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Nicholas Zharkikh

April 7, 2022

In Nikolaev the Russian occupiers bombed train station

Russian troops stormed the positions in vain Armed Forces in Donbass – General Staff

Borodyanka is one of the most destroyed cities Kyiv region – Monastyrsky | News on

The situation in Sumy region: which communities are the largest victims – Glavkom

The occupiers of the Russian Federation set up a filtration camp in Mangushi to "clean up" those who leave Mariupol – Denisov | News Of Ukraine – # Letters

The occupiers destroyed a branch of the Heart Institute in Irpen (video) – Kyiv

The FBI has dealt a severe blow to Russian hackers Economic news

Intel has suspended operations in Russia

Due to the excess of petroleum products the company "Lukoil" stops its plants in Russia – news on UNN | April 7, 2022, 07:28

Russian authorities have passed a law on coercion withdrawal of shares of Russian companies from Western stock exchanges

Sanctions against Russia – as punished Potanin and Michelson – Apostrophe

APU destroyed fifty units of equipment of the Russian Federation: show photo

Prepare for the inevitable: why the West has already discuss the collapse of the Russian Federation | European truth

Weapons for Ukraine – US Senate approves law which will speed up the supply of weapons

Delfi: Leaders detained in Estonia propaganda portal of the Russian Federation

The war in Ukraine – Oleg Skripka showed looted cottage on video RBC Ukraine

5,000 stations will be sent to Ukraine satellite internet Starlink from the USA

In Mukachevo, as part of de-Russification, it was dismantled bust of Pushkin and a memorial plaque from the school – news portal

Ukraine has arrested 17,800 Russians and Belarusian cars involved in economic crime

War in Ukraine: EU plans to lift embargo on Russian coal – Money –

RosSMI showed the crossing of the river in the area Raisins flooded with equipment of the RF Armed Forces (video)

Chinese hackers attacked Ukraine in full swing war: what threatens the victims of this hacking

Bucha News April 7 – 90% killed civilians killed in execution RBC Ukraine

Ivan Stolbovoy is the mayor of Balakleya, who betrayed Ukraine, left for Russia with his family

Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine – Lukashenko insists on the participation of Belarus – UNIAN

The Ministry of Internal Affairs named the first data on the killed and missing missing in Borodyanka

The G7 "most strongly" condemned Russia’s atrocities Bucha and other cities of Ukraine

The United States will abolish the status of the largest favors for Russia RBC Ukraine

The SBU has established collaborators involved in the atrocities in the Kyiv region

A KGB officer in Belarus blew himself to death mine in the border strip – the media

The United States has imposed sanctions on suppliers of Russian airlines (07.04.22 18:21) «Transport | Business.Censor.NO

APU repulsed Russian troops 6-10 kilometers away Flint in the direction of Severodonetsk | Ukrainian news

War Russia Ukraine – it became known who ordered the Zaporozhye NPP in Energodar – photo

Local looters were detained in Bucha actively cooperated with the racists. PHOTO | Magnolia TV

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Google started work on the project with digitizing the consequences of the Russian invasion – news portal

The ruble has ceased to be freely convertible currency – Information resistance

A resident of Zhytomyr region betrayed the state for 20 thousands of Russian rubles

Several hundred people from Borodyanka are considered missing

April 8 2022

’’ Borodyanka – an illustrative example ’’: under 26 people were found dead in the rubble Ukrainian Pravda

The occupiers stole trucks with rubber aid for Melitopol – ArmyInform

Australia hands over 20 Bushmasters worth $ 38 million to Ukraine

Sanctions against Russia: The United States has imposed sanctions against the largest diamond company in Russia and a shipbuilding corporation (08.04.22 07:02) "The war in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Humanitarian aid was delivered to Chernihiv

163 people have already been identified in Bucha Russian residents – the mayor | Ukrainian Pravda

Default in Russia is inevitable, the decision was made: named the date of bankruptcy of the Russian Federation

Scholz is delaying the supply of German tanks Ukraine – mass media European truth

Confiscation of the aggressor ’s assets: what was seized and when |

The territory of Sumy region is free from occupiers, however is not safe: the statement of the chairman of the Sumy OVA – Information resistance

Rashists fired missiles at Slavyansk - an investigation has been launched. PHOTO | Magnolia TV

Video: funeral of the Chairman of Motyzhyn Olga Sukhenko, her husband, son, tortured by the Russians Ukrainian view

Uzhhorod City Council decided to dismantle monument to Alexander Pushkin – ZAXID.NET

