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Nicholas Zharkikh

April 21, 2022

Russia responded to the proposal Easter Armistice on the territory of Ukraine

Corrected the fire of the occupiers on the Ukrainian cities: Kramatorsk resident taken into custody – NewsRoom

"The dead have signs of torture": found in Borodyanka mass graves

The Latvian Seimas has recognized aggression and war crimes Russia in Ukraine by genocide

Vacuum bombs: What weapons does Russia use? against Ukraine

Passed information about Ukrainian defenders: Kherson deputy suspected of treason – Society – StopCor

SBU in the Odessa region exposed collaborator

Kyiv region: three residents of the region were accompanied occupiers and gave them routes News on

The Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down a plane of the Russian occupiers Izyum direction: pilots are wanted – Channel 24

Battle for Donbas – Russian troops control half of Popasna – news of Ukraine

Missile strike on Zaporozhye on April 21 – knocked out windows in the train to Lviv»Word and Deed

London has imposed sanctions on 26 Russians and organizations from Russia

Latvia and Estonia have officially recognized Russia’s actions in Ukraine genocide – Evening Kyiv

Several G20 countries have condemned Russia’s war Ukraine

War in Ukraine: A resident of Khmelnytsky leaked to the Russian special services the coordinates of the Ukrainian military – Photo - Ukraine –

A pro-Russian group has been uncovered in Odessa (video) – USI Online

30 streets in the Dnieper were de-Russified UA.NEWS

Mariupol authorities have denied Russia’s allegations "taking the city" and asking for "silence" for at least a day

Zelensky reacted to Shoigu’s words about ’’ capture of Mariupol ’’ | Ukrainian Pravda

Kiva asked Putin for Russian citizenship - Politics – Course of Ukraine

Five policemen from the Luhansk region started volunteering for terrorists – NewsRoom

The satellite recorded a 300-meter fraternal grave of Mariupol residents in Mangush – "Schemes"

The Servant of the People faction blocked the inclusion to the agenda of the issue of refusing to celebrate Victory Day News Of Ukraine – # Letters

On the way to default: Russian VTB paid Eurobonds in rubles – – media portal about debt and bankruptcy

Biden forbade Russian ships to enter in US ports RBC-Ukraine

Kamala Harris, Mark Zuckerberg, John Kirby: Russia has banned 29 US citizens from entering the country News of Ukraine – # Letters

President of Russian Lukoil resigned due to sanctions (21.04.22 20:16) «Corporate relations | Business.Censor.NO

The deputy of the village council in Kharkiv region was sold to the Russian occupiers – Glavkom

Zelensky on Macron’s non-recognition of genocide Ukraine: It is possible to understand what the murder of 300 children is only when they are killed your child / GORDON

In the Zhytomyr region on suspicion of treason detained a serviceman of one of the military units

Border guards and SBU officers in Odesa region detained racists. PHOTO | Magnolia TV

Deputy of Lipetsk village council suspected of treason and collaborationism hiding from the investigation

War in Ukraine: Rashists in the village of Mangush could bury from 3 to 9 thousand Mariupol residents, – the mayor Boychenko (21.04.22 21:12) "The war in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Aid to Ukraine: Pentagon on new aid Ukraine: 72 155-mm howitzers, 144,000 shells, 121 Phoenix Ghost drones and etc. (21.04.22 21:02) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

"Putin will not be able to occupy all of Ukraine": the main statement of US President Biden

Register of traitors of Ukraine: what it is and in what its benefits

The title of Hero of Ukraine: Zelensky awarded title Hero of Ukraine (21.04.22 21:16) "War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

April 22 2022

The Armed Forces repulsed the occupiers’ attacks in the south: half a hundred racists along with equipment were destroyed

Ukrainian paratroopers destroyed the Russian attack aircraft and UAV: what is known – Information resistance

Putin began to personally give orders to war, but only makes it worse – Grozev | News on

The occupiers banned entry and exit to captured Crimea, so as not to disrupt the spring call – the General Staff of the Armed Forces Public TV

CVU: representatives of the OPZH at least 50 times cooperated with the Russian occupiers – news on UNN | April 22, 2022, 6:35 p.m.

