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Nicholas Zharkikh

May 5 2022

A 70-year-old resident of Motyzhyn aimed artillery Armed Forces of Ukraine on the occupiers

A battalion of Stryker and arrived in Romania F-35 fighters from the United States

Part of the Russian military refused further participation in hostilities – General Staff

Sberbank hands over to Russian authorities data of clients who donate funds to the Armed Forces

At least six military enlistment offices in aggressor countries hurled "Molotov cocktails"

27-year-old Kyiv City Council deputy Alina Mykhailova is at war with the enemy in the east of Ukraine

ТОнеТО | Another 20 people were found dead in the Kyiv region occupiers of the inhabitants

NATO barks at Russia: Polish Foreign Ministry worried statements of the Pope about the war in Ukraine

Destruction of enemy helicopters: Raised Russian helicopter from the Dnieper

Grandmother with the flag of the USSR evacuated to Kharkiv, a Russian mine hit her house

The war in Ukraine – the Armed Forces repulsed attempts to attack Russian army near Izium and Donbass

A Spanish court released Sharia and removed him passport

More than 750 saboteurs were detained in Ukraine the beginning of the war – the National Police

In the occupied territories, the racists are changing road signs and return the old names to the villages

France will increase aid to Ukraine to € 2 billion

Azov published a video of the Russians Azovstal storms

Lukashenko assures that Belarus will not take participation in the war against Ukraine

The British government froze assets of Evraz Roman Abramovich

The war in Ukraine – Italy will provide financial assistance and support for refugees

Seized property worth ₴ 650 million, which belongs to the enterprises of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus

IN Ukraine will have a new award: who will be awarded

Putin apologized to Israel for being unfair Lavrov’s words about "anti-Semitic Jews"

May 6 2022

The war in Ukraine is a major situation directions, told in the General Staff

The head of the penal colony in the Kherson region was informed about the suspicion of treason for cooperation with the occupiers

The SBU detained one of the leaders of the "Ukrainian Choice" for preparation for the overthrow of the state system in Ukraine

Ukraine seized 33 thousand tons of fertilizers from Russia and Belarus

Director of Melitopol College accused of treason

In Kyiv, the SBU has covered a powerful proxy center special services of the Russian Federation

Occupation of Kyiv region – the Buryats could not break the ATM

Czech Republic found a replacement for Russian oil

Video: a police major was detained in Kharkiv, who cooperated with the occupiers

The legendary car plant can be nationalized in Ukraine

Gorenka was visited by interior ministers Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

Grandmother with the flag of the USSR, which became a monument and the idol of the occupiers, got in touch

The head of BEB Vadim Melnik: We will check the origin of the money that was taken out of Ukraine

Lukashenko made a new statement about end of the war

The cruiser "Moscow" did not fight, said the Russian authorities the father of the deceased conscript

Putin apologized to Bennett for Lavrov’s words about Jews – the Kremlin refused to confirm

Kamikaze drone Switchblade was used according to the positions of the occupiers

Stop Russian e-books and reading applications – why they should be banned

One of the de-Russified streets in Kyiv can named after the princes of Ostroh

In the Kyiv region until the end of the war banned work to the Moscow Patriarchate

In Zaporozhye exposed the Russian pilot, who could spy on the APU

Zelensky signed a law on de-Sovietization legislation – Stefanchuk

Strikes on Snake Island – Russia is preparing evacuation of the dead and wounded

SBU: 11 were taken prisoner during the special operation Russian snipers

In the Kherson region, the Russian military holds and about 500 people are being tortured in basements

Russia and Belarus have allegedly talked about it threat to Ukraine from Poland

Biden will sign a law on land lease for Ukraine May 9th

Zelensky invited the Chancellor of Germany to arrive in Ukraine on May 9

"Head of the interim administration" Raisins under the occupiers are suspected of treason

He helped the occupiers and raised the flag of the Russian Federation in the city: a traitor was exposed in Volchansk

The Foreign Ministry is convinced that the "ambassadors of the republics" are ORDLO will be punished

In Kropyvnytskyi they said goodbye to two defenders of Ukraine

"If so, then so be it." IN The Buryats bury the dead in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine – in the east of the Armed Forces eliminated 15 occupiers

In Ukraine, a new military award "Cross military merit ": the first cavalier was Valery Zaluzhny

May 7 2022

In the Kharkiv region, the Russian occupiers destroyed National Museum. Gregory Skovoroda | Ukraine news

