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Week 3 – additional links

Nicholas Zharkikh

Evacuation from Ukraine – Poland has adopted an important Refugee Law – Apostrophe

A children’s hospital was bombed in Mariupol maternity hospital (video) * Operational Ukraine info

Battles near Brovary. The APU destroyed the column Russian technology – video Today

Defenders of Mariupol destroyed and damaged 16 units of equipment of the occupiers, no one counts the enemy infantry - news portal

The Ukrainian army repulsed an attempt by the Russian occupiers to force the river Irpin – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Enemy losses: War of Ukraine (26.02.22 20:51) "The war in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Lavrov confirmed that Russia was deliberately bombing maternity hospital in Mariupol –

Ukraine never capitulates. It will come the moment when Putin will agree to everything, just to stop the war, but it’s over no one will listen / GORDON

Confiscation of Russian property: Zelensky signed a law on confiscation of Russian property in Ukraine (10.03.22 15:13) "The war in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Fiverr ceases operations in Russia RBC Ukraine

Russian creatures mined the body of the slain Chairman of the Gostomel Village Council Yuriy Prilipko after the shooting – News Kyiv | Big Kyiv

The Ministry of Culture allowed: "Putin" and "Kremlin" can be written in lower case – Channel 24

Ukraine has launched a collection of information about destroyed houses and infrastructure –

Venediktov: 4 countries have already started investigation of war crimes of the Russian Federation

11 – 13.03

EU leaders support Ukraine’s European integration | News of Ukraine – # Letters

Russian generals killed in battle on territory of Ukraine – ArmyInform

In Ukraine, 10 Russians were hit in a day aircraft

Russia’s war against Ukraine: "Great G7 is preparing a new package of sanctions against the aggressor

The last of the world’s largest cloud services stopped registering clients from Russia (11.03.22 09:14) «IT | Business.Censor.NO

Enemy loses 266 people in a day – General Staff -

Borrel: Ukraine’s promise to join NATO was a mistake –

Russian planes fired on Belarus, they plan to accuse Ukraine – ZSU | European truth

The European Commission is going to double the military assistance to Ukraine European truth

Access to Instagram in Russia blocked | RBC Ukraine

Blitzkrieg failure: Putin represses FSB (11.03.22 20:23) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

The fourth package of sanctions against Russia can take this week RBC Ukraine

Rivne police confirmed the explosions border with Belarus – on the Ukrainian side

Russian fighters dropped three bombs in the north Rivne region and flew towards Belarus

Russian aviation from the territory of Rivne region attacked Belarus (VIDEO). News of Ukraine and the world. News – News of Rivne. Video on-line. All about the TV company – Rivne 1 TV Channel

The FSB of the Russian Federation transferred data to Ukraine in Chechen commanders, – GUR of the Ministry of Defense

Russian occupiers bombed the stadium. Gagarin in Chernihiv

In Kharkov, the occupiers fired again at the nuclear object, a fire broke out – video – Kharkiv News | Today

Italy has arrested a Russian megayacht oligarch Melnichenko |

Chernobyl, Zaporizhzhya NPP and nuclear reactor in Kharkiv: The IAEA reported on the state of affairs – Evening Kyiv

The Armed Forces shot down six air targets and conducted up to ten successful air battles

11 civilians arrived at Zaporizhzhya NPP from Rosatom, – Energoatom | The Day newspaper

War in Ukraine – APU liberated 2 inhabitants point of the Chernihiv region RBC Ukraine

"Kadyrovites" in Ukraine: war crimes and location of Ramzanov occupiers | Ukrainian Pravda

For any sham "People’s Republic of China" in Kherson Russia should be punished with sanctions – Kuleba Ukrainian Pravda

The occupiers want to legalize their own "Administration" in the Kherson region through councils at various levels MP | Public TV

PayPal payment system will block wallets Russians March 18 | Vector

"EU and NATO threat": Croatian Prime Minister on drone crash in Zagreb Heading

The war in Ukraine – the Belarusian Army is being replenished Russian officers RBC Ukraine

The war in Ukraine – the Russian military fired in retrospect | RBC Ukraine

Melitopol is the new mayor – who handed over the city to the occupiers – photos of traitors of Ukraine

"Putin is not just a person, he is a system. Russia should be deputized ", – Kuleba | News of Ukraine – # Letters

A traitor has been arrested in Kharkiv region passed information to the enemy | Magnolia TV

He was detained for extraditing positions of the Armed Forces and shelters to the enemy of two inhabitants of Kramatorsk – UKRAINE CRIMINAL

Recruiters were detained in the Ivano-Frankivsk region for the creation of the Republic of Ukraine – Apostrophe

A separatist was caught in the Lviv region did not attack Kyiv but Poland at once. VIDEO Magnolia TV

Russia’s war against Ukraine – application chemical weapons will be a turning point for NATO RBC Ukraine

Danilchenko declared suspicion of treason RBC Ukraine

"Regional" Balytsky and a number deputies became collaborators – Gerashchenko | News on

