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Nicholas Zharkikh

May 26 2022

Kadyrovites kill their colleagues in Ukraine

Zelensky responded to Kissinger’s suggestions on Russia’s territorial concessions

Collaborators will be deprived not only of property but also of freedom

The President supported the petition on the visa regime with Russia

Zelensky awarded 144 more military prizes

420 bodies were found in Bucha

EU countries have frozen 23 billion euros in assets of the Central Bank of Russia, – the European Commissioner

The Norwegian Equinor came out of four joint ventures with Rosneft

Is the way out found? Europe has figured out how finally get off the gas needle of the Russian Federation

In Slovyansk SBU detained the former railwayman: passed information about the Armed Forces to the enemy

Google has disconnected a number of Russian companies from its servers

155-mm FH70 howitzers are already destroying the enemy on the front line – OK "West" (photo)

"We must ensure Ukraine’s victory with military aid and sanctions": Britain says Russia’s aggression must be responded to by force

Modernization of the track from the border to Lviv and Kovel under the European standard will cost $ 75 million – URM

92% of Ukrainians treat Russia badly, and 2% are still good, – opinion poll

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed a Russian checkpoint on the Lysychansk-Bakhmut highway

The Ukrainian military shot down two enemy drones in the Kharkiv region

President of the European Council – the Kremlin: not sanctions, but war threatens the world’s food security

The Security Service of Ukraine in Volyn detained a traitor who fought in the Russian army

The Russian military is on trial in Poltava region

Zelensky posthumously awarded the military and journalist Alexander Makhov with the Order "For Courage" of the III degree

Klitschko named the number of Kyiv residents who died in an attempt by Russia to capture the city

"For unworthiness": Italy deprived the Russian Prime Minister and the head of VTB Bank of state awards

Belarus has organized training on the border with Volyn region

"It’s very difficult, but we will endure" – Zaluzhny about the situation at the front

Putin demands ransom from the world for food – Liz Trass

Wheat continues to fall in price on the news about unblocking of ports of Ukraine is possible

Moscow blames the West for export problems grain – CNN

Waiting for the "Russian world": c In the Dnepropetrovsk region detained a family of fans of the Russian Federation

Son of a former People’s Deputy of Ukraine called for cooperation with the Russian occupiers

Why us England: the occupiers in the Crimea want stop learning English in schools

The crossing over the Seversky Donets was destroyed M777 howitzers provided by the United States – General Staff

On the outskirts of Severodonetsk, heavy fighting continues – the head of the Luhansk OVA

"Afraid of Ukraine’s victory" – MEP on why some politicians call for "save face" Putin

Zelensky called the only working format for unblocking Ukrainian ports

May 27 2022

Russian troops resumed the offensive on Slavyansk – General Staff

"If we don’t get artillery and tanks, Severodonetsk and Lisichansk will be destroyed." Interview of the Ukrainian commander with positions in the Luhansk region

Zelensky: Where does so much power come from those who block the sixth package of EU sanctions?

Ukraine asks the United States to provide missile systems of volley fire as soon as possible

The Russian offensive in the Donbass will make this region a deserted fire, – Zelensky

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported data on the number proceedings on collaborationism

The son was tortured by the occupiers, but not by his mother withstood the heart. Family history from near Kyiv

"His name is Nikita Tretyakov" - found the occupier who robbed an apartment in Irpen

The head of Roscosmos offered to send Rogozin into the orbit of thousands of space satellites

The United States confiscated 100,000 tons from a Russian tanker oil.

At night the enemy fired on Dnipropetrovsk region, there is serious destruction

The State Department replied to Kissinger: Ukraine will win and will determine its own future

Friedman, goodbye. Controlled by the Russians Alfa-Bank may become the property of Ukraine

14 bodies of the Russian military were found in the Kyiv area

Russia has changed its tactics of using high-precision weapons – reconnaissance

In Russia, deputies of Primorye demanded from Putin withdraw troops from Ukraine

The estuary in the Donetsk region is mostly controlled occupiers, the Ukrainian military took new positions – the head of the OVA

In the occupied city of Zaporozhye region new Russian Gauleiter is afraid of local patriots

