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Nicholas Zharkikh

May 19 2022

The enemy fired at Chernihiv and Sumy regions with artillery and mortars, – General Staff

Fire in the occupied energy sector hotel complex – the occupiers did not advise electrical wiring

Assets of Russia and Belarus were arrested in Ukraine by 30 billion hryvnias

The US Senate has approved Brink as US Ambassador to Ukraine

In Zaporozhye he detonated a train he was carrying occupiers and ammunition

"His skin was removed." Mortuary volunteer in Bucha talks about "torture camps"

Dozens of cars and refrigerated warehouses in Ukraine is killed by the bodies of the Russian occupiers. Russia does not need them

An enemy fighter-bomber was shot down near Kupyansk

Kharkiv was liberated from Alexander Nevsky

Russians have filed a record number of statements about bankruptcy

The APU captured the enemy Acacia-M anti-aircraft gun

The Armed Forces showed the rapid and accurate destruction of Russia’s BMP

Another air strike on Bakhmut: 6 people were rescued from the rubble of the house – Kirilenko

War with Russia – the Red Cross visited the defenders of Mariupol evacuated from Azostal

Russia will not change with the change of president for Ukraine, Danilov said

A Russian participant has been detained in Kyiv agencies: what is known

War in Ukraine: chambers continue in Russia military registration and enlistment offices: who does it

Sanctions against Russia: Putin began to hide from Russians economic statistics

The UK has imposed new sanctions against the largest Russian airlines

Russia is defending the occupied territories in the south of Ukraine

Deportation has been recognized as genocide in Canada Crimean Tatars, – Kovaliv

Britain will provide additional weapons to Ukraine

The regimes of Russia and Belarus will not leave responsibilities: Europe sets up an international tribunal

Went to Pochayiv Lavra: border guards detained a Russian citizen

Data of the occupiers: The second part has been published data of the occupiers who committed atrocities in Bucha, Irpen and Gostomel

Armed Forces receive Estonian Alvis 4 armored vehicles

The shelling of Severodonetsk on May 19 is already 12 dead and 40 wounded

The Russian army continues to fire on Severodonetsk and storms the route Lysychansk – Bakhmut

Danilov about the residents of Donbass – after deoccupation people will have a choice

Operational information as of 18.00 19.05.2022 on the Russian invasion – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Zaluzhny spoke in NATO: Zaluzhny took participation in a meeting of the NATO Military Committee at the level of Commanders-in-Chief

Solid ruins: the consequences of shelling by the occupiers villages in the Dnipropetrovsk region

In the Kharkiv region, the military was successful ambush on Russian armored vehicles

The US Senate has approved a $ 40 billion aid package to Ukraine

Aid to Ukraine – Germany will allocate close billion euros

Deputies of the Pereyaslav City Council banned activity of the UOC-MP

Erdogan called relations with Russia strategically important

The former US president confused in his speech the war in Iraq with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

May 20 2022

The Russian army unsuccessfully carried out assault operations in direction Severodonetsk – General Staff

The enemy fired on Kharkiv and the region during the day and at night: a man died, there are wounded

G7 ministers are wondering how to limit Russia’s oil profits

The United States is proposing to lift some sanctions to allow Belarus and Russia to export grain

Rivne said goodbye to the Hero Alexander Bubnovich

A drone was shot down in the north of Kyiv

The occupiers attacked Lysychansk and Severodonetsk: 13 people died, more than 60 houses were destroyed in a day.

