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April 14, 2022

Russian Defense Ministry: the crew of the cruiser "Moscow" evacuated

Weapons for Ukraine: The United States will provide Ukraine 11 of Mi-17 helicopters – UNIAN

Trudeau called Russia’s attack on Ukraine "genocide" Today

The United States may recognize Russia’s actions in Ukraine as genocide

Ukraine is ready for any scenario – in the OP responded to threats from Russia to strike in Kyiv

Zelensky awarded state prizes 270 military – ZAXID.NET

The Armed Forces of Ukraine launched a missile strike on the cruiser "Moscow" – ZAXID.NET

The largest in the world was confiscated in Germany yacht Russian billionaire UA.NEWS

The manufacturer of Durex and Vanish completely leaves RF market – UNN news April 14, 2022, 7:35 p.m.

French gendarmes are already recording Russia’s crimes Kyiv region

Liberated districts of Kyiv region are stuffed with mines with gsm-sensors and metal detectors

The United States sent a third of its own to Ukraine "Javelins", – CNN

Hebrews: The head of the WHO Hebrews accused world in racism (14.04.22 11:26) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Poklonskaya’s ex-husband was detained in Odessa suspicion of collaborative activities Ukrainian news

Anonymous hackers hacked the Russians companies serving Rosneft and Gazprom

A Russian yacht was detained in Fiji billionaire Suleiman Kerimov

The missile cruiser "Moscow" received serious damage, but remains afloat – the Pentagon

Missile strike on Kramatosk plant - destroyed shop | RBC-Ukraine

Macron: Statements against Russia about genocide can provoke escalation News – current news about world events DW | 04/14/2022

Russia’s war against Ukraine: Biden’s assessment of Fr. genocide will be confirmed legally, – Nuland

Moscow can no longer produce dagger hypersonic missiles

The European Union has closed a loophole for arms exports RF

News Odesa April 14 – on Duma Square removed plaques with Russian cities RBC-Ukraine

Reform of the veto in the UN Security Council – Japan will be a co-author | RBC-Ukraine

Sanctions against Russia – Ireland supports introduction of an embargo on oil from the Russian Federation – news of Ukraine

Heads of parliaments of the Czech Republic and Poland visited Bucha, Borodyanka and Irpin | Heading

The occupiers fired on the border settlements points in the Sumy region | Heading

Shelling Kharkiv region April 14 - Russian helicopters attacked a number of villages RBC-Ukraine

Explosions in Russia – the National Security and Defense Council announced terrorist attacks the very same RF "Word and Deed

The council supported the deprivation bill traitors of state awards – Channel 24

Detention of Medvedchuk – why Medvedchuk caught in the form of the Armed Forces and what awaits the traitor next – the latest news

The war in Ukraine – the defenders repulsed in occupiers of several settlements – the latest news

In the Kyiv region, a local resident liquidated own weapons 12 occupiers and "demolished" the crew in armor – 24 Channel

Britain has imposed sanctions on partners Abramovich, who were to hide his assets (14.04.22 18:39) "Power | Business.Censor.NO

The Council banned symbols used by the Russian armed forces in war against Ukraine

It will even reach Moscow: Ukraine is leading talks with the United States on the supply of heavy drones

The White House explained what would happen to those arrested Russian assets | UA.NEWS

War in Ukraine: Cruiser "Moscow" burns down in the Black Sea, – the head of Odessa OVA Marchenko (14.04.22 21:18) «War in Ukraine Censor. NO

Destruction of the cruiser "Moscow": the fate of about 500 Russian sailors are unknown

Oil embargo: EU plans in stages to give up Russian oil – The New York Times (14.04.22 21:10) « The war in Ukraine Censor. NO

April 15, 2022

The cruiser "Moscow" sank while towing during a storm – RIA News, April 15, 2022

Operational information as of 06.00 April 15, 2022 on the Russian invasion

The war in Ukraine – US senators visited Bucha and Borodyanka RBC-Ukraine

Testimony from Bucha: "My children and my wife was shot in front of me "| Today

Russia itself shelled the village in Bryanskaya area, – SBU | Ukrainian news

"Seen Death and Destruction": American congressmen visited Bucha and Borodyanka

They were raised from the mass grave near the church in Bucha more than 70 bodies – the mayor of Fedoruk – Information navigator

