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Nicholas Zharkikh

July 14, 2022

The Ukrainian Armed Forces repelled the attacks of the Russians in three directions, but the invaders achieved partial success in one direction – the General Staff

Slovenia sent the first batch of tanks to Ukraine

The Russians again shelled civilian objects in Mykolaiv

Zelensky awarded state awards to 136 military personnel

Andriy Omelchenko, a resident of the Pereyaslav community, died in the war

The Russian government announced the harm of the white paper to the health of Russians

In Nova Kakhovka, the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck the enemy’s control points and landing pad, – OK "Pivden"

The White House explained when they will start using the lend-lease program for Ukraine

It will be worse: the IMF gave a disappointing forecast for the world economy due to the war in Ukraine

A mass burial of civilians killed by Russian troops was discovered in the Kyiv region (VIDEO)

There are dead and wounded: the enemy launched a massive attack on Nikolaev and Kramatorsk – photo

The demolition of the rubble in Chasovoy Yar has been completed: 48 people, including a child, were killed as a result of a rocket attack by rocket launchers on a house

A soldier from Poltava region died in battles with the Russian invaders

A junior sergeant from Cherkasy died in the war

Explosions rang out in Vinnytsia: emergency services went to the scene

The commander of the Russian division from Volgograd and his deputy were killed in Ukraine

Artillery of the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed three enemy BBMs

A soldier of the second consolidated company of the Obukhiv Military District was killed

The bodies of 2 more defenders from Chortkov were found in Chasovoy Yar

At the end of April, Dmytro Orlovskyi, a soldier from Pereyaslav region, died in the hospital

The Armed Forces destroyed 5 more warehouses with ammunition of the occupying forces

Another batch of occupiers’ saltpeter flew into the air near Crimea

The Armed Forces of Ukraine struck enemy targets in the Mykolaiv region: they destroyed a control post and an ammunition depot

Vinnytsia rocket attack – how many people were killed and injured

Portugal transfers every tenth M113 armored personnel carrier that is in service to Ukraine

Kuleba in The Hague named five parameters of a special tribunal to punish the leadership of the Russian Federation for aggression against Ukraine

The police suspect a group of people of embezzling UAH 43 million for the purchase of uniforms and products for the Armed Forces

The Diet of Latvia has approved a ban on the supply of Russian gas from 2023

"Army of drones": how Ukraine is going to arm the army with drones

The EU is preparing to present and approve the seventh package of sanctions against the Russian Federation within a week – mass media

The enemy must not know. Data on war losses are classified in Ukraine

The National Guard destroyed a Russian surveillance group in Donetsk region (video)

Captured his native Kyiv region: the SBI informed about the suspicion of a traitor who swore an oath to the Russians in 2014

The police addressed an important message to the residents of Vinnytsia due to the terrorist attack in Russia

Tiktoker, who filmed the movement of the Armed Forces, was sentenced to 5 years

In the Kherson region, 44 settlements were freed from occupation

Berezhansk lost two more of its Heroes in the war

A sniper from the National Guard shot down five Russian planes

Act of terror: what is known about the rocket attack on Vinnytsia (photo, video)

The West reacted to the strikes on Vinnytsia

In Vinnytsia, suspects were detained in adjusting the strikes, the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Fragments of Russian missiles fired at Vinnytsia were found, which the anti-aircraft defense managed to shoot down

July 15, 2022

In occupied Kadiivka, a Russian warehouse with ammunition was hit – video

The enemy continues to attack Ukrainian cities

The occupiers are trying to advance on Sloviansk — General Staff

The USA and the EU reacted to the Russian missile attack on Vinnytsia

In a week, Ukraine did not lose a single meter of land — General Staff

Canada imposed sanctions against Russia

The head of the Vovchan Department of Education voluntarily went to cooperate with the occupiers, she was notified of suspicion in absentia

Russia once again announced that the Armed Forces fired at the Bryansk region

The Government of Latvia accepted the dismantling of dozens of monuments glorifying the Soviet and Nazi regimes

A reporter in Vinnytsia region was informed of suspicion of treason, – NSZHU

The DPRK responded to the break in diplomatic relations with Ukraine: they mentioned the USA and nuclear weapons

