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Nicholas Zharkikh

July 28, 2022

Powerful explosions are heard in Mykolaiv

The Russian Federation launched missile strikes on the Chernihiv and Kyiv regions

The Russian Federation is attacking Ukraine from Belarus and has strengthened intelligence in border areas – the General Staff

In the southern direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed an ammunition depot, a mortar complex and a tank, OK "South"

The United States announced support for the transfer of long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine by two parties

The SBU detained the artillery shelling adjuster of Sumy Oblast

Showed the Russians the best place for artillery: in the Kharkiv region, an ex-policeman was suspected of treason

Since May, 23 settlements in Kharkiv region have been liberated

The enemy retreated with losses: the Ukrainian Armed Forces repelled the assault of the Russian army in the south of Ukraine

The President of Lithuania visited Kyiv with a gift for Zelenskyi

The Ministry of Defense will purchase weapons according to NATO standards, and this is my responsibility, – Reznikov

A traitor from the Chuguyiv district received 15 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property

The plant of the Russian oligarch in Nikolaev was transferred to ARMA

26 traitors from the Kherson region were notified of suspicion of collaborationism

Yermak has all the power: Spartz wrote a new letter to Biden about Ukraine

As a result of a rocket strike in the Kyiv region, 15 people – the police – were injured

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belgium, who illegally traveled to Crimea, wrote a letter to Kuleba

Danilov announced the "cleansing" of the country from Russian agents

A collaborator from Dubenshchyna who glorified Russian atrocities will appear before the court

Explosions rang out in Kropyvnytskyi during an air raid

During the alarm in Kropyvnytskyi, children were not allowed into the shelter of the UOC MP church

The SBU exposed criminals who issued Ukrainian passports to Russian saboteurs

Rocket shelling of Kropyvnytskyi: 5 dead and 25 wounded

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed Russian military warehouses in Chornobayivka and Biloghirka

Assets of Russian and Belarusian companies worth UAH 39.5 billion were seized in Ukraine, National Police

In Vinnytsia, at the funeral of a fallen soldier, a priest of the Moscow Patriarchate beat a priest of the OCU with a cross (video)

Roman Pepryk, a warrior-monk, died fighting for Ukraine

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania reacted to Medvedev’s map with dreams of dividing Ukraine

The Russian authorities announced the deportation of 3 million Ukrainians, including 4,000 children, to the territory of the Russian Federation

Germany will sell 100 PzH 2000 howitzers to Ukraine. What kind of weapon is this?

The US may provide Ukraine with $4.5 billion in the coming weeks – USAID

Scandal in Kharkiv: a university teacher harassed students against "Azov" and spread Russian propaganda (video)

The EU Court rejected RT France’s claim to overturn the broadcasting ban

The Russian occupiers fired four times at Bakhmut from "Hurricanes", three were killed, – OVA

Explosions are heard in Kherson

The Russians hit Kropyvnytskyi "Iskanderami" – Air Force

The G7 ambassadors welcomed the appointment of a new head of the SAP

Lithuania will provide Ukraine with 10 armored vehicles, anti-drones and ammunition (video)

The Ministry of Digital has sent a letter to Meta about unblocking Ukrainian bloggers due to posts about the war

BASF closed all its projects in Russia and Belarus

July 29, 2022

Another "cotton" happened near the military unit in the Bryansk district

In the Kharkiv region, the 93rd OMBr shot down an enemy "Orlan-10"

The Armed Forces foiled the plans of the occupiers in Donbas. The enemy retreated near Avdiivka

The Russian army shelled the center of Kharkiv

The troops of the Russian Federation carried out airstrikes near Soledar and Veselaya Dolyna, the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled assaults in a number of directions – General Staff

"Catastrophic understaffing": Russia is trying to create a third army corps for the war in Ukraine

The Prime Minister of the Netherlands promised Zelensky that military aid to Ukraine would be continued

G7 ambassadors arrived in Odesa: Russia must respect the "grain agreement"

