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Nicholas Zharkikh

June 30, 2022

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are "working" on Zmeiny: the destruction of the Pantsir-S1 missile complex has been confirmed

The Russians tried to storm the Armed Forces near the Lysychan oil refinery – the General Staff

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled a helicopter attack by Russians in the Kherson region, OK "Pivden"

Great Britain intends to allocate another 1 billion pounds for military aid to Ukraine

The SBU detained an informer of the military of the aggressor country in Bakhmut

In Dnipro, they decided to de-Russify more than 20 streets

Another weapons depot exploded near Moscow: hundreds of missile systems were destroyed, there were victims

Many military planes and helicopters were damaged: the details of the explosion in Russian Kursk appeared

Russian troops struck Kharkiv with cruise missiles, active hostilities continue in the region, OVA

The Russian army is a breeding ground for terrorists: the SBU established the circumstances of the rocket launch in Kremenchuk

In Mykolaiv, the number of dead and injured as a result of a rocket attack on a high-rise building has increased

The agreement will allow visa-free travel for up to 30 days to citizens of Ukraine

Reznikov stated that the Russian Federation can attack other countries after Ukraine: the Third World War has begun

Britain can be the first to recognize the Russian Federation as a state sponsor of terrorism – Denysenko

In Lviv, the activities of the UOC MP and the Ilya Dognal sect were banned

Russian tanker Kulikov pleaded guilty in court: video was shown

Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile forces sometimes destroy up to 60% of missiles fired by the enemy

Since April, the occupiers have been massively removing equipment from storage throughout Russia, – the Ministry of Defense

NATO countries have no restrictions on the supply of weapons to Ukraine, – Stoltenberg

Law enforcement officers exposed two "DNR" spies

Honor stopped supplying smartphones to Russia

KAMAZ also came under American sanctions

The Armed Forces will receive 39 modern armored vehicles from Canada

Gazprom fell in price by 30%: what caused the collapse of shares

Germans reduced gas and electricity consumption. They save even on taking a shower – Spiegel

The paratroopers showed how they destroyed the occupiers’ motorcade (video)

Missile attack on Mykolaiv: The body of a woman was recovered from the rubble, the number of victims increased to 7

Air defense, artillery and ammunition: Biden announced new aid to Ukraine

The SBU reported the seizure of the corporate rights of a Russian billionaire’s travel agency

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces told in which areas of the front the Ukrainian military repelled the assault of the Russian army

There are no battles inside Lysychansk, the city is not surrounded

Trudeau promises to arm Ukraine with modern military equipment: what is it about

A former law enforcement officer supported the aggressor and took the position of head of the police department in occupied Vovchansk

Biden promised to create huge problems for the Russian Federation with the sale of oil

Lithuania in 3 days: propagandists in Russia invented a new dream (video)

July 1, 2022

The Russian army intensified combat operations in the Kramatorsk direction – the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Russians are concentrating all their efforts on the encirclement of the Armed Forces in Lysychansk, – General Staff

Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces: Ukraine needs anti-missile systems, not anti-aircraft defense

Several hundred American companies want to manufacture weapons for Ukraine

The United States blocked the trust fund of Russian oligarch Kerimov for more than a billion dollars

Finally, NATO answered Russia: what was decided at the historic summit in Madrid and what to expect in Ukraine

She published anti-Ukrainian posts: the Internet agitator will be tried in Prykarpattia

In Zaporizhzhia, a collaborator who adjusted the fire of the occupiers will be tried

Ukrainian fighters shot down another Russian drone "Forpost" for 6 million dollars

Deserters of the invaders flee to the Crimea through the Arabat arrow – intelligence

A citizen of Ukraine who, as part of the Russian army, tried to capture the Zaporizhzhia region, was convicted

The SBI reported suspicion of treason to an anti-Ukrainian blogger from

The National Police of Ukraine initiated more than 20,600 criminal proceedings on the facts of Russian war crimes

A native of Lviv became a church propagandist for the Kremlin: what is known about this person