In Zaporozhye there was a powerful bot farm for spreading fakes about the war

Police are investigating 2,500 crimes committed military of the Russian Federation in Kyiv region | News on

For the first time in two decades, Japan called Smoked illegally occupied by Russia Ukrainian Pravda

Heroes of Stalingrad Avenue in Obolon will be named after Vladimir Ivasyuk

The British began to teach Ukrainian military work with new weapons Chas.News

The Attorney General’s Office documented 11,488 crimes against Ukraine – ArmyInform

Police are investigating nearly 2,500 cases facts of racist crimes in Kyiv region

War in Ukraine: appointed in the United States responsible for weapons for Ukraine –

Britain on the war in Ukraine: Putin’s decision to block Azovstal is a desire to free Russian forces to attack east of Ukraine (22.04.22 11:02) "War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Russia’s war against Ukraine: Zelensky called on the world to introduce a "tax on war" on all Russian operations

Painter: Putin ignored his military and changed the tactics of war Today

The occupiers’ cruise missiles recorded over South Ukrainian NPP | RBC-Ukraine

The war in Ukraine: the FSB is taking away from the Russians looters expensive things stolen from Ukrainians – video –

Mariupol: According to intelligence, Putin will throw on "Azovstal" Rosguard and the FSB | Ukrainian Pravda

In Kakhovka, the Russian military set up a torture chamber for hostages in the police station – the ombudswoman

1,084 civilians killed in Kyiv region, more than 300 bodies still unidentified

France will give Ukraine anti-tank missiles and self – propelled artillery installations Today

A 12-year-old teenager in the Kharkiv region "Merged" the positions of the APU with the Russian occupiers

In the Kyiv region militants shot a car with family: two children aged 3 and 15 died

Roman Donik announced the liquidation of part of the military Russia, who staged a massacre in Bucha

The cruiser "Moscow" was entered in the register of underwater of Cultural Heritage of Ukraine – Ministry of Defense News of Ukraine – # Letters

The fire adjuster was detained in Kharkiv: The agent of the Russian Federation who corrected attacks of the enemy across Kharkiv is detained, – SBU. PHOTO (22.04.22 20:28) «Photoreport | Censor. NO

Scholz Olaf: He does everything to prevent the third world (22.04.22 20:56) "Abroad | Censor. NO

Mass graves of Mariupol residents: Sputnik recorded another mass grave near Mariupol, in the village of Vynohradne – the media. PHOTO (22.04.22 21:04) «Photoreport | Censor. NO

Kharkiv News – bodies found in Husarivka civilians burned by the occupiers RBC-Ukraine

April 23 2022

The enemy lost a lot in Donetsk and Luhansk regions equipment, all attacks repulsed, – General Staff – Evening Kyiv

In the area of OK "South" for the day destroyed 38 occupiers and 9 units techniques

Sergei Bratchuk: Russia uses submarines boats for missile strikes in Ukraine (23.04.22 08:11) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Buttons and paper are running out in Russia – Charter’97:: News Of Belarus – Belarusian News – News of Belarus – Republic of Belarus - Minsk

Russia removes generals because of the failure of the war against Ukraine News on

More than 20 countries confirmed their participation in the meeting on support for Ukraine at Ramstein Air Base | Ukrainian Pravda

412 killed and tortured were found in Bucha occupiers of Ukrainians – the mayor Today

Chernihiv news: in the city at the hands of the occupiers killed more than 700 civilians – Ukraine –

The manufacturer of Switchblade drones is direct negotiations with Kyiv on supplies Heading

War with Russia – From Russian publishers textbooks demand to remove the mention of Kyiv and Ukraine

Two Russian generals were killed in the Kherson region - GUR | Ukrainian Pravda

The occupiers took OSCE representatives hostage from the UK

War in Ukraine: Johnson threatened Russia answer in the case of the use of nuclear weapons – UNIAN

Threatens lifelong. Ex-goalkeeper Metalist is suspected of treason. Photofact

The occupiers are experiencing medical problems provision and treatment of wounded soldiers, – General Staff Ukrainian news