The ex-head of the Constitutional Court was arrested in absentia

In the morning, a series of explosions rang out in the Bryansk region

Russians shelled Mykolaiv: 12 people became victims of the attack

North Macedonia transfers Soviet T-72 tanks to Ukraine

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine stated that Russia shelled Olenivka to hide the torture and killing of prisoners

The Armed Forces hit further than 100 km: an important railway junction for the Russians near Kherson was destroyed

A series of explosions rang out in occupied Novaya Kakhovka: they hit the hydroelectric power plant

4 soldiers of the Russian Federation who committed crimes in Buch have been identified

In Kherson, a Ukrainian football coach went over to the side of the occupiers

Volodymyr Zelenskyi visited wounded servicemen

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced the National Defense Hackathon to fight against Russia in cyberspace

The armed forces continue to destroy the occupiers: a settlement in Donetsk region has been liberated

The occupiers struck Bohodukhov from "Point-U" in the morning – the police

Germany intends to hand over 16 tanks to Ukraine for building bridges

The names of several traitorous policemen from Luhansk region became known (photo)

Citizens of Lithuania purchased and delivered another batch of EDM4S Sky Wiper anti-drone guns to Ukraine – First Blogpost

Russian diplomats complained about the blocking of a bank account in Switzerland

Joint statement regarding the mass murder of Ukrainian prisoners of war on July 29, 2022 in the village of Olenivka in the temporarily occupied territory of the Donetsk region

"We will take revenge for everyone": Zaluzhnyi reacted to the shelling of the colony in Olenivka

"Wagnerovtsy" killed prisoners in Elenovka in order to hide the traces of the protected – intelligence

Shelling in Elenovka: the occupiers are trying to hide the mass execution of Ukrainian prisoners

A gesture of good will: in the Zaporozhye region, the next batch of occupiers is on fire

The head of the party came to the defense of the head of the Belgian Foreign Ministry, who traveled to Crimea with Russian funds

4 billion worth of assets of the Belarusian enterprise were transferred to ARMA

July 30, 2022

In the east of Ukraine, our defenders repelled enemy assaults in several directions

The occupiers fired missiles at Kharkiv at night, hitting an educational institution

After Olenivka, Zelensky called for recognition Russia as a sponsor of terrorism

"I can compare it with the murder of Polish officers in Katyn on the orders of Stalin." Adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine on the deaths of Ukrainian prisoners in the "DPR".

Four pseudo-prosecutors from the so-called "LNR" were informed of suspicion of collaborationism

In the Kherson region, three police officers were notified of suspicion of treason

Juvenile prosecutors: 358 children died as a result of armed aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, more than 693 were injured

How Ukrainian partisans resist the Russian invaders in the south of Ukraine

The aircraft carrier of the US aircraft carrier "Harry Truman" conducted flights over Romania

Suspicion was reported in Kharkiv Oblast to another collaborator: became the "head of the health care department"

The self-proclaimed mayor of Melitopol is suspected of collaborationism

The occupiers published a list of the names of the wounded and dead Azov residents in Olenivka

In occupied Alchevsk, something is burning and detonating

Military equipment of the Russian Federation flew into the air in Energodar

Artillery of the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed 17 ammunition depots and bases of the occupants

In Donbas, paratroopers shot down a Su-25 attack aircraft of the Russian invaders with an Igla MANPADS

Near Kherson, the military of the Russian Federation installed two pontoon bridges and a ferry crossing

Five more Cherkasy servicemen died in Donetsk region (PHOTO)

SBU intercepted a conversation confirming the crime of Rashists in Olenevka

Citi and JPMorgan close correspondent accounts of Russian banks

Zaluzhny showed how Ukrainian aviation works

Zelensky responded sharply to the call of the Russian Embassy in Britain to execute all captured "Azovs"

The killing of prisoners of war in Olenivka is a crime of Russia – Minister of Defense Reznikov

The SBU reported the suspicion to the well-known "LPR" propagandist Kolesnikov

Those guilty of the mass murder of Ukrainian prisoners of war must be brought to justice – Borrell

The Armed Forces attacked the railway bridge across the Dnipro in occupied Kherson, traffic is impossible

Armament for Ukraine – Poland will hand over eight more Krab howitzers

Because of Orbán’s scandalous statements, the paths of Poland and Hungary diverged – Moravetskyi

Spreading fakes of the Russian Federation in social networks: a resident of Nikopol was sentenced for collaborative activities

The SBU detained an arms dealer and discovered a stash of weapons in Zaporozhye

A resident of Mykolaiv leaked data about the Armed Forces to the occupiers – the SBU

Ukraine will receive "secret" Phoenix Ghost drones: how good are they?

