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Nicholas Zharkikh

June 2, 2022

The occupiers partially captured the village of Komishuvaha, the fighting continues

Russian occupiers seek to avoid fighting on Seversky Donets and move to Lysychansk in Luhansk region – ISW

Britain will hand over 80 km long-range missile systems to Ukraine – CNN

The United States is discussing the sale of large combat drones to Ukraine. They are three times heavier than the Bayraktars

Holders of Russian Eurobonds demand declare default on Russian bonds

FT: Saudi Arabia agrees to increase oil production if it falls in Russia

Taiwan has banned the export of chips to Russia and Belarus

The Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down a high-precision Russian drone occupiers

A resident was detained on suspicion of treason Sumy region – the prosecutor’s office

Missile strike on the railway in the Lviv region: dozens of trains are delayed – the list

UNESCO has refused to exclude Russia from the organization

The effectiveness of the UAV "RQ 20 Puma" in combat

The European Commission has updated the list of airlines from Russia, for which the skies of the EU

Explosions erupted in captured Berdyansk. Ukrainian partisans are working

The Irish Senate recognized Russia’s aggression Ukraine by genocide

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine responded to Lavrov’s statement about demining of ports in the Black Sea

Three more anti-Ukrainians were exposed in Cherkasy region Internet agitators – SBU

Pseudo-heads of the Chornobayiv TG administration, appointed by the occupiers, suspicion was reported

Due to losses, Russia began to produce more shooting equipment and missiles

The EU has adopted the sixth package of sanctions against Russia – ROC Patriarch Kirill will not fall under them

No discount on the war. Germany has supported EU candidate status for Ukraine

Panic reigned in the Kremlin, and Fr. "referendum" in Donbass has already been forgotten

A man who surrendered was detained in Kramatorsk positions of the APU to the occupiers

The national police fired the policemen who did not show up in time from the occupied territories to other places of deployment

Russia has recognized VPN services as a threat and will block them

The European Parliament has banned the work of lobbyists supported by Russia

Another Belarusian bank will be disconnected from SWIFT

Severodonetsk is holding on and has all the chances for a quick release, – Gaidai

The United States has imposed sanctions on Putin’s yachts

Ukraine will decide for itself how far shoot with HIMARS – US Ambassador

A retired pensioner will be tried in Varash justified Russian aggression

The SBU detained a pro-Russian Internet agitator in Kyiv

EU countries have taken in 5.3 million Ukrainian refugees since the start of the war, and 2.3 million have returned – Frontex

June 3 2022

The occupiers tried to storm the Kryvyi Rih direction – the Armed Forces responded

Almost zero! Arestovich told how the APU near Kherson "crushed" BTGr occupiers

The United States is imposing sanctions on 71 companies from Russia and Belarus

Russia has confirmed the liquidation of a Russian major general in Donbass

Six amateurs will be tried in Odessa "Russian world", which justified Russian aggression

5 embroideries of Yuri Ternavsky. What is known about businessman who meets DNR leader with bread and salt

He left the city on corpses. History Mariupol, who lost his eye and lost relatives

The Bulgarian authorities have stated that they will never do it again to negotiate with Gazprom

To the supporter of the destruction of Ukraine Shkrebets, son who died on the cruiser "Moscow", security forces came and took away laptop "for examination", – The Insider

Aeroflot plane stolen from lessor by Russia not released in Sri Lanka

Ministry of Defense about 100 days of war: Gone nation-building is greater than in the last century

Specialists from the USA arrived in Ukraine to study enthusiastic Russian technology – the media

Mariupol. The tank shot the house with people for the sake of a successful shot. "They got six bodies" [video]

Explosions started again in the port of Berdyansk. Video

The Ukrainian military continues to beat enemy from the Kherson region

Mykhailo Haevy from Kolomyia died in the war

A whole detachment of occupiers from Luhansk has "disappeared" near Kharkiv: they cannot be found

Loss again: defender from Kamianets-Podilskyi Mykola Los died

Guerrillas killed more than a hundred invaders in occupied Melitopol

The Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany acknowledged that it is necessary be realistic and called the priority in the war

Officially: the EU has approved the sixth package of sanctions against Russia

The National Guards covered the warehouse with artillery of enemy ammunition in Luhansk region (video)

