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Nicholas Zharkikh

May 9th 2022

Current operational situation in the south Of Ukraine: the result of June 8, 2022 – OK "South". VIDEO

Is that what they said to Hitler? Duda criticized Scholz and Macron for calling Putin

The Czech Ministry of Finance became interested in business Kherson collaborator Saldo

A sentence was announced for a resident of Odesa region who passed information about the Armed Forces to the occupiers

Return from Mordor. How deported Ukrainians are being taken out of Russia

Volkswagen has offered its employees in Nizhny Novgorod to resign, – the media

The flash mob continues: military enlistment offices are burning in Russia

The United States has imposed new investment restrictions on Russia

The bodies of another 58 Azovstal defenders were brought to Kyiv

The situation at the front is difficult, Ukraine is daily loses up to a hundred fighters – Reznikov

Russians launched an artillery strike on Bakhmut (photo)

In the Donetsk region, the invaders treat the bodies of the dead as garbage

Ukrainian aircraft have made more than 1,100 enemy air strikes since the beginning of the war

Ukraine’s coastal defense has already been strengthened by Harpoon-Reznikov missiles

A fire broke out at a machine-building plant in Bakhmut due to shelling

Polish howitzers are already at the front – Reznikov

Germany is delaying the delivery of MLRS for Ukraine – new deadlines have been announced

Occupation "police" of Kakhovka: the names of collaborators became known

Igor Slavgorodsky from Bucha died in Luhansk region

The US Treasury Department has banned the purchase of Russian ones shares on the secondary market

Russia’s special services are trying to disrupt arms supplies to Ukraine

The Russian occupiers together with families move to Kherson, – OK "South"

The Armed Forces destroyed howitzers and automobiles at night equipment and more than 10 occupiers in the south

The occupiers suffered losses in Bakhmut direction and took the units for recovery, – General Staff

The missile was launched in the Zhytomyr region from Belarus – OVA

The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry reacted to the idea of the Russian Federation "cancel the independence" of the country – World events – Course of Ukraine

Gaidai: Russians took Buryats out of Severodonetsk because they die like flies

The enemy advanced towards Kamishevakha, but unsuccessfully stormed Severodonetsk – General Staff

Zelensky imposed sanctions on Putin and Russian officials

Propaganda interests above the law and morality: the reaction of the Foreign Ministry to the trial of foreign defenders

Kyiv City Council stripped Minsk of its status twin cities

Bloomberg: Container imports to Russia fell 60% after the invasion of Ukraine

Since June 1, more than 2,600 appeals have been received relatives of prisoners, missing and dead soldiers – the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Russian billionaire Mikhail Friedman wants to obtain Ukrainian citizenship

Zelensky will take part in the NATO summit in Madrid

Kyiv plans to build a military cemetery for war veterans

May 10 2022

Up to 30 BTG of Russia in the Slobozhansky direction, fighting in Severodonetsk – morning summary of the General Staff

Russia’s war against Ukraine: Zelensky said successes of the Armed Forces in Zaporizhia and Kharkiv regions

The Russian army lost in Donbass during day 10 tanks and ammunition depot – Ukrainian military

Russian AvtoVAZ worked one day and again went to idle due to lack of components

Russian Aliexpress drones are falling to the ground for no apparent reason

How things are going about traitors – infographics

France has announced the supply of additional weapons to Ukraine

Biden and Trudeau agreed to attract Putin to responsibility for the war in Ukraine

In the Kherson region the Ukrainian aviation struck a series of blows on rashists around five settlements

Due to losses incurred in Kharkiv region, motorized infantry unit of the occupiers in full refused to participate in battles, – General Staff

Against Ukraine’s candidate status in the EU Denmark and the Netherlands – Bloomberg

The State Department responded to the "sentence" for foreigners captured by DNR terrorists

Amazon helped Ukraine after the Russian attack transfer 10 petabytes of data to the cloud

A plant in Kyiv that was hit by missiles occupiers, resumed work

In Severodonetsk – street fights, the environment of the Ukrainian military in the Luhansk region is not threatened – OVA

Medvedchuk’s political technologist was suspected of treason – SBU

Another Kyivan was informed about the suspicion due to the justification of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine

The Nash Krai party reacted to detention of one of its leaders

Orban is intimidating the EU by destroying the economy due to the gas embargo from Russia, – the media

In Russia, the head of the district from the countryside confessed to the collapse of the infrastructure and the desire to leave the post

Every day 100-200 Ukrainian defenders die, – Podoliak

Japan has banned the export of trucks, dump trucks and bulldozers to Russia

Finland will hand over defense equipment to Ukraine

Ukraine has launched an investigation into the death sentence of DNR terrorists against three foreigners – Venediktov

In the Russian Federation declared that on the territory of Bryansk "Ukrainian sabotage group" penetrated the region

