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Nicholas Zharkikh

July 7, 2022

The Russian Federation is trying to conduct offensive operations in the Slavic direction – General Staff

Fresh "cargo 200": the Armed Forces destroyed the officers of the "second army of the world"

Explosions in occupied Skadovsk, one person died, four were injured

Zelenskyi said that he has confirmation of the supply of powerful air defense to Ukraine

Poland received a modern Sky Saber air defense system from Great Britain

China and India bought $24 billion worth of energy resources from Russia in three months

The President of Ukraine honored Ukrainian defenders with orders and medals

Three generals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation were sentenced to prison

Western artillery finally started working at the front

An air battle between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Russian aviation took place in Odesa: details have emerged

Instead of Kharkov, they fell in Belgorod: the network reported about the occupiers’ attack with the launch of rockets. Video

"Soon they’ll go to the Kremlin on a rampage!" Panic began in Russia due to the attacks of "Ukrainian saboteurs"

Enemy equipment is on fire: the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed four military depots of the occupiers in the south

Austria blocked Gazprom’s access to the gas storage facility. What happened?

The prosecutor’s office suspects the "head" of the "Novokakhovskaya administration" in the abduction and torture of the journalist

Reconnaissance positions of the Ukrainian Air Defense Forces: the SBU detained a Russian agent

Voluntarily agreed to "serve" the occupiers: the traitor from Berdyansk will be tried

France declared readiness for long-term support of Ukraine in the event of a protracted war

The Armed Forces of Ukraine defeated the Russian DRG and repelled the assault in the Dobryanka area

The Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions destroyed warehouses with ammunition and PMM

In Donetsk, a large-scale fire broke out in a warehouse with BC occupied by the occupiers

Ukraine regained control of Sweetky in Donetsk region

An actress and sniper from Brazil, who defended Ukraine, died in Kharkiv due to shelling

In occupied Borovoy, the appointed Russian "authority" disappeared

Turkey released a ship with grain from occupied Berdyansk, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the ambassador

The occupiers began to panic: the hospital was taken out of Melitopol at night

Russia carried out an air missile attack on the center of Kramatorsk

There is a new large-scale fire in Donetsk, Ilovaisk is also on fire (video)

The German Ministry of Defense refused to hand over 200 Fuchs armored personnel carriers to Ukraine

The European Commission officially invited Ukraine to join the "customs visa-free"

Belarus transferred the Zyabrivka airfield under the full control of the Russian Federation – the General Staff of the Armed Forces

Fierce fighting continues in Luhansk region. The troops of the Russian Federation managed to establish full control over Lysychansk — General Staff

The head of the Department of Defense of Great Britain visited Ukraine and met with Zaluzhny

"A true friend for Ukraine": that’s right Volodymyr Zelenskyi named the Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson

A Russian spy was caught in Dnipropetrovsk region

Passed the coordinates of the ZSU to the Russians: the suspected gunner from Kharkiv was informed of the suspicion

The SBU detained the adjuster of rocket strikes on Mykolaiv

The Russians have once again had a rocket explode

An average of 25 people die in Mariupol every day – the mayor’s adviser

The son of the head of the Zaporizhia RDA was released from Russian captivity

Russian occupiers detained the mayor of Kupyansk, who surrendered the city to them – Synegubov

"French Gelandewagen": the Armed Forces will receive new army cars (PHOTO)

Farmers of the Russian Federation are trying to find a replacement for imported spare parts

July 8, 2022

The Armed Forces suppressed an attempt to storm the occupiers in two directions – the General Staff

Several strong explosions were heard in Mykolaiv, an air alert was announced

In Melitopol, the occupiers opened a monument to Stalin’s executioner

"Boiko Towers" in the Black Sea continue to burn three weeks after the attack of the Armed Forces – satellite photo

39 armored personnel carriers from Canada will be handed over to Ukraine by the end of the summer

Fedir Venislavskyi: "State traitors will sooner or later appear before the court of Ukraine"

In the Russian Sberbank, chips are punched out of old bank cards and inserted into new ones