"People burn alive": Podoliak showed what the Russian Federation is beating the Ukrainians, and embarrassed the West

The occupiers hit a military training ground in Dnipropetrovsk region: previously, 10 people died – Korban

Most of the territory of the Estuary is controlled occupiers, the Armed Forces regrouped – Donetsk OVA

The property of Medvedchuk’s channels was confiscated for the needs of defense, – mass media

Soldiers-engineers showed impressive footage of the destruction of enemy equipment

The United States has no plans to use its military to facilitate the export of grain from Ukraine to the Pentagon

A man who was correcting Russian fire on a tire fitting shop in Lviv was detained

Ukrainian soldiers shot down an enemy Ka-52 helicopter in Kharkiv region

Russian troops are trying to displace Ukrainian forces from the Liman, as well as to develop an offensive on Slavyansk

Austria has issued a gas ultimatum to Russia

Ukraine asks Germany to suspend "Nord Stream-1", – the head of the GTS Operator Makogon

In the Zhytomyr region SBU exposed the next "agents of ruZZky measure"

The former US Secretary of State was brought to the base "Peacemaker" for participation in the "information special operation of Russia against Ukraine"

The UOC-MP declared independence from the ROC

The world is not afraid of Russia’s default: we will not extend the license – the United States

Lukashenko ordered the creation of a new militia: details

Never done before: Scholz will send weapons to Ukraine under a special scenario

IAEA chief encourages Russian nuclear terrorism in Ukraine and does not act to protect its nuclear power plant

May 28 2022

Russian troops in Lyman and Popasna showed from a satellite

In Russia, covert mobilization measures are underway – the General Staff of the Armed Forces

& quot; European Solidarity & quot; reports that Poroshenko was not allowed to cross the border into western NATO

Who and why did not let Poroshenko to Vilnius for the NATO PA meeting?

A woman was found in Zhytomyr calling for the use of chemical weapons against Ukrainian defenders

Separated from Moscow and maintained unity with Moscow, – spokesman of the UOC on the Local Council of the UOC-MP

German cosmetics company Wella is leaving from Russia

The occupiers are constantly chasing Avdiivka, but did not capture a single meter, – the head of VCA Barabash

The Russian occupiers fired on Chornobayivka again: one person was killed and six were injured

FATF removes Russia from influencing decision-making and considers Russia’s blacklisting of terrorist countries

"The document is not read": Poroshenko tried to leave Ukraine for Europe for the second time

A resident of Donbass received 15 years for merging military positions

In the Zhytomyr region they said goodbye to the dead paratrooper Vasyl Bondar

Denisova spoke about the torture of Ukrainian servicemen in Russian captivity

How Putin’s oligarch protected assets from European sanctions

The German minister warned against an immediate embargo on Russian gas

A powerful fire broke out in Russia at a recreation center in the Krasnoyarsk Territory

A member of a pro-Russian Cossack organization has been detained in Kharkiv region

Prosecutor General’s Office: Ukrainian who informed the enemy about the positions of the Armed Forces received 15 years in prison

Lyman is not enthusiastic: the Ministry of Defense told about the situation in the city

Armed Forces inflicted losses on the enemy – the command "South" (video)

The Ukrainian Armed Forces eliminated another Russian commander

A woman was wounded in the shelling of the Sumy region, the occupiers aimed at the church and kindergarten (photo)

Macron and Scholz demanded that Putin fired the defenders of "Azovstal" – the Elysee Palace

A fighter from the Obukhiv community died in Donbass

Global brands that left the Russian market began to return to the territory of the aggressor country. PHOTO

The Security Service of Ukraine has initiated the seizure of Rosneft’s assets in Ukraine

Harpoon missiles transferred to Ukraine enough to send to the bottom of the entire Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation – Bratchuk

May 29 2022

The enemy continued the offensive and assault on Donbass, but suffers significant losses – the General Staff

They prayed for Putin and died at his hands soldiers: Russia is losing even its own

Welt: In two months, Germany has provided almost no weapons to Ukraine and kept support to a minimum

More will be responsible for supporting the actions of the aggressor two zombie residents of Zhytomyr region. PHOTO