Undermining by the army of the Russian Federation of three bridges in the Kharkiv region, destruction of the invaders in Mykolayiv region – the General Staff of the Armed Forces

In Zaporozhye, racists tortured and killed Ukrainian patriot

The G7 leaders will hold talks with Zelensky on May 8

The Ambassador of Ukraine is outraged by the ban on Ukrainian symbols at events on May 8-9 in Berlin

In the Khmelnytsky region, the fixing DRG was neutralized missile strikes of the occupiers

A traitor from Sumy region was detained accompanied military columns of the enemy

With swimming pools, saunas and a hospital: in Italy 140-meter "Putin’s yacht" arrested

The occupiers destroy the bridges in retreat, covered by missile strikes: the General Staff spoke about the success of the Ukrainian defenders at the front

Railway service was restored in Irpen

Due to the attack, Ukraine’s IT Army in Russia is large problems with the alcohol market

Russian officers are removed from combat positions for protection parade in Mariupol: list

Pelosi supported the appeal for recognition of the Russian Federation terrorist state

NATO will support Ukraine, but it is not intentional side of the war – Stoltenberg

In the Kyiv region, Russians hung in the woods raped girls

Hackers attacked the Rozetka site through which you can buy the brand "Russian warship"

Mayor Renee is suspected of separatism

In the Luhansk region, the enemy is trying to break through Popasnu. Wagnerians involved

Video: destroyed in Stary Saltov near Kharkiv latest T90 "Breakthrough"

Under every destroyed house in Mariupol find 80-100 dead – Andryushchenko

"Let’s stop at the border with Poland": Vice Speaker of the State Duma announced a plan to seize Ukraine

Kyiv prosecutor’s office seized Russian accounts nuclear company

The two occupiers who opened the trial will be tried fire in the Kharkiv region

The Attorney General’s Office reported the suspicion Russian propagandist Timofey Sergeytsev

The founder died in the war with Russia "Ukrainian Legion" Svyatoslav Stetsenko

The Kyivan justified the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Of Ukraine

Weapon Victories: Stormer HVM mobile anti-aircraft missile systems

In Russia, 12 kilometers from the Ukrainian borders sound explosions

There can be no different embargoes on oil speeds, for which there is a battle – Kuleba

The speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation accused the United States of participating in military action in Ukraine

German experts will come to Ukraine to investigate n war crimes Ukraine news

For treason Vinnytsia court sent to 15 years behind bars of a former police officer

Russian invasion: veterans of the Great Patriotic turned to Putin

Azovstal: Ukrainian defenders are waiting for when the "hellish reality show" will end and they will be evacuated

"Battalion deserted": 295 servicemen The Russian Armed Forces fled the battlefield in Ukraine

On Saturday, the Ukrainian military killed 107 occupiers and 31 units techniques

The president’s office responded to media reports about withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria

May 8 2022

The SBU’s conversation is intercepted: the racists are killing mothers in front of Ukrainian children

To continue the enemy’s offensive relocated two BTGs to the Izium direction

Britain will provide $ 1.6 billion to Kyiv military assistance

The West is studying how it manifests itself in war weapons provided to Ukraine – Reznikov

Video bloggers who "merged" the data were detained about missile strikes on Odessa – SBU

Summary from the front: the occupiers focused on preparation for the continuation of the offensive in the Izyum direction

In the Omsk region, a fire destroyed about 90 residential houses

APU hit the railway junction Yasinovataya – the occupiers have problems with logistics

In the Luhansk region due to the night enemy 11 people were shelled under the rubble

An explosion was heard in Artsyz, the city was without electricity

Russia is trying to sell what was stolen in Ukraine grain – Zelensky

Shelling of Donetsk region on May 7 - 85 infrastructure facilities and houses were damaged

War in Ukraine – the occupiers fired on the village Shipilove in the Luhansk region, under the rubble of 11 people

Propagandist in a cassock – Ukrainian intelligence about a priest from Ternopil

Monuments were dismantled in Transcarpathia Gorky, Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya and Valya Kotyk

Ilona Maska is threatened in Russia for the transfer Ukraine Starlink stations

Russian hackers attacked state ones sites of Germany

Portugal will hand over to Ukraine 15 armored personnel carriers M113

In the Chernihiv region found two hiding places from abandoned ammunition by Russian troops

Russia’s war against Ukraine: in Nikolaev area detained a local who helped the occupiers

The Armed Forces announced the destruction of several hundred occupiers who committed atrocities in Bucha