Named the number of destroyed airports and stations for 100 days of Russian invasion

The Ukrainian ambassador said that Turkey was buying stolen Ukrainian grain in Russia

Ukraine has agreed with Westinghouse on construction of 9 nuclear power units and fuel supply

The SBU neutralized the criminal in Kyiv and Chernihiv group

More than 1.2 thousand war crimes were recorded in Mariupol, – Boychenko

For 100 days of full-scale war in Kyiv 28 rockets "arrived", 95 people died

The end of Russian aviation: a third country has detained a stolen Russian plane

Russia is recruiting mercenaries to form the DRG, Ukrainian-speaking people from Donbass are preferred, – the Ministry of Defense

The Ukrainian Armed Forces pushed Russian troops away from a village near Severodonetsk to the Ministry of Defense

There is a shortage of cigarettes in Germany due to the war in Ukraine

The EU is preparing a gas agreement with Egypt and Israel

Russia has banned entry in response to sanctions 41 Canadians, including members of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress

The occupiers attack Lysychansk. They tried to force the river

A French volunteer died in Ukraine

The EU has given until September to withdraw from "pre-sanction" joint ventures with Russian state-owned companies

Ukraine has prepared a sanctions list of 12,000 Russians – the Foreign Ministry

Russian troops have reached “partial success "in the eastern part of Severodonetsk – the General Staff of the APU

"Fry the orcs decently." Kim reported important news from the front

Sanctioned Russian banks will be disconnected from SWIFT on June 14, – European Union (photo)

Two more occupiers were informed about the suspicion – for the shooting of civilians and the order to fire on the cars of civilians

Suspected of collaborating with the enemy: all employees left in the occupation were fired from the National Police

The founder of Yandex fled the company less than an hour after falling under EU sanctions

Viber was banned in the occupied territories of Donbass

Two international Reuters journalists were injured near Severodonetsk, and their driver from the occupied territories died

The Armed Forces returned 20% of Severodonetsk, the head of the Luhansk Regional State Administration

Putin offers Ukraine to export grain through Mariupol, Belarus or its ports

In Kyiv, patrol officers detained a saboteur with Sharia’s business cards

In Russia, Aeroflot has canceled all flights to Sri Lanka, because they were caught with a stolen plane

June 4, 2022

Four killed in the mountain community on Luhansk region, the storming of Severodonetsk by the occupiers continues, – Gaidai. PHOTO REPORT

The Russian army is slowly advancing in the Donbass and threw reserves to Severodonetsk – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Medvedchuk has no testimony against Poroshenko importance in the case of treason – Venediktov

An enemy helicopter was pulled out of Kyiv reservoirs together with the bodies of the Russians

From Russia come the Marriott hotel chain and Europe’s largest insurer Allianz SE

Slovakia will hand over to Ukraine howitzers designed for its own army

The channel of financing of the agency of the Russian Federation in Ukraine is liquidated, the group acting in the interests of special services of the aggressor is neutralized, - SBU. PHOTO

The Russian military may kill Putin because of the failure of the war in Ukraine – The Sun.

In Russia, a man set fire to the house of the Rosguard: a video of "hell" fire

An expensive Russian drone was shot down by the Ukrainian Armed Forces

In the battles for Ukraine, a famous man died heroically military from the Dnieper

More than 1,300 bodies already: Ukrainians shot and tortured by Russians still found in Kyiv region

Macron opposed the humiliation of Russia: "I told Putin he made a historic and fundamental mistake."

The global food crisis proves that Putin is at war with the whole world, and we must stop it together, – Poroshenko in an interview with the Adenauer Foundation

SBU exposed Khmelnytsky recruited by FSB: had to collect data on the military and members of their families

What Bezugla’s "servant of the people" is doing in Severodonetsk: accusations of journalists and the position of the people’s deputy

More than 200 people killed by the Russian occupiers could not be identified in the Kyiv region

A huge warehouse is on fire in the Moscow region: a video has been published

Anti-war protests: In Russia, detained people who hacked the accounts of priests of the Russian Orthodox Church

The Ministry of Reintegration reported on the exchange of bodies of fallen servicemen between Ukraine and Russia

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting for full control over Severodonetsk

"Russia humiliates itself": Kuleba responded to Macron’s allegations of humiliation