Komatsu resumes supplies of spare parts to Ukraine. But he does not plan to leave Russia

Contractors of the Russian army are waiting for the end May to flee Ukraine sooner, – SBU

The colonel of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation was liquidated in Ukraine – the defense of Ukraine

The Interior Ministry told how Putin was blackmailed by the West into not providing weapons to Ukraine

Destroyed equipment of the occupiers will be seen in Europe: Ukraine is organizing an exhibition – Reznikov

Since the end of March, Germany has sent only two small consignments of weapons to Ukraine

Putin was preparing Ukrainians for the fate of the Uighurs in China

In Zaporozhye, Azov fighters and artillerymen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed enemy equipment hidden in a hangar

In Zaporozhye, Ukrainian soldiers successfully eliminated the enemy’s position. Video

"Do you have anything to regret?" - "No, absolutely", – the propagandists of the Russian Federation in vain try to provoke the captured "Azov" Dutchak

In the occupied Donbass, the mobilized fired on the Russian military

Ukraine received 18 self-propelled howitzers from Poland – the media

A woman was detained in Kharkiv insulted the Ukrainian military and glorified the "Russian world"

Near Lviv, the "father" of the Moscow Patriarchate robbed a church: he even took out iconostasis and bells

Zelensky visited the forefront in the Kharkiv region – details

The President of Serbia has supported Putin – he wants gas supplies from Russia

Convicts whose sentences have not yet expired were sent to the war in Ukraine from Chechnya – media

The occupiers are again trying to force the Seversky Donets, – the General Staff

Ninety-fifth day of the war – the General Staff of the Armed Forces published a summary

Orbán’s propagandist compared the Ukrainian government to the Nazis

A Russian ship has again brought grain stolen from Ukraine to Syria

The body of a man killed by the Russian military was found in Kyiv region

Cemetery of shot cars in Bucha. PHOTO REPORT

In the Kherson region, Ukrainians advanced 9 km, the occupiers panicked

On May 29, 39 occupiers, 7 armored vehicles, 2 artillery systems, 1 tanker, 3 were destroyed in the Eastern direction. drones, – OTU "East"

Zelensky fired the head of the SBU in Kharkov area due to the fact that he did not work to protect the city

Satellites recorded where Russia was transporting stolen Ukrainian grain

May 30 2022

The Armed Forces repulsed 14 enemy attacks in the Donbass, and the aircraft struck air strikes at the occupiers: the morning construction of the General Staff as of May 30

The enemy fired at the New Bug that in Nikolayevshchina, there are considerable destructions in the city center

During the day, the occupiers fired at the borders of Chernihiv and Sumy regions from Russia ten times

OK "South": At night and at dawn in the Odessa region the enemy again struck 2 missile strikes

The enemy once again attacked Kharkiv and the region – the General Staff

The successes of the APU in the Kherson direction revealed the limitations of Russian resources

Russian drones use cheap Chinese electronics – Forbes

Hackers Anonymous carried out a cyber attack on the state websites of Belarus

Complaints about the high cost of the war in Ukraine have begun in Russia

A powerful explosion erupted in the center of occupied Melitopol. PHOTO

The Czech Republic wants to provide additional military assistance to Ukraine

About 20,000 war crimes have already been registered in Ukraine

Butusov calls the accusation of People’s Deputy Bezugla a lie and is looking for lawyers

Ukrainian SSO was replenished with a special unit "AZOV" Kharkiv

Why Lukashenko is creating a "people’s militia": oppositionist from Belarus named three reasons

In Severodonetsk fights already on streets, the Lisichansk-Bakhmut route come under fire – Gaidai

Poroshenko will try to cross the border for the third time – he turned to Zelensky

Dismantling of equipment has started in Brovary Soviet period in Central Park – Mayor

The Bakhmut-Lysychansk route is controlled by the Armed Forces – the head of the OVA

The military Natalia Strebkova died in Mariupol

’’ Rare Beast ’’: Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed a Russian helicopter intended for VIP-transportation. Photo

EU leaders gather for summit – Ukraine in focus

Britain has offered a union of Ukraine, Poland and the Baltics: can a new union replace the EU