Why Russia may lose its status the world’s leading oil power due to the EU embargo

The Ukrainian military launched a counteroffensive near Zaporozhye

They smashed to dust: the APU is enchantingly destroyed occupiers on Snake Island

APU withdrew from Popasnaya after two months fierce fighting

120 targets were hit: in the South of the APU per day destroyed 80 occupiers and 10 units of equipment

A new Russian strike on the Odessa region: one missile shot down air defense, two hit the residential area

The occupiers destroyed the UOC-MP church in Donetsk region

The United States announced sanctions after the G7 meeting against the Russian media and the blocking of accounting services for Russia

BBC: Berlin police have taken away the flag Of Ukraine at the events dedicated to the Victory Day

In the organization of doctors against nuclear war oppose arms supplies to Ukraine

All the money went to war: show photos large-scale disaster in Russia

The G7 has announced a phased ban on imports oil from Russia

Russia has been expelled from the International Gas Union

On May 8, the Ukrainian military repulsed four attacks, destroying up to 190 occupiers, 49 units of equipment and 2 UAVs

Accompanied Putin. At the island of Snake Navy Ukraine sank a Russian VIP-boat

Zelensky’s meeting with Trudeau

Trudeau visited Irpen

He handed over the positions of the APU: the collaborator was detained

Alexander Markushin discussed with the head The Bundestag the opportunity to help Germany in the reconstruction of Irpen

President Zelensky from the bombed Beards: You say: never again? Tell Ukraine about it

May 9th 2022

"Three times a day they interrogate and beat, force to sing the anthem of Russia ". In the Russian pre-trial detention center there are hundreds of civilians taken out Of Ukraine

The UK has announced a new package sanctions against Russia and Belarus by £ 1.7 billion

Japan has agreed to an embargo on imports Russian oil

On Remembrance and Reconciliation Day the enemy focused on Slobozhansky and Donetsk directions

The war in Ukraine – the occupiers destroyed more 4,000 residential buildings in the Kyiv region

The former top manager of Lukoil was found dead under mysterious circumstances

At least 226 children have died in Ukraine since beginning of a full-scale war

American manufacturer Javelin almost twice increases production

Hackers hacked into Russian television

In Russia, another military registration and enlistment office was thrown Molotov cocktails

Ukraine has announced the neutralization of another Russian general

The shelling of the Odessa region today: the occupiers from the Crimea attacked the Odessa region with supersonic Onyx missiles

War in Ukraine – Russian pilots are firing ammunition in the fields

Vadym Denysenko – referendums on accession occupied territories to the Russian Federation – postponed

He supported the Russian Federation: counterintelligence in Volyn detained the propagandist

In Poland, the Russian ambassador was covered in red paint

Lukashenko stated that "Nazism is in Ukraine again." raised his head ’’

The UOC-MP church in Rivne region was doused with pork blood

APU pilot Igor Bedzai died in action task

They shot him in the head: they continue to find him in Kyiv region burial of civilians

The SBU received testimony from the invaders "combat reserve" of the Russian Federation

The United States will purchase jet ammunition for the Armed Forces of Ukraine laser guidance

The Security Service of Ukraine detained four Lviv residents who were filming on video rocket strikes

Where did the general disappear from the headquarters of the Russian army герасимов

When blackmail does not work: the EU will increase hydrogen production instead of Putin’s energy resources

Order for Terrorists: for what France, Spain and the Roman Catholic Church rewarded Putin’s henchman

Sanctions against Russia – Hungary will not support oil embargo

In the Lviv region, the SBU found a Russian agent

"War will always be with me": y In Kyiv, they said goodbye to Oleksandr Makhov, who died in Donbas

Anton Struev – prosecutors found the Russian military man who committed atrocities in Kyiv region

Balytsky was appointed occupier the governor of the Zaporozhye region

Who can block candidate status for Of Ukraine in the EU – Named problem countries

Prague deprived Marshal Konev of his title honorary citizen

We are already close to solving the problem of banning Russian imports Oil – President of the European Council Michel

Western leaders have demanded that Russia stop the war

Ukraine expects an EU embargo on Russian oil within 24 hours

Vladimir Zelensky spent May 9 in Kyiv meeting with the Secretary General of the Council of Europe

May 10 2022

Gerashchenko announced the death of his ex People’s Deputy David Zhvaniia

Russia continues to destroy Azovstal – General Staff

Biden: Putin has no way out war

Japan has expanded the list of sanctions against Russia - who got on the list

In Volhynia, a Kyivan received suspicion from prosecutors in fierce racist propaganda