Another exchange of prisoners took place – home the chairman of one of OTG of Nikolaevshchina returned

A new exchange of prisoners took place between Ukraine and Russia – an exchange of prisoners

In the Luhansk region, two collaborators held positions in the occupation "bodies" – DBR

Macron will go to Romania and Moldova next week, but not to Ukraine

National Guards detained 11 suspects in a week of involvement in militants’ activities

In the ranks of the Armed Forces more than a thousand women have already become commanders – Zelenskaya

Austrian Chancellor justifies calls to Putin

Mass burials in Mariupol will cause outbreaks of dysentery and cholera – the mayor

"So as not to be cut off": Lukashenko threatened Europe with war for Western Ukraine

Naumov, formerly Bakanov’s first deputy, was detained in Serbia

Estonia summoned Russia’s ambassador after imperial parallels with Putin

May 11 2022

The occupiers continue to storm Severodonetsk: the construction of the General Staff on June 11

Ukraine received a batch of pickups and SUVs from the EU

The death sentence for British citizens in Donetsk – a signal to all who do not want to ruin relations with Moscow – Zelensky

The UN gave a clear assessment of the death sentence in the "DPR" to foreign defenders of "Azovstal"

Ten more proceedings have been added to the story destruction of Donetsk by Russian invaders

An explosion took place near the head’s office in Donetsk occupation administration Pushilin

The US media reported on "independent journalists" on salaries at the Kremlin, – NSJU

In Russia, the issuance of electronic passports due to lack of plastic and chips – Forbes

The State Center for Cyber Defense under the State Special Communications Service reported on the mass attack on the Ukrainian media

Vucic was outraged by Scholz’s call to Serbia support sanctions against Russia and recognize Kosovo

"The whole regiment has already resigned" - spies intercepted the "hysteria" of another occupier

It became known about the death of 24 more children from Mariupol

Zelensky on the Union of Ukraine, Britain and Poland: We are talking about the details of security guarantees for the whole region

Russia has officially announced its intention to export stolen Ukrainian grain

Two couples got married in the Sicheslav brigade of the DShV at once

A military unit with equipment returned from Ukraine is burning near Bryansk

In Klintsy, Russia, military equipment destroyed in Ukraine was destroyed by fire (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Russia closes oldest Volga Tatar NGO for "extremism"

The SBU neutralized a Russian agent in the Dnieper

Ukrainian troops pushed the front line 5-7 km from Zaporozhye

"Greater Russia" steals surviving trolleybuses in Mariupol, – Zelensky

In Irpen, Kyiv region, police exposed a manual of the Russians, who looted along with the occupiers

In the Odesa region, SBU officers exposed another supporter of the racist invasion, who publicly justified Russia’s armed invasion of Ukraine

Tech giants IBM and Microsoft have released hundreds workers in Russia and reported on next steps

The occupiers are exporting Melitopol cherries to the occupied Crimea

Ukraine is technically ready for customs visa-free travel with the EU

The SBU detained Russian agents in several regions of Ukraine

Treason and collaborationism: since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, 5 cases have been opened involving people’s deputies

In Kyiv, near the former Russian embassies to hold "Last Day of Russia" action on June 12

Russia’s economy will roll back for 15 years due to sanctions, – Reuters

Summary of the General Staff: The Armed Forces repulsed two attacks in the Donbass

In warehouses in Nikolaev which were destroyed by occupiers, could store 300 thousand tons of grain

The court of the Netherlands found 4 Russian servicemen guilty of intentional downing of MH17

More people arrested in 108 days on charges of participation in the Crimean Tatar battalion than in the previous 8 years – Crimea SOS

Zelensky ordered the formation of a military administration in Lysychansk

Sent a video with the movements of the APU and the military equipment: a resident of the Dnieper faces 8 years behind bars

The action "The Last Day of Russia" will take place in Kyiv: details

Ukraine will receive a batch of sapper robots "TALON"

The successor to the Bayraktar TB2 drone will be able to shoot down planes

For the first time in Moscow, they talked about the serious consequences of the oil embargo

The UN International Commission has arrived in Ukraine to investigate Russia’s war crimes

Shelling of a residential building in Kharkiv region: the number of victims has increased

Street fights in Severodonetsk: Armed Forces win, but Russian artillery destroys house after house

The Czech Foreign Minister confirmed the information about the death of a Czech volunteer in Ukraine

Russia is trying hard to disrupt supplies Western Weapons in Ukraine – Ministry of Defense

May 12 2022

The enemy fired at fortifications of APU around Nikolaevka, Belogorovka, Novolugansky – the General Staff

Russia threatens Poland with retaliation for NATO build-up

Kyiv school will be named in honor of the pilot-hero

Enemy unsuccessfully continues to storm Severodonetsk, in Zaporozhye the Armed Forces repulsed the offensive – General Staff