The occupiers began to admit their losses to Fr. Serpentine

Chernihiv region: border villages were shelled again from the territory of Russia

Have conscripts run out in ORDLO? The SBU has shown who is fighting against Ukraine

European Championships in orienteering Oleg Lenyuk died near Kharkiv

The fortress lane in Pechersk was turned into a museum of the Russian-Ukrainian war

Russians have been banned from exporting sugar: not even 1 kg is allowed

In Kyiv, the morning explosions were caused by the work of the Povoroznyk air defense

Russia hit Raspberry with missiles: there are wounded and large-scale destruction

The CDU / CSU group in the Bundestag calls for strengthening pressure on the Russian Federation to unblock Ukrainian ports

The APU will "silence" the communication of the Russian troops American EW – this will give an advantage in combat

The first trial over Russian military – Politics – Course of Ukraine

Ukrainians are returning home en masse from abroad

Aluminum giant Arconic sells all its business in Russia

Pereyaslav deputies supported the dismantling of the symbol of "friendship" between Ukraine and Russia

Severely wounded fighters from "Azovstal" received help, the process of removing the bodies of the dead continues – the commander of "Azov"

The collapse of the country, the end of the ROC, the war: what awaits Russia after Putin’s death

13 victims of Russian sexual crimes have been identified in Kyiv region

The occupiers-tankers who shot at the hospital in Trostyanets have been identified

Gazprom has announced a halt to gas supplies to Finland on May 21

Schroeder has left Rosneft’s board of directors

The war in Ukraine claimed the lives of at least 3,838 civilians and wounded another 4,351

During the defense of Mariupol, many Ukrainian pilots were killed – Zelensky

The commander of the company of troops of the Russian Federation who ordered to kill civilians in Kyiv region

Air Defense for Ukraine: the new US aid package includes Patriot SAM

An agitator who supported "Russian peace" on social networks was arrested in Volyn

He helped to place equipment "for better shelling" during the occupation: a local man was detained in the Bucha district resident

The hospital was shot from tanks: two occupants were informed of the suspicion

May 21 2022

Zelensky told about pilots who delivered weapons and food to Azovstal

The occupiers fired on the Sumy region from Russia

Situation in Severodonetsk: on the outskirts of the city fighting broke out, six civilians were killed

Serbia has joined EU sanctions against Belarus

A resident of Volnovakha district was detained on Sumy region for spreading communist symbols

Zelensky posthumously awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine to pilot Parkhomenko

An adviser to the mayor of Mariupol showed how the occupiers deported civilians to Russia

Military enlistment offices continue to burn in Russia

Russia’s largest aviation science center is on fire

The occupiers fired mortars at the border areas of Chernihiv region

The SBU reported who hit and from where "Point-U" on the station with people in Kramatorsk

Attacks on Bakhmut, shelling of Avdiivka – the situation in Donetsk region (VIDEO)

Biden signed a $ 40 billion bill to help Ukraine

"Ramstein-2": the Pentagon announced the second meeting of the contact group on defense of Ukraine

In Estonia, advocated the introduction of NATO ships to the Black Sea to unlock Ukrainian ports

Passed data on ZSU to occupiers: in the Nikolaev area caught traitors

To unblock the Black Sea, medium-range missiles are needed: they will change the theater of operations

Russian mass media: nephew died in Ukraine Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation

The Russians stole equipment from Mariupol hospitals and took it to Donetsk as "humanitarian aid"

The Russian military destroyed the bridge between Severodonetsk and Lisichansk – the head of OVA

Germany refused to supply Ukraine with even the old BMP – the media

The aggressor country is in Ukrainian ports blocked 22 million tons of food – President

In Nikolaev dismantled a monument to Pushkin

Terrible revenge: Russia bans Biden, Zuckerberg and Morgan Freeman

Russia has banned the entry of three late US senators

Belarus: A monument to Chapayev was restored in Grodno

"You see the result": Zelensky said how many Ukrainian defenders are currently at war with the occupiers

The Armed Forces destroyed enemy shelling equipment Severodonetsk and destroyed the Pavlograd bridge

May 22 2022

General Staff: APU repulsed the Russian offensive on important direction in the Donbass

Russia has increased the intensity of aircraft use in the zone of active hostilities – the General Staff of the Armed Forces