From July 1, 2022, the visa regime from the Russian Federation came into force

Thales is leaving Russia: the company protected customer data in 20 banks

Russia issued an ultimatum to Shell and Mitsubishi

Australia imposed sanctions against 16 Russians. The list includes relatives of Putin and Kabaev

House after house is being destroyed in the city: rioters storm the oil refinery in Lysychansk

Football coach Andrey Doroshev died in Kharkiv as a result of shelling

People’s deputy-collaborator Aleksey Kovalev survived and accused the special services of Ukraine of the attempt

During the day, the occupiers killed four residents of the Kharkiv region

The war with the Russian Federation took the lives of defenders from Kirovohrad Oblast

The war took the life of another Volyn citizen

Rescuers completed the search for bodies in a high-rise building in the village of Serhiivtsi, where a Russian rocket hit

Units with Belarusians were spotted in occupied Zaporizhzhia: probably mercenaries

Defenders of Ukraine from Lyubotyn and Lozivska hromada died in the war

Russia achieved minor successes in Lysychansk, seizing part of the oil refinery

28 body fragments have already been found under the rubble of the "Amstor" shopping center in Kremenchuk

I dreamed of occupying Berdyansk: the Ukrainian Armed Forces liquidated a traitor from Sevastopol

Loss: it became known about the death in the battles of a defender from the Zaporizhzhia region

A 37-year-old soldier from Prykarpattia died in the war

The Ukrainian military destroyed the Russian ammunition warehouse in the Luhansk region – video

The Armed Forces of Ukraine struck Russian warehouses in occupied Yasynuvata (video)

In Ukraine, nine Russian enterprises were seized in the amount of UAH 4.5 billion

Due to the sanctions, the revenues of the budget of the Russian Federation have already fallen by 39.5%, — the economist

The USA is ready to cut off oxygen to any Chinese company supplying semiconductors to Russia

War in Ukraine — Pavlo Dobrotvorskyi "Historian" from Kyiv died at the front

In the Kherson region, Ukrainian aviation struck Russian ammunition warehouses – OK "Pivden"

The enemy ammunition depot in Zaporozhye made a "gesture of goodwill" at the request of the M777: vivid video

More than 30 Russian arms tycoons did not fall under Western sanctions, Reuters

Ukraine received a grant of 1 billion euros from Germany

Norway will allocate one billion euros of aid to Ukraine

She wanted to become the occupation minister of education: the headmistress of the capital school will be tried for treason

July 2, 2022

The Russians were defeated in the Lysychansk direction and retreated, resistance to the occupiers is growing in the Kherson region – General Staff

The Pentagon announced a package of additional military aid for Ukraine worth $820 million

In the morning, Mykolaiv came under rocket fire

A Ukrainian fighter jet struck two Russian ammunition depots in the Kherson region -

During the day, 27 occupiers, Tor air defense system, 3 pieces of equipment and two UAVs were destroyed

Traitors of Berdyansk: four local journalists went over to the side of the occupiers

Two Putin admirers from Odnoklasniki were detained in Lviv Oblast

An adviser to one of the mayors of Khmelnytskyi will be tried for collaborationism

There are fierce battles near Lysychansk, but the city itself is not surrounded – the National Guard

The President awarded state awards to more than 600 Ukrainian military personnel

The Turkish-Ukrainian UAV Akinci was armed with a LGK-82 missile: the tests were successful (video)

The Kremlin "robbed" Gazprom: the company’s shareholders were left with nothing

ZSU "Stugna-P" destroyed another enemy tank in the Kherson region

Eight city, village and settlement heads are in Russian captivity

The Armed Forces liberated Ivanovka and repulsed the assault on two more settlements – the General Staff

The Russians retrieved the destroyed UDF ship "Saratov" from the seabed for repair

Ukraine, together with the EU, is working on the seventh package of sanctions against Russia, Kuleba

Prominent Lutsk supporters of the "Russian peace" were sentenced

Posts justifying the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine – two suspects were exposed in Lviv

