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Week 1 – Additional links

Nicholas Zharkikh

In the Kyiv region, the shells hit a maternity hospital house»Word and Deed

Taiwan has provided humanitarian assistance to Ukraine and joins sanctions – sanctions against Russia

The United States has not yet imposed energy sanctions against Russia, but are considering such a possibility – the White House

Taiwan shipped 27 tons of medical supplies to Ukraine Health

Shoigu justifies the war against Ukraine protection of Russia Ukrainian Pravda

The European Parliament recognizes Ukraine’s European perspective

A plane bombing the city was shot down in Kharkiv - Kharkiv news

Ukraine will be among the probable topics of the speech Biden in Congress "On the state of affairs in the country"

The Italian parliament has allowed weapons to be sent to Ukraine European truth

In the Kyiv region there are fierce battles for two directions, – Alexey Kuleba

Ukraine’s accession to the EU – the European Parliament has begun special procedure RBC Ukraine

Destruction of a column of Russian equipment on Poltava region: how it happened

New heroes of Ukraine

The Air Force of the Armed Forces spoke about the losses Russian military for the past day

Ukraine offers Russian soldiers to die - or amnesty and 5 million rubles, if they lay down their arms Public TV

EU countries will hand over 70 planes to Ukraine MiG-29 and Su-25 – military assistance to Ukraine

Losses of Russian troops in personnel increased to 5710 – General Staff

The French Navy has detained

Russian terrorists in Kyiv

Websites do not work in Russia

The Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Federation was sent

the occupiers fired on a house in Bucha

Ukrainian missile shot down a Russian plane 150 km from Nikolaev, – the head YEAH – Events in Ukraine – the Course of Ukraine

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, 16 children have died - Lyashko»Word and Deed

Revenge for the shelling of Kyiv. The Ukrainian flooded chic yacht of a top official of "Rostech" | Today

91% of Ukrainians support Zelensky’s actions during the war with Russia – poll – news portal

Victims of Ukraine among civilians: Through Russian invasion killed more than 210 Ukrainians, wounded more than 1,100, - Denisova (27.02.22 21:45) "War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

In Spain, a court acquitted a Ukrainian sailor, who flooded the yacht of the Russian oligarch Magnolia TV

"Ready to protect allies and partners": c The US Department of Defense has responded to Putin’s nuclear threats

Losses of the Russian Federation in Ukraine: in Ukraine they died together with the commander of dozens of Rosguard soldiers from Siberia (28.02.22 13:16) «War in Ukraine Censor. NO

In the Kyiv region Bayraktar destroyed SAM "Beech" of the occupiers: video – news of Ukraine, Politics –

The Ukrainian military broke the column Russian vehicles traveling to Kryvyi Rih

The occupiers are attacking Kyiv and trying to block it – news of Ukraine / NV

Prime Minister of Poland: EU reconstruction plan needed Ukraine for 100 billion euros Ukrainian Pravda

The IMF will consider a request for funding Ukraine next week, the World Bank is ready to allocate $ 3 billion / GORDON

Sberbank leaves the European market RBC Ukraine

Roscosmos – NB65: hackers hacked the system management of satellites and demanded that Putin withdraw from Ukraine – photo

Impulse to break with Moscow: Metropolitan Sumy UOC-MP ordered to stop commemorating Kirill Gundyaev Ukrainian view

Volodymyr Zelenskyy appealed to Jews around the world through Russian shelling of Babyn Yar and Uman – Evening Kyiv

In Nikolaev carried out the first offensive operation, which was successful – the head of the regional state administration – news on UNN March 2, 2022, 09:15

South Korea has condemned Russia for aggression and plans to impose sanctions – Kuleba | ICTV Facts

The EU has expanded sanctions against Belarus through it participation in Russia’s aggression against Ukraine

On the seventh day of the war, the Ukrainian military went on the offensive – Arestovich

The Russian Defense Ministry called new data on losses of their troops in Ukraine

The United States has imposed full blocking sanctions against of the defense sector of Russia: in the list of 22 companies Macroeconomics OBSERVATOR

Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan can join war against Ukraine – former head of state security of Kazakhstan

The SSO promised to destroy all the gunners RF | RBC Ukraine

The answer to the racists: No prisoners there will be no Russian gunners. Each calculation will be slaughtered like pigs. We not death, we are worse, – the statement of SSO (02.03.22 21:09) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

The UN General Assembly approved the resolution, c which called on Russia to withdraw troops from Ukraine immediately

The United States has imposed new sanctions against Russia: under hit the oil and gas industry – Channel 24

Danilov: about 6 thousand Russians servicemen died in Ukraine, about 2,000 more got lost – portal news

ZSU burned a column of the Russian military trying to run away, – the head of the Kirovograd regional state administration – 24 Channel