The journalist Ovsyannikov is a part of the Russian propaganda, – the National Security and Defense Council

Poland has built a 120-kilometer fence on the border with Belarus

“More powerful and larger caliber: Zaluzhny reported that American M109A3 howitzers are already working at the front

In eastern Ukraine, the occupiers’ command and control post and two ammunition depots were destroyed

The General Staff announced a new phase of fighting for Severodonetsk

In Ukraine, four volunteers from International Legion

The Polish Foreign Ministry spoke about the seventh package of EU sanctions against Russia

Bridget Brink: Visited Borodyanka

June 5 2022

Air defense forces shot down a plane, a helicopter, several drones and cruise missiles in a day

Morning summary of the General Staff: the Russians are advancing in the Slavic direction and stormed in Severodonetsk

Belarus, following the Russian Federation, has decided to legalize the gray import of goods and software

The seventh package of EU sanctions will include Russian gas and an expanded list of banks

Ukrainian artillery destroyed the Russian warehouse ammunition in Zaporozhye

Two soldiers from Poltava region died in the war with the occupiers

The speaker of the Hungarian parliament stated Zelensky’s "mental problems"

Bankova responded with sayings to statements from Hungary about Zelensky’s "mental illness."

The FSB proposes to ban the broadcasting of any Ukrainian channels in Russia

Rocket shelling of Kyiv: Podoliak called the main goal of the occupiers

Ukrainian defenders struck at enemy warehouses with fuel, equipment and ammunition: detonated all night

During the day, the Armed Forces withdrew from the battle in Zaporozhye 27 Russians, destroyed equipment and the position of the enemy unit

In response to arms supplies to Ukraine, Putin threatens to strike at those targets that have not yet been beaten (VIDEO)

In Kyiv and the oblast, DRGs became more active again

Russian troops deliberately fired the center of Donetsk for the "picture" in the media

Morning shelling of Kyiv: it became known where Russian missiles hit

Russia has announced the destruction of armored vehicles in Kyiv and threatens new blows

Russia has found an industry that is growing under sanctions

The police showed a video of the destruction of Lisichansk after the shelling of the Russians (video)

The head of the Pentagon announced a meeting of "Ramstein-3" in Brussels

Speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine: We expect the Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament to publish a certificate on his mental health

Transcarpathian legionnaires shot down the "Alligator" of the occupiers for several million dollars

During attack of Kyiv one of enemy missiles struck a military object, – Denisenko

What is left of the shelling of the Russian monastery of the Svyatogorsk Lavra

Serbia will be left without Russian oil due to EU sanctions

The European Union has developed a plan to abandon Russian gas

In Moldova, a Ukrainian people’s deputy was detained and sent to a pre-trial detention center

Media: three countries refused to miss Lavrov’s board

The Armed Forces have cleared half of Severodonetsk and are moving forward

Near Donetsk, the Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down a Russian Alligator helicopter for $ 16 million

Russian troops are attacking in the direction of Svyatogorsk, according to the General Staff

Spain is ready to supply Ukraine with Leopard tanks and Shorad Aspide missiles – El Pais newspaper

The body of another resident killed by the occupiers was found in Kyiv region

Zelensky met in Zaporozhye with immigrants from Mariupol

Roskomnadzor blocked the Strana.UA website and several Ukrainian online media outlets

June 6, 2022

Occupiers attack Slavyansk and Svyatogorsk, storm Severodonetsk, – the General Staff of ZSU

They showed a fragment of the battle of the International Legion with the occupiers

Hundreds of infantry fighting vehicles, tens of thousands of shells and more than 3 million rounds. Greece has announced a large-scale supply of weapons to Ukraine

As a result of the shelling of Darnytsky car repair plant completely destroyed three shops – Ukrzaliznytsia

Zelensky visited the positions of the Armed Forces in Bakhmut and Lysychansk (video)

The APU is chasing the occupiers with American M224 mortars

Fighting continues in Severodonetsk: APU holds industrial zone, enemy intensifies shelling

Wagner’s Buryats eliminated Andanov, who has been fighting against Ukraine since 2014. PHOTO

The United Kingdom has officially confirmed that it will hand over the ML2 M270 to Ukraine