18 soldiers of the Kyiv Teroboron were killed in heavy fighting in the Kharkiv region

A column of Russians was incinerated on the approaches to Lysychansk – the battle for Donbas

The armed forces of Ukraine continue to liberate the occupied territories

Gas transit through Ukraine fell to a historic low since 1991

In the Sumy region, assets of companies registered in the Russian Federation worth more than 30 million hryvnias were seized

July 3, 2022

Russian troops are entrenched in the Lysychansk region, – the head of the OVA

In the morning, the enemy hit the Kryvorizka district of the Dnipropetrovsk region, Reznichenko

The SBI is investigating more than 400 criminal cases of treason

Law enforcement officers registered more than 30,000 war-related crimes

Within a day, millions were collected for the Drone Army – Fedorov

The General Staff told where the fighting is going on, where the Russian troops are defending and where they are entrenched

Poland called for strengthening sanctions against the Russian Federation and "isolating the Russian regime"

Most Russian car owners have already felt the impact of the sanctions

Russia is suspected of damaging underwater cables in Norway, media reports

The Finns are planning to build a NATO base in South Karelia on the border with the Russian Federation, — mass media

The USA decided to supply Ukraine with NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems

A Russian ship with Ukrainian grain was detained in Turkey – the ambassador of Ukraine

A family from Kharkiv Oblast died in Belgorod

The governor of the Belgorod region informed the local residents that they would no longer have to "sleep peacefully".

The Ukrainian Armed Forces repulsed the assault in the Slavic direction. The occupiers are forcing Seversky Donets, – a summary

"Steel will and patriotism are not enough": After heavy fighting for Lysychansk, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were forced to withdraw from their positions

The Prime Minister of Australia announced new military aid to Ukraine during his visit to Kyiv

The Melitopol airfield as a military base of the occupiers no longer exists – the mayor

The last two days have been a real hell for the occupiers: the mayor confirmed that the bridge near Melitopol was blown up

Zaporizhia NPP diver who was tortured by Russians died in occupied Energodar – Mayor Orlov

There are explosions again near the Russian city of Belgorod

Adviser to the head of the OPU about "claps" in Russian front-line cities: "I have four simple explanations"

July 4, 2022

After Lysychansk, Russia is trying to push the armed forces to the Siversk-Bakhmut border

In the South, the Armed Forces struck enemy warehouses and destroyed a lot of occupiers and equipment

Russia found itself in the biggest crisis in 50 years for the sake of a propaganda image

Great Britain intends to become a leader in the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, said Truss, head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The British Ministry of Foreign Affairs initiated the confiscation of Russian assets and their transfer to victims from Ukraine

Since February 24, the bodies of more than 400 dead defenders have been returned to Ukraine – Vereshchuk

Russian diplomats left Bulgaria

The G7 may halve the maximum price for Russian oil

Cotton in Belgorod

Explosions and deaths in Russian Belgorod and Kursk. What is known

Explosions were also heard in Russian Kursk

The occupiers prevailed tenfold: Haidai – about the capture of Lysychansk

Slovakia is ready to hand over MiG-29 fighters and tanks to Ukraine

The court seized the assets and rights to the Mykolaiv alumina plant of the Russian businessman Deripaska

The Russian agency, which was scouting the positions of the Armed Forces in the south of Ukraine, was neutralized

The ex-commander of the submarine "Zaporizhia" of the Navy of the Ukrainian Armed Forces was informed of suspicion of treason

Russia is on fire again: a fire broke out at a warehouse of building materials

The troops of the Russian Federation captured Zolotarivka in the Luhansk region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled the assault in separate directions – General Staff

In the Luhansk region, fighting is still going on in the area of Bilogorivka – Gaidai

A military man from Poltava region was killed in the Kharkiv region during the shelling of the Rashists

Attack on the airfield in Melitopol: the losses of the occupiers became known

"It was a rehearsal, wait for the meeting": the partisans greeted People’s Deputy Kovalev after the first attempt. Photo

