukraine

Ukroboronprom will cease to exist: what is known about the successor. Document

A man from Cherkasy who glorified the Russian military on social media will be tried

Severodonetsk was destroyed by 90%. You can leave through the occupied districts, – Heyday

Missile attack on Rivne region: what is known

The USA may soon recognize the crimes of the Russian Federation in Ukraine as genocide

June 26 2022

The enemy is concentrating its efforts on trying to surround Ukrainian fighters near Lysychansk

In Transcarpathia, the SBU detained an agent of the Russian special services, in Kyiv – an organizer of the sale of weapons and ammunition

The crisis in the Russian Federation: drug prices are growing rapidly

Rocket attack on Rivne region: 3 dead, 4 injured (VIDEO)

Explosions in Kyiv: residents are being rescued and evacuated in two houses – Klitschko

Russia hit Kyiv with missiles: residents of two buildings are being evacuated

Klimkin: Europe said "goodbye" to Putin. How Macron helped Ukraine. Interview

During the day, 24 occupiers and 7 pieces of equipment were destroyed in the area of the OK "South" and 5 airstrikes were carried out on enemy concentrations

The G7 summit will begin today in Germany

The CIA and US special forces coordinate arms deliveries to Kyiv, The New York Times

Great Britain is ready to provide Ukraine with more than half a billion dollars in aid

The SBU is investigating the case of a collaborator from Berdychev, who thanked the "Kadyrivians" on social networks

In Kyiv, due to rocket fire, there were problems with water supply

25 people were evacuated from the house destroyed by the rocket, one person died

A Russian missile hit a kindergarten in Kyiv (video)

Shoigu flew to Donbas "to inspect the troops"

The head of the war in Ukraine is now the commander of the Air Force of the Russian Federation Surovykin

One of the victims of the shelling by the occupiers of Kyiv is a Russian citizen. Her husband died, her daughter was injured (photo)

Biden: G7 will introduce an embargo on the import of Russian gold

During the defense of the Kharkiv region, a soldier from the Poltava region died

A resident of the Sarna District was killed in the battle with the invaders

A Hero-defender from Zhytomyr region died in the war with the Russian invaders

During the shelling of Ukraine, a Russian fighter jet lost a secret missile — SUNDRIES

The occupiers created a "people’s militia" in Izyum – Status Quo

Missile attack on Kyiv: the number of victims has increased

The reason for the repeated explosions in Kyiv after the missile attack was named

The co-organizer of the pseudo-elections from the "DNR" was detained at the entrance to Odesa

On the threshold of a new era of air warfare. How Ukrainian air defense is changing the military doctrines of the West

The occupiers fired at the enterprise in the Chernihiv region: grain burned in the hangars

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the military base of the occupiers in the deep rear of the Donbass

Ukrainian soldiers successfully repelled enemy assaults on the Slavic direction, General Staff

Biden called for a transition to green energy and announced a new global initiative

Who are they allowed here? Ukrainians are outraged by the visit of the Russian writer Bykov to Kyiv

Shelling of Kyiv: Kuleba called on world leaders to strengthen sanctions against the Russian Federation

Russia is "a few hours" away from default, – Bloomberg

Mykolaiv paratroopers shot down the Russian "Alligator"

Ukrainian troops fired at the Russians. They suffered losses

Ukraine has already bought in Germany with its own funds 8 thousand disposable anti-tank grenade launchers – mass media

June 27 2022

The Ministry of Internal Affairs named three reasons why Putin massively bombarded Ukraine with missiles – Dilo

Why did the Russians need massive missile strikes on Ukraine?

In three directions, the Armed Forces forced the enemy to retreat – the formation

The occupiers, with the support of artillery, tried to block Lysychansk and struck Avdiivka – General Staff

Romanyuk: The Armed Forces have become the benchmark of the NATO army, the Alliance should invite Ukraine itself. Interview

No Russian news: Russian TV channels were turned off in Turkish hotels

"The Russian Federation will not be able to seize Estonia": NATO will change the defense concept of the Baltic states, Stoltenberg said

G7 plans to expand sanctions against Russia’s defense sector – White House

Zelensky asked the G7 about air defense systems and strengthening sanctions against Russia

Elite Ukrainian special forces conducted raids in Russia, – The Times

Budanov said that sabotage operations on the territory of the Russian Federation will continue: Peskov said about the strengthening of anti-terrorist measures in Russia

How many people remained in occupied Severodonetsk: city hall data

65 houses were damaged: new details of the missile attack in Odesa were reported

The morning arrival in Slovyansk: there are killed and wounded – the head of the city’s VCA

Debris clearance after rocket attacks on Kyiv continues: humanitarian headquarters deployed

The operation on Zmiino continues, the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit it with more than 10 strikes – OK "Pivden"

The President of Moldova visited Bucha, Irpin and Borodyanka in the Kyiv region

Switched over to the side of the Russian Federation: the commander of the missile boat was declared suspect