Ukrainian defenders converted a civilian FPV drone into an attack drone (VIDEO)

An air raid signal sounded in Moscow

The British Parliament called for the expulsion of the Russian embassy from the country

July 31, 2022

The enemy is systematically shelling the Armed Forces in order to prevent them from advancing – the General Staff named the direction

"Probably the strongest of all time," the mayor of Mykolayiv reported about the massive night shelling of the city

It became known what the situation is in the Volyn direction

The Armed Forces neutralized an enemy reconnaissance group near Soledar, repulsed an offensive in the Piskiv area — General Staff

Lithuania will transfer M113 armored personnel carriers to Ukraine: what else will be included in the new aid package

Ukrainian aviation struck the enemy in the south: dozens of occupiers and warehouses with ammunition were destroyed

Another country reacted to the execution of "Azovs" in Olenivka

The French Foreign Ministry on the terrorist attack by the Russians in Olenivka: the guilty must be punished

Relatives of the "Azov" people in the center of Kyiv demand the return of the fighters and the punishment of Russia for the events in Olenivka

Russia agreed to allow the mission of the UN and the Red Cross to the colony in Olenivka —

He became the head of health care under the occupiers: in the Kharkiv region, a deputy of the city council is suspected of collaborationism

Heroes who died in the war will be buried today in Pereyaslav and Malia Karatula. They served together

On the territory of the Russian army in the Bryansk region – "loud bangs" in the morning: video

"The mood has changed": people in Crimea were worried about the transfer of the war to their territory

The celebration of the Day of the Russian Navy in Sevastopol was canceled allegedly because of an attack by a Ukrainian drone

An American journalist found evidence that the colony in Olenivka was blown up by the Russians (photo)

The Russians did not let the Red Cross into the colony in Olenivka

Reznikov thanked Italy for the new package of military support for Ukraine

After five months of war, the Parliament of Montenegro condemned Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine

Zelenskyi: The harvest in Ukraine may be half as much due to the invasion of the Russian Federation

He worked for the enemy: a resident of Mykolaiv leaked data about the Armed Forces to the occupiers

The city has lost its Hero: the head of Mykolayiv OVA confirmed the death of Vadaturskyi and his wife

The Russians accuse Ukraine of attacking the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea

Not beaten, not painted and without mileage: soldiers of the Armed Forces boasted a "fat" trophy on the front line

Aviation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed enemy positions near Izyum

The crime in Olenivka was committed on Putin’s orders

Photos and video of the results of the shelling of the Antoniv railway bridge in the Kherson region have appeared

The occupiers admitted that the Black Sea fleet in the Crimea was attacked from Sevastopol itself

In Genichesk, fields and plantations are burning along with the equipment of the Russian army

The Russian DRG was destroyed near Bakhmut

Oleksandr Holovaty, a defender from Kryvyi Rih, died fighting for Ukraine

Explosions are heard again in the Kherson region

Russia does not respond to the demand to return the bodies of the prisoners killed in Olenivka – Vereshchuk

The body of another man tortured by the Russian military was discovered in the Buchansk district

Italy approved another package of military aid to Ukraine

The Pentagon has begun purchasing NASAMS air defense systems for Ukraine

In Kharkiv, two men filmed the positions of Ukrainian soldiers: they were detained

The Dnipro UAV Training School has trained more than 100 specialists for the army

There was an explosion at an ammunition warehouse in Bulgaria

Putin was afraid that the sovereignty of the Russian Federation could be encroached upon, and threatened to respond

The US ambassador commented on the killing of Ukrainian prisoners in Olenivka

The US Senate presented a new bill on recognizing Russia as a sponsor of terrorism