A powerful explosion erupted in Melitopol

Documenting the war crimes of the Russian Federation: an independent international UN commission has arrived in Kyiv region

British company to provide Ukraine with 10 sapper robots (PHOTOS)

Lithuania bought six for transfer to Ukraine reconnaissance drones worth 990 thousand euros. PHOTO

The situation in Severodonetsk. The Armed Forces control a third of the city, street fights continue

The head of the Ternopil OVA released videos and photos of the consequences of the missile strike

Armed Forces Reject Occupiers Near Slovyansk and Bakhmut: Cards of the Theater of Combat

ZSU paratroopers destroy enemy ammunition depot with 122-mm howitzer shot (VIDEO)

In Russia, told about the beating of Ukrainians helicopter with 17 racists on board

A co-owner died in the battle near Severodonetsk metropolitan pizzeria, restaurateur Ivan Chekanyuk

The Armed Forces repulsed powerful attacks on Slavyansk

The occupiers destroyed another bridge in Severodonetsk

The enemy received a decisive rebuff from the Armed Forces in the direction of Orikhovo – Golden

High-precision artillery in action, the destruction of the Russian logistics center, video

He wore stolen awards. Venediktov showed a photo of the occupier who killed a civilian

40 km from the border with Ukraine: Russia tried to blow up the Druzhba pipeline

June 13 2022

The Russians pushed the Ukrainian soldiers out of the center of Severodonetsk

The Russians are pulling dozens of units of equipment direction of Severodonetsk: summary of the General Staff

Reznikov opened the veil of secrecy over preparation of Ukraine for the invasion of the Russian Federation

Scholz acknowledged mistakes in close economic relations with Russia

The Russian Federation deliberately exports paintings and jewelry from Ukraine

The occupiers captured 33 volunteers and accused them of "terrorism". Stories of drivers who rescued people in Mariupol

How Punisher drones help the Armed Forces of Ukraine -

As a result of the missile strike on Chortkov, 22 people were injured

Russia has launched missiles in Pryluky, Chernihiv region: residents are asked not to come out of hiding

The enemy controls 70% of the territory of Severodonetsk – Gaidai

The court banned another pro-Russian party: details

"Nuremberg Trials" for Russian war criminals: why not do without it (VIDEO)

The court seized the property of the Russian oligarch in Ukraine in the amount of over UAH 53.4 million

The Armed Forces received the first batch of Nissan pickups

Soldiers of the 93rd OMBR destroyed an enemy Ka-52 helicopter in the Kharkiv region. VIDEO

Another mass grave was found under the bush

He has no success: the General Staff spoke about the actions of the enemy in eastern Ukraine

Lithuanian journalist buys 110 anti-drone rifles for the Armed Forces – military aid to Ukraine

The National Police blocked the withdrawal of UAH 200 billion companies that had ties with Russia and Belarus – Enin

He loved and explored Kyiv: another student from the capital died in the war

Zelensky: several communities in Kherson region were liberated in the counteroffensive

The occupiers destroyed all bridges on the way to Severodonetsk, transportation of rubber goods is impossible – Gaidai

"We demand a well-deserved status": Georgia called the EU resolution on Ukraine unfair

The heads of the three Balkan countries will visit Ukraine

SBU exposed the corrector of missile attacks on the Dnieper and Internet agents in the Zhytomyr region

Monuments to Soviet soldiers began to be dismantled in Ukraine

Russian-language songs have disappeared from Ukrainian radio stations

June 14 2022

Russia is testing new weapons in the war against Ukraine, – Painter

The Armed Forces destroyed several drones and an enemy howitzer in southern Ukraine

The occupiers intensified the use of aviation and mined the river: the situation at the front on the morning of June 14

Continuation of the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kherson region and air battle in Mykolayiv region: the main thing for the night of June 14

The occupiers are trying to take full control of the Virgin and attack Slavyansk

The European Commission will advise to grant Ukraine the status of a candidate country for EU membership

The United States is trying to prevent countries from buying "stolen" Ukrainian grain

The occupiers in the Kherson region are forcing the population to harvest at a reduced price – exploration

The United States has promised monthly financial assistance to Ukraine: how much money will be given

Seven years in prison for separatism: a local resident was convicted in Uzhhorod

Commander of the Russian Aviation Regiment announced suspicion of bombing oil depots of Rivne region

Poland has built a 140-kilometer wall on the border with Belarus

Ukraine has returned the bodies of another 64 dead Azovstal defenders – an exchange of bodies

Court bans Nashi party

An officer from Vinnytsia commands the Russian frigate "Admiral Makarov", which beats "Calibers" on Ukraine

In the Kherson region, the deputy director of the hospital passed on information about the police to the occupiers – the prosecutor’s office

In Kyiv, they said goodbye to the author of the project "Recruit.UA" Alexei Chubashev