Liquidation of OPZZh: Danilov about OPZZh (23.04.22 20:12) "Politics of Ukraine | Censor. NO

Medvedchuk is now testifying on all of his own partners – Danilov – OstroV

Russian agents who called were exposed in Odessa to restore the Soviet Union

In the Cherkasy region, the SBU detained a man who supported the Russian Federation

Turkey has closed the airspace for of Russian planes – Cursorinfo: top news of Israel and the world

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed almost all “people’s militiamen DNR "in the battles near Mariupol – Information resistance

Impressive target for 60-70 km. Together with howitzers Canada provides Ukraine with long-range GPS-guided projectiles, – CBS

After the appeal of the language ombudsman renamed the South Ukrainian NPP | Heading

April 24 2022

The Ukrainian military regained control in eight settlements on Kherson region

Chornobaivka – the occupiers retreated – the Armed Forces took over under the control of settlements of Kherson region – news Ukraine

Russia’s war crimes are in Germany collect eyewitness accounts – refugees Ukraine

In Berdyansk, the janitor made a brilliant career leap and became deputy mayor

The pilot of the Russian Federation who was beaten over Chernihiv, announced suspicion. He was called one of Putin’s "aces" Public TV

He handed over to the Russian troops the positions of the Armed Forces: Ukrainian is suspected of treason

Anonymous "hacked" the contractor’s mail Russian state companies – ProstoMob

The UK will impose a 35% duty on all goods from Russia and Belarus

Repulsed 12 enemy attacks, destroyed 17 air goals – the construction of the General Staff of the Armed Forces – House

Russia is now attacking without stopping "Azovstal" and concentrates forces for the assault – Podoliak – news portal

Azovstal – Ministry of Internal Affairs: the Russians watered all night shell factory despite Putin’s order – UNIAN

Shelling in the Sumy region on April 23 - damaged houses and boarding schools RBC-Ukraine

The Russian Defense Ministry reported that Russia has deported almost a million Ukrainians News on

Enemy agency in the south and east and MP-collaborator – details of special operations told in SBU (VIDEO) – House

An adjuster of shelling was killed in Mariupol of the city in 2015 Valeria Kirsanova –

Siberian forests are burning in Russia. There is no one for them put out because the military in Ukraine Ukrainian news

At Easter, Putin’s friend pretended to be a cat Leopold and talked about friendship

The politician of the leading party of Germany put the scale of Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine is in doubt Ukrainian Pravda

The Foreign Ministry responded to Austria’s reluctance to see Ukraine in the European Union Ukrainian news

Switzerland rejected Germany’s request for re – export of ammunition to Ukraine Heading

"Cemetery" of burnt cars in Irpen. PHOTO report (24.04.22 14:40) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Military assistance with the latest technology Italy for Ukraine RBC-Ukraine

Latvian Minister of Defense Artis Pabriks stated that Ukraine should receive the status of a candidate for European membership Union this summer News on

Shell oil and gas company is leaving the largest Russian project – Glavkom

Kherson was detained in Odessa MP-collaborator and enemy Internet agent – USI Online

The Nasdaq exchange will close access to the Russians investors – mass media»Word and Deed

Russia’s war with Ukraine: ex-mayor of Dusseldorf questioned the facts of atrocities by the Russian occupiers –

Russia fired rockets at the Poltava region | Today

APU kills Russian soldiers in Poland kamikaze drones Warmate – media (photo, video)

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are killing the Polish military kamikaze drones Warmate, – mass media (photo, video)

Served less than 5 months: Russia lost another ship Today

We will not rest until Ukraine will win. Key statements of world leaders on April 24 Today

In Germany, opposed the embargo on Russian energy

Ukraine has created a service for the loss of the enemy "Lullaby200" – Amazing Ukraine – Amazing Ukraine

In Russia, began to write denunciations of conscripts, who refuse to fight in Ukraine

April 25 2022

"This is retribution": Butusov commented on the fire on the Druzhba oil pipeline in Bryansk, Russia. Video

The Armed Forces regained control of five settlements points of Mykolayiv region – Glavkom