Russia’s signal to the United States: Estonia’s ambassador to Ukraine reacted to a missile strike on Kyiv

The Ambassador of Ukraine to Bulgaria has submitted an official request for arms supplies

A bandage was found in the first aid kit of the Russian soldier dressing bag made more than 70 years ago

The Armed Forces managed to push back a group of ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet 100 km from the Ukrainian coast

The Ministry of Defense explained how the death of General Kutuzov will affect the course of the war in Ukraine

Kuleba urges not to believe Putin that "grain corridor" to Odessa will not be used for attack

The exchange did not work out: the United States will not lift sanctions on Russia in exchange for grain exports

Men with the arsenal of the weapon waited for return of Russians to the Chernihiv region to help them – SBU

The head of Roscosmos threatened Bulgarians, Montenegrins and Romanians with a missile strike

For the first time, Moldova and Romania will hold a joint session of their parliaments

In the yards and under the rubble thousands of corpses are rotting in Mariupol – photos have appeared on the Internet natural burials – occupied Mariupol

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry supported the scandalous statement head of parliament to Zelensky

Zelensky rejected proposals to transport grain through Belarus and explained why

In the Dnipropetrovsk region, collaborators surrendered positions of the APU

Nevzorov has not yet received Ukrainian citizenship, – Danilov

Russia has started handing over to Ukraine the bodies of the dead Azovstal defenders – the media

Border guards detained a resident of Sloviansk who worked for the DNR

Traitors of the Ukrainian people continue to be found in Kyiv

Foreign Ministry: Russia has banned the entry of 61 US citizens

The United States issued an arrest warrant for Abramovich’s planes: what happened

June 7, 2022

Last night the enemy struck about 40 strikes on the territory of Sumy region – the head of OVA

Biden declassified US intelligence data before the Russian invasion due to Allied skepticism

The President of Ukraine noted 121 soldiers state awards, 32 of them posthumously

World War I: How Anonymous Resists Russian Aggression

Johnson received a year of immunity

Belarus can deploy up to 80,000 troops on Ukraine’s border

Debts are growing: the aggressor does not recognize the decision of the European Court of Human Rights for more than 2 billion

The Kyiv Regional Administration announced the beginning of the reconstruction of Gostomel – Skyscraper

The occupiers again fired on Lysychansk, fighting for Severodonetsk is in full swing, – the head of OVA

In the Nikolaev area two police officers handed over the service weapon to the Russian occupiers

Russian shelling and air strikes: the General Staff spoke about the situation in the main areas

In the Kharkiv region, the enemy suffers heavy losses manpower and technology – Sinegubov

The Russian military has left "almost all checkpoints" in the Melitopol region – Fedorov

The IAEA Director General is lying about the invitation from Of Ukraine to visit the occupied Zaporozhye NPP, – "Energoatom"

A brave resident of the Izmail region died in the Donetsk region

Losses again: a 21-year-old soldier from Fastiv died in Kharkiv region

A young soldier from Kostopil died in the war.

The enemy fired on the city of New York, destroyed houses, people are under the rubble

In Mariupol, the occupiers are recruiting residents to work in torture chambers via SMS

Three shots – minus three Russian BMP: the Ukrainian serviceman told how he repulsed the enemy attack

In Russia, data on the dead occupiers in Ukraine recognized as a state secret – information is deleted en masse

In Donbass, the Armed Forces defeated two "elite" brigades of Russia

The SBU detained the former "DNRovets", trying to serve in the APU (photo)

A border guard from Rivne region is suspected of treason

Bukovynets, who served in the army of the Russian Federation, will be tried in Volyn, – prosecutor’s office

Igor Kushnir, a soldier from Fastiv, died near Slovyansk

Lead plants in Russia are on the verge of closure due to export halts

In Ukraine, the military liquidated a Russian lieutenant colonel from Ekaterinburg

Let’s end the war, and then deal with Lukashenko – Kovalevsky on the mood of volunteers from Belarus

Zelensky reacted to the Russian strike on one of the largest grain terminals in Ukraine

The Russian agent created 20 pro-Russian media in Ukraine: details

The frontier guard from the Rivne area transferred to Russians information on high-ranking officers of National guard – prosecutor’s office