Pope Francis called on the Russian Federation and Ukraine to "stop and negotiate"

August 1, 2022

The Armed Forces eliminated the echelon with the occupiers and enemy equipment in the Kherson region

Occupation of Kyiv region: the bodies of 216 people remain unidentified, 300 have the status of missing

The Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully hit 2 warehouses of the Russian military in the Zaporizhzhia region

The counterattack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Kharkiv and the destruction of the enemy’s BC warehouses near Kherson: the chronicle of the war on August 1

In temporarily occupied Skadovsk, explosions rang out and a large-scale fire broke out: photo, video

In order to prevent a Ukrainian breakthrough troops, the Russian army is building up groups in the Kryvyi Rih region, – OK "South"

The occupiers are advancing in the direction of Bakhmut, the fighting continues, the General Staff

The occupiers are withdrawing personnel from some villages of the Zaporizhzhia region: what is known

Explosions rang out again in Mykolaiv, information is being collected – Mayor Oleksandr Sienkevych

The Russian army isolates the Rashists in Henichesk to prevent them from escaping

An embargo on the import of coal from Russia enters into force in the EU today

The first ship with Ukrainian food left the port of Odessa – Kubrakov

New Zealand expanded sanctions against Russia – the country’s Foreign Ministry

"Serving" the Russian Federation: 11 law enforcement officers from Berdyansk and Henichesk announced suspicion

Rosstat reported on a record reduction in the population of Russia

The State Security Service of Latvia detained a pro-Russian politician

Norway provided Ukraine with 14 IVECO LAV III armored vehicles

The SBU detained two Russian agents who were looking for "weak spots" in the defense lines of the Sumy region

Two judges, who worked for the DPR for eight years, were informed in absentia of suspicion of participation in a terrorist organization

Four more HIMARS arrived in Ukraine – Reznikov

Ukrainian defenders have already liberated 46 settlements in the Kherson region

Bright memory: a man from Luhansk died at the front

Prosecutor General at a meeting with G7 ambassadors: torture and shooting of Ukrainian soldiers is a cynical slap to the international community

Kuleb called on the US Congress to recognize the actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine as genocide

Two pseudo-deputies of the Energodar administration were informed of suspicion of collaborative activities

A priest will be tried in Sumy Oblast for cooperation with the occupiers

The Ministry of Digital Affairs asks Meta to explain how to avoid blocking photos and videos of Russian crimes in social networks

In Ukraine, the state search portal "Children of the War" became operational

Only Ivan tea will be drunk: a well-known tea company is coming from the Russian Federation

The investigation is considering the version of a targeted murder of Vadatursky, Kostin

Video: partisans left Mariupol’s occupiers without bread and a tank

The FBI has opened more than 750 cases against traitors and collaborators since the beginning of the invasion

A warehouse of ammunition and equipment, which the Rashists withdrew from Crimea, was destroyed near Skadovsk – Defense of Ukraine

Despite the sanctions, the plane of Russian oligarch Kerimov continues to fly to Europe

August 2, 2022

160th day of full-scale war: fighting continues near Bakhmut, Zaytsevo and Piskiy

In the Kyiv region, a man was "leaking" information about the participants of the anti-terrorist operation to the enemy

A resident of the Rivne region faces up to 15 years with confiscation of property for treason

In the Kherson region, the enemy shot a minibus with civilians, two were killed

Russian soldiers complained about being held in the "refusal camp" in occupied Bryantsk

In the Kherson region, the Russians have surrounded the railway station and are loading military equipment

Borrell admitted a mistake: the EU should have started to refuse gas from Russia back in 2014

Sanctions against Russia for the war in Ukraine: the Ministry of Finance of Belgium reported on the frozen assets of the Russian Federation

In Ukraine, a lieutenant colonel of the Russian Air Force was liquidated

"The impact was heard 10 kilometers away": the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Russian ammunition depot in Skadovsk

The occupiers in Brylivka evicted people who live near the railway from their own homes: they are afraid of partisans and the Armed Forces