Zelensky commented on the threats of the Russian Federation to bomb Kyiv Heading

Kyiv City Council appealed to the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers initiative to call Russia "Muscovy"

Chernihiv region: the Russians hit again border guards with mortars Ukrainian Pravda

The bodies of 900 Ukrainians were found in the Kyiv region killed by the Russian military – the police

War in Ukraine: detained in Severodonetsk occupier’s fire adjuster –

The planned DRG was liquidated in Kyiv assassinate the President of Ukraine and commit sabotage

The mayor of Dnipro promised to liberate the city from the Russians titles | UA.NEWS

Poland has imposed an embargo on coal from Russia and Belarus News – current news about world events DW | 04/15/2022

War in Ukraine: SBU neutralized about 100 groups of saboteurs and more than 300 collaborators – Fleet 2017

Big Kyiv VK – online media about Kyiv and metropolitan agglomeration

As a result of shelling by the occupiers of housing district in Kharkov killed 7 residents, including – a baby – UKRAINE CRIMINAL

The Russian Foreign Ministry has announced the expulsion of 18 employees from the EU Delegation to Moscow

Putin gave the command to protect the equipment, but not the soldiers sorry – inside the APU general Today

Russian shelling of Nikolaev by cassette shells: five people died, 15 more were injured (photo) – UKRAINE CRIMINAL

Marines in the Donbass: Trophies of Marines (15.04.22 21:25) «Photo report | Censor. NO

Zelensky: Russia can use nuclear weapons, the world must be ready

Ukrainian cities are getting rid of Russian and Soviet names

The occupiers struck at the machine building plant in Vyshneve near Kyiv UA.NEWS

April 16, 2022

The occupiers are most active in Slobozhansky and Donetsk directions, – General Staff – news portal

Visit to Washington: Prime Minister of Ukraine, Minister of Finance and the head of the NBU will visit Washington (16.04.22 06:13) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Germany approved an increase in the military assistance for Ukraine – Glavkom

Diversions and assassination attempt on the president: SBU revealed details of the occupiers’ plans – Case

The mayor of Stryi receives threats from the racists after the dismantling of the Soviet monument – Case

Journalists found a Russian woman who was advising occupier rape Ukrainian women – Case

A resident of Severodonetsk was detained fire adjuster – helped the occupiers to destroy their hometown – Parliament.UA

Typhoon armored car – burned by the occupiers your technique – photo

The United States will provide Ukraine with anti-ship missiles - Media | European truth

The last trump card of the Kremlin. Will Putin decide to strike a nuclear strike at the control center in Ukraine Today

Up to 3 thousand killed and up to 10 thousand wounded - Zelensky on the losses of the Armed Forces in the war

Strike on Kyiv: Rocket attack on Kyiv (16.04.22 13:18) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

The "birds" often fall: the enemy has begun significantly save aviation – Fleet 2017

Putin’s hat is on fire too! There will be in Russia to be fined for comparing the USSR and Nazi Germany – Russia News Today

Russia has to sell oil all out big discounts

Intelligence has found out what Russia is doing with their commanders due to failures in the war with Ukraine Today

Igor Zhovkva: Ukraine will become in June candidate for EU membership. The decision will be made in the 20s Today

War in Ukraine: banks found UAH 200 billion companies from Russia and Belarus – OBOZREVATEL news

7 traitors who became will be tried in Vinnytsia on the side of the enemy – ArmyInform

Sanctions against Russia: Italy from April 17 closes ports for Russian ships – media Chas.News

Not only will each rocket boomerang Putin, but all Russians – Avakov

200 children died in Ukraine from the beginning full-scale war – Exhaustive Edition

The West should speed up the transfer of weapons to Ukraine - Zelensky

The United Kingdom announced a new party military assistance to the Armed Forces News on

Georgia will not help Russia in any way, – the speaker Parliament after visiting Kyiv region

Renaming stations in Kyiv - renamed three railway stations

In Russia, repressed commanders are repressed fiasco in the war against Ukraine – intelligence | News of Ukraine – # Letters