Shelling and storming cities: the General Staff said about the situation in Kharkiv region – Channel 24

Blinken and Austin came to Kyiv to Zelensky for three reasons – Reuters | Today

Kyiv is still standing, – Biden wrote about support for Ukraine - Evening Kyiv

A man was killed and seven were injured: details missile strikes on Kremenchuk

Explosions in Lviv region: have started in the region fires – UNIAN

There were several explosions in Vinnytsia region – 24 Channel

Former employees of "Azovstal" on cameras give Russians shelter where people hide –

UAE oil will replace Russian fuel RBC-Ukraine

The shelling of Korosten: Russian troops struck in the morning missile strike on Korosten (25.04.22 13:00) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

War in Ukraine: DBR confiscated Belarusian ship and Russian tanker – Money –

General figures: The IT army attacked more than a week 125 Russian resources – MediaSapiens.

We continued to trade weapons with Russia until 24 February: how Russia found loopholes in sanctions

Another fighter-bomber was shot down Su-34 in the Kharkiv region

For the first time in two years, Europe will receive oil from UAE, – Reuters

Assault on Solovyov allegedly prepared by SBU | RBC-Ukraine

In Kyiv, 279 streets will be renamed, whose names are connected with the Russian Federation or Belarus | Lighthouse

Collaborated with the racists and called for capture of the state: collaborators in the Kirovograd region received the first sentences

A meeting "exploded" in Kreminna occupier "mayor" and security traitors: many victims

News of Mariupol – Arestovich stated that the occupiers continue to storm Azovstal

War in Ukraine: Solovyov wanted to be killed neo-Nazis, the SBU responded to the fantasies of the FSB

The first echolocation images appeared cruiser "Moscow" from the bottom of the Black Sea (photo)

Interception of the SBU: the occupiers are cynical shoot schoolchildren and the elderly – Information resistance

The satellite has already recorded the third place in the mass burial near Mariupol – "Schemes" (photo)

An explosion occurred in Kreminna’s executive committee meetings of the "people’s mayor": no one survived

Pilot Roman Vasyliuk was fired from n captivity

The United States has approved the sale of ammunition to Ukraine $ 165 million

Three northerners helped Russian orcs shell the city in exchange for a stolen car

Russian spies: Spies at Ukroboronprom (25.04.22 20:39) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Thanks to AI systems, about 200 people involved in illegal activities have been detained armed formations

A fire in Ussuriysk at the air base is on fire - videos and latest news of Russia

In the east, UAF fighters killed up to 160 occupiers and technique | Ukrainian Pravda

Poland has handed over tanks to Ukraine, he said Moravetsky | RBC-Ukraine

The United States is promoting Zelensky’s participation in the summit G20 in Indonesia – Media | European truth

Poroshenko is convinced that the visit of the Secretary of State and the US Secretary of Defense testify to Ukraine’s success in the war

Armor correctors for armored vehicles SBU plants detained by Ukroboronprom RBC-Ukraine

April 26 2022

Fierce battles continue in three directions: data General Staff of the Armed Forces

The Russian occupiers struck in the morning Zaporozhye – Channel 24

Britain has eliminated tariffs on all goods from Of Ukraine | UA.NEWS

Four tanks in three minutes destroyed the calculation Stugny is the defense of Ukraine

Russia is advancing on the Zaporozhye region. What known

He called for changing the state borders of Ukraine: a supporter of Russia was detained in Vinnytsia

14 fires due to shelling per day. DSNS | News of Kharkiv and Ukraine – ATN

The United States will test a record number of drones the example of Ukraine Today

Ukraine has the right to strike at Russia - Britain | News on

Principals of the school from Volnovakha for cooperation with occupiers face imprisonment –

The ombudsman’s office received more than 16,000 statements about missing Ukrainians

Bloomberg learned about the confiscation in the United States property of Putin’s oligarch Deripaska UAportal News

Poturaev believes that the demolition decisions Russian-related monuments must be weighed Ukrainian news

Russian gunners suffered casualties Kharkiv, – journalist Tsimbalyuk

Transnistrian MGB officers merged Media information about Russia’s plans RBC-Ukraine

