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Nicholas Zharkikh

May 12 2022

Novgorod-Siversky – the Russian army inflicted at night several air strikes, there are dead and wounded, photo

Operational situation at the front: latest data General Staff of the Armed Forces

Ukraine warned: countries that bought from Russia Ukrainian grain, will be complicit in looting

Ukraine announces first trial of Russian war criminal

Along the entire line of the Luhansk front intensified shelling – the head of the OVA

War in Ukraine: Azovstal defenders do attempts to counterattack the occupiers

Russia cannot fully recover combat capability of military units withdrawn from Ukraine

Against Ukraine and NATO: what stands for scandalous statements by the President of Croatia

The war in Ukraine – the SBU prevented a terrorist attack in Zaporozhye and detained its executor

Residents of Lviv have been reported as suspicious Mykolayiv region, which justified the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine

Siemens has announced its withdrawal from Russian market

Japan has frozen the assets of the two largest Russian banks

Finnish State Energy Fortum has decided to leave Russia

Russia could lose a ship in the Black Sea logistics of project 23120

The Russians are trying to prevent the Armed Forces from advancing to the state border in Kharkiv region – Ministry of Defense

The Seimas of Latvia allowed the demolition of the Soviet monument in Riga

The National Security and Defense Council is nationalizing several Russian banks

In Mariupol the collaborator who in social networks discredit Ukraine and promote "Russian peace"

Volunteers launched a new project "Stories of the Strong" to show the world the realities of the war in Ukraine

The people of Petrivka took the victim on his last journey defender of Ukraine (photo) Central Ukrainian News Bureau (CBN)

Luhansk region – Ukrainian defenders destroyed dozens of enemy vehicles near Belogorovka

The war in Ukraine – in the Luhansk region of the Armed Forces destroyed the occupiers’ unit

Russia hit the oil refinery in Poltava areas

Poroshenko said that Ukraine needs more British and European land lease

The US House of Representatives adopted bills on financial sanctions against Russia and Belarus

A judge from Kharkiv region can sit down for life for treason – DBR

On the border of Ukraine with Belarus and Russia remove the Three Sisters monument

Monuments are being dismantled in Bila Tserkva Soviet period

How hackers are involved in Russia’s war against Ukraine and what is Germany here

Lithuania withdraws its ambassador from Russia

The leak of data from "Yandex" revealed elite real estate of a couple of propagandists Simonyan-Keosayan

Ukrainian defenders lined up another Russian ship

Russia is already against Ukraine’s accession not only to NATO, but also to the EU

VKontakte will be blocked in Latvia "Classmates" and

"Azov" in Mariupol, in spite of everything, continues knock the occupiers out of position

May 13 2022

General Staff May 13: Russians unsuccessful attacked near Orikhovo, continue to strike at Mariupol

The US Senate has blocked a bill on $ 40 billion for Ukraine

Andriy Olenin, a native of Poltava, died in battles with the occupiers

Odessa patrol officers detained three probable people informants of the Russian invaders

US Secretary of State: sanctions are in place in Russia tank factories stopped, and the army reportedly took chips from the household techniques

Russia is widely using supersonic anti-ship missiles on civilian infrastructure, – Zaluzhny

The war in Ukraine – Kuleba responded to decisions that save Putin’s face

War: 13 journalists in Ukraine worked for Kremlin – published lies from the front

Japan has banned the export of high-tech goods to Russia

In Russia it burns again: the military registration and enlistment office in Omsk threw "Molotov cocktails"

WSJ: Russia is forced to sell tankers through sanctions

The Armed Forces destroyed the occupiers’ ammunition depot Kherson region: video published

Royal gift: how Ukraine uses English Brimstone missiles

Journalists found a Russian general who was bombing Kharkiv with cluster munitions

Director of the gas company Onishchenko after 6 years of search he was caught at the border

The lieutenant colonel of police in the Kharkiv region that accompanied by enemy vehicles suspected of treason

More than 1,500 Ukrainian servicemen are studying apply the technique of partners – Reznikov

Britain has imposed sanctions against 12 a man close to Putin

Georgia will not win back its territories occupied by Russia

Russia’s losses in Ukraine – the most dead Russian military from depressed regions

The occupier, who surrendered, is asked home – SBU

Zelensky vetoed a ban on symbols of the Russian Nazi regime: what are the reasons

Ukraine needs volley missile systems Fire and Aviation: Kuleba to G7

The capital’s enterprise made "uniforms" for Russian security forces in Crimea: two leaders reported suspicion

