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Nicholas Zharkikh

July 21, 2022

Fresh "cargo 200": the Armed Forces multiplied by zero the officers of the Russian army

Fighting continues near Ivano-Daryivka

EU member states agreed to mobilize a tranche of military aid in the amount of EUR 500 million to support the Armed Forces

The United States has announced when price restrictions on Russian oil will come into effect

Pro-Ukrainian residents are handed over to the Russians: new collaborators from Luhansk region have been identified

In France, the Russian propaganda agency Sputnik News is closed

A fire broke out in Mykolaiv as a result of Russian shelling: published photos and videos

The US Senate called on the Pentagon to provide fighter jets to Ukraine

Speaker Pelosi urged Blinken to recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism – media

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine announced the results of "Ramstein-4"

A fire broke out near captured Melitopol, explosions rang out at night

Ukraine lost about 13 million tons of elevator capacity due to the war

​Russian troops shelled the Central Market of Bakhmut (photo)

The US general hinted at the transfer of Western fighter jets to Ukraine

The SBU detained an official from the enterprise in Kryvyi Rih who was correcting the fire of the occupiers

British sanctions against Russian gold have entered into force, coal and oil are next

FSB general found dead in Moscow

More than 20 people, including civil servants and former security forces, were detained in connection with the "Black Book of Belarus" case

The EU approved the seventh package of sanctions against the Russian Federation

All services of Sberbank were blocked after the approval of EU blocking sanctions

Bank accounts of Russians in the countries of the European Union may be blocked from August 1

The number of wounded due to the Russian shelling of Kharkiv has increased to 21

The troops of the Russian Federation attacked the Slavic community with anti-aircraft missiles: there are wounded

Lithuania will provide Ukraine with extremely important armored vehicles

Poroshenko and US Ambassador Brink discussed support of the Armed Forces: "The battle of Ukraine is bigger than Ukraine. It is about the entire collective West." PHOTO reportage

Britain introduced new sanctions against Russia and determined the dates of giving up Russian coal and oil

Britain will hand over artillery, radar and hundreds of drones to Ukraine, Wallace said

The EU bans the import of gold from the Russian Federation, including jewelry, but simplifies transactions with the products of the Russian agricultural sector

In Kryvyi Rih, an enemy fire adjuster was detained and declared a suspect. PHOTO

The pseudo-judge of the "Supreme Court of the DPR" who sentenced foreign combatants to the death penalty was notified in absentia of the suspicion

Lukashenko wants Ukraine not to "threaten" Russia, then the war will end

"Live the ordinary life of a volunteer." In Transcarpathia, instructions from the Russian special services were found in the smartphone of a detained spy

Ruslan Shumskyi was taken to Kagarlyk for the last time. He beat the enemy in Kharkiv Oblast

The EU imposed sanctions against Syrians who helped Russia recruit fighters for the war in Ukraine

The Russians killed a local deputy in the Belgorod region and lie that Ukraine did it

The Armed Forces hit a concentration of Russian personnel and equipment in the Kherson region

The total number of Russians who refused to fight against Ukraine was calculated

Expendable material: a quarter of those forcibly mobilized in ORDLO died

Russia launched 476 missile strikes on Izyum, Mariupol — in second place, — Danilov

The Russian Federation shelled the border areas of Sumy Oblast and Chernihiv Oblast 900 times

Zelensky deprived Kolomoisky of his citizenship and not only that

The Armed Forces have invaluable information for weapons manufacturers, – Danilov

The US Senate presented a resolution recognizing Russia’s actions in Ukraine as genocide

Lukashenko: we de facto recognized "L/DPR" and Crimea, if necessary, I will sign the decree

A UOC MP priest was tried for supporting the occupiers

July 22, 2022

The enemy suffered losses near Novoluhanskyi and Soledar

The President’s Office talked about the future tribunal for Putin

The EU added 57 individuals and structures to the sanctions lists against Russia, including Sobyanin and Chemezov, as well as Sberbank

Berbok: IRIS-T air defense system for Ukraine is in production. I hope they will be ready by the end of summer

A court in Estonia gave 4 months in prison to a singer-trucker with dual citizenship who bought drones for the Russian army

The occupiers want to build a pontoon crossing in the Kherson area, the regional council

The EU obliged the Russians who were under sanctions to declare their assets in Europe

The Iranian leader justified the Russian invasion by saying that otherwise "NATO would have started a war." The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine responded

The US Senate presented a draft on recognition of Russia’s actions in Ukraine as genocide

The judge of the State Court of Crimea, who sided with the occupiers, was sentenced to 12 years in prison for treason