Due to sanctions, Russia’s economy is experiencing the worst decline since 1994 – Bloomberg

The Prosecutor General’s Office named the Russians the military, who shot two Bucha residents in the head

Russian war crimes: in Izyum under the rubble found the bodies of 44 civilians

The 92nd brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces defeated a column of Russian troops near Kharkov, Butusov revealed the details

In the Luhansk region in Belogorovka Ukrainian defenders destroyed enemy pontoons: the Russians fled by swimming

Liberation of all territories: Ukraine is changing the goal of victory over the Russian Federation – Kuleba

Germany is preparing to cut off supplies Russian gas

In Russia, children were forced to shoot "the last fascist" in honor of May 9

"Traitors will be punished." As in Bakhmut reacts to the pro-Russian views of neighbors

The Dutch Foreign Minister arrived in Ukraine at the same time with a colleague from Germany: he has already visited the liberated Irpin

Lithuania has recognized Russia as a terrorist country

In Nikolaev detained local who corrected Russia’s missile strike on the defense company

Ukrainian hackers destroyed the Russian one Rutube

People’s deputies propose to deprive of powers deputies of pro-Russian parties in the Verkhovna Rada and local councils

Suspicion of treason has been reported Mariupol, who passed information to the enemy about the underground tunnels Azovstal

Russian businessman Rostovtsev is suspected in terrorist financing

The war in Ukraine is Ukrainian in the East the military destroyed 260 occupiers

Zelensky called on Malta to abandon Russian oil to avoid a food and migration crisis

The German Foreign Minister announced the country’s intention To give up Russian energy resources "forever"

The racists took the collection out of Melitopol Scythian gold

The first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk has died

The ambassador of the Russian Federation, flooded with Ukrainians in Warsaw, called massacre in Bucha staging

The EU and the United States accuse Russia of cyberattacking satellite Internet company Viasat before the invasion

Russia is getting rid of governors en masse

Lukashenko draws troops to Ukraine’s border and threatens Berlin

Transit to the EU under threat: GTS operator reported the cessation of gas supplies due to the occupation of the station by the occupiers Sokhranivka

The Security Service of Ukraine suspects a deputy from Sumy Region of treason

The Senate registered a resolution recognizing Russia is a sponsor of terrorism

May 11 2022

The General Staff reported operational information as of the morning of May 11

A fellow yacht was arrested in Germany Putin

Current operational situation in the South Of Ukraine: on the evening of May 10, 2022, – OK "South"

Interception of SBU on May 11 – the wife allowed the occupier to kill children in Ukraine

The German Embassy in Ukraine has returned to Kyiv

Gas transit through the occupied territories Ukraine stopped

In Chernivtsi they said goodbye to the deceased defender Alexander Balanetsky

The United States is investigating the activities of the Russian software manufacturer

Lukashenko wanted to "buy" Russian Iskanders and SAMs located in Belarus

Sanctions against Russia – Finland arrested giving the editor-in-chief MK and Faberlic accounts

The head of the Severodonetsk VCA stated that 30 percent of the city’s homes will no longer be habitable

’’ Already 5 km ’’: The Russians are sounding the alarm rapid approach of the Armed Forces to the Russian border in the Kharkiv direction

Trostyanets news – DBR found important documents of the Russian military

The war in Ukraine: the General Staff of the Russian Federation has begun struggle for power – GUR

Mask about blocking the Internet in Ukraine: Starlink is resisting, Russia is stepping up efforts

Bulgaria has agreed to supply gas from the United States at lower prices than Gazprom

The occupiers send graduates to war military schools – intelligence

Putin said that the Kherson region should join Russia "as legitimate as Crimea"

The so-called occupation "power" of Kherson will turn to Putin to join Russia

Colonel Igor Bedzai was awarded the rank Unfortunately, the hero of Ukraine is posthumous

The champion died at Azovstal Kyiv boxing Artem Mosha

Rocket attack on Komyshuvakha – a man was killed

The Czech Republic has recognized the actions of the Russian army in Ukraine genocide of the Ukrainian people

The court sent a police traitor behind bars, which provided information to the FSB

Journalist Iryna Danilovich kidnapped by the occupiers found in Simferopol prison

The Ukrainian military began training on self-propelled guns howitzers Panzerhaubitze 2000 in Germany