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Nicholas Zharkikh

April 28 2022

The invaders pulled almost half to Izyum thousands of units of equipment and paratroopers

In the south of the Armed Forces, 49 Russian invaders were killed and 14 units of enemy equipment

The Ukrainian military destroyed eight air forces goals of the Russians

Canada has imposed new sanctions against "LDNR" terrorists

The SBU detained a car with components before military equipment of Russia

In the Zhytomyr region, the SBU exposed an official defense facility on treason

The Brazilian parliament has recognized the Holodomor in Ukraine genocide

PACE supported the creation of an international tribunal because of the Russian war in Ukraine

Canada wants to hand over frozen to Ukraine Russian assets,

Ukraine has the right to do everything to to defend, – Blinken about probability of attacks in the territory of Russia

The UN Secretary General arrived in Borodyanka

"There is some progress" of Russian troops in the direction Lyman, but the Armed Forces hold their positions – Kyrylenko

In Zaporozhye near Gulyaypol continue battles, Russian troops are trying to break through the Ukrainian defense

The Bundestag has decided to provide Ukraine heavy weapons

Blinken spoke in favor of postponing the fighting actions on the territory of Russia – Russia’s aggression

The bridge occupied by the occupiers was blown up near Melitopol imported weapons from the Crimea

Shell has abandoned the gray resale scheme Russian oil

"This evil aunt is the image of today’s Russia." She was fired for insulting a Ukrainian woman

The British Ministry of Defense was subjected to a cyber attack with side of the Russian Federation

The war in Ukraine: in Pervomaisk, a woman who promoted the creation of Novorossiya reported suspicion

The Prosecutor General’s Office showed the photo and found it the faces of ten racists who tortured people in Bucha

People’s Deputy Kovalev commented on the suspension his membership in the "Servant of the People" and suspicion of treason – "Schemes"

Contrary to the OSCE report: why Belarus has be responsible for crimes against Ukraine

Murders by the occupiers in Bucha – CNN published new evidence

How NATO is helping Ukraine in the war

During a search of Medvedchuk’s housewife seized $ 467 thousand and 87 thousand euros – Venediktov

Former serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Dnipropetrovsk region was found guilty of treason and desertion

The DBR confiscated another $ 192 from a former deputy close to Yanukovych thousand

Every day more and more successes: how the Stop Bloody Energy project is destroying the Russian economy

Two soldiers crashed in Saratov, Russia helicopters

EU countries have frozen Russian assets by € 30 billions

Payment for gas in rubles, Finland refused accept the terms of Russia

GUR MO: ministers of the Russian Orthodox Church churches – soldiers of the propaganda army of the Russian Federation

Kubrakov: the whole world is happy with Russia infrastructure blockade in three directions at once

Oleg Tinkov sold 35% of his business

repressive machine is gaining momentum: the Kremlin continues to clean up the military leadership of Russia – GUR

Shelling of Kyiv: It was heard in the center of Kyiv strong explosions

The SSO destroyed an important infrastructure facility in the rear of the enemy in the south of Ukraine

Explosions in Kyiv on April 28 – OP called deprive Russia of its veto in the UN Security Council

The name of the werewolf in the robe he corrected is known enemy fire in Severodonetsk

Russia has banned 592 Canadians, including Trudeau and Freeland

In Russia, there were problems with the release of new ones ruble banknotes due to sanctions

April 29 2022

Russia’s war against Ukraine – data from the General Staff defense on April 29

The Russian occupiers retreated from Mariupol and moving to the Zaporozhye region – the Pentagon

In Ukraine during the fighting with the Russians the occupiers killed an American

"Expropriation" of grain in Ukraine farmers, Russia continues the work of Stalinists and Nazis – Foreign Ministry

The OSCE has announced the closure of the Special monitoring mission in Ukraine. Russia blocked the continuation of its work

Missile attack on Kyiv: number of victims is growing rapidly

Sanctions: waiting for the Russians for several months shortage of sausages and frankfurters

Germany and Greece will supply gas to Poland and Bulgaria

"PrivatBank" moved because of the war its data center to the EU

Sanctions against Russia: Germany is ready to support the embargo on Russian oil

She died in Kyiv as a result of shelling journalist Vira Girich News on

Ukrainian defenders fired strategically important settlement in the Kharkiv region | Heading

Three Russian military detained by SBU - participated in an attempt to seize the South Ukrainian nuclear power plant

In the Kherson region, the SBU found two collaborators

Two residents of Kyiv region are suspected of treason and murder, – Office of the Prosecutor General