Two Kyiv patrolmen were killed in the fighting for Ukraine. Photo

In Donetsk region, a soldier from Rozhysh was killed during enemy shelling

Volodymyr Lysyk, a defender from Lviv Oblast, died during the war with Russia

The armed forces work efficiently and powerfully: dozens of orcs went to the forefathers together with a lot of military equipment

Russian military intelligence agent detained

Moldova demands the withdrawal of Russian troops from Transnistria

Unrecognized Transnistria is going to join Russia

A powerful explosion rang out on the outskirts of Kherson – mass media

New explosions rang out in Kherson and in the Chornobayivka area, Khlan

In Bakhmut, the building of the industrial college was destroyed by the shelling of the occupiers

OP announced their intention to create a tribunal for Putin

Planned to shoot Ukrainians: the SBU detained an agent of the Russian military intelligence – video

Ex-deputy from the BPP Serhiy Kisil opened a business in Russia and finances the terrorist "LDNR": document

Another large international company has decided to leave Russia

The Port of Rotterdam announced the suspension of container transportation to and from Russia

Israel destroyed a factory for the assembly of Iranian drones near Damascus with a missile strike

Germany can no longer trust the Russian Federation – Scholz about Russian gas

Several dozen volunteer drivers were released from the captivity of "DPR" militants

The Russian Federation transferred 85% of its troops to Ukraine, the Pentagon said

Ukraine is ready to help Moldova get rid of the occupiers on its land, – Budanov

Corresponded with the enemy and photographed arrivals: a traitor was caught in Kharkiv

ICRC: 129 objects of cultural heritage destroyed or damaged in Ukraine due to the war with Russia

HIMARS and howitzers reduced losses at the front. Zelenskyy named new figures

A Russian drone was shot down over Odessa

Europol took back its words about arms smuggling from Ukraine

July 23, 2022

The Russians were once again driven away from the Vuglehirskaya TPP and were not allowed to go to Siversk – the assembly of the General Staff of the Armed Forces

In Donetsk region, near Verkhnyokamyanskyi and Siversk, an enemy assault was repulsed

Great Britain will expand the training of Ukrainians military – Johnson

Blinken on unblocking grain corridors: The world is watching that Russia fulfills its obligations

A man was detained in Kryvyi Rih who was passing on information about military facilities to the occupiers

The USA hands over Phoenix Ghost killer drones to Ukraine

The occupiers once again stormed the area of the Vugleghirskaya TPP – the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled it, – the General Staff

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the tent city of the Rashists near the Zaporizhzhya NPP with a kamikaze drone – video

4 HIMARS and 580 Phoenix Ghost drones: the USA allocated a new package of military aid to Ukraine

Lithuania resumed rail transit of sanctioned goods to Kaliningrad

Saudi Arabia and Iraq have increased the volume of oil supplies to Europe against the background of decreasing dependence on the Russian Federation

In Lysychansk, the headquarters of the Russian regiment – Gaidai was destroyed

After the strikes of the Armed Forces, the occupiers in the Kherson region started importing ammunition under the guise of "humanitarian aid"

The goal of the occupiers in the Odesa port was grain – Ignat

Vladimir Syvkovich, ex-deputy secretary of the National Security Council, is suspected of treason

The SBU detained a hacker in Kyiv who stole databases of Ukrainian banks

Rocket attack on Kirovohrad region: the number of dead and injured has increased

Russian attack on the port of Odessa: the missiles did not hit the grain storage

As a result of the attack on Kropyvnytskyi, three people were killed – the head of the OVA

Orban again criticizes sanctions against Russia – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine responded

The implementation of the agreement on the maritime export of grain from Ukraine is unlikely

If there is no will to demolish the "Motherland-Motherland", then there is no need to put the coat of arms of Ukraine there – Vyatrovych

In Moscow, under strange circumstances, the director of the design bureau, which produces air defense equipment, died

The number of people injured as a result of rocket attacks near Kropyvnytskyi increased again

Turkey commented on Russia’s shelling of the Odesa port the day after the grain agreement

Roman Abramovich was spotted during the signing of an agreement on the export of grain in Turkey — mass media

They worked for the FSB: former top officials of the National Security and Defense Security Service and the SBU leaked secret information

July 24, 2022

A new batch of "cargo 200": the Armed Forces eliminated Russian officers and a deputy

Almost 90% of collaborators in Zaporizhzhia and Khersonshchyna have been eliminated

Germany condemned Russia’s "cowardly missile strikes" on the Odesa port

How much property should be confiscated from Simonenko’s Communist Party – infographic

The commander of the "Ternopil" corvette is informed of suspicion of treason

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, prosecutors have recorded more than 36,000 crimes committed by Russians, – Office of the GPU