Defenders from Cherkasy region died in fierce battles for Ukraine

Ihor Ostroga, a resident of Sumy, died

Ternopil Region has lost another Hero: a fighter died in Zaporozhye

A junior sergeant from the Rivne region died in the war

The death of a young soldier from Volyn was confirmed

His mother remained: the defender from Dnipropetrovsk region fought until his last breath

Loss: a 23-year-old defender from the Zaporizhzhia region died defending his homeland

The Russians shelled Mykolaiv with tornadoes and S-300s, in the Kherson region the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already liberated 46 settlements, OVA

The traitor-people’s deputy Kovalev declared himself the "minister of agriculture" of the Kherson region

Rocket attack on Vinnytsia: death toll rises to 27

The occupiers blew up their ammunition train in the Kherson region: what is known

The head of Mykolayiv OVA believes that the owner of the company "Nibulon" could have died accidentally, because the rocket that hit his house was not accurate enough

The Chairman of the OSCE and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland arrived in Ukraine

Sanctions against the Russian Federation: Belgium has frozen assets worth more than 50 billion euros

The occupiers tried again to restore the airfield in Melitopol, but they failed

Assembly of the General Staff on August 2

The USA imposed sanctions on Kabaeva, businessmen from the Russian Federation and collaborators of the occupiers

The USA imposed sanctions against the occupier-appointed "mayor" of Mariupol and Kherson collaborators Saldo, Stremousov and Yeliseev

The first grain truck with Ukrainian corn reached Turkey

A Ukrainian ship was blown up by a mine while entering the Black Sea

The Ukrainian pilot boat blew up on an enemy mine

For the third time in three days, a Ukrainian ship was blown up by an enemy mine

A deputy of the Kherson Regional Council is suspected of collaborating with the invaders

Nancy Pelosi named the reason for the historic trip to Taiwan

August 3, 2022

The occupiers are transferring DRG – General Staff from the territory of Belarus to Ukraine

The occupiers are trying to dislodge the Armed Forces in the Bakhmutsky direction and break through in the Avdiyivskyi: morning summary of the General Staff as of August 3

The Armed Forces are beating the occupiers in Donbas – details

In the south, the enemy is trying to protect the bridge crossings over the Dnipro River and is actively conducting aerial reconnaissance — the General Staff

In the morning, powerful explosions rang out again in Mykolaiv: a supermarket was destroyed

Due to enemy shelling, a kindergarten and a church were damaged in the Kryvorizka district, and a power line was cut.

The European Union transferred 1 billion euros of the 1st tranche of macro-financial assistance to Ukraine

In the Kherson region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck a concentration of troops and equipment of the occupiers

The occupiers are transporting military equipment near Kherson via a separate crossing

Aid to Ukraine: Estonia announced a new aid package

Switzerland joined the seventh package of EU sanctions against Russia

A rare trophy. The Ukrainian military destroyed the Russian "Meteorit"

Photo: The Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated the notorious terrorist "DNR"

Call sign "Professor": the head of the Russian intelligence agency was detained in Odesa

They were fire adjusters for money: FSB agents were caught in Odesa and Ivano-Frankivsk regions

In Ukraine, the "million-dollar bot farm" was liquidated: what kind of bots are these and what does Poroshenko have to do with it?

"Ukrainian team" handed over Mavic 3 drones – Palatny to "Azov" SSO unit

The President of Ukraine awarded 167 soldiers, 32 posthumously

Russian missiles hit civilian objects 50-60 times more often than military ones – Vereshchuk

The Melitopol underground called to disrupt the pseudo-referendum

Wanted in the USSR: a collaborator was detained in Donetsk region, who surrendered the positions of the Armed Forces to the occupiers

A native of Russia will be tried in Lviv for propagandizing communism

In July, border guards of the Kyiv region exposed eight saboteurs

In Russia, a large-scale fire broke out at the Ozon online sales warehouse, and one person died

They perform tasks in complete darkness. Unique footage of the work of soldiers of the SSO

The Rashists in Mariupol destroyed the Memorial to the Atovites

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled the Russian offensive near Avdiivka, Pisok and Krasnohorivka, – General Staff (photo)