Three Lviv residents were set on fire on social networks enmity against Ukrainians and supported the war

In the Kherson pre-trial detention center, the occupiers shot the prisoner and took him prisoner the management of the institution is the prosecutor’s office

The Russians are deliberately destroying books, printed in Ukrainian

A coup has begun in Russia, and Putin is serious patient

Attorney General: 41 Russian servicemen suspected of the military crimes, will be held accountable before a Ukrainian court

In Khmelnytsky they said goodbye to the deceased in the East defender Vitaliy Polishchuk

The National Security and Defense Council has created a site "Occupier"

South Ossetia is going to become part of the Russian Federation

Sweden and Finland reacted to the démarche Erdogan on their accession to NATO

Poland was threatened in the State Duma "Denazification" after Ukraine

Putin has blood cancer – the media

Following the Senate, in the House of Representatives a resolution was introduced recognizing Russia as a sponsor of terrorism

The retreat of the occupiers in the Kharkiv region continues - General Staff

The war in Ukraine – the Armed Forces prevented the occupiers to force the Seversky Donets

May 14 2022

In the Luhansk region, the occupiers destroyed in a day at least 50 houses

Ukraine is ready to return the bodies of the dead home near Kyiv and Chernihiv Russian servicemen

The DBR is investigating Russian activities "Luzhniki" group in Ukraine

War in Ukraine: Estonia will betray one complex of Blue Spear 5G SSM missiles in Ukraine

A native of Transcarpathia received suspicion of participation in Russian propaganda broadcasts – Office of the Prosecutor General

The national police detained the man who together with occupiers robbed his fellow villagers

The shelling of Belgorod and the region on May 14, 2022 year

The Armed Forces seized the trophies of the Russian occupiers from North Ossetia: they shamefully fled their positions

Ukraine won the battle for Kharkiv. What’s next

"Sent to slaughter": abandoned by Russia mercenaries named the reason for fleeing Ukraine

Reburial of soldiers in Fastiv

Zelensky calls on the United States to officially recognize Russia is a sponsor of terrorism

In the Rivne region, the SBU blocked the regional Sharia Party cell

The war in Ukraine: a man in the Kharkiv region cooperated with the occupiers

Fake volunteers were detained in Odessa: by them turned out to be Russians

The Russian occupiers were able to achieve partial success in the area of Avdeevka of Donetsk region, – the General Staff

The war in Ukraine – it became known that the occupiers retreat in the Izyum direction

In Sevastopol noticed the ship "Vsevolod Beavers», about blow on it declared in Odessa – a photo

Zelensky signed a law banning it pro-Russian parties

38 embassies resumed work in Kyiv - list

A resident of Kyiv region assured that Russia is not for us the enemy

In Kyiv, the SBU detained a proofreader enemy shelling: details

Medvedev threatened not with nuclear weapons ruled out the execution of Ukrainians in Red Square

“The UOC-MP should be banned because in during the war it de facto proved to be a branch of the aggressor, ”Igor Kondratyuk said

The dog from the Rosguard will soon start service in the ranks of Ukrainians

May 15 2022

Russia does not stop the offensive in eastern Ukraine - General Staff

In Kamianka, Zaporizhia, there are racists turned the chicken coop into a crematorium, – OVA

The war in Ukraine: Russia is completing the brigade Marines, which was almost completely defeated by the Armed Forces, members of the ship’s crew

War in Ukraine: Ukrainian aircraft destroyed command and observation post of the occupiers

Kherson. Ukrainian forces of the APU covered the point high-level command of the Russian army – Arestovich

Fugitive oligarch I. Bakai was detained in Russia, who comes from Rivne

Zelensky awarded the heroes with honors Of Ukraine

The Netherlands froze the assets of Russians in the amount of 640 million euros

The Russians again accused Ukraine of shelling Belgorod region: allegedly there is a victim

Farewell to fallen soldier in Khmelnytsky region Yaroslav Belous

Russian occupation forces continue fire at Azovstal with everything they can: drop incendiary bombs

The G7 countries supported the transfer of those arrested assets of the Russian Federation to Ukraine

"I acted consciously, I do not repent." On Chuhuiv region detained a man who surrendered the positions of the Ukrainian army of the Russian Federation – SBU

Russia’s war against Ukraine: Painter reported about the successes of the Ukrainian army in the Kharkiv direction