The US defense budget increases aid to Ukraine and provides control over its use, – Markarova

At night, the occupiers launched rocket attacks on the civilian infrastructure of Kharkiv, Sinegubov

OP told what objects the Russian Armed Forces destroyed that night

The United States has earmarked $100 million for a training program for Ukrainian pilots

People’s deputy Kovalev’s property was seized

Adjusters of recent enemy shelling in the Mykolayiv region were detained

"DPR" fighters killed the captured British volunteer Paul Ury

HIMARS destroyed more than 30 military facilities of the occupiers in recent weeks – Ministry of Defense

As in the shooting range: the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 5 tanks and 9 BMPs of the enemy and showed a video

The military was shot down by Russian attack aircraft in Zaporozhye

Ministry of Internal Affairs: The enemy struck more than 300 times at military targets and 17.3 thousand at civilian targets

Ukraine undertook not to use HIMARS on the territory of the Russian Federation, – Reznikov

A traitor from the Kyiv region, who commands a brigade of marines of the Russian Federation, faces up to 15 years behind bars

The Armed Forces of Ukraine received 80 vehicles from Germany

Half of NATO countries have ratified the accession of Finland and Sweden

Ukraine received the first powerful MLRS M270 missile systems

Britain blamed the Kremlin for the death of its citizen in DNR captivity: details

The state will definitely take away the largest shopping center of Kyiv, Ocean Plaza, from the Rotenbergs, the expert said

The authorities confirmed the explosions in Kremenchuk

The famous Russian writer Dmytro Bykov was added to the "Peacemaker" database: the reason was given

July 16, 2022

Air defense destroyed four Russian Kh-101 missiles flying to the Dnipro from the Caspian Sea, OK "Pivden"

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled an attempt by the Russians to seize the strategically important Lysychansk-Bakhmut highway

Scandal with Russian citizenship: the SBU confirmed that the deputy head of the Kharkiv Regional Council has a Russian passport

The Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down a rocket of the occupiers over the Kyiv region – OVA

Italian police detained a shipment of parts for drones that could go to Russia

Russia: a resident of Kemerovo was fined for proposing to separate Moscow

The Russians launched a missile attack on Odessa

China sells goods to Russia that are necessary Kremlin to continue the war in Ukraine

In the State Duma, it was proposed to declare Biden on the international wanted list for "sponsoring neo-Nazism"

Russia sent its agents to the countries of Eastern Europe to track the routes of arms supply to Ukraine — intelligence

The henchmen of the Kherson collaborator Stremousov were given 5 years by the SBU

An ex-employee of the Crimean SBU administration faces 15 years in prison for treason

Rocket attack on Chuguyev: a couple and their neighbor died in their sleep

"These steps are very confident": the Armed Forces are advancing in the Kherson direction

"Arrival" in Pokrovsk: many houses are damaged, there are victims, wounded

How the Russians are trying to restore reserves after the massive strikes of the Armed Forces

The occupiers tried to seize the Vuglehirska TPP: building of the General Staff

One of the racist missiles was shot down from a MANPADS over Khmelnychchyna: the story of an anti-aircraft gunner – Independent public portal

July 17, 2022

The military destroyed the headquarters and ammunition depot of the occupiers in Lazurny

The Ukrainian military competently repelled a reconnaissance attempt with a battle near Beilohorivka, the General Staff

In the Russian Federation, they cannot decide which general is the most important: the command of the war is under threat

The former head of the SBU department in Crimea was detained

The Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south destroyed the enemy Tor air defense system, 2 ammunition depots and 36 occupants

The Armed Forces destroyed the munitions warehouse and the occupiers’ base in one day: the affected targets were named

Explosions are heard at the base of the Russian Federation near Kherson. It is likely that the ammunition is detonated – by the Strakom of the Armed Forces

Prosecutor General’s Office: As a result of the aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, 353 children died, 662 were injured

Ukrainian defenders repelled two assaults in the Slavic direction, General Staff

Vitaliy Lisun, the water polo coach of KDYUSSh, died in the battles with the occupiers