Estonian banks suspend Russian and Belarusian payments UA.NEWS

Russia draws Libyan cadets to war, participants in hostilities in Syria and Chechnya RBC-Ukraine

The shelling of Huliaipil – three people were wounded " Word and Deed

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reacted to the situation in Transnistria

“The Russian energy system has gone on in the direction of the Russian ship ", – the head of" Ukrenergo "

War in Ukraine – Putin met with the Secretary General UN and told his version of events RBC-Ukraine

Germany did allow the supply to Ukraine anti-aircraft ACS Gepard | Ukrainian Pravda

War: UNESCO confirms damage 110 cultural heritage sites due to Russian aggression News on

The SBU detained three people on suspicion of missile strike adjustment RBC-Ukraine

How the monument was eradicated in the center of Kyiv "Friendship with Russia" – Gazeta Svoboda

Russia has stopped gas supplies to Poland – media Ukrainian Pravda

"Really offended": Rogozin closed the account in Twitter because Elon Musk bought the social network

April 27 2022

The Armed Forces struck the enemy command post at Snake Island

Anton Gerashchenko: The Armed Forces have returned to control three settlements in the Nikolaev area (27.04.22 06:40) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Cargo 200: New Party Goes to Hell News on

In the Donetsk and Luhansk directions of power OOS repulsed 9 enemy attacks and destroyed 65 units of equipment Magnolia TV

The occupiers raped him, shouting: "Yes will be with every Nazi whore "- Denisova called another manifestation genocide –

The Netherlands stops issuing visas for Russians

Land Lease for Ukraine – House of Representatives The United States will consider the law on April 27

In Severodonetsk, a priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (MP) passed information to the enemy about deployment of Ukrainian troops

The media can publish photos and videos military facilities 12 hours after the fighting – a statement of the ICCP, Ministry of Defense and Media Movement

"There are no analogues": in the Luhansk region of the Armed Forces destroyed the Russian high-precision UAV "Cube-UAV"

Russia fired again at the bridge across Dniester estuary in the Odessa region

Podoliak patrolled Russia after the 40th meeting ministers of defense

In Germany, there was talk of sanctions against Ex-Chancellor Schroeder, who does not stop cooperating with Russia

The war in Ukraine: the traitor Shevchyk in Energodar supported Russia

Ursula von der Leyen responded to the statement Gazprom to cut off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria

The occupiers are increasing the pace of the offensive in the east Of Ukraine, – the Ministry of Defense

Interrogated and tortured: the enemy on the occupied territories kidnaps men of conscription age

Following the example of Dunkirk: the fighters of Mariupol ask for a procedure to which even Hitler agreed in 1940 | Ukrainian truth

Putin has threatened to invade Ukraine lightning response to interfering in the war and creating threats to Russia " Word and Deed

Germany has rejected Russia’s demands to pay rubles for gas UA.NEWS

The EU has launched a freezing procedure financing of Hungary

Poland has declared full independence from Russian gas

Sanctions against Russia – Switzerland has fermented ban on coal imports

Speakers of the parliaments of Romania, Northern Macedonia and Switzerland visited in Gostomel and Irpen

In Chernihiv they said goodbye to three soldiers tank brigade

War in Ukraine: Two people have been identified occupiers who tortured Ukrainians in the village of Bogdanovka

Exports to the EU: European Commission agrees to remove for a year all duties and quotas on the Ukrainian export, – Zelensky.

Collected information for Russians about aircraft: SBU exposed a traitor in military uniform

Called the "Russian world". In Bakhmut arrested the couple for cooperating with the occupiers

List of recipients of orders and medals 26 April 2022

The European Union has supplied gas to Poland and Bulgaria - President of the EC

Belarus approves death penalty for attempted terrorism

There was information that the Armed Forces destroyed another one Russian ship

Budapest’s attempts to confuse its position on Russia’s war against Ukraine in the context of discussions with the EU on the rule of law inadmissible

In Trostyanets, Russians were tortured during the occupation civilians

DBR: searches of Medvedchuk’s and Kozak’s relatives occur at 21 sites

The SBU neutralized a large network of enemies agents