The US Congress has passed a bill banning it imports of oil and gas from Russia

The head of the European Commission goes to Kyiv RBC Ukraine

The losses of the Russian Federation in Ukraine were reported in the General Staff about the general combat losses of the Russian Federation – UNIAN

The Russians hit rockets at the station Kramatorsk: dozens dead, more than a hundred wounded Ukrainian Pravda

Borrel condemned Russia’s strike on the station Kramatorsk | European truth

Steinmeier supported the idea of a tribunal over Putin and Lavrov | Ukrainian Pravda

Sanctions against Russia: EU approves fifth package sanctions against Russia (08.04.22 13:45) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Zelensky addressed the Parliament of Finland: told about Kramatorsk and atrocities in Bucha – Channel 24

20 invaders were destroyed: the occupiers suffered losses near Zaporozhye – Fleet 2017

They have died in Chernihiv since the beginning of the war about 700 people

Sanctions against Russia – Acer and Komatsu leave the Russian market RBC Ukraine

Andrey Stavnitser – a businessman led the APU to his house near Kyiv, where the occupiers were

Slovakia handed over complexes to Ukraine air defense S-300, – Hereg

The occupiers tortured the journalist to death and writer Eugene Bal, – NSZHU | Ukrainian news

"Systematic mass assassinations ": how Western politicians react to the attack on Kramatorsk | Today

The shelling of Kramatorsk: the world will attract Putin to responsibility for the shelling of the station in Kramatorsk (08.04.22 16:41) "War in Ukraine Censor. NO

Photo of the day. Exhumation of bodies buried in a mass grave in Bucha Lighthouse

Bucha, Irpin, Okhtyrka, Mykolayiv became hero cities Lighthouse

The European Union has frozen the assets of Russian oligarchs and Belarus worth 30 billion euros (08.04.22 15:18) "Finance | Business.Censor.NO

The SBU liquidated hostile intelligence networks carried out cyber-attacks and information sabotage against Ukraine – UKRAINE CRIMINAL

The collaborating priest supported Russia and urged parishioners to do so – Parliament.UA

The biggest accident of Russian Railways in recent years is a matter hands of Russian "rail guerrillas" – social networks Economic news

FSB General Sergei Beseda was transferred to guard in Lefortovo, – the journalist

A MiG-31 fighter crashed in Russia

The war in Ukraine – Russian orcs killed 132 resident of Makarov

WILL OF THE PEOPLE: socio-political portal - The President of the European Commission and the Prime Minister of Slovakia visited Bucha and saw atrocities of Russians over civilians

The death toll from rocket fire railway station in Kramatorsk increased to 50

Scholz talks about Putin’s calls: Scholz talks about calls Putin: We are trying together with Macron to tell him the truth about Russia’s losses on front (08.04.22 20:19) «Abroad | Censor. NO

The war in the Donbass: Russian cannon fodder (08.04.22 20:21) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

BMPs and tanks were destroyed by the Ukrainian military column of n equipment News on

Five occupiers raped a 14-year-old girl girl, she got pregnant City Council

Bucha refused to visit the speaker of parliament Georgia RBC Ukraine

National Police of Ukraine: Torture, rape, torture of women and children – atrocities of the Russian occupiers on 150 investigators are investigating Kyiv region. PHOTO (08.04.22 21:50) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Makarov’s news – bodies were found in the village 132 people | RBC Ukraine

April 9 2022

War in Ukraine: the occupiers covered with missiles Mirgorod | News on

The Armed Forces liquidated the commander of the tank regiment Army of the Russian Federation

Confirmation of combat operations was received Ukrainian soldiers, held on April 7 – ArmyInform

The Chancellor of Austria is going to Kyiv: he will visit Buchu ️ Kyiv Media

Shell continues to buy oil in Russia: found a workaround – Bloomberg – Glavkom

Adviser to the Mayor of Mariupol: In the city in all areas fierce fighting is going on, Russian troops are bombing residential areas Heading

Russian invaders shell Odessa region from the occupied Crimea – APU / GORDON General Staff

The Kremlin has promised to respond to sanctions against Putin’s daughters – and for the first time recognized them / GORDON

Russian oligarchs are asking for sanctions money from friends

Biden signed two introductory bills new sanctions against Russia and Belarus Heading

US human rights activists "did not miss" law on seizure of assets of Russian oligarchs – media News on

The war in Ukraine – in the Kyiv region continues demining of territories and roads