Twitter and YouTube Ignore Requests to Remove Propaganda Content, Media

Yurii Pastukh from Khmelnytskyi died in the war

The occupiers lost a Lancet-type attack flying unmanned aerial vehicle

Powerful: the Ukrainian Armed Forces epically blew up the Ork ammunition depot in the South of Ukraine

Zelensky reacted to Putin’s order to seize Kharkiv and the region

There are 67 injured people in Vinnytsia hospitals after the rocket attack

In the center of Kharkiv, utility workers are sorting out debris

The Armed Forces of Ukraine delivered a serious blow to the deep rear of the Luhansk region, – Gaidai

1,346 bodies of civilians killed by the occupiers have already been discovered in Kyiv region – the National Police

Russia finances anti-Ukrainian rallies in Israel

In Mykhailivskyi Zolotoverkhi Cathedral, they will say goodbye to the fallen soldier

A 19-year-old conscript of the National Guard shot down the sixth Russian plane

July 18, 2022

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled enemy assaults on a number of settlements and the Vuglehirskaya TPP, – General Staff

Roskomnadzor blocks the ROAR site, which publishes poems about Russia’s war against Ukraine

the Russian military fired more than 60 shells at Nikopol

The enemy attacked Kramatorsk in the morning

"Fire goes through the wall": the occupiers set fire to Ukrainian wheat fields

Speaker of the Polish Diet: Not only Putin is guilty of war atrocities, but also the entire Russian people

"They have no intention of sitting idly by": the Chinese Foreign Ministry made a new statement about the war in Ukraine

Ukrainian attack aircraft struck a concentration of enemy manpower in the Kherson region

The Air Force of Ukraine destroyed 30 invaders and 20 pieces of equipment in a day

The Russians hit Toretsk in Donetsk region: six people died

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the ammunition warehouse of the occupiers in Luhansk region and showed an epic video

OP explained: there is no talk of firing Bakanov and Venediktova yet, there will be checks

Ukrainian collaborators will be subject to EU sanctions along with politicians from Russia

OP is convinced that the "Korean scenario" is not for Ukraine, because it will lead to an even bloodier war

The SBU exposed a Russian agent who was collecting data for missile strikes on Kyiv

The police identified executioners from the MGB of the so-called DPR, who abused captured Ukrainians

Almost 100 high-rise buildings in Irpen are to be repaired, 40 to be dismantled, – Mayor Markushin

Shoigu ordered Russian servicemen to destroy the long-range missile systems of the Armed Forces

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed another Russian ammunition depot near Novaya Kakhovka in the occupied Kherson Oblast

The occupiers destroyed a large grain warehouse in the Dnipropetrovsk region

The EU increases defense aid to Ukraine to 2.5 billion euros

Ukraine left the customs agreement of the CIS countries

The EU Council agreed on the seventh package of sanctions against Russia

The defenders in the Kharkiv region destroyed the DRG of the Russian marines, the commander was taken prisoner

The Russians shot down their own fighter over Alchevsk

The Council of the EU decided to provide the 5th tranche of military aid to Ukraine for 500 million euros

The court arrested Belarusian locomotives that transported goods for the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine

Three enemy "Acacias" "withered" in the east of Ukraine

Ukrainian troops repelled two attacks by the invaders on Donetsk region

Poroshenko and a member of the Polish Seimas visited Chasovy Yar

American benefactors handed over 3,000 body armor to Ukrainian volunteers

In the Russian Federation, Google was fined almost 22 billion rubles for not removing information about the war

Completely stops business in Russia: the H&M network is leaving the aggressor country

While walking 10 km at night, they destroyed one and a half platoons of the occupiers – National Guardsmen about to withdraw from Severodonetsk

Bakhmut and Seversk are new targets of the enemy: the Ukrainian Armed Forces repel enemy attacks

The former head of the SBU department in Crimea, who worked for the Russian special services, has been given a preventive measure in the form of detention

In Sumy, they said goodbye to the fallen soldier

In Kyiv, they said goodbye to the officer of the 93rd Brigade "Fanat"

July 19, 2022

Caliber missiles landed in Odesa, six people were injured – details of the night attack of the occupiers

The Armed Forces cover the occupiers in Donbas with heavy fire. Knocked out from under Sloviansk