April 17, 2022

More than 200 Chechens now support Ukraine at the front – Iskhanov

The occupiers are preparing for the airborne landing operations in Mariupol – the defense of Mariupol

Johnson promised Zelensky supplies Ukraine armored vehicles "in the coming days"

"Fiery greetings" to the Russians. How American kamikaze drones will help Ukraine News on

New EU sanctions against Russia will affect Sberbank and oil – will they stop Putin? Today

Explosions over work were heard in Kyiv in the morning Air defense, no enemy missile hit the target – KSCA

In Borodyanka, more than 40 people were rescued from the rubble bodies of victims – the Patriot of Donbass

Klitschko: the duration of the curfew Kyiv is reduced – Events in Ukraine – Course of Ukraine

"Nothing sacred": online angry Ukrainian and Russian women reacted to the procession in Rome

The LNR militant told about the murder of a Ukrainian woman

Production of anti-aircraft missile systems stopped Russia’s plants due to sanctions RBC-Ukraine

In Trostyanets because of the mines left by the Russians and stretch marks have killed 5 children – news portal

Wagner’s owner Yevhen Pryhozhyn arrived at Donbas – news of Ukraine, –

To the self-proclaimed "head" Dymersky community announced suspicion – news portal

In the Sumy region, the occupiers destroyed and damaged almost 1000 infrastructure objects Heading

APU can be surrounded by Russian troops under Raisins: what is known (video)

The head of the European Commission: Russia’s default is this a matter of time – news of Ukraine, Economy –

Soyuzmultfilm deleted the cartoon where "Neptune" finds a fascist destroyer with the letter Z | Ukrainian Pravda

NATO is working in the air with Finland and Sweden against the background of the Russian threat Economic news

EU ports have stopped service Russian ships (17.04.22 17:30) "Transport | Business.Censor.NO

Russian invasion of Ukraine: Arestovich said that the grouping of orcs in Mariupol has weakened considerably

The Defense Ministry announced Putin’s failed plan in Transnistria Today

Moldova refused to sell its own to Ukraine unnecessary MiG-29 – media / GORDON

This will be an important message, – Kuleba hopes that Biden will still visit Ukraine – Channel 24

A resident of Borodyanka fed the Kadyrovites with cheese with rat poison (video)

All EU countries have stopped serving Russian ships in ports

Battle for Donbas – Budanov said that Russia wants to have time before Easter RBC-Ukraine

APU liberated several settlements in Kharkiv region Today

In Kharkov, demolished and dumped monument to Zhukov (video) Today

April 18, 2022

The war in Ukraine: the Armed Forces defeated the occupiers, who tried to break through the defense in the Slobozhansky direction – Ukraine –

The war in Ukraine: the occupiers are building positions in border areas of News on

The occupiers unsuccessfully conducted reconnaissance by fighting under Raisins – General Staff – Glavkom

Russia’s war crimes can be recorded on a new website created by the Office of the Prosecutor General – the Criminal website responsibility for RussianWarCrimes- Parliament.UA

War in Ukraine: Serbian president blamed Ukraine in the "mining" of aircraft News on

Rocket strike on Lviv on April 18 – occupiers launched five missiles RBC-Ukraine

Missile strikes in Dnipropetrovsk region: the first details of the victims | News on

In Lviv, the death toll rose to 7: missiles hit the service station and warehouses Ukrainian Pravda

Medvedchuk asks Putin and Zelensky to exchange it for defenders and inhabitants of Mariupol Public television

Medvedchuk’s case: The Kremlin has commented Marchenko ’s appeal to Putin Ukrainian Pravda

The Foreign Ministry responded to the president’s accusations Serbia on the "mining" of aircraft to Russia

Soviet memorials will be removed in Kyiv signs | StroyObzor

In front of Mayor Bucha, a family was shot dead Gostomel – the head of the family begged not to touch his pregnant wife – News from Kyiv | Big Kyiv

Murder of civilians in Irpen: Atrocities troops of the Russian Federation in Irpen (18.04.22 13:39) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

In Kreminna there are street fights – evacuation impossible

The Kremlin has classified information about countries that agreed to pay for Russian gas in rubles (18.04.22 15:28) «Energy | Business.Censor.NO