The elite "sprinkled": Pskov paratroopers massively refuse to fight in Ukraine – media – Glavkom

After the rocket attack on Kramatorsk station France is ready to ban the import of Russian oil –

Assassination of Mantas Kvedaravičius in Mariupol - new details have appeared News on

Russian occupier from the Altai Territory sent home 17 parcels stolen in the Kyiv region

To hide the evidence of genocide: the occupiers the bodies of the dead residents of Mariupol are being burned en masse

In the church in Chernihiv region, where the headquarters was Russian occupiers, found the bodies of tortured people News on Public radio

There are more than 15,000 missing in Ukraine missing people – Denisova – news portal

Acting cybercriminals in the interests of the enemy, exposed in Bukovina – ArmyInform

DBR exposed assistants of People’s Deputies from OPZZh with the assistance of the aggressor country | Heading

Many Russian soldiers who committed crimes in Kyiv region have already been identified News of Ukraine – # Letters

The mass grave in Kharkiv region refuted the myth that "Russians do not abandon their own" – the war in Ukraine

Help in words? How the EU supports Ukraine financing the aggressor Today

Johnson announced new arms supplies in Kyiv Ukraine

Police detained five in Dnipropetrovsk region accomplices of the occupiers

Saboteurs and traitors: In Kyiv (09.04.22 18:51) "The war in Ukraine | Censor. NO

The threat of sanctions forced Huawei to withdraw Russia

EU sanctions: Against Belarus (09.04.22 20:49) « The war in Ukraine Censor. NO

The Cabinet has banned the import of goods from Russia Heading

Marunych was detained by the SBU on suspicion of collaboration | News on

April 10 2022

Revenge for Kramatorsk: the Armed Forces hit four "Point U" missiles on the occupiers in the Kupyansk region

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Operational information as of 6:00 April 10 on the Russian invasion (10.04.22 07:36) "War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

The British are ready to take patronage over the restoration of Kyiv and Kyiv region, – Zelensky – Evening Kyiv

Zelensky awarded half a thousand soldiers Ukrainian Pravda

Bodies continue to be found on the roads near Kyiv people / In Ukraine / Judicial and legal newspaper

BanderaHackers, Anonymous and the FBI are destroying computer infrastructure of the aggressor – JRS – ArmyInform

Russian trucks were ordered to leave EU territory – Amazing Ukraine – Amazing Ukraine

Rosarmia committed 2651 crimes against of National Security of Ukraine – ArmyInform

A missile strike destroyed a house in Kharkov. Operational summary of GSChS on April 10 – ACCIDENTS – News on the Kharkiv Courier

120 armored vehicles and anti-ship weapons: new agreements between Britain and Ukraine European truth

Ukraine received an offer to buy 100 self – propelled howitzers from Germany – media Ukrainian Pravda

The satellite recorded a 12-kilometer column troops of the Russian Federation east of Kharkov | Ukrainian Pravda

The war in Ukraine: Boris Johnson told how he secretly managed to get to Kyiv – video –

133 bodies have already been found in the village of Makariv civilians –

"Open archives and decommunization are very angry Putin ": Ukrainian historians are at war on the front

Another mass grave was found near Bucha -

In Russia, students wrote a denunciation on a teacher who told them about the denunciations

Time of repression: a Russian teacher who talks about Ukraine, threatens 15 years in prison, – la Repubblica»CENTER - the most important events of the country

Orban believes that there may have been a massacre in Bucha staging, – mass media»CENTER – the most important events of the country

Poland will not wait for the EU and will introduce embargo on Russian gas and coal alone

How default and seizure of Belarusian property will take place – Charter’97:: News of Belarus – Belarusian News – News of Belarus – Republic Belarus – Minsk

The Russian occupiers again attacked the airport in the Dnieper, from it "there is no living space left" – the head of OVA

Due to the war in Ukraine, the world expects a jump in prices on products – the UN

The National Guard found a large cache of enemy ammunition in Gostomel

Weapons from Slovakia: Slovakia leads negotiations with Ukraine on the supply of 155-mm Zuzana howitzers – media (04/10/22 16:03) "The war in Ukraine | Censor. NO

War crimes are being investigated in Trostyanets RF | RBC Ukraine

De-Russification of Ukraine: Kyiv has been removed Belarusian and Russian cities-heroes from the monument on Shulyavka | Heading

"Signal for Putin": in Poland, said readiness to deploy US nuclear weapons on its territory Ukraine news - # Letters