In Britain, they specified when they plan to elect a new prime minister

In Nova Kakhovka, the SSU hit an enemy ammunition depot

The pilots of the Ukrainian Armed Forces sent a shock "hello" to the occupiers in the east of Ukraine

Kuleba made a statement after Johnson’s resignation

Venediktova: People’s deputy-collaborator Kovalev "shines" for life

In Transcarpathia, a native of Luhansk region was convicted of treason and preparation of a terrorist attack

A fire adjuster was caught in Dnipropetrovsk region: he transmitted data about important infrastructure objects

A hero, not a star: "Iron General" Zaluzhnyi will become a true legend in the history of Ukraine

Aviation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed an ammunition depot and 16 units of enemy equipment in the east

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov leaves the G-20 summit in Bali early due to a boycott

"The Russian Federation has not yet begun to fight?". The President’s Office reminded about the Russian losses

In Luhansk region, the head of the state agricultural holding gave the grain harvest to the occupiers

Paratroopers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed 12 enemy tanks in the east in a day

A warehouse of Russian ammunition is on fire in occupied Shakhtarsk

The Armed Forces of Ukraine inflicted "powerful" strikes on two command posts of the Russian army – OK "South"

The export of Ukrainian grain is controlled by "Rostov Armenians": journalists revealed the routes and scheme

Russian oligarch Churkin is suspected of efforts to preserve the property of one’s company in Lviv by deception (video)

In Kyiv, they said goodbye to Major of the Armed Forces Andriy Verkhoglyad

The cyber police caught a resident of Zaporozhye who administered sites for broadcasting pro-Russian channels (video)

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe died after an attack on him – media

The General Staff of Belarus threatens Poland with strikes on its infrastructure

Called to "save the Ukrainian people from the Nazis": the security forces exposed the collaborator

Canada introduced personal sanctions against Patriarch Kirill and top propagandists of the Russian Federation

"Deputy Chief of Police" was shot dead in Nova Kakhovka

For The Hague: the occupiers "burned themselves" by laying out shot by "Point-U" in Zaporizhzhia to the net. Video

Explosives were found in the house of the murderer of the ex-prime minister of Japan Shinzo Abe: the attacker named the motive of the attack

The Russian Federation confirmed the destruction by the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine of the occupying forces in Shakhtarsk: shells detonated. Video

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repulsed the offensive on Slovyansk and successfully hold the front: the formation of the General Staff

Berlin blocked the sale of Russian real estate for the first time due to sanctions

Forensic experts have already identified 20 people from the list of those missing after the attack on the "Amstor" shopping center in Kremenchuk

For the first time, Reznikov named the number of servicemen who defended Ukraine – details

This deeply impressed us – the Chairman of the Senate of the French Republic visited Buch

Greece and Bulgaria have finally withdrawn from the Russian "gas needle"

The last shirt will not be removed: Russian regions refuse to restore the "LDNR"

Collaborators in Kherson and Melitopol were removed from the authorities, the Central Committee of the Central Intelligence Agency

In the Kharkiv region, two ex-policemen were reported on suspicion of treason

July 9, 2022

The USA discovered 18 infiltration camps for Ukrainians. Russia was preparing them even before a full-scale invasion

The occupiers fired in several directions and went on the defensive, Russia has significant losses – General Staff

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repulsed the offensive of the Russian army in the Dolomite region: the enemy was pushed back to their previous positions

The occupiers shelled Kryvyi Rih with "Hurricanes", buildings were damaged, and one person was killed

Attack aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out several airstrikes against the occupiers in Mykolaiv Oblast

In Irpen, more than 10,000 houses worth UAH 25.3 billion were destroyed – research by RebuildUA drones

Kharkiv customs officers illegally processed Russian cargo after the invasion

Zelensky presented the Hero of Ukraine "Golden Star" to Lt. Col. Oleg Grudzevych and told about his feat

The Armed Forces showed a rare Nona-K howitzer in action

Bairaktar Yastrub, for which Lithuania collected money as a whole community, has already arrived in Ukraine

In the Kharkiv region, a man publicly called to support "Russian peace"

The US Congress is asking Biden to check Yermak’s possible connections with Russia