The Armed Forces destroyed the seized railway bridges nearby Severodonetsk and Lysychansk (video)

The US Senate plans to approve a package of aid to Ukraine $ 40 billion on Wednesday – McConnell

Ukraine intends to collect 500 billion from Russia dollars

A soldier who died on the 12th was buried in Obukhiv May

They tried in Russia on Sunday night set fire to 2 military enlistment offices

Another military enlistment office was set on fire in Russia: details

The APU counteroffensive in the Kharkiv region is the enemy forced to abandon great forces

Krivoy Rog is being stormed by the occupiers, shelling is underway

May 16 2022

In Italy, activists seized the Russian palace oligarch

Kharkiv’s defense defended the occupiers and went to the state border

In the Kharkiv region, a supporter of "Russian measure ", which cooperated with the occupiers

The General Staff reported operational information to the Armed Forces struck at enemy positions near Chornobaivka

In the Avdiivka direction, the enemy suffered significant losses and retreated – the General Staff

Luhansk region: Gaidai told what is happening in Severskodonetsk

Queen: The United States has provided military assistance to Ukraine without any conditions regarding Donbass and Crimea

The Ukrainian IT army has strongly attacked resources occupiers

Hackers attacked the Lviv City Council and stole some files

In Russia, resumed production of cars "Muscovite"

Belarusians are looking for medicines abroad: c imported drugs have disappeared from pharmacies

In the Zaporozhye region, the occupiers are in conflict with collaborators because of money

Almost 100 people surrendered. Intelligence learned about the losses of the 1st Panzer Army of the Russian Armed Forces

Interception of the SBU: the only thing they dream of occupiers – to survive and retire from the army

Poland has talked about demilitarization Kaliningrad

Western sanctions: Belarus declares loss before $ 18 billion in exports

McDonald’s has decided to leave Russia completely

Defeat near Belogorovka: the enemy lost almost 1,000 military and 100 units of equipment

High-rise buildings in Kharkiv were deliberately destroyed: The SBU interrogated the captured occupier

The war in Ukraine: a resident of Rivne for treason sentenced to 13 years in prison

Latvia has stopped the transportation of Belarusians military cargo through its territory

Bad news for Russia in the military-industrial complex

CSTO summit on May 16 – Lukashenko said dismemberment of Ukraine, forgetting about Putin

Opposition Lebedko: when Putin loses to war, Lukashenko will become a corpse

The war in Ukraine – Russian troops on purpose flooded six of their tanks in the Seversky Dinka

"Can give their territories": Podoliak responded to the West’s offer to save Putin’s face

Dnipro: SBU covered the plant, which worked on the enemy

Russian troops are defeated by the majority directions in Ukraine and are preparing provocations in PMRU

The war in Ukraine: the defense forces destroyed field depot of enemy ammunition in the Kherson region – General Staff

Electricity from Ukraine will help the EU to replace 17% of Russian gas exports – Ministry of Energy

Kryvyi Rih: caught a fan "Russian world"

Waiting for the "Russian world" in Kyiv: detained saboteur

Fuel embargo against Russia – Hungary asks for 18 billion euros

An unknown person reported that three had been mined planes flying to Moscow

Mass graves have already been recorded in Mariupol fourth mass burial

More than UAH 12.4 billion: arrested in Ukraine assets of Russian oligarch Friedman

They provided services to the occupiers: two entrepreneurs suspicion declared

May 17 2022

In the Kyiv region found the bodies of people killed by the Russians – the police

Operation to release the defenders of Mariupol: statement of the GUR of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

The Mariupol garrison fulfilled its combat mission – the General Staff ZSU

The SBU has exposed a pro-Russian Internet agitator in Odessa

In Zaporozhye, teenagers went to work with occupiers – OVA

A resident of Sloviansk who was transmitting was exposed enemy of the location of Ukrainian defenders

The farewell ceremony with Kravchuk will take place in "Ukrainian House" in Kyiv on May 17

Operation rescue of defenders of Mariupol from Azovstaly continues

The war in Ukraine – the Kremlin released and has already arrested 6 commanders of the occupiers

War in Ukraine: the occupiers fired border villages in the Sumy region

Scholz demands that the guns be silent, and Russia withdrew troops from Ukraine

Ukraine has arrested hundreds of Russian cars: details

New the Russian military satellite falls uncontrollably back to Earth

Fire of the chemical plant in Novosibirsk on May 17 - the fire will be extinguished by 10 brigades, video