The death toll from the strike Kramatorsk grew to 57 – Kirilenko

"Continuation of what we have already seen in Ukraine "- White House on the change of commander of Russian troops in the war

Danilov told about the list of collaborators News on

April 11 2022

Defenders of Kyiv: the enemy did not pass in Brovary district frontier of the major from 72 brigade – Evening Kyiv

What the liberated village looks like now Gorenka near Kyiv: video from a bird’s eye view / In Ukraine / Judicial and legal newspaper

What does the bombed Borodyanka look like from a height. Video published

A mass grave of civilians was found in the village of Buzovaya of Ukrainians – video – Apostrophe

Upon the abduction of the writer by the racists and volunteer Volodymyr Vakulenko is under investigation Magnolia TV

Murder is being investigated in Chernihiv region teenager committed by racists – ArmyInform

Ericsson leaves Russia: Ericsson suspends activity in Russia (11.04.22 11:49) «Abroad | Censor. NO

French gendarmes arrived in Ukraine: will investigate the crimes of Russia Ukrainian Pravda

Reservists in Russia are hiding en masse and refuse to serve under contract

"Every day we find the facts torture ". How the bodies of the dead are collected near Makarov – BBC News Ukraine

The EU is preparing the sixth package of sanctions against Russia: he includes restrictions on oil Heading

The "second army" in the world destroyed the high-precision rocket toilet in the garden – photo – Navy 2017

The war in Ukraine – the occupiers refuse to go on the offensive | RBC Ukraine

"Kadyrovtsev" has become less: in the Donetsk region the group of occupiers from Chechnya was liquidated – photo – Navy 2017

The court handed over the arrested Medvedchuk’s yacht Asset Search and Asset Management Agency – UE – Media Detector.

Russia is preparing for guerrilla warfare its territory, – GUR of the Ministry of Defense – news portal

Canada imposes sanctions on 33 Russians defense enterprises (11.04.22 16:25) «Macroeconomics | Business.Censor.NO

The Armed Forces shot down an enemy plane in Luhansk region | Heading

News of Mariupol – Zaluzhny stated that defense of the city continues | RBC-Ukraine

Russian airlines have been blacklisted | News on

Mariupol: Azov fighters showed destroyed occupiers News on

War with Russia: Armed Forces destroy military bases enemy | News on

The German concern Rheinmetall is ready to supply tanks to Ukraine (11.04.22 17:52) «Transport | Business.Censor.NO

The meeting between Putin and Nehammer was not friendly visit | RBC-Ukraine

The Russians lost a shocking thing in Ukraine number of helicopters: data from the Ministry of Defense – Glavkom

At least 300 local militants killed in Alchevsk were killed residents, in Donetsk 1.2 thousand dead

War in Ukraine – Russian troops are afraid counteroffensive to the Crimea | RBC-Ukraine

The European Union has decided to increase arms supplies Ukraine – OstroV

Polish authorities seized two diplomats object of Russia in Warsaw, one of the buildings is planned to be transferred to Ukraine

We have to complete the process of de-Russification of Kyiv, – Volodymyr Bondarenko – Evening Kyiv

Surkov, a former Duma deputy, was detained in Russia Ukrainian Pravda

The SBU detained an agent of the Russian Federation, who worked in Ukrainian state structures

S&P: Russia has declared a foreign default debt | ForkLog

In Poland, the government commission reiterated that Russia is facing a Smolensk plane crash

April 12 2022

Chemical attack in Mariupol: Biletsky reported three victims

The United States and Britain responded to the statement Azov on Russia’s use of chemical weapons in Mariupol

The war in Ukraine: Japan’s sanctions against Russia, daughters of Putin and Lavrov –

Battles under Raisins and partial blockade Kharkiv: the situation in the Slobozhansky direction – Channel 24

Turkey plans EU sanctions against Russia bring 3 million Russian tourists RBC-Ukraine

Russia received weapons for the war in Ukraine from Iraq, smuggled from Iran – The Guardian | European truth

Aerial reconnaissance showed the destruction of positions racists – Russia’s war against Ukraine

Ukraine wants to ban Russian music on radio and TV – UNIAN

It was scary: Russia is afraid of guerrillas war and imposes a state of emergency on the western borders – Navy 2017

Bodies in the basement and shot evacuation column: law enforcement officers found new victims of the occupiers in Kyiv region Public TV

In Ukraine, the register of traitors included Snizhana Yegorova, Kirill Vyshinsky, Oksana Marchenko and Igor Guzhva – portal news