Kherson region: Rashists announced a new strike by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the bridge over the Ingulets River

The Armed Forces of Ukraine allegedly targeted Antonivsky bridge again, smoke is reported in Nova Kakhovka – Khlan

Russians killed four foreign soldiers in Donetsk region with shots from tanks, Politico

The Armed Forces of Ukraine damaged the Melitopol railway, which Russia was using to transfer equipment – Russia’s war against Ukraine

Russian troops continue to launch rocket attacks on Mykolaiv – the head of the OVA

"Mossad" helped Zelensky identify enemy agents in his environment – media

Served in Kyiv, died in Donbas: the police said goodbye to Mykola Furman

Ukrainian SKIF drones are able to accurately assess the consequences of destruction

They are discussing the collapse of the Russian Federation. Russian oppositionists organized a forum in Prague

Carefully analyzed. The US is seriously considering declaring Russia a state sponsor of terrorism – Ms. Ambassador Brink

In an article for Spiegel, Kuleba called on the world to recognize Russia’s actions in Ukraine as genocide

An enemy S-300 air defense battery was destroyed in the area Zelenotropinskyi. Several objects of the transport infrastructure in the occupied territory were taken under fire control, OK "South"

Railways, bases and warehouses of the Russians. What is known about the new strikes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbas and Kherson Oblast – BBC News Ukraine

The UN disowned its anonymous comment regarding the shelling of the Odesa port

Ukrainian defenders shot down the Russian Zala drone

The occupiers are trying to establish logistics in Kherson after the damage to the Antoniv bridge

Three men were convicted in Estonia for buying drones for the Russian army

Paratroopers landed a Russian Su-25 attack aircraft – Russian losses

Battles continue for the Vugleghirska TPP – General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The British Prime Minister intends to visit Ukraine before his resignation

A Kharkiv resident was convicted of supporting the Russian invasion

One hundred percent result. The Armed Forces shot down all the rockets fired in Khmelnytskyi region

Counterintelligence officers of the SBU destroyed a Russian T-72 tank and 15 occupants with a drone

In the direction of Bakhmut, the invaders suffered significant losses and retreated, General Staff

July 25, 2022

The Armed Forces repulsed the assault of the occupiers in the Kramatorsk direction

Fresh "cargo 200": the Armed Forces destroyed the traitors of Ukraine and the "elite" of the Russian army

Denied the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine: a man will appear in court in the Sumy region

An innovative drone was created in Ukraine

Russian troops struck the Dnipropetrovsk region: a child is among the wounded

The occupiers fired at Chuguiv with S-300 air defense systems, causing significant destruction. There are wounded

Poland confirmed the transfer of PT-91 Twardy tanks to Ukraine

The SBU identified all the traitors who joined the occupation "MVD of the Russian Federation" in the Kherson region

Car dealerships are closing en masse in the Russian Federation

The first Gepard ZSU from Germany arrived in Ukraine

Zelensky dismissed Demchenko from the post of first deputy secretary of the National Security Council

This is Putin’s wish. What is the Kremlin’s position voiced by Orban

"The whole world should know about Russia’s crimes." The President of Guatemala visited Borodyanka, Bucha and Irpin

The Armed Forces shot down a Russian Ka-52 combat helicopter

"Super drones will appear on the front soon" – Fedorov

RF troops shelled "Artemsil" in the Donetsk region, – State Emergency Service

There was an explosion in Berdyansk: video

NATO will provide Ukraine with weapons to combat drones, – Stoltenberg

Residents of Donetsk region were detained for spying for the Russian Federation

KNU told about a graduate who died at "Azovstal".

Volunteers of the "Ukrainian team" handed over quadcopters and sights to the defenders on the front line – Artur Palatny

The first "invisible" Stormer HVM air defense systems have arrived in Ukraine and are already working at the front (photo, video)

Ukrainian paratroopers destroyed an enemy attack aircraft for 11 million dollars

In the area of the Vuglegirskaya TPP, individual units of the enemy have partial success – the General Staff

Zelenskyi replaced the commander of the Special Operations Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Slovakia is ready to transfer 11 MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine

Reasons for the seizure of part of the "Marmelad" shopping center

July 26, 2022

General Staff: the enemy from the territory of Belarus conducted aerial reconnaissance by BpLA in the directions of Lutsk and Kovel

the Rashists attacked Odesa with missiles from strategic aviation – OVA

We didn’t want it, but it happened. Erdogan commented on the Russian attack on the port in Odesa

A dangerous Russian agent who collected data on the Armed Forces and counter-terrorism was exposed in Kyiv

A network of Russian missile adjusters was exposed in Toretsk

For the Armed Forces, 125 cars were purchased with stolen funds from the sale of Maria Prymachenko’s painting "Flowers grew near fourth block"