The famous Czech bank officially leaves Russia

Trophy from Donbass. It thundered in the suburbs of Moscow explosion (photo)

Russia’s welfare fund is declining at a rate of ₽2 trillion per month

War in Ukraine: guerrillas in Melitopol destroy the Russian occupiers

Defenders of Mariupol changed the course of the war – Office PresidentV

In Germany, declared readiness to confiscation of assets of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Ukraine received three more helicopters from the United States Mi-17

In the Luhansk region the employee of power the company sided with the occupiers and headed the TPP

Volyn News: Court of Appeal has taken into custody 30-year-old Kyivan, who is suspected of overthrowing the constitutional order Ukraine

Were supposed to provide penetration of DRG in Nikolaev: SBU neutralized Russian agents

By Presidential Decree to Lieutenant Colonel Vyacheslav Yerka was posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine

Reuters reports that Azovstal has left seven buses with the Ukrainian military

War with Russia: G7 countries plan to allocate 15 billion euros in aid to Ukraine

The US Treasury Department is urging allies to increase financing of Ukraine

The Russian castle company gave orders to shoot civilians near Brovary – the prosecutor’s office

The Deputy Prime Minister arrived in the occupied Kherson region Russia

Malyuska: we are expecting the first ones in the middle of summer court decisions banning the activities of pro-Russian parties

Kherson journalist who worked at occupiers, suspicion was reported

In the Lviv Defense Cluster stated Fr. theft of bulletproof vests

May 18 2022

In the Kherson region, the Armed Forces destroyed two enemy warehouses ammunition

The war in Ukraine – in the General Staff of the Armed Forces told about the operational situation on the morning of May 18

Canada has imposed personal sanctions against Putin

Heads are suspected of treason district courts of two regions

Dismantling of monuments of the Soviet Union: who will be demolished, when it will start and how much it will cost

Russia destroyed more than a thousand homes Gorenka near Kyiv

In the Lviv region, vandals on the graves of soldiers drew "Z" and "V" and wrote "Putin cheers"

On May 17, the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was impressed 15 enemy air targets

The shelling of the Sumy region on May 18 is the enemy beat from the Grads, there is destruction

Shelling of Odesa Region: The enemy fired a missile in the Odessa region from the Black Sea, – OK "South"

The United States has announced the launch of the program documentation of war crimes in Ukraine

The Security Council of the Russian Federation has come up with a strange new explanation invasion of Ukraine

"It prevents Ukraine from making a breakthrough." Entrepreneurs called on the president to release Hetmantsev, he commented

The SBU reported suspicion of collaborationism Kherson "journalist" Shelestenko

The former history teacher received the Hero Of Ukraine for the battles near Moshchun in Kyiv region

"" There were snipers, they worked here and there military. Someday I will tell these stories, now I don’t want to, it’s too early, "he said Vitaliy Klitschko – about assassinations

Residents of Russian Belgorod report again about "claps"

The war in Ukraine on May 18 – in Donetsk region destroyed the Marines of the Black Sea Fleet

The Kyivan was sheltered in Volyn, and he supported the bombing of Lviv

Explosions in Kyiv, Bucha and Irpen – named reason

During the day, the enemy fired on Luhansk region 36 times

The number of victims of the missile strike on the Desna on Chernihiv region increased to 11

Explosion in Melitopol on May 18 – guerrillas blew up an armored train of the occupiers

In Chernihiv, the suspicion was announced by bloggers justified the invasion of

Schroeder will be deprived of office and budget money

Atrocities in Kyiv Region: Already in Kyiv Region the bodies of 1,288 civilians killed by the occupiers were found – the police

European Commission Assistance to Ukraine: Support European Union of Ukraine

Google bankruptcy in Russia

Another military enlistment office was set on fire in Russia

Belarus bans sale of 1984 book George Orwell

Russian troops in Transnistria – Sanda called The Kremlin to begin withdrawing soldiers

Construction of the General Staff – Russian troops fired Sumy and Chernihiv regions

In Kropyvnytskyi the deputy from OPZZh under drugs fought with law enforcement

In Zhytomyr abolished the Russian language - Russian will not be taught in schools

The Ukrainian military released another settlement in the Kharkiv region – the General Staff of the APU

The number of dead from the air strike of the occupiers on Bakhmut has increased to 5, among them a child

For entering the occupied territories by Russia foreign journalists will be barred from entering Ukraine – Foreign Ministry