"The occupiers will not be able to restore the infrastructure of Severodonetsk", – Stryuk

Kyiv region remembers: Nazar Zalitok from Stavyshchen region gave his life for Ukraine

Six soldiers from Poltava region died in the war with the Rashists

In a week, 30 civilians died in Kharkiv and the region because of the war

Racists shelled 11 settlements in Donetsk region, children were killed

Prime Minister of Sweden Andersson made a "very productive" visit to Kyiv, Zelenskyi said

The information about the armed forces on the outskirts of Kherson does not correspond to the truth, — OK "Pivden"

In Mariupol, buildings damaged by shelling began to collapse – the city hall

American General Hodges called to attack the airfields used by the Russian Air Force to launch cruise missiles

Deputy heads of the Starobel district prosecutor’s office are suspected of treason against Ukraine

The SBU blocked a large-scale scheme of illegal legalization of Russians in Ukraine

He supported Russia and kept important documents: the engineer of "Ukroboronprom" was informed of the suspicion

In the Rostov region, a house burned down after a drone fell – rosZMI

Objects of the railway infrastructure – OVA – are burning in occupied Donetsk

The Ukrainian Armed Forces stopped the assault of the occupiers near Severodonetsk – General Staff

He helped the enemy set up firing positions in occupied Buchi – now he will go to trial

July 5, 2022

In the Slavyansk direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine repulsed the assault and repulsed the enemy – the establishment of the headquarters

The Dnipropetrovsk region was attacked with missiles in the morning: 6 were shot down by air defense

Tuka: Putin wants to raze Ukraine to the ground, the Armed Forces turn his tanks into dead tractors. Interview

An employee of the UDO in Chernihiv Oblast will be tried for going over to the side of the enemy

The traitor of Ukraine, who handed over the only Ukrainian submarine to the Russians, was informed of suspicion

An enemy agent was detained: he was gathering intelligence for missile strikes on Odeshchyna

A collaborator from Buchi, who worked for the occupiers and surrendered the positions of the Armed Forces, will be tried in Kyiv

It is necessary to purchase 500 military trucks of various types for the army

30 occupiers, 11 pieces of equipment and 2 ammunition warehouses were destroyed during the day

Kharkiv Teroboronmen in the north of the region destroyed a large number of occupiers and equipment

For the first time, Ukraine and Sweden agreed on a joint statement on key issues of bilateral cooperation

A man who was conducting aerial reconnaissance using a quadcopter was detained in a residential area of Kharkiv

The SBU detained the adjuster of missile strikes in Odesa region. Now he faces up to 8 years in prison

Partisans exposed a network of traitors in the occupied Kherson region

Explosions and fire in Donetsk: the Russians claim that the railway infrastructure was shelled by the Armed Forces

Near Kherson, the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed 30 occupiers, 2 ammunition depots and the "Uragan" anti-aircraft missile system, — OK "Pivden"

A blow to Mykolaiv and the region: houses were destroyed, Bashtanka was attacked by six rockets of the Russian Federation

NAZK: Public officials took $5 million worth of illegally obtained cash out of the country

An assistant to the people’s deputy from "Servant of the People" turned out to be a Russian spy – mass media

The SBU exposed a 62-year-old agitator from Khmelnytskyi as a justification for Russia’s attack

Full embargo: Japan has banned the import of Russian gold

Protocols on the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO have been signed

Ukraine exports about 30% of the pre-war volume of agricultural products, – Kubrakov

The Russian army destroyed or occupied 90% of wind power plants in Ukraine, – Galushchenko

Reconstruction of Ukraine and help from partners: what is promised to Kyiv at the Conference in Lugano

Cumulative losses of the Russian Federation in Ukraine amount to 115 thousand people, — Podolyak (video)

The Air Force released a video of the downing of missiles near the Dnipro

The court finally banned the activity of the Communist Party of Ukraine

Dirty things: Kazakhstan refused to participate in Russia’s scam with the export of Ukrainian grain