Intelligence has released the data of the traitor who takes participation in Russia’s war against our country – UKRAINIAN CRIMINAL

In Mariupol, police officers sided occupiers | UA.NEWS

Occupational Chairman of Kherson Kastsyukevich: V. Kherson Russians have appointed the occupying "chairman" – the deputy of the State Duma RF Kastyukevich (18.04.22 15:48) "War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

War in Kharkiv region: A number were released of settlements near Izyum in the Kharkiv region – Ministry of Defense (18.04.22 17:32) « The war in Ukraine Censor. NO

Liberation of Kharkiv region: As a result counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine liberated the villages of Bazaliivka, Lebiazhe, part of Kutuzivka on Kharkiv region, – the head of OVA Sinegubov (17.04.22 20:51) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Mercenaries from the Caucasus refuse to go to war in Ukraine

russia wants to open new cadet corps on in the occupied Donbass, among the graduates are already dead – the ombudswoman | Public TV

A marauder from the Russian Federation tried to draw up documents on BMW exported from Ukraine

Spied on checkpoints: detained in Odessa suspected of collaborating with enemies

The war in Ukraine is an operational summary General Staff on the evening of April 18

The commander of the defeated Ukrainian Armed Forces died in Berdyansk of the Russian ship – ZAXID.NET

Of the thousands, only 400 remain: the racists complain losses near Nikolaev – Glavkom

Belarus threatens Poland and the Baltic states death and destruction | RBC-Ukraine

In Irpen, the Interior Ministry recorded 269 Russian victims occupiers –

Putin noted the "heroism" of the 64th brigade of murderers, rapists and looters, participants of the massacre in Bucha – UKRAINE CRIMINAL

What a special operation – such a "decommunization": c The National Security and Defense Council responded to the establishment of Lenin in Genichesk – news on UNN | 18 April 2022, 8:28 p.m.

Russian mobile operators are starting trade in used phones through sanctions (18.04.22 20:15) «Technology | Business.Censor.NO

The occupiers are trying to break through the defenses in the east, but our military hold on

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine spoke with an official statement – Evening Kyiv

A military enlistment office with data was set on fire in Mordovia recruits

The United States will begin training the Ukrainian military with howitzers in the coming days European truth

April 19, 2022

General Staff: The losses of one of the brigades of the Russian Federation amounted to 75%. Putin praised her for "mass heroism" – Ukrainian news, Politics –

Russian troops are trying to break through our defenses in Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts – General Staff of the Armed Forces – ArmyInform

The United States may recognize Russia as a sponsor terrorism – State Department – ArmyInform

Sanctions against Russia – arrested in Europe Russian private planes RBC-Ukraine

Defense of Ukraine: the situation in the regions as they stand on the morning of April 19 – Glavkom

Macron said he supported the embargo on n energy of Heading

The capture of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was led by Major General Rosguard Vladislav Sukhanov

The DBR documented Russian crimes military in Irpen: 13 burials of residents were found in the city

Greece has arrested a Russian oil tanker under EU sanctions European truth

The United States is trying to seize a superyacht in Fiji, belonging to the Russian oligarch – news on UNN | April 19, 2022, 10:13 p.m.

"A positive result is almost equal zero. "What is known about the missing sailors from the cruiser" Moscow "- BBC News Ukraine

Lavrov announced a new stage of the war against Of Ukraine

APU paratroopers defeated an armored group of troops Russia from Tomsk (photo)

Ukraine and Russia held the fifth exchange of prisoners - who returns home

National Guard in the Luhansk region with an AK-74 shot down a Russian drone for 10 million hryvnia News of Ukraine – # Letters

Russia’s war against Ukraine – the summary of the General Staff ZSU

Who became the ideological instigator of the genocide Ukraine

The Kyiv City Council wants to demolish the Soviets monuments and create a museum of totalitarianism – BZ – news of Kyiv on BZ

Britain revokes Moscow status stock exchange "CENTER – the most important events in Ukraine

The German company Henkel has decided to stop its activities in Russia Heading

Canada has imposed sanctions against the head of the Russian Central Bank Nabiullina, businessmen Gutseriev, Aven, Friedman