The occupiers in Severodonetsk control a strip of about 100 meters: the Armed Forces repel the enemy

More than 100 million euros of Russian assets have been frozen in Germany

The main goal of is to establish a complete control over Donbass. Fighting in the east has reached its maximum intensity – Motuzyanyk

The National Guard shot down the third Russian Su-25 attack aircraft with a needle

NATO has condemned Ukraine’s offer to cede its territories to Russia and promised missiles

Russia continues to export bloody Ukrainian grain to Syria, Interpol with an arrest warrant will be waiting for looters in every port of the world – Podoliak

Butusov: Russia has understood that Ukraine will not give up. There is a very fierce struggle – we can not announce in the news and 5% of what is happening

Netflix has shut down its service in Russia

Russia has once again opened criminal cases against Google and Meta

Programmers are leaving Belarus en masse amid the war in Ukraine

Gazprom may cut off Denmark from Russian gas

The Ukrainian army launched a counteroffensive near Kherson and succeeded

The French Foreign Minister announced new deliveries of CAESAR ACS to Ukraine

Iron curtain for Russia: Ukraine asks the world not to recognize Russian diplomas

This is not a lease, – Markarov on the supply of weapons from the United States

The Armed Forces successfully launched an offensive and liberated it Nikolaevka in the Kherson area, – the General Staff

French journalist Frederic Leclerc died in shelling in Luhansk region.

Russia uses the peoples of Africa and Asia as hostages, and in the EU provokes political chaos – Zelensky

France transferred to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine 6 fire and rescue vehicles and 7 ambulances. PHOTO

Business demands to dismiss Hetmantsev and take away his deputy mandate

In Nikolayevshchina representatives of local authorities interfered with defending the settlement

The UOC-MP is threatening to increase the threat security for Ukraine if they are banned

May 31 2022

On Monday, Ukrainian aircraft struck the occupying forces and destroyed two missiles

The French journalist became the eighth media worker who died in the war in the line of duty – NSJU

The new US ambassador arrived in Kyiv and made the first statement regarding Ukraine

A list of ships exporting stolen grain from Ukraine has been handed over to Turkey

EU leaders have agreed to provide 9 billion euros to Ukraine

APU began using a new kamikaze drone with vertical takeoff

Denmark refuses to pay for Russian gas in rubles, expects to stop supplies

The EU will disconnect Sberbank of the Russian Federation from SWIFT and ban the insurance of Russian ships

The maximum combat strength of the Russian army has been gathered in Donbass

The General Staff spoke about the situation on the fronts on the morning of May 31

In the Kherson area ZSU drove out Russians from Nikolaevka, occupiers in a panic

The United Nations has confirmed the deaths of 4,074 civilians as a result of Russia’s war

The occupiers continue to storm in the Severodonetsk direction

"Issues crucial for Ukraine’s victory were discussed." Zelensky met with the French Foreign Minister

In Russia, Western sanctions are estimated to have affected 86 percent of companies

Cosmetic changes to the statute of the UOC-Moscow Patriarchate will allow it to avoid the ban, – Kateryna Shchetkina

The Netherlands did not pay for Russian gas in rubles, Gazprom stopped supply

South Ossetia has suspended a referendum on joining Russia

Gaidai: part of Severodonetsk is located under the control of Russian troops

The Armed Forces destroyed a large unit of Wagnerians in the Donbas – the SBU

Danilov commented on the situation with the demining of the isthmus in the Kherson region

Unique flight shots have appeared Ukrainian helicopters to the blocked defenders of Azovstal

He called for cooperation with the occupiers: "Gauleiter" Dniprorudny was informed about the suspicion

The council dismissed Denisov from the post of ombudsman

The Ministry of Internal Affairs told about collaborating police officers

The Security Service of Ukraine has exposed a Russian agency in Ukroboronprom

Sanctions will be imposed against the leadership of the ROC in support of the war: the Council appealed to the National Security and Defense Council

Ukrainian spies destroyed the engineering unit of the Russian occupiers

"Sent after the ship": Armed Forces destroyed two BMD-4M occupiers in Zaporizhia. Video

Because of the explosion in the captured Melitopol was wounded two collaborators – the mayor