Spain gave Ukraine another party medical vehicles and will treat a group of wounded border guards

"Work continues": The European Union has disconnected three other major Russian banks from SWIFT

Ternopil region lost another of its heroes: he died in Donetsk region during artillery shelling

Heavy loss: Serhiy Kompaniets from Dnipropetrovsk region fought to the last breath in battle

Roman Ratushny, a soldier and public figure, died near Izium. He was 24 years old

A 25-year-old soldier from the Odessa region died at the front

The Ukrainian underground has announced a hunt for Russian propagandists Kotz and Steshin

In the Zaporozhye region, the Russian military opened fire on their own positions

Enemy helicopter landed in Kherson region of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: it cannot be repaired

The consequences of the missile strike in the Lviv region have become known

The occupiers do not fly into the territory of Ukraine and began to save missiles – Air Force

Is the armament running out in Ukraine: Zelensky put all the dots over the "and"

Armed Forces repel Russia’s offensive near Berestovo in Donetsk region – General Staff – Russia’s war against Ukraine

A pro-Russian Internet agitator has been exposed in the Odessa region

Suspicion of a member was reported in Kyiv region organized criminal group – deputy of the district council

The largest investment banks in the United States have stopped trading Russia’s debt

Zelensky: Ukraine is more developed anti-corruption infrastructure than in many EU countries

Painter: Ukraine received 10% of the weapons it requested from its partners

Lithuania will hand over ammunition to Ukraine for Bayraktar, for which 5 million euros were collected

"Fierce battles" are taking place near Izium, about 15 thousand civilians remain in the city – the deputy of the City Council

US intelligence plans to provide Ukraine with coordinates for strikes

The traitor from the Donetsk region police faces life imprisonment

Eight policemen from the Zaporozhye region decided to work for the racists

Russia has imposed sanctions against 50 British – among them are BBC journalists

June 15 2022

Ukrainian soldiers successfully repulsed assault actions of the enemy, in particular in Severodonetsk, – the General Staff of ZSU

The occupiers estimated the Ukrainian drone-killer Phoenix Ghost at 6.5 million USD

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation responded to the request of Fr. the death of a journalist who came under fire in Kyiv

The United States will help build a temporary granaries near the border of Ukraine

Hurricane Apostle’s shelling: Vilkul announced new details

The aggressor country has a significant shortage of drones

The Ukrainian military eliminated a Russian military propagandist

Arestovich noted Scholz’s responsibility for the deaths of Ukrainians

The Kingdom of Denmark supports the European integration movement of Ukraine – Zhovkva

Another 4 countries will abolish customs duties on goods from Ukraine

The SBU has seized the assets of a Belarusian fuel company

How sanctions hit Belarusian IT companies

The cardboard is over: due to sanctions in Russia, there is a shortage of food packaging

In a cafe, not on the battlefield: new details of the death of Russian General Kutuzov are known

The US Embassy has released the number of weapons provided to Ukraine since the start of the large-scale Russian invasion

Police neutralized 800 saboteurs: the Interior Ministry named the main features of DRG members

An IT company that cooperated with the "administrations" of the occupiers was blocked in Kyiv

The European Union has agreed to export Israeli gas instead of Russian

Fierce fighting continues in the Izyum direction

In Russia, priests "bless" the technique, who goes to kill Ukrainian children (video)

Mass media: Purges have started in the Russian army, soldiers with Ukrainian roots are being caught

"The week did not live to its 20th anniversary…": a young soldier from Dubna died from a missile strike

Russian equipment and occupiers are being destroyed in Mariupol

Crimeans report loud explosions in the sky

The captain of a Russian landing craft was killed in Ukraine

End of career: Skadovsk traitor fled to Russia

The enemy saves missiles and is afraid of ghosts from the Ukrainian sky

The Armed Forces struck an air strike on the area of concentration of Russians in the Nikolaev area

Lviv paratroopers set a personal artillery record – which they destroyed

The Armed Forces liberated two villages on the outskirts of Izyum

The court banned the activities of the Socialist Party of Ukraine

"Where will Medvedev be in 2 years is a question." Podoliak responded to threats of a gas lease

Another 7 military units were awarded the honorary award "For Courage and Courage"

In Kherson, "we will beat them from two sides" – General Marchenko

General Marchenko: Kerch Bridge is a military target №1

General Staff: Russia has increased the number of groups and increased reserves in the Bakhmut region

The Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation stated that Russia wants to agree on peace with Ukraine as soon as possible

In the Dnieper, a fan of the "Russian world" adjusted the fire and passed information to the enemy about the APU

Azarov and Russian scientists were expelled from the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

A Russian foreign intelligence general shot himself in his own bathroom

Ukrainian defenders have mastered HIMARS MLRS. Until the end of June, the systems will be in Donbass