Ukraine will receive high-precision projectiles for the first time: details

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the base with the Russian invaders with HIMARS missiles

Yevgeny Grechko, a resident of Kryvyi Rih, died in a battle with the Rashists in the Donetsk region

Border guards liquidated five invaders with homemade bombs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted to Spartz’s letter, accusing her of trying to "earn political capital" by addressing Yermak

A seizure was imposed on the corporate rights of several enterprises in Kirovohrad Oblast, connected to the Russian Federation, in the amount of UAH 5.9 billion, – National Police

Occupiers’ mines were blown up in Mariupol: what happened

The speech of the speaker of the French Senate in the Council was interrupted by applause

In Kramatorsk, a local resident gave the enemy the movement and location of the Armed Forces

The USA will provide $360 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine – Blinken

Ukraine will receive a grant in the amount of 1.7 billion dollars on an irrevocable basis

The G20 ministers addressed Russia with a joint ultimatum: what is foreseen

SBU counter-intelligence detained the adjusters of missile strikes on Bakhmut and Kramatorsk

The first group of Ukrainian soldiers began training in Great Britain. They were visited by the head of the Ministry of Defense Wallace

They are going to buy a huge batch of trucks and SUVs for the Armed Forces

Following Russia: why the Belarusians are in for a complete "hook" next week

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a column of enemy vehicles in the Luhansk region (video)

The police arrested more than 100 wagons of Russian and Belarusian companies

Volunteers will hand over 50 Toyota Hilux pick-ups worth 1 million euros to the Armed Forces

The Ukrainian Armed Forces arranged "fireworks" for the occupiers in the Kherson region

A collaborator who was the "starostoy" of several villages under the occupiers was detained in the Kyiv region

The Russian Federation announced that an explosive detonated near Bryansk in front of a cargo ship

July 10, 2022

Ukrainian anti-aircraft fighters destroyed three enemy drones in a day

Biden called the visit to Saudi Arabia important for opposing Russia in the war

The first vessel with Ukrainian grain will leave Odesa

In Kyiv, the dismantling of Soviet monuments has not yet begun – what is the reason?

In the Russian Federation, the first sentence was handed down for statements about the war against Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 58 personnel units and 4 enemy ammunition depots in the southern positions

There are hellish battles in Donbas. The enemy is moving units near Bilogorivka

The Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south of the country carried out two strikes on Russian command posts near Chornobayivka and destroyed ammunition depots

Kalynivka, Balaklia and Ichnya: Danilov did not rule out that Russia could be behind the explosions at military warehouses

Occupants from the "Hurricanes" shelled Chasiv Yar in Donetsk region: dozens of people were buried under the rubble. Photo

The Council is preparing to dismiss deputies who fled Ukraine during the war

Explosions rang out in Mariupol, there are dead and injured among the occupiers

Russian troops bombed the "DNR" battalion: the conversation was intercepted

The sniper of the occupiers was sentenced to 12 years in prison

Illegal "court" in the so-called "DPR" awarded the death penalty to two more Ukrainian defenders

Four explosions rang out in Kherson

Played for "Vorskla" and "Dynamo": ex-footballer Serhiy Balanchuk died near Bakhmut

The 93rd OMbr destroyed three enemy tanks that were hiding in a ravine in the Kharkiv region (VIDEO)

The Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down the occupiers’ helicopter near Horlovka

Norwegian "umbrella": what air defense systems will cover the sky above the capital

The prosecutor’s office suspects nine policemen from Luhansk region of treason

Russia wants to annex three regions in Kazakhstan: the expert explained why Tokaev openly went against Putin

Chasiv Yar in Donetsk region was attacked by 4 rockets from "Iskanders" on Saturday, a hostel was hit – DSNS

"To hell, enemies!" – The Armed Forces of Ukraine crushed the command post of the Russian Guard near Kherson

Combat helicopters from the Czech Republic are already destroying the invaders – details