In the Russian army, commanders treat soldiers like cannon fodder

Andrzej Duda arrived in Ukraine on a visit to the Rada

Izyumchanin, who became the "head of the medical service" in the occupation administration, is suspected of collaborationism

Millionaire blogger from Sumy spreads fake about Poland’s possible annexation of western Ukraine

He headed the enemy administration: a traitor businessman was "packed" in Kyiv region

The bodies of civilians killed by the occupiers were found near Bucha: photo

Five dead Americans are banned from entering Russia

The Russian occupiers in Mariupol banned travel through the city without one-time passes

The military told what was happening in the occupied Kherson region

The OP reported that Ukraine will be able to unblock the Black Sea

Tankers in the Luhansk region stop enemy attacks and often find themselves under fire

Only voluntarily. German Finance Ministry opposes confiscation of assets of Russian oligarchs

Ukrainian exports across the Danube are stuck through Romania’s fault

Ukrainian law enforcement officers detained the first collaborating mayor

The SBU prevented the Russian agency from penetrating the ranks of the Armed Forces

I spent only 20 days in space: Russia’s top-secret satellite with the letter Z burned in the atmosphere

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation complained that the sanctions destroyed all logistics

Austrian activists seized Shuvalov’s villa

In the occupied Energodar there was an explosion in the house of the "mayor" appointed by Russia

Council amends law banning "Z" and "V" symbols

The Verkhovna Rada has denounced a number of agreements within the CIS

Polish President Andrzej Duda addressed the Verkhovna Rada: main theses

Belarus is burying mercenaries who fought on the side of Russia – GUR

The army of the Russian Federation destroyed or damaged 353 objects of cultural heritage, the most – in the Kharkiv region, – Tkachenko

Up to 100 soldiers die every day – Zelensky calls to allow men to leave the country

YouTube has removed over 9,000 channels that spread fakes about the war in Ukraine

Will do without Hungary? The EU wants to introduce embargo without Orban’s voice

In the eastern direction, 9 occupiers were killed, 1 tank, 2 infantry fighting vehicles and 1 mortar – OTU "East"

The "bird" of frontier guards helped. The Ukrainian Armed Forces stopped the Russians’ attempt to force the Seversky Donets

The European Union is due to open its doors to Ukraine in June – Duda

If we say that Ukraine will join the EU in 6 months or 2 years, we are lying. It will take 15 or 20 years – French Minister Bon

Ukraine is at the top of the agenda of the economic forum in Davos, – Reuters

Ukrainians are urged to support the petition for a total ban on the UOC-MP

Sanctions in force: Aeroflot will start dismantling its planes due to shortage of spare parts

In the Donetsk direction occupiers try to break through defense, and in the south strengthen military forces: evening erection of the General Staff

Lithuania has completely stopped importing Russian oil, gas and electricity

May 23 2022

Strike on Raspberry: the scale became known destruction and casualties

The head of the Donetsk OVA announced yesterday the number of victims of shelling among civilians

Without Ukrainian fodder, the world’s livestock farmers will rapidly reduce their livestock

The Russians were expelled from Davos

Another 194 defenders of Ukraine were awarded orders and medals – the president

Men were shot and women were raped: crimes committed by the occupiers in Brest

Ukraine will receive 105-mm L119 guns. Gunners will be trained by New Zealand

The Ukrainian Armed Forces repulsed the enemy in the Slavic and Bakhmut directions

The intensity of the fighting decreased in four directions – the General Staff

During the fighting, the occupiers damaged large diameter gas pipeline in Luhansk region – Gaidai

Occupiers killed more than 4.5 thousand civilians in Ukraine, including 232 children – Venediktov

Lukashenko does not consider Belarus an aggressor in the war against Ukraine

The Ukrainian Book Institute has calculated how many propaganda books should be removed from public libraries

The body of a Gorenka resident tortured by the occupiers was found in Kyiv Region