State Special Communications purchased 98 copters for the Armed Forces

As a result of the morning missile strike in Mykolaiv, a critical infrastructure facility and a motor vehicle enterprise were hit

In Ukraine, an occupier from the Novgorod region of the Russian Federation who "distinguished himself" in Chechnya was eliminated. Photo

The SBU exposed all the traitors who joined the enemy "police" in the Kherson region

In the Mykolaiv region, a fan of Russia who fervently supported the war and was waiting for "release" was put on trial

EU countries agreed on an emergency plan to reduce gas consumption

Ukraine returned the bodies of another 25 dead soldiers

Russia "collects" mercenaries from Central Asia and prisoners from remote regions – intelligence

Three machine gunners of the "DNR" received 15 years in prison each for treason

IN Ukraine already has 12,000 Starlink terminals, which is a European record.

Russia fired 18 missiles at Mykolaiv, said the head of the OVA

The Armed Forces struck the fuel depot of the occupiers in Donetsk

In occupied Berdyansk, an explosion rang out on the territory of the plant captured by the Rashists (VIDEO)

Artur Stetsyk, a soldier from Poltava region, died while defending Donetsk region from the Rashists

A defender from Melitopol died at the front

Zhytomyr region again with losses in the war

Sergeant Taras Shevchenko died

The Russian Federation did not hit the anti-ship "Harpoons" in the port of Odessa

A volunteer of the International Legion died in Kharkiv Oblast

Nation of idiots: the Russian occupiers renamed Severodonetsk

Ex-ministers Lavrynovych and Hryshchenko have been declared wanted

The Council of the EU decided to extend the sanctions against the Russian Federation due to its aggression in Ukraine for another six months

In Ukraine, the front line has been static for a week and a half

A Russian ammunition depot with personnel was destroyed in the Kharkiv region

Law enforcement officers in Mykolaiv are working with three alleged fire adjusters of the occupiers, – Kim

Kolomoisky is upset: the Supreme Court put an end to the case of the nationalization of PrivatBank

Three people died under the debris of the Cultural Center in Chuguyev, which was destroyed by a Rashist rocket, – State Emergency Service. PHOTO

In Odesa, they said goodbye to commander Gulyaev and lieutenant colonels Dainek, Sergienko and Bondarev

The "Come Back Alive" fund was the first in Ukraine to purchase Bayraktar TB2 (photo)

July 27, 2022

The enemy brings pontoons to improve the supply of occupation troops in the Kharkiv direction – General Staff

In the morning, the occupiers shelled the Industrial district of Kharkiv, rescuers are clearing the rubble

The occupiers attacked the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kherson Region – General Staff

The first digital war. Mykhailo Fedorov tells how Ukraine is fighting Russia on the cyber front

Ex-Chancellor of Germany Schröder is "resting" in Moscow

Ukraine received German Mars II missile systems. What is known about weapons and their effectiveness

The Armed Forces again hit the Antoniv bridge in the Kherson region

Russia signed an agreement with Iran on the repair of Russian aircraft and the supply of components for them

Two of Putin’s best pilots were killed by HIMARS strikes in Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine struck the occupiers’ barracks in Lysychansk

The Ukrainian military destroyed the command post of the 11th separate airborne assault brigade of the occupiers in Beryslav Oblast

The USA promised to respond "quickly and severely" to Russia’s attempts to annex the territory of Ukraine

The Armed Forces damaged another important bridge in occupied Kherson

The ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih company suspends the work of its GZK for three months

Representatives of foreign media visited the torture chamber in Bucha (video)

​Lithuania banned the entry of the Moscow Patriarch Kirill

Germany approved the sale of 100 PzH 2000 self-propelled guns to Ukraine

Ukrainian soldiers destroyed 2 "Msta-B" howitzers and the occupiers’ ammunition warehouse, "Pivden" OK

Partisans eliminated a group of Russians near Kherson: secret documents were found

Ukraine is investigating the trip of the Belgian Foreign Minister to the occupied Crimea

SBU exposed five collaborators in Luhansk region

In Kherson, two collaborators blew themselves up in a car: details

In the direction of Mykolaiv, the Ukrainian military shot down an enemy drone

Medvedev once again dreamed of the disintegration of Ukraine: he even published a map

Lavrov’s statements about readiness for negotiations are an attempt to stop the counteroffensive of Ukraine – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Grain corridors: three ports for the export of food have resumed work in Ukraine

The SBU detained Derkach, the head of the people’s deputy’s security

Poland will buy 48 fighter jets, 180 tanks and more than 600 howitzers from South Korea. What is this weapon capable of?