Zelensky met with the president Slovakia

Russia’s Tatnafta has lost everything it has done in Ukraine

Will we get to the Crimean bridge? How new weapons can change the course of the war in Ukraine

Anton Gerashchenko: our cyber troops spent incredible operations, the next step is the Internet isolation of the Russian Federation

The Russian military signs an agreement to kill Ukrainian civilians when concluding a contract

Ukraine’s accession to the EU. Almost all major countries are against the status of a candidate – Dear

The ex-policeman joined the ranks of the "LPR" and tortured civilians in Kharkiv region. Now he faces up to 15 years in prison – UCP

The European Union will impose sanctions against the head of the ROC Kirill, – Poroshenko

Gauleiter of Melitopol Galina Danilchenko frightened by the explosion

Why the Kremlin is panicking over Western arms supplies to Ukraine

The Armed Forces are defending Zaporizhia

Luhansk region: the occupiers control most of Severodonetsk, the city is fighting

It has become known which Russian channels will be shut down in the EU under the sixth package of sanctions

A resident of Voronezh in the Sumy region justified the armed aggression of the Russian Federation

On May 31, 22 people were killed in the eastern direction occupiers, 1 BMP and ammunition depot, – OTU "East"

June 1 2022

In the Donbass, the Armed Forces repulsed 7 enemy attacks by the occupiers, and in the south they were well beaten: the morning report of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of June 1

Ukraine loses 60-100 servicemen every day, – Zelensky

Biden confirmed the transfer of missile systems to Ukraine to "more accurately defeat" Russian targets

Ukrainian company UAV Defense Robotics produces tactical and combat drones for the Armed Forces

Thanks to Ukraine, things at the drone manufacturer Bayraktar have gone uphill

Sanctions in action – in Russia reduce the staff of the cartridge factory

The occupiers blew up bridges over the Ingulets River in the Kherson region to counter the UAF counterattack

In Nikolaev police officers declared suspicion for collaborative activities of another admirer of the "Russian measure"

A 62-year-old Ternopil resident will stand trial for pro-Russian propaganda – SBU

Russian hackers have published data from 700 SBU officers

The deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation offered to kidnap and interrogate the NATO minister

The Ministry of Defense explained why they did not report on the success of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces

The army of the Russian Federation controls 70% of Severodonetsk, the Armed Forces partially retreated to more favorable positions – Luhansk OVA

In Ukraine, property, accounts and corporate rights of Russian Tatneft

The leader of the "DPR" Pushilin came under fire from the Ukrainian artillery – the media

The SBU learned about the Kremlin’s order in case of failure in Ukraine

HIMARS MLRS supplies to Ukraine could lead to clash between Russia and the United States, – Russian Foreign Ministry

In Kyiv, the owners of a well-known restaurant chain withdrew money to Russia

Chinese scientists have called for the destruction of Starlink satellites

Erdogan announced the start of a special operation in Syria

"There will be no Vilnius, no Warsaw, no Kyiv. If necessary, and Berlin. How propaganda prepares Belarusians for war

The occupiers hit "Ochakov" on Ochakov from the Kinburn Spit

Gerashchenko and Arestovich reported the "wounding" of DNR leader Pushylin. He objected

The occupiers occupied the eastern quarters of Severodonetsk, unsuccessfully attacked a number of villages in Donetsk region – General Staff of the Armed Forces

A resident of Novodruzhesk and a resident of Rubezhnoye will be tried for "draining" the occupiers of the APU positions

In eastern Ukraine, 38 occupiers and an enemy ammunition depot were killed on Wednesday

Despite the occupation of 80% of Severodonetsk, Ukrainian troops counterattack – Gaidai

Ukraine and Poland will create a joint defense enterprise for the production of weapons and equipment

Support and justification of actions of the aggressor state – 6 fans of "Russian peace" will be tried in Odessa

Russia has failed to pay interest on its government bonds – Bloomberg

Officially. Ukraine will receive HIMARS volley fire systems from the United States

EU ambassadors on Thursday will continue to look for a way out of the impasse created by Hungary through Patriarch Kirill to formally approve the sixth package of sanctions for Russia