Japan has imposed new sanctions on Russian banks

Investors are preparing to seize Russian state property abroad

Gas supplies from Russia have fallen since the beginning of the war 30% – where did Gazprom stumble

In the Kharkiv region, Russian troops are covered by the residents of Izyum as a "living shield" – the mayor

The situation in Severodonetsk is "stably difficult", street fights continue – Vlasenko

Zelensky sharply responded to Macron’s call not to humiliate Russia

Israel does not want to step out of its comfort zone, while we are being killed – the ambassador of Ukraine

The retreat of the Armed Forces in Donbass is not a tragedy, he said required for regrouping – Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Danilov

Britain has called for an investigation into Russia’s theft of Ukrainian grain

The EU oil embargo will take effect in 2023: what to prepare for

"We Condemn War": Corporation IBM has announced a complete shutdown in Russia

5 years in prison for liking: the court ruled a Kyivan who sympathized with the Russians and the DNR in Odnoklassniki

An FSB agent has been detained and will be tried in Odessa

The population of Mariupol decreased by 5 times

Russian rockets fired at in Kyiv several DVRZ shops are not subject to restoration – Ukrzaliznytsia

The activity of Russian aviation has decreased – the General Staff

Ukraine agrees to import liquefied natural gas from the United States

A collaborator from the "administration" of Mariupol was declared suspected of treason

The Ministry of Culture will set up a council to de-Russify the country

The US Ambassador visited Irpin and Bucha

The National Police named the number of dead in Bucha and Bucha district

Dmitry Medvedev hysterically declared hatred for those who want to destroy Russia

The Fiji Supreme Court has approved the extradition of the US yacht Amadea, which is associated with Russian Senator Kerimov

Europe’s largest companies have agreed to pay for Russian gas in rubles

June 8, 2022

The Armed Forces of Ukraine rejected the enemy in the Severodonetsk direction, – the General Staff

South. Ukrainian aviation and artillery struck four places of concentration of the Russian army

The Great Britain promised to deliver to Ukraine a party of high-tech Brimstone missiles for release of ports, – mass media

In Bucha 461 people were lost, – the chief of National police (photo)

GUR: The bodies of 210 servicemen have already been returned to Ukraine, most of them Azovstal defenders

The drone recorded an attack by Ukrainian aircraft on positions of the occupiers (video)

The biggest defense contract in 30 years: how will the Polish howitzer Krab help Ukraine in the counteroffensive?

The assets of a company owned by Putin’s entourage have been seized

A resident of Luhansk region, who passed information to the occupiers, was sentenced to eight years in prison

He supported the "Russian world": one of the mayors of the Donetsk region is suspected of treason

The 90s are back: Belarusians are complaining about food shortages

Russia has proposed repealing the recognition of Lithuania’s independence

Eight Russian soldiers were declared suspects due to the death of civilians in Chernihiv region

Foreigners in the ranks of the Armed Forces are protected by Geneva convention – a statement of the General Staff of the Armed Forces

The Georgian parliament has found a new reason why Zelensky will not speak there

Arahamiya confirmed to the court that Abramovich helped save 400,000 Ukrainians – The Times

A traitor who handed over the location of the Armed Forces to the Russians was detained in Zhytomyr Oblast

Canada has announced a new package of sanctions against Russia’s oil and gas sector

The racists suffered enormous losses in the Donetsk region: the construction of the General Staff

The UN reports 4,253 civilian casualties. Mariupol authorities – 22 thousand in the city alone. As they are counted

"Servants of the people" decided to exclude from the faction Alexei Kovalev and called him a collaborator of the aggressor

Turkey called legitimate Russia’s demands lifting of sanctions on Russian agricultural products

Two citizens of Ukraine were sentenced to 13 years in prison lattice. They fought in the Russian army

Vilnius City Council approves dismantling of monument to Soviet soldiers at Antakalnis Cemetery

In Moscow, they are going to rename the squares in front of the US and German embassies

Luxembourg has frozen 4.3 billion euros in Russian assets

She was involved in the evacuation of orphans: Natalia Krasilnikova and her family died in Mariupol

The European Parliament has recommended that Ukraine be granted EU candidate status

Duda starts touring EU countries to convince give them EU candidate status

Enemies change the occupying power in Donetsk region: Russians are appointed to replace collaborators