Norway will close ports for Russian ships

Russian war crimes: Britain will send experts to collect evidence of war crimes of the Russian Federation in Ukraine (29.04.22 15:35) «Abroad | Censor. NO

Poland handed over more than 200 tanks to Ukraine T-72, as well as infantry fighting vehicles, howitzers, Grads and drones

Poland is ready to defend the airspace Slovakia, if she transfers the planes to Ukraine

Kazakhstan has assured Ukraine that it will not help circumvention of sanctions by Russia on its territory

Ireland can hand over Russian to Ukraine money: what is the purpose and amount

In the Luhansk region, four police officers were reported on suspicion of treason

The DBR checks more than 11,000 Russians who came to Ukraine before the war and did not evacuate back

Sanctions against Russia: Daughter Peskova and Lavrov’s stepdaughters were left without cryptocurrencies

A search was conducted at Deutsche Bank headquarters on suspicion of money laundering

There are no Buryats or Chechens near Chornobaivka divided the booty – GUR

He planned to hand over the city to the occupiers: in the Sumy region detained the head of the OTG

General Staff of the Armed Forces: Russian troops transferred part units from Mariupol – to the Kurakhiv direction

The United Kingdom returned its ambassador to Of Kyiv

More than ten planes with defense supplies will fly to Ukraine days

The UN will double aid to Ukrainians, – Gutterish

The Swiss regulator will check the bank that helps citizens of the Russian Federation to bypass sanctions about what "Schemes" told

Identified at Easter. In Bucha, the Russian military Miron Zvarychuk, a priest at the PCU, was shot dead

The first Russian company goes from Western exchanges at the request of the Kremlin

Russia: in one of the pharmaceutical shops enterprise in Kurgan there was an explosion

Russia began to "denazify" own artists who opposed the war

In the Donetsk region blew up the railway Liman – Raigorodok bridge

Another mass grave was found in Kyiv region about 900 civilians were buried – Zelensky

April 30 2022

Assistance to Ukraine: Baltic States and Poland can increase aid to Ukraine

In Russia, a power plant erupted, black smoke to heaven, video: "The fire happened after…"

G20 meeting: Biden will go to summit only if there is no Putin

European Union reacts harshly to amendments to Belarusian Criminal Code - Charter’97:: News from Belarus – Belarusian News – News from Belarus - Republic of Belarus – Minsk

Scholz’s plane flew over Russia through the North pole

Russia is on fire again: a shopping center is on fire

66th day of the war: The General Staff reported situation in all directions

Ukrainian defenders destroyed the enemy point management: the Russians have a lot of losses

Massacres in Mariupol: How many people killed in Mariupol

The SSO of the Armed Forces of Ukraine told the details of the defense Gostomel airport

Abandoned enemy equipment was found in Kyiv region and a Russian machine gunner who was in hiding

Coffin Parade: It became known as Russia will celebrate May 9

The occupiers erected a monument in Kakhovka Lenin

A Ukrainian guerrilla movement appeared in Berdyansk army

The special services of the Russian Federation were preparing mass riots in Odessa on May 2. Police have already confiscated weapons and symbols

The Kharkiv priest turned out to be an adherent of the Russian Federation

In Finland, the Yandex data center was disconnected from power supply

As a result of the air strike, the Odessa runway was damaged airport

A tanker from Israel praised the work of the Ukrainians colleagues

Denmark will hand over to Ukraine Piranha III armored personnel carrier, heavy mortars and shells to them

"The Ghost of Kyiv" turned out to be a collective image several ace pilots at once

Prisoners in a forest pit. Residents of Dymer – about the way they were tortured by the Russian military

The Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated Verkhnya Rohanka, Ruska Lozova, Slobidske and Prilesne in the Kharkiv region. The occupier is concentrating forces near the border and in the city. Raisins

May 1 2022

Zaporozhye – National Guard with help "Needles" destroyed the Russian Su-25 aircraft together with the pilot

The war in Ukraine: the occupiers are going on the offensive directions Raisin – Barvinkove and Raisin – Slavyansk

War Ukraine Russia – what is the situation on the front 1 May 2022

The Armed Forces of Ukraine struck again at the occupied Zmiiny: 42 occupiers were destroyed

Mayor Buryn, his deputy and deputy of the City Council were informed about suspicion of collaboration with the occupiers

Zelensky noted Ukrainian defenders and defenders with state awards

The penultimate car plant has closed in Russia

Germany refused to pay for Russian gas in rubles

Zelensky met with the Speaker of the Chamber representatives of the US Congress

Metinvest is preparing lawsuits against Russia for destruction Azovstal and MMK named after Ilyich