The Armed Forces hit Russian ammunition depots in the Kherson region, OK "Pivden"

The US State Department reacted to the dismissal of Bakanov and Venediktova

The lower house of the US Congress approved the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO

The profile committee supported the dismissal of Bakanov from the position of head of the SBU — People’s Deputy

The Committee of the Verkhovna Rada was unable to convene for a meeting to consider the issue of dismissal of Venediktova – People’s Deputy

Discontent is growing: the Kremlin is throwing national minorities into the war in Ukraine instead of ethnic Russians

The Commission determined the winner for the position of the head of the SAP. The competition lasted almost two years

Long-range projectiles for M142 HIMARS are already being transferred to Ukraine, — Danilov

In Ukraine, a Russian agent who passed information to the FSB was sentenced to 7 years

In Transcarpathia, a saboteur was sentenced to 7 years in prison

Kramatorsk shelling: ten people were injured

Putin throws representatives of national minorities into the hot spots: rebellion is brewing in the regions of Russia

Luhansk region: The number of dead in the region cannot be calculated due to the density of enemy fire

Antoniv bridge in the Kherson region: what is known about the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and why this bridge is important

The Armed Forces shot down another enemy drone over the Dnipropetrovsk region

The occupiers announced the deprivation of Ukrainian citizens’ right to property in occupied Mariupol

The SBU and other law enforcement agencies are waiting for personnel changes: many residents of the special services of the Russian Federation, – Arahamiya

Russian oil supplies to Asia fell

The US Ministry of Justice is asking Congress to extend powers to seize the assets of Russian oligarchs

The Ukrainian Armed Forces hit an enemy Su-35 aircraft near Novaya Kakhovka, Air Force. VIDEO

GUR: Ukraine returned the bodies of another 45 dead soldiers

For the sake of the staged plot, the occupiers shot the house, which resulted in the death of four people

Ukraine invites arms manufacturers from partner countries to test new weapons on the battlefield – Reznikov

We must de-Russify, because tanks do not enter first: the military explained in detail about Ukrainization

July 20, 2022

The Russians hit Nikopol with a package of MLRS: there are dead and wounded – photos of the destruction

During the day, at least 41 occupiers, 12 units of ground and air equipment, as well as a field artillery depot were destroyed

The enemy is trying to advance on Bakhmut and seize the Vuglehirska TPP

In Energodar, partisans eliminate the Russian invaders

Reznikov: Ukraine needs at least 50 HIMARS and M270 for defense, and 100 for offensive

China named the culprit of the war in Ukraine

is the USA

​The Armed Forces completely destroyed the group of "Wagnerians"

Ukrainian paratroopers destroyed a group of Russians near Slovyansk

Scholz reduced military support for Ukraine, despite promises to the contrary – Die Welt

Kherson blogger Serhiy Moroz was informed of suspicion of treason

The first loss of the new Russian drone "Lastivka-M" was recorded (video)

The Ukrainian military shot down the Chekan kamikaze drone of Belarus for the first time (photo)

A unique operation in Kyiv: a fragment of a soldier’s heart was removed without stopping it

Luhansk region: Ukrainian fighters stopped the Russian offensive near Bilogorivka

The last general commanding the occupiers in Ukraine has been named

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the state-of-the-art Russian Podlet radar in the Kherson region

Russia asks UN to force Ukraine to close Mirotvorets

HIMARS ultra-long strike: the Armed Forces told how they destroyed the Russian Podlit radar

Six more Caesar howitzers promised by Macron are already "on the way" – the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Humiliation and hysteria: what "gave" Putin a visit to Iran

Russia will cut the world’s largest nuclear submarine into scrap metal

The Russian channel RT evades EU sanctions by creating copies of its sites

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry responded to China’s statements: only Russia is responsible for the aggression

An explosion rang out in occupied Energodar: details

Destruction of materials of high-profile cases in the SBU: the SBU opened a case

It became known who helped the Russians transfer armored vehicles from the Crimea to the Kherson region

In the Kramatorsk direction, the Russians suffered losses and retreated – General Staff

The US and its allies want to train Ukrainian pilots

The Czech Republic has decided to start negotiations with the United States on the purchase of F-35 fighter jets