The office of the Russian representative office of TikTok was robbed in Moscow

The Polish government has terminated the gas contract with Russia ahead of schedule

In the Desna of the Chernihiv region as a result air strike killed 87 people – Zelensky

The Russian army shelled Avdeevka-Kirilenko all night

Russia will deconserve Soviet T-62 tanks

The Russian entered the Black Sea frigate "Admiral Makarov" – OK "South"

"Corrected enemy fire": a list of traitors from "OPZZH" who surrendered Mariupol of the Russian Federation is published

The Foreign Ministry responded to France’s statements on "EU membership in 15-20 years"

Eurosolidarity commented on Medvedchuk’s testimony against Poroshenko

The Kremlin reacted to the verdict against the Russian military

Russian troops attacking Kyiv had chemical weapons: six UAF soldiers were poisoned

Hero of Ukraine, Commander of the 58th Brigade Dmytro Kashchenko: "The Russian Army is not the second army in the world, but the longest army in the world"

The invaders destroyed more than 3,000 houses in Kharkiv

"Rammstein 2." Defense ministers of more than 40 countries held an online meeting on Ukraine

The court allowed the arrest of Yanukovych for signing the "Kharkiv Agreements" – UCP

Lithuania called for the formation of a naval coalition

The death of 4,600 civilians at the hands of the occupiers has been confirmed, – Venediktov

Thieves of a large consignment of bulletproof vests were detained in Lviv region

A resident of Bakhmut helped the occupiers fire on the APU

Starbucks closes business in Russia

The Kremlin called Poland "crazy" after the termination of the gas contract

Habek: Germany gets rid of dependence on of Russian energy "at the speed of light"

The death of Shoigu’s nephew during the war in Ukraine has been officially confirmed

In the temporarily occupied Kherson region, the Russian military is massively and brutally raping children in front of their parents – Denisov

Monopolist "Artemsil" stopped work because of the war: Ukraine is expected to have a shortage of products

Two policemen were informed in absentia about the suspicion of treason – they sided with the enemy

Kharkiv law enforcement officers establish the identity of a racist commander, on whose orders a 13-year-old girl died | News Kharkiv and Ukraine

Zelensky awarded the Order of Gold The star "servicemen and relatives of the fallen defenders who were awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine. Photo report

Russians want to arrange a rostrum over Azovstal defenders in occupied Mariupol

Energoatom: the occupiers shot dead an employee of the Zaporizhzhya NPP

Another 48 Russian soldiers will be tried in Ukraine, – Venediktov

Lifelong for the Russian Shishimarin. First sentence for war crimes

Sanctions in effect: Kazakhstan blocks the accounts of "daughters" of Russian banks

May 24 2022

The most active hostilities are near Lysychansk and Severodonetsk – General Staff

The war in Ukraine: operational data of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as of the morning of May 24

Pavlo Kyrylenko announced about yesterday the number of victims of shelling among civilians in Donetsk region

Prime Minister of Latvia: The only solution to the war - victory of Ukraine and defeat of Russia

Gontareva denied Medvedchuk’s accusations and advised the SBU not to go to Kolomoisky

In Kropyvnytskyi, a judge sentenced a 19-year-old collaborator to study the song "Our Father – Bandera"

Lithuania will recall ambassador from Russia on June 1

Partisans and special services in Melitopol paralyzed arms supplies to the occupied territories

As a result of the counterattack, the Ukrainian Armed Forces captured three Russian tanks

They refuse to fight. Russian sailors complained to Putin and Shoigu – details

Great Britain can send ships to the Black Sea to accompany grain from Ukraine Ukraine news

An ally of the Russian occupiers who called for the imprisonment and execution of Ukrainian prisoners was exposed in the capital. SBU

Hungary may lose its voice in the EU: European Commission holds third hearing on violation of EU rules and values