Zaporozhye: battles intensified near Pologi Ukrainian Pravda

"We were told it was revenge for the cruiser "Moscow". The mayor of Nikolaev – about a situation in the city

Romania will hand over weapons to Ukraine – media

The Netherlands will send heavy equipment to Ukraine, including armored vehicles - prime minister

The war in Ukraine – as the Armed Forces on "Assaults" destroy the army of the Russian Federation – UNIAN

Mariupol: The Russians used weapons they did not used since World War II – Glavkom

Ukraine will launch its own nuclear production fuel to replace the Russian | UA.NEWS

Russian troops fired another missile strike on Kramatorsk – the head of Donetsk OVA

It may disappear from all Ukrainian schools Russian language

Finland decided to send to Ukraine additional military assistance

The United States will send to Europe in the next 24 hours seven planes with weapons for Ukraine, – CNN

Russia’s invasion – Johnson called for strengthening Ukraine so that Moscow will never attack again RBC-Ukraine

The Czech Republic will help Ukraine in repairing armored vehicles – the Ministry of Defense

Our military regained control Marinka in the Donetsk region – Evening Kyiv

The Armed Forces destroyed one of the commanders of the so-called "LPR" "Chechen, whose unit was accused of looting - UKRAINE IS CRIMINAL

April 20, 2022

General Staff of the Armed Forces: The enemy is regrouping for offensive in the direction of the estuary Today

Canada has imposed sanctions on Putin’s daughters and the Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation – ZAXID.NET

Half a million Ukrainians were deported to Russia

AeroVironment will provide Ukrainian military more than 100 reconnaissance drones –

Ukrzaliznytsia caught four agents who passed information to the Russian army Public television

13 burials found in Kyiv region (PHOTOS) - The fourth studio

Japan refuses Russian oil RBC-Ukraine

War in Ukraine – FSB detained "Minister of Internal Affairs" of the pseudo-republic of Luhansk People’s Republic News of

The occupiers destroyed the archive of Vyacheslav Chornovil Buchi

Finland has joined the supplier countries weapons of Ukraine

Norway decided to hand over to Ukraine Mistral anti – aircraft missile systems Heading

Another bank of the occupiers fell victim to Anonymous

Algeria is trying hard to satisfy growing demand for its gas after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – FT»CENTER - the most important events of Ukraine

Situation in Donbass: Russia is lucky in Donbas mercenaries from Syria, Afghanistan and Chechnya (20.04.22 13:59) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Russia’s war against Ukraine: Arestovich told about valuable Russian prisoners

Charles Michel: visited Borodyanka (April 20, 22) 13:59) "The war in Ukraine | Censor. NO

In Kyiv, the "red branch" of the subway again will earn to Lesnaya station

Buryats are even worse than Kadyrovites: like Katyuzhanka in the Kyiv region survived the Russian occupation

Withdrew the reservation: the Russian Federation sent students to advanced

The Marines and Azov saved 500 soldiers from the port of Mariupol – Evening Kyiv

Sanctions: Ukraine will try to ban countries Europe to buy energy from Russia News on

Russian troops retreated from several settlements points in the Kharkiv region – the General Staff of the Armed Forces

A resident of Kyiv region who pretended to be a monk and cooperated was arrested with the occupiers – the prosecutor’s office

Mariupol: the Russian occupiers want to hold "Immortal Regiment" | News on

Germany intends to reduce oil imports to zero from Russia until the end of 2022

Putin replaced the commander of the Pskov paratroopers who committed the greatest atrocities in Kyiv region – Channel 24

Fights for Raisins: Sinegubov about the battles (04/20/22 19:39) "The war in Ukraine | Censor. NO

They said goodbye on Independence Square with the fallen soldier Volodymyr Karas – Evening Kyiv

Atrocities of the occupiers: found in the Kyiv region bodies of 1045 civilians – Navy 2017

The situation with the Russian conscription is stable difficult: the occupying country has created three options for mobilization – news on UNN | April 20, 2022, 9:24 p.m.

More than 43% of Moldovans believe that Russia’s war against Ukraine is the fault of NATO, the West and Zelensky Ukraine news - # Letters