Ukraine will receive almost $2 billion in free aid from donors

Traitors in Mykolaiv: General Marchenko told who leaked data to the occupiers

July 11, 2022

The Armed Forces repulsed an enemy assault near Krasnopill

Rocket attack on Mykolaiv: details of the shelling became known

She attacked children who helped the Armed Forces: a Putin fan was severely reprimanded in Kyiv

Ukrainian aviation destroyed the command and observation post, the ammunition depot, the command post of the troops and the enemy’s manpower

The Ukrainian military announced the release of the occupiers of the village of Ivanivka, Kherson region

The Ukrainian military destroyed the second Russian tank T-90M "Breakthrough" (video)

The Armed Forces destroyed the mobile command post of the Russians in Tavriysk

Lithuania has expanded restrictions on the transit of goods to the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation liquidated the commander of the tank battalion of the Russian army

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands visited Irpin

Ukraine should be allowed to strike military facilities in the Russian Federation and Belarus, – the adviser to the Congress

The head of the Luhansk state-owned enterprise is suspected of collaborationism

For two weeks, the IT army of Ukraine attacked more than 800 Russian resources

In Ukraine, more than seven thousand servicemen are considered missing

Shelling of Chasovoy Yar: 24 victims have already been recovered from the rubble

More than 100 liquidated and more than 200 in a serious condition: the losses of Russian soldiers after the attack of the Armed Forces of the Kherson region became known – mass media

A powerful explosion rang out in the Chornobayivka area, it was heard in Kherson – OVA

In Melitopol, an attempt was made on the "head of the district administration"

In Ukraine, the Russian was "demilitarized". the pilot who bombed civilians in Chechnya and Syria. Photo

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have been destroying enemy headquarters and command posts in recent weeks: they have compiled a map of strikes

Biden in the Middle East will look for Soviet weapons for the army of Ukraine – NYT

The ex-president of Poland proposed dividing the Russian Federation

The Armed Forces hit enemy ammunition depots in occupied Tokmok (photo, video)

Oligarch Rinat Akhmetov is leaving the media business in Ukraine. The channels will become state property

The occupiers seized the Askania-Nova Institute: some scientists went to cooperate with the enemy

In the Donetsk region, collaborators again destroyed the monument to the singer Slipak, who died in Donbas

The Russian Federation is threatening Canada because of sanctions against the Moscow Patriarch

Why did the President order to liberate the south of Ukraine

Congresswoman Spartz explained the claims to Yermak: the matter is control over aid to Ukraine

The first ships to export grain arrived in Ukraine after the liberation of Zmiynyi (photo)

Law enforcement officers detained an Odessa citizen who was collecting funds for the "Army of the DPR"

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the air target of the occupiers with the help of Pantsyr S-1

Electrolux is selling its business in Russia

Following Lithuania: Estonia closed the border with the Russian Federation for goods

The Armed Forces of Ukraine delivered precise strikes on the occupiers in the Kherson region, OK "Piv’dzh"

Congresswoman Spartz to her colleague Kaptur: To listen to Yermak’s pocket bureaucrats is to serve the Kremlin

July 12, 2022

Powerful explosions rang out in Mykolaiv

The Armed Forces of Ukraine took away the abandoned equipment of the occupiers in the Kherson region as a "gesture of goodwill".

Fresh "cargo 200": the Armed Forces eliminated the "elite" of the Russian army

Ukraine announced a hunt for traitors, the occupiers are unable to protect them: new details

"Playing politics." Yermak should resign – Congresswoman Spartz

Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed the Decree on awarding 287 defenders of Ukraine with state awards

The Ukrainian military repelled the offensive of the occupying army in two directions – the General Staff

The Council of the EU agreed to allocate 1 billion euros to Ukraine to support the economy

Temporal Ravine Strike: Death toll rises to 35

The mass media showed satellite images of the consequences of a large-scale strike on Novaya Kakhovka

The court banned the activities of the Labor Party of Ukraine

Iran intends to hand over hundreds of drones to the Russian Federation – the White House

Ukraine will receive 110 UAV countermeasures from Lithuania

Conscript Portnov was released from Ukraine

An accomplice of the enemy who received $1,000 from the curator was detained in Vinnytsia

The first military drones of the Army began training (photo)