A record 62 million barrels of Russian oil stuck on tankers at sea: no buyers

Former President Igor Dodon has been detained in Moldova

Industrial production in Belarus has been falling for three months in a row

The sappers of the occupiers blew up Azovstal

Ukraine is unlikely to become a candidate soon accession to the EU – Prime Minister of the Netherlands Rutte

The war in Ukraine is global, by no means not a local problem – Biden

In the Nikolaev and Kherson areas occupiers completely destroyed several villages

500 million euros for lethal weapons: the EU approved the fourth tranche of military assistance to Ukraine

Does not make sense. Orban does not want to consider the oil embargo against Russia at the EU summit

The Foreign Ministry responded to the statement of the Netherlands no Ukraine will soon receive EU candidate status

The UK will not ship to escort of grain carriers in the Black Sea, – The Guardian

Austria has already found 254 million euros in assets of sanctioned Russians News about goods, services, companies, technology

During the war in Ukraine, a Russian pilot-general died – the media

The General Staff told about the attempts of the occupiers to attack Donbass

The railway of Ukraine will pass on the European track, – Shmygal

A man will be tried in Poltava region for making information materials against the Armed Forces

The National Police reported 10 mass graves in Kyiv region

In the east, the Armed Forces destroyed 38 units of enemy equipment, repulsed 9 attacks

The United Nations has confirmed the deaths of 3,942 civilians due to Russia’s large-scale war in Ukraine

The Armed Forces destroyed 17 battalion tactical groups from 90, which Russia used in the war – the Ministry of Defense

The court returned to the state the titanium-magnesium plant Firtash

Russian propagandists in the Kharkiv region were caught on forgery of documents of "surrendered" military APU

Ukrainian militiamen reported on suspicion of treason of the employee of criminal executive service who passed to the side of occupiers

May 25 2022

Summary of the General Staff: The Russians are conducting an offensive in the direction of Severodonetsk

Three months of war in Ukraine in numbers. Military on both sides, civilians, children

Ukraine received from the Czech Republic a batch of attack helicopters – the media

Russia’s ex-president has threatened Italy with war

The people of Yakutia have organized an anti-war movement and demand independence

Nike leaves Russia: the closure of branded stores has been announced

The island of Jersey is under investigation for Abramovich’s estate

The Czech Republic handed over to the Armed Forces Mi-24 combat helicopters – the Russian war against Ukraine

Kuleba on the opening of sea corridors for grain delivery: I do not think that the world will have enough courage

More than 150 traitors have been detained in Rivne region, two of whom have already been imprisoned by the prosecutor’s office

Lithuania will provide Ukraine with 20 armored personnel carriers M113, 10 military trucks and 10 SUVs

The opposition accused the Scholz government of breaking promises to supply weapons

Russia fires Ukrainian IT specialists

Gaidai: The Lysychansk-Bakhmut route is not blocked, there is access to Luhansk region

Lift sanctions and demine waters: in Russia called the conditions for the unblocking of Ukrainian ships with food | Ukraine news

Russian oligarchs want to pay off billions on sanctions for the reconstruction of Ukraine – Freeland

In Poltava they said goodbye to the paratroopers Denis Bondarev and Mykola Krupa

Orban’s reversal: both the new government and the state of emergency must change Hungary’s course

Russia will not be able to pay its debts through US banks. Experts say the default is inevitable

Belarus has acknowledged that it supplies weapons to Russia

In Russia, the turbo regime passed a law on abolition of the age limit for contract service

Turkey can use its own gas in a year

Germany has signed a memorandum on the purchase of liquefied natural gas from the United States

Journalists found a photo of Gauleiter Kherson and his escape from Kyiv

Russian troops tried to attack Severodonetsk and Bakhmut directions, but departed – the General Staff of the APU

Akhmetov estimated the losses of his business in Mariupol: up to $ 20 billion

Will there be a default? Russia has said it will pay on foreign debt in rubles after the US ban

In Lysychansk, 150 people are buried in a mass grave – Gaidai