For the first time abroad: Ukraine will show Poland destroyed Russian military equipment

12 EU countries are left without Russian gas – in whole or in part – a member of the European Commission

Technologically backward: in Russia there is not enough equipment for the production of medicines

There are explosions again in Kharkiv – the enemy continues to destroy the city

The leaders of the G7 countries announced a special statement regarding Russia’s war with Ukraine

All law enforcement agencies are being inspected, the work of the SBU is also being checked: based on the results, personnel decisions will be made, – Zelenskyi

The Japanese government allocated $500 million in credit to Ukraine: what will the funds be spent on

The vice-departments of one of Mykolaiv universities who worked on the creation of the "Mykolaiv People’s Republic" were detained

The Ukrainian scientist returned from Antarctica to defend his homeland

The US raised tariffs on a number of Russian goods to 35%

Russia defaults on foreign debt for the first time since 1918: what you need to know

Canada introduces new sanctions against the defense sector of the Russian Federation and Belarus

The budget collapse of the Russian Federation may occur as early as 2022 – Vitaliy Shapran

NATO will increase the number of rapid reaction forces to more than 300 thousand people

Zelensky and Putin may meet at the G20 summit

They hit the shopping center. A video has appeared from the site of a rocket attack on Kremenchuk

The USA reacted to the missile attack on Kremenchuk

Putin’s place at the international tribunal in The Hague is Poroshenko after the attack on the shopping center in Kremenchuk

In Ukraine, property of Russian corporations worth 4.5 billion hryvnias was seized

The Kremlin spokesman reacted to Akhmetov’s claim to the ECtHR against her

In Mykolaiv, an agent of the Russian Federation was detained, who developed the concept of the MPR – SBU

After the article about Denisova, the journalist, UP was added to the "Peacemaker" database

The Armed Forces shot down another Russian Ka-52 helicopter

The Ukrainian "Valkyrie" put the invaders on the trail: a video of the destruction of a Russian tank and self-propelled guns near Lysychansk appeared

"Absolute consensus": the G7 reached an agreement on the issue of limiting the prices of oil from the Russian Federation

The USA reacted to the tragedy in Kremenchuk

Cultural heritage under Russian fire: what Ukraine has lost

The BAYKAR company announced that it will give Ukraine "Bayraktars", for which Ukrainians collected 600 million hryvnias, free of charge

The fighters of the Belarusian volunteer battalion "Pogonya" officially joined the Armed Forces

June 28 2022

The number of victims of a rocket attack on a shopping center in Kremenchug, Ukraine, increased to 18, 59 people were injured

The number of dead as a result of the attack on the shopping center in Kremenchuk has increased again

The attack on Kremenchuk is one of the most daring acts of terrorism in Europe, the Russian Federation must be recognized as a state sponsor of terrorism, – Zelensky

The strike aircraft of the Air Force carried out powerful airstrikes on the positions of the occupiers

Canada will introduce additional sanctions against Russia and Belarus. 15 Ukrainians are also under sanctions

The Volyn court sentenced the author of a pro-Russian YouTube channel to two years in prison

In Cherkasy region, the SBU exposed pro-Russian propagandists who supported the occupation of Ukrainian cities

Borrell wants to reform the EU: decisions should be made by a majority, not unanimously

The enemy attacked Mykolaiv and the region in turn, 11 rockets were fired

Ukrainians use HIMARS very well on the battlefield, – Pentagon

Kuleba accused Russia of lying after claims of a missile attack on the shopping center in Kremenchuk

Together with Ukraine, we mourn the innocent victims – the leaders of the "Big Seven" reacted to the events in Kremenchuk

The visit to Irpen will certainly influence decision-making, – the President of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly (VIDEO)

Biden will continue the presence of the US military in Poland

Even general Tu-134s cannot be serviced: the Russians are faced with a shortage of aircraft components

In Moscow, sales of gadgets and household appliances fell by 50%

​Ukraine returned the bodies of 46 dead soldiers

Poroshenko: NATO with Ukraine will be much more effective

The Russian Federation imposed sanctions against Biden’s wife and daughter, as well as against the philosopher Fukuyama

Woodworking equipment manufacturer Ponsse has sold its business in the Russian Federation to a local company

It was most difficult in Luhansk region and Kharkiv region, the enemy used 45,000 ammunition per day, – Zaluzhny

HUR: 17 Ukrainians released from captivity

Ukrainian defenders defeated the enemy DRG in Zaporizhzhia

France will also hand over a batch of Caesar self-propelled guns, VAB armored personnel carriers and Exocet missiles to Ukraine

NATO does not plan military unblocking of Ukrainian ports

The G7 summit is coming to an end in Bavaria. Scholz made a statement regarding Ukraine

An employee of the Ukrainian defense enterprise justified the actions of the occupiers