The cosmetics chain Lush is leaving the Russian market

The manufacturer of Lego constructors is completely leaving Russia

Ukraine managed to return the bodies of 30 dead soldiers

After Novaya Kakhovka, the Armed Forces of Ukraine caught up with the enemy in Charivny

Near Melitopol, a fire broke out at the base of the State Emergency Service, where the occupiers transported military equipment – the mayor

Zelensky met with the Minister of Defense of Poland

The Government of Sweden transferred SEK 577.7 million to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Two deputies from Henichesk helped the occupiers establish power

A teacher from Sergeevka who campaigned for the Russian Federation will not be able to teach for 15 years

The "DPR" agent was sentenced to eight years in prison, he testified against other militants

The Swedish self-propelled guns FH77 BW L52 "Archer" entered service with the Armed Forces: characteristics, video

Bombardment of the Temporary Yar: the number of dead has increased to 45 people

Artillery of the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the Russian ammunition depot in the Kherson region – OK "South"

Our troops successfully repelled several assaults in the Kharkiv direction

A native of Donetsk region who sold himself to the enemy was detained in Vinnytsia, the police said. VIDEO

In Kharkiv, a suspected corrections officer of the occupiers was detained, a range finder and calculations of the fire of the MLRS were found in his possession – the police

In Frankivsk, a native of the Russian Federation was imprisoned for five years for propagandizing communism

In Kadiivka, an armored vehicle, which the Russians placed near a school, burned down

July 13, 2022

The Armed Forces repulsed the enemy assault on the Slavic direction: the establishment of the General Staff

The US Treasury Department named 18 countries that help Russia and Belarus circumvent sanctions

The heads of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and Poland discussed projects related to the supply and maintenance of artillery, as well as military training

Ministry of Finance: Ukraine will receive a EUR 200 million interest-free loan from Italy

Sanctions in effect: one of the top 5 gold mining companies of the Russian Federation went bankrupt

Germany has set dates for the end of imports of Russian coal and oil

A journalist in Vinnychyna was informed of suspicion of treason

There will be no drones: Iran has abdicated from arms supplies to Russia

Aviation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed a Russian ammunition warehouse near Novopetrivka, Kherson region

Escape from the war: 60 Russian soldiers deserted in the Zaporozhye region

Grenades were thrown at the head of North Ossetia near Gulyaipol – rosZMI

The deputy commander of the 39th helicopter regiment of the Russian Air Force was liquidated in Ukraine

The personal data of the commander of the Southern operational group of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation has been published

Ukrainian intelligence destroyed the secret prison of the occupiers in the Kherson region and freed Ukrainian prisoners

The "Sobyaninsky Regiment" is being formed in Moscow for the war against Ukraine, "Meduza"

The occupiers are suffering huge losses in the Donbass

In Mariupol, the occupiers shot down their own drone – the city council

The Ministry of Reintegration proposes to introduce sanctions against new candidates: on whom they will be imposed

The body of another victim of the occupiers was found in the forest on the territory of the Buchansk community

In Russia, Putin’s youngest daughter headed the Committee on Import Substitution

Journalist Kateryna Andreeva was convicted of treason in Belarus

Russia used threats to illegally take the plane that was detained in Sri Lanka

With the "celebratory" opening of the Moscow "Embassy of the DPR" a disaster occurred. The separatists came up with an excuse (PHOTO)

The Russian Federation launched a missile attack on Zaporizhzhia

Russia launched 2,960 missiles at Ukrainian cities. The main purpose of these missiles is civilian objects, – Zelenskyi

The occupiers fired 28 rounds of anti-aircraft missiles at Mykolayiv Oblast, resulting in many deaths

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled the enemy’s advance to Kharkiv and the assaults near Bakhmut – General Staff

Ukraine breaks diplomatic relations with the DPRK

Aid to Ukraine: Ukraine expects to receive 4.4 billion in aid in July

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine: The corporate rights of Russian-affiliated enterprises worth UAH 10.5 billion have been seized

In Russia, banks are switching to the Chinese CIPS system due to the blocking of SWIFT. What will it change?