A former APU officer became a traitor in 2014 Crimea, in 2022 he was captured as a Russian occupier and received 15 years

Russia seeks to involve other countries in military production to circumvent international sanctions – intelligence

Putin may declare recognition on May 9 ORDLO part of the Russian Federation – Denisenko

Passed to the occupiers data on movements APU: a resident of the Kharkiv region is suspected of espionage

In Nikolaev I received suspicion of treason trader of racist invaders

Volodin offered to "confiscate" in Russia assets of businessmen from "unfriendly countries"

He died in the Kherson region from the torture of the occupiers veteran of anti-terrorist operation Nazar Kogalnyak, – Denisova

The Ministry of Defense showed how the gunners for with the help of "Gradov" racist troops are destroyed

The President of the United States mentioned the death of the journalist Radio Liberty Vera Girich in an address to the White House Correspondents Association

Germany has backed an oil embargo from Russia

There are two locals in Brovary district suspected of killing civilians during the occupation

Died defending Kyiv from man-made catastrophes: the story of the Hero of Ukraine Andrei Nikonchuk

Officially: Zelensky confirmed the beginning evacuation from Azovstal

A collaborator is suspected in the pursuit of the position from Novoaydar, – prosecutor’s office

The GBR told about the investigation of treason people’s deputies

Obukhov spent the last journey of his fighter

The situation in Kyiv region has died at least 1202 civilians

Ukraine can get a new, even more powerful one "Bayraktar" with engines of own production

Warehouses explode near Belgorod, Russia weapons, near Kursk blew up a bridge

Finland is preparing to cut off supplies of Russian gas in May

Destruction of Russian equipment "Carnation" showed the Ukrainian military

The Russian Armed Forces continue the offensive in the Donbass and incur heavy losses – the General Staff of the APU

Congressman Kinzinger introduced a joint resolution which will use the US military to defend Ukraine

"They were examples and applied "The volunteer told how he was tortured by the occupiers in captivity Kyiv region

A helicopter crashed in Russia

Fighting in the East: Enemy in the east

Zelensky and the Speaker of the House of Representatives Congressman Pelosi discussed how the lease will work

ТОнеТО | The Ministry of Internal Affairs announced the detention fire adjusters in Kyiv

May 2 2022

Data from the General Staff on the morning of May 2

Last night on the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk destroyed 68 units of enemy equipment

Environmental rallies in Russia are gaining anti-war nature – the National Security and Defense Council

Three countries have revoked their oil veto embargo against Russia

Eugene "Son" Mironov defended Ukraine in the war, while his father was fighting for the occupiers – an interview with the Ukrainian military

Poroshenko and others were involved in the emergence of the PCU in "shooting" lists of racists, – the people’s deputy Vasilevskaya-Smaglyuk

Zelensky about ten attempts to assassinate him life: it’s not so scary, Putin has a lot more problems5

Sanctions against the Russian Federation. Hungary will veto oil embargo

The shelling of the bridge across the Dniester estuary -in Odessa OVA confirmed the information

The Russians destroyed the famous gymnasium in the Luhansk region, which withstood two world wars

Kuleba said that Lavrov’s words were offensive and for Zelensky, and for the whole Jewish people

Oil is falling in price: everyone is waiting for an embargo

The SBU has identified nearly 900 Russians invaders who committed crimes against civilians in Kyiv region

Russia’s gas exports have plummeted to a minimum in three months

Competition of court writers – how Russian authors welcome the war

Explosion in Perm – at the powder factory died two people

Israel demands an apology after Russia’s statement about Hitler’s Jewish roots

The Ministry of Defense showed a strategic photo meetings on the offensive in the Kharkiv region

The APU struck the occupiers for the 18th time Chernobaevka

Germany is ready for an immediate embargo on Russian oil – Ministry of Finance

Arrest of ex-regional money: DBR arrested more $ 4.5 million of dubious assets of former People’s Deputy Yankovsky, close to Yanukovych

A young man who was transmitting was detained in Slovyansk information about the Armed Forces of the Russians

Activist Prikhodko said that the rally of women near the military registration and enlistment office in Khust was organized by People’s Deputy Lunchenko

The occupiers fired on the Moscow temple of the Patriarchate in Odessa – Danilov

Burials were discovered in Kalynivka, Kyiv Region two men with traces of torture – UCP

The war in Ukraine – in the east of the Armed Forces eliminated 75 occupiers

May 3 2022

The occupiers and collaborators are actively plundering the south Of Ukraine

Fighting Collaborators: A minor in Donetsk region declared suspicion of treason – reported information about the Armed Forces – the prosecutor’s office