About 100 subversive groups were detained in Kyiv

70 IT companies have completely left the Russian market, – Ministry of Digital

Russia is threatened by a "brain drain": Johnson invited scientists from the Russian Federation to Britain

Volunteers bought a hundred brand new pickup trucks for the Armed Forces (video)

Russia pays soldiers for the war in Ukraine through Gazprombank, which has not been sanctioned

Ukrainian military is already mastering Norwegian NASAMS – Politico

The EU begins supplying more than 90 heavy-duty trucks to support the Armed Forces

Ukraine is starting to sell electricity to Europe

Cherkaschyna gave the coordinates of the infrastructure object that was fired upon by the Rashists

Ukraine will purchase dozens of Bayraktar drones

The British producer of alcoholic beverages Diageo is leaving Russia

A slap in the face of the Russian Federation at the legislative level: changes regarding gas have been adopted in Lithuania

Bulgaria sends 70 Russian diplomats for contacts with the special services of the Russian Federation

Massive missile attack on the Dnipro: the first video has appeared

The USA introduced an embargo on Russian gold

"Long-term prospects are monstrous." What will be the consequences of Russia’s default

In Germany, the idea of investigating how Schröder and Merkel helped Putin has already matured

Belta: Belarus has decided to pay debts from Eurobonds in the national currency

Airborne alarm in Odessa: explosions in the city

It became known in which countries and which weapons the armed forces are trained to use

June 29 2022

The enemy is advancing in the direction of Kalinovoy in the Luhansk region

The mayor of Mykolaiv reported about powerful explosions in the city

Missile attack on the Dnipro: two dead were found under the rubble of a service station – a man and a woman

In Paris, they are considering the possibility of supplying Ukraine with the "Exocet" anti-missile defense system – the head of the French Ministry of Defense

The adjuster of missile strikes on the Yavoriv training ground was detained

The President of Ukraine honored 314 defenders with state awards

Pyrotechnicians discovered ammunition on the territory of the Hryshka botanic garden in Kyiv

The USA punished dozens of companies from the Russian Federation and China for violating sanctions

NATO will be near St. Petersburg: Turkey supported the entry of Sweden and Finland into the Alliance

Zelensky proposed to exclude Russia from the UN Security Council and suspend membership in the organization’s General Assembly – speech in the Security Council

Kuleba called on the partners to disconnect the Russian "Gazprombank" from SWIFT

Zelensky: Where we lose one person, Russia loses five

NATO decided to hold a summit in the state with the highest threat of attack by the Russian Federation

In Kharkiv, a man was given 5 years of probation for a poster with the symbol "Z"

Moscow is burning: a huge column of smoke has risen over the capital of the Russian Federation. Video

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are advancing towards Kherson: several villages have been liberated

Putin is not allowed to the Balls: the G20 will be held without the president of the Russian Federation for the first time

A powerful explosion thundered in Berdyansk port. Video

The President of Indonesia arrived in Kyiv

The head of the British Foreign Ministry: Negotiations with the Russian Federation are possible only after its defeat in Ukraine

Senior lieutenant Yurii Bun from Truskavets died in the battles for Ukraine. Photo

Lviv news: Vasyl Zhigaylo-Kulchytsky, a resident of Sambir, died in the battles against the Rashists

Konstantin Lytvyn from Uzhhorod died in the war

In Crimea, a powerful explosion rang out in the sky over the city of Saka

Oleksandr Semak, a miner from Vugledar, died defending Ukraine

Rocket attack on Mykolaiv: the number of dead has increased to 4, rescue operations are ongoing

The special services of the Russian Federation received huge sums of money for subversive work and embezzled them – the SBU

A new stage of forced mobilization has begun in ORDLO

In Sumy Oblast, border guards shot down an enemy attack drone with explosives (video)

NATO’s new concept approved the open door policy for Ukraine

"Strong support": Reznikov and Austin discussed new military aid to Ukraine from NATO

Poroshenko: Putin is a terrorist, he is no different from bin Laden

Ukraine and the EU signed an agreement on "transport visa-free"

The President of Indonesia and billionaire Branson assessed the destruction in the Kyiv region

A bridge over the Irpin River exploded in Demydov: 1 person died, 2 more were injured

The SBU reported the suspicion of five more collaborators who are helping the enemy in the temporarily occupied territories

The project will be launched in Ukraine

Hundreds of cars will be handed over to the needs of the Armed Forces – what are they intended for

NATO officially invited Finland and Sweden to join the Alliance

Hokkoku: a Russian ship with 570 cars on board burned down in the Sea of Japan

The United States has announced the blocking of assets of the Central Bank of Russia and Russian oligarchs worth more than $330 billion

The Czech Republic will transfer reconnaissance drones to Ukraine, media reports

"Ukraine can apply for accession, and the Russian Federation is a direct threat to NATO" – Stoltenberg’s speech at the summit in Madrid