The occupiers shot in the Bucha district family: killed three women and two children – Information resistance

The Kremlin relocates Ukrainians to Siberia and Far East of Russia – The Independent –

Russia’s war against Ukraine: what is the situation in blockade of Mariupol on April 12 – TSN Exclusive –

Orthodox Russian is on trial in the United States an oligarch and a nationalist, an ardent supporter of Putin

Those who tried to flee the village were shot: how the Russians kept the village of Katyuzhanka in fear

Blood stains and broken brains among toys. The occupiers shot a man in a kindergarten in Irpen – News from Kyiv | Big Kyiv

A Russian paratrooper raped the baby and recorded it video. Zelensky says: the identity has been established – Ukrainian news, –

Lukashenko called the killings in Bucha "Psychological special operation of the British"

In Russia: Decreased oil production (12.04.22 20:14) "Economics | Censor. NO

In Bucha, the exhumation of bodies from the second began mass grave

Arestovich explained why Putin’s death was not beneficial to Ukraine –

News of Mariupol – about 22 thousand died man | RBC Ukraine

In Ukraine, the withdrawal of assets is blocked almost 7 thousand pro-Russian companies – Glavkom

Medvedchuk’s detention on April 12 – information Zelensky»Word and Deed

For the needs of the Armed Forces: It will be sent to the front more than 20 tons of meat belonging to a Belarusian businessman – DBR (12.04.22 20:46) "The war in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Lviv court arrested another 27 in absentia Russian senators

Ukrainian military go to study in Great Britain – World events – Course of Ukraine

April 13 2022

The war in Ukraine: the presidents of four are going to Kyiv | News on

Zelensky said Medvedchuk could be tried according to the rules of war – News of Ukraine

Evidence of crimes is collected in Sumy region, committed by the Russian military against civilians Magnolia TV

The war in Ukraine – the number is set victims in the Kyiv region

Nokia has decided to leave Russia Business news Of Ukraine | Business UA

Two dozen yachts of Russian oligarchs detained in the Netherlands - Charter’97:: News from Belarus – Belarusian News – News from Belarus - Republic of Belarus – Minsk

The book "The Christian World and the Great The Mongol Empire. Proceedings of the Franciscan Mission of 1245 "- Download free, read online

The Christian world and the "Great Mongol Empire". Materials of the Franciscan Mission of 1245 | SV Aksenov, AG Yurchenko (preparation Latin text and translation) download

Podoliak called Biden’s statement about Russian genocide in Ukraine a step towards the trial of Russia – news portal

"Russia needs denazification" – Latvian Foreign Ministry

"Denazification of Ukraine". Office the Prosecutor General and the Security Service of Ukraine reported in absentia to the Russian journalist Gasparyan | Ukrainian news

The President honored three servicemen the title of Hero of Ukraine posthumously

In the Kyiv region, the racists damaged 1,500 objects, 400 of them were destroyed

In Bucha, racists killed a journalist from Priirpinne Zoreslav Zamoysky –

France has frozen 23 billion euros Russian assets – – a media portal about debt and bankruptcy

Nikolai Petrenko, an accomplice of the racists, was detained

The occupiers launched a missile strike Zhytomyr Region – CRIMINAL UKRAINE

Arestovich: APU managed to break through to Mariupol and strengthen its defenses Today

Rashists shot seven civilians Kherson region, and their house was blown up – Russia’s war crimes

The Kremlin rejected Medvedchuk: "not a citizen Russia ’’ | Ukrainian Pravda

"Legitimate goals." Russia threatened to attack US and NATO convoys with weapons for Ukraine

Borodyanka released: what the village looks like now (PHOTO, VIDEO) | News on

The shooting of the occupiers was shown on the Internet cars in Bucha –

In the Sumy region, the Russians killed more than 100 people, bodies with traces of torture – head OVA – UKRAINE CRIMINAL

Borodyanka – Duda and Nauseda visited Kyiv region»Word and Deed

APU destroyed a column of military equipment, seized official documents Ukrainian news

Melitopol guerrillas killed 70 racists - news of Zaporozhye

Residents of Kyiv region provided the state with several photos dozens of rapists and looters from the Russian army

Abramovich lost half of his fortune: on billions of Russian oligarchs have been frozen in the Jersey Islands

Zelensky discussed the package with Biden defense and possible financial support for Ukraine

"Crimes that fall under are committed jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court ": Chief Prosecutor of the ICC Karim Khan visited Bucha