Property of Russian enterprises was seized in Kharkiv region

The prosecutor’s office informed the Gauleiter of Melitopol about the suspicion

A resident of Kryvyi Rih committed atrocities in Buche together with the occupiers

Almost 200 million UAH were collected for the Ukrainian drone army: Fedorov reported on the successes

Russian cosmonauts unfurled the LPR flag on the ISS. Ukraine demands their removal

The first country ratified the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO

In Russia, unknown persons attacked a military unit near the border with Ukraine

The future of the decentralization of the Russian Federation: the forum of the free peoples of Russia will be held in Prague

Three Russian missiles were shot down over the Odesa region

The Russian occupiers concentrated their efforts on the road Bakhmut – Lysychansk – General Staff was taken under control

Explosions rang out in occupied Berdyansk

Britain will hand over 10 more self-propelled guns and kamikaze drones to Ukraine

Sanctions: Finland arrested almost a thousand freight cars of Russian companies

Assets of Russians and Belarusians worth UAH 33 billion were seized in Ukraine, – Venediktova

The prosecutor’s office of the Kherson region announced the suspicion of another traitor and collaborator

More than 100 people are suspected of collaboration, – the head of the Main Investigation Department of the SBU Shvets

The second NATO country ratified the accession of Finland and Sweden

July 6, 2022

The Armed Forces of Ukraine harshly repressed an attempted Russian offensive near the Ingulets River – General Staff

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled an enemy attack in the Novoluhansky, Spirny, and Vershyn regions of Donetsk region

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Sumy Oblast has started an investigation into the fact of the rocket attack on Shostka

What awaits people’s deputies and deputies of local councils from the banned parties: explanation of the Ministry of Justice

The British Defense Minister spoke about the start of the Ukrainian military exercises announced by Johnson

Another car manufacturer will soon leave Russia

The Ukrainian Armed Forces repelled an attempt by the occupiers to cut an important road in Luhansk region

The Russians wanted to cut off the Bakhmut-Lysychansk road, but suffered losses, Heyday

The Prime Minister of Ireland arrived in Kyiv

Finland approved the transfer of the seventh shipment of defense aid to Ukraine

​Hungary is afraid that the Russian Federation will fire at Hungarians in Transcarpathia, so it does not supply weapons to Ukraine, – Sijarto

The Deputy Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional Council can be removed due to the presence of a Russian passport, — DBR (photo)

Ukrainian-made combat robots were shown on the network

Russia stopped oil transit from Kazakhstan to the EU

KFC and Pizza Hut are leaving Russia and selling their restaurants

About a million Ukrainians are either fighting or learning about it – Danilov

Ivano-Frankivsk lost another Hero of Ukraine in the war with the Russians. Photo

The Belarusian commander of the "Volat" battalion with the call sign Brest was killed when the tank attack was repelled

A young man from Goshchi died in a battle with Russian invaders.

A soldier from the Mykolaiv Region will be buried in Yavorov

Nowynsky refused the mandate of People’s Deputy

European Parliament: The struggle in Ukraine is a turning point in the history of Europe

Explosions rang out in Kherson

The Armed Forces blew up another important bridge near Melitopol

For the first time in the history of Ukrainian-Paraguayan relations, Zelensky had a conversation with the country’s president

"I am a native of Kupyansk": the name of a collaborator working with "United Russia" became known

A resident of Ukraine, who provided the occupiers with a mobile phone, received a suspended sentence

From 40 to 60 dollars: the US wants to collapse the price of Russian oil, media reports

Because of the war in Ukraine: the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka declared the country bankrupt

Russia announced the destruction of two HIMARS, Ukraine called it a lie

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reminded Medvedev that he is awaiting a tribunal regarding the crime of aggression against the Russian Federation

The Australian government canceled import duties from Ukraine for a year

Medical equipment for military hospitals: the SBU exposed suppliers who deliberately disrupted supplies

Oleksiy Kovalev, the owner of Channel 4, was informed of suspicion of treason