Reuters: Russia redirected Internet traffic to Kherson region through its servers

A large-scale fire broke out in the warehouses Moscow region

Azerbaijan, following Turkey, closed the sky for Russian military aircraft

Last night, the Ukrainian military hit eight air targets occupiers

The occupiers are trying to make up for the significant losses in technique: construction of the General Staff of the Armed Forces

Purges in the FSB: the Defense Ministry said that takes place in Putin’s entourage

"Russia will fall apart": Ukrainian intelligence tells about the possible outcome of the war for Russia

Israel can no longer be neutral war in Ukraine – The Jerusalem Post

Borrel announced the disconnection from SWIFT additional Russian banks

Russia’s losses in the war in Ukraine – how much killed Russian soldiers "Word and Deed

Kadyrov’s TikTok troops shot the military Russia near Bucha

During the day, the APU liquidated almost 20 drones of the RF Armed Forces for $ 2 million

The Rada supported the appeal to the United States for recognition Russia as a sponsor of terrorism

Johnson addressed the Verkhovna Rada

The SBU detained supporters in the Vinnytsia region "Russian world"

No losses? Russian demographers are fixing record mortality

Low salaries and mass layoffs: the Russian military industry is cracking at the seams – intelligence

The Russian Federation is quite active in organizing terrorist attacks on its own territory, – the head of the Ukrainian intelligence

Pro-Russian activities banned in Ukraine parties

A Russian agent who was surrendering positions was detained in Kyiv Region National Guard

In Chernihiv on suspicion of espionage detained a Russian citizen with a volunteer ID

The grave of the tortured was found in the Kyiv region Ukrainians

One-way ticket: APU destroyed a division of the Russian occupiers

The war in Ukraine is an elite unit of the occupiers do not withstand the pressure of the Armed Forces

Russian Bankoff users can to run out of money – the bank sent the appropriate letters

The EU will cut by two thirds by the end of the year consumption of Russian gas – the European Commission

The Armed Forces destroyed an enemy post in the south management and 3 warehouses with ammunition

319 members of the DRG were detained in Kyiv, some from they were part of 18 groups – KMVA

Zelensky met with the German leader opposition to Friedrich Merz

Israel intends to supply arms to Ukraine

Kovalev’s "servant" was suspected in state change

In the Kharkiv region 2 collaborators were exposed, who helped the occupiers

The military-industrial complex of the Russian Federation breaks down: employees complain en masse about low salaries

The war in Ukraine claimed the lives of at least 3,193 civilians and wounded another 3,353

The self-proclaimed mayor of Mariupol personally corrected Russian shelling

Russian troops fired missiles at Lviv and the region

Ukraine will not celebrate the Day on May 9 Victories

May 4 2022

Russia is trying to advance in eastern Ukraine - General Staff

What Ivankiv became in Kyiv region after his arrival "Russian measure": a photo of the consequences of the destruction

Irpen: more than a hundred people killed by Russians remain unrecognized, – Venediktovaa

Bribed with discounts? China started secretly buy bloody oil

They asked Ukrainians for bread, ate dogs and nutria: the media told how Russia "threw" its soldiers

Missile strike in Transcarpathia: the SES said about the situation at the place of impact

The OP commented on the mass shelling cities of Ukraine

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has declared a journalist wanted Alexander Nevzorov

Oil refining in Russia fell by 7% in a month

Russian authorities have banned entry into the country citizens of Japan

Missile strike of the Russian Federation: Scenario of shelling of objects Ukrzaliznytsia was provided

The Economist: Almost 60% of users Ilona Mask Starlink – from Ukraine

"There is a hot phase": the Ministry of Defense explained why they talk about a long war and cautious about success

In the army of the Russian Federation the plan breaks "replacement" of combat losses: Russians do not want to die in Ukraine

Kyiv bids farewell to famous "cyborg" Ruslan Borovik

The General Staff of the APU confirmed the resumption attacks of the occupiers on Azovstal

From an air strike on the Mariupol Drama Theater about 600 people died – investigation

The Russians tried to take the stolen goods to Egypt Ukrainian grain

Sent photos of rocket attacks to Russia: saboteur detained in Kyiv

He handed over the positions of the APU: he was detained in Odessa supporter of the "Russian world"

The head of the Cossack Lopan side sided with the occupiers and is suspected of treason

French authorities have arrested a Russian villa billionaire Friedman in St. Tropez

Export ban: Russia is declining timber harvesting

Since the beginning of the war, the air raid in the capital has continued 355 hours

The church of the Moscow Patriarchate was banned in Konotop