The closed sky over Ukraine would not prevent Russia to fire at Yavoriv firing range in Lviv region – Pentagon –

The occupiers are retiring the military in retrospect, who were taken prisoner in Ukraine News on

Kuleba warned foreigners against fighting on the side aggressor: "Survive – be war criminals" | Ukrainian Pravda

Kherson blogger suspected of treason: justifies war Ukrainian Pravda

The Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine will remember in due time Melitopol deputy betrayed | Magnolia TV

An agent of the Russian special services was detained in Odessa: collected information on defensive structures – UKRAINE CRIMINAL

The United States warned the Russian Federation: if you shoot at NATO territory, the bloc will respond "with all its might" – OstroV

Poroshenko on the shelling of the Yavoriv test site: The shelling of the Yavoriv Center is a terrorist attack on the border with NATO, time for allies to open the second front, – Poroshenko on air of MSNBC (13.03.22 21:13) "The war in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Israel has officially condemned the Russian invasion Of Ukraine

14 – 16.03

Australia has imposed new sanctions against Russian oligarchs and their relatives News of Ukraine – # Letters

In the Dnepropetrovsk region detained 3 men, who actively campaigned for the transition to Russia – Channel 24

Russia is asking China for military assistance the beginning of the invasion – the media

The Russian and Belarusian military refuse to fight: data of the General Staff – Glavkom

In France, an activist seized his daughter’s villa Putin

Israel has joined the sanctions against Russia

The world no longer recognizes Russian diplomas

The Honest Movement has launched a register of traitors - Media detector.

For The Hague. The SBU has created a bot to gather evidence about the crimes of the Russian army – MediaSapiens.

The war in Ukraine – Ukrainian defenders took away from the occupiers radar station and communications center

My war: launched an international platform for the testimony of Ukrainians - Evening Kyiv

New sanctions: EU will abolish trade status Russia as a "country of greatest assistance"

The International Court of Justice in The Hague will rule on case of Ukraine against Russia on March 16 | Heading

About 20 people’s deputies fled abroad - Kornienko – Patriot of Donbass

The general of the occupying forces was destroyed: "Azov" destroyed the major general of the occupying forces. PHOTO (15.03.22 11:14) "The war in Ukraine | Censor. NO

The Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia sent theirs Prime Ministers in Ukraine – what is known – Fleet 2017

The European Union has banned any investment in Energy of Russia (15.03.22 11:29) «Power | Business.Censor.NO

Europe announces new sanctions on Russia and talks about military aid Ukraine

Kiva is no longer a People’s Deputy Heading

Alexander Lukashenko: Lukashenko said that on Belarus was hit by a missile but he is not going to go to war (15.03.22 14:35) "The war in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Russian YouTube channels will lose $ 100 millions every month due to the blockade of monetization – MediaSapiens.

Rabinovych and Shevchenko: searches of deputies of OPZZh were carried out - Evening Kyiv

During the day in Ukraine detained 60 collaborators and 20 sabotage groups – SBU | News of Ukraine – # Letters

An official platform has been launched in Ukraine humanitarian aid BUSINESS

The United States has imposed new sanctions against the President of Belarus

The EU has officially approved a fourth package of sanctions against Russia»Word and Deed

The US President is expected to attend the EU summit in Brussels on March 24 Euro Council

Japan has banned the export of about 300 goods to Russia and Belarus News on

War in Ukraine: France introduces a new package sanctions against the Russian Federation News on

The JRS has published a list of destroyed members command of the occupying forces Ukrainian Pravda

The United States ridiculed Russia’s sanctions: grateful for that ’’ reward ’’, but the list is not the one Biden | Ukrainian Pravda

The US Senate unanimously declared Putin military criminal

Russia wiped off the map of Europe: what will change for Ukraine ’s historic PACE decision European truth

Zelensky signed a law banning it n propaganda News – current news about world events DW | 03/16/2022

Ukrainian troops shot down two Russians fighters over the Black Sea – UKRAINIAN CRIMINAL

Ukraine began confiscating cars from Occupying countries: Auto news from AUTO-Consulting – confiscation

The son of a Russian official was liquidated in Ukraine during the war RBC Ukraine

Zelensky called on the United States to close the sky or give Air defense during a speech before Congress RBC Ukraine

Russians burn the bodies of their military on metallurgical plant in Donetsk – ZAXID.NET

Venediktov told what it means to come to Ukraine ICS Prosecutor ICTV Facts

The war in Ukraine – the Moscow Church renounced the priest-collaborator | RBC Ukraine

Yacht of Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Medvedchuk Royal Romance arrested in Croatia

"We got everything we asked for" – Foreign Minister Of Ukraine on the decision of the International Court of Justice in relation to Russia

The White House told what other weapons will be handed over to Ukraine: list

The Ministry of Figures has launched a collection site evidence of war crimes of the Russian Federation

Website of the project on Putin’s crimes "Kharkiv Tribunal. Nuremberg 2022" was viewed by residents of 130 countries