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Nicholas Zharkikh

March 31, 2022

The Russians accidentally shot down their plane in Ukraine, - British intelligence – ZAXID.NET

The air force shot down four Russian fighters Ukrainian sky – ZAXID.NET

The Kremlin removed him from office and arrested him two Russian generals – ZAXID.NET

The United States has just sent a new batch of weapons to Ukraine – Pentagon - Evening Kyiv

The President of Ukraine spoke by phone with the President of the United States – Vecherny Kyiv

Desertion in Russia – the military from the south Ossetians refuse to fight

Summary of the General Staff: Operational information as of 06:00 on March 31 regarding the Russian invasion (31.03.22 07:46) “War in Ukraine Censor. NO

For stories of Mariupol residents about Russia’s crimes launched a separate site – Media Detector.

In Luxembourg, freeze Russian assets on amount of 2.5 billion euros – Information resistance

Militants from South Ossetia refused to fight for Russia against Ukraine is Russia’s aggression

Our smokers: Japan will not take into account the Russian Federation and will change documents on islands Economic News

The Georgian Foreign Ministry responded to statements about accession of South Ossetia to Russia European truth

On suspicion of treason: the court arrested scandalous blogger Gleb Lyashenko – Channel 24

Liberation of Sumy region: In the liberated from occupiers sappers work in communities of the Sumy region, clearing from DRG proceeds, - Zhyvytskyi (31.03.22 14:21) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

The Russian military was partially removed from the village Chernobyl territory due to radiation exposure – Ministry of Internal Affairs – NewsRoom

A city commandant’s office has been set up in Kyiv: what is it means – UKRAINIAN CRIMINAL

SBU: A new intelligence agency has been liquidated in Ukraine network – Events in Ukraine – Course of Ukraine

The Armed Forces liberated Irpin, but Vorzel, Bucha and Gostomel is still occupied ️ Kyiv Media

Chief of Intelligence of one of the army divisions the aggressor wrote a report on the release due to the huge losses of the occupiers – the portal news

War in Ukraine: Vyshhorod liberated from of the Russian occupiers (31.03.22 20:03) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

The Marine Brigade of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Federation lost about 50% of the composition

Dozens have been detained in Belarus traumatologists – Glavkom

The head of the British Ministry of Defense announced the agreement of a number of countries to supply Ukraine with more lethal weapons

The war in Ukraine – the APU is partially recorded withdrawal of troops of the Russian occupiers from Kyiv

Russia’s economy has "broken down." How will look like store shelves in the near future – BBC News Ukraine

Belarusian Regiment Chase – what is known about him and how to join ICTV Facts

"Schemes" found the secret fortress of Portnov under Kyiv worth $ 2.5 million

1 April 2022

Volodymyr Zelenskyy: deprived of the title the head of the internal security department of the Security Service of Ukraine and the head of the Kherson department Department of the Security Service of Ukraine (01.04.22 07:37) "War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

In the Kherson region, Ukrainian defenders were knocked out orcs from 11 settlements – news of Kherson

Refusing to block propaganda providers began to be excluded from the register – ProstoMob

Video: in the Russian city of Belgorod again explosions and fire UA.NEWS

"Our guys rebelled, they wanted to kill the general there" – Charter’97:: News of Belarus – Belarusian News – News of Belarus – Republic Belarus – Minsk

JYSK and IKEA are closing all their stores in Of Russia –

Russian mercenaries: 300 Syrian mercenaries arrived to the Russian Federation for the war with Ukraine (01.04.22 07:50) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Australia will send Bushmaster armored personnel carriers to Ukraine

"How we have been waiting for you!": Residents of the liberated village was touched by the Armed Forces (video) – UNIAN

Not Vyshgorod, but Vyshegrad: the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine clarified the information about of liberation of Kyiv region – Charter’97:: News from Belarus – Belarusian News - News of Belarus – Republic of Belarus – Minsk

The Armed Forces liberated Visegrad, Kyiv region, - Ministry of Defense – Kyiv

The occupiers are destroying their own military equipment and pretend to be a beaten Ukrainian: SBU intercepted the conversation – news on UNN | 1 April 2022, 11:22

An IT battalion was created in Kyiv (01.04.22 11:27) "Technology | Business.Censor.NO

Bodies were found in the liberated Trostyanets tortured civilians – ZAXID.NET

In Slavutych, the occupiers are stealing potatoes from local warehouses – Channel 24

S&P has revoked the ratings of Russian banks (01.04.22 13:36) «Finance | Business.Censor.NO

Ivankiv was released from the racists – a deputy ️ Kyiv Media

The Armed Forces destroyed a column of occupiers and released them Dmytrivka village near Kyiv ️ Kyiv Media

The Armed Forces took control of 29 settlements in Kyiv and Chernihiv regions –

The occupiers completely destroyed the university Karazin, he will be transferred – MES | Today

KAMAZ will not be able to produce even a military one equipment – Special equipment in Ukraine

NOS: The Netherlands has frozen 516 million euros of Russian assets – Business and Finance – Course of Ukraine

Russia has banned the purchase of foreign software, but allowed to steal

APU went to Bucha of the Kyiv region, – the deputy of the Ukrainian City Council Ukrainian news

The occupiers were given a Mi-28 attack helicopter missile under the tail. "Dance of Fear" did not help: video – news Of Ukraine, Politics –

The Armed Forces took control of Borodyanka ️ Kyiv Media

Russia’s war against Ukraine: in Zaporizhia prisoners of war of the Russian Federation and Ukraine took place in the region –

The Council supported the bill nationalization of Russian property | Today

Major General of the Security Service of Ukraine tried to flee to Hungary for fake documents – ZAXID.NET

The Verkhovna Rada recognized Russia terrorist state – ZAXID.NET

Bucha – free from Russian occupiers - Fedoruk – news portal

War in Ukraine – APU released Borodyanka Bucha district

This is what happiness looks like: a photo of the liberated Ivankova flew around social networks

April 2 2022

The situation in the areas: where there were shellings at night and missiles – Glavkom

In Bucha, the occupiers tortured a man and a woman right in their apartment – Channel 24

Transnistria will not attack Ukraine, Tiraspol refuted the statement of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine RBC-Ukraine

Ruins and fires. What does being freed from look like of Russian troops in Irpen – BBC News Ukraine

APU successfully used the British Starstreak complex for the first time (VIDEO) |

Our paratroopers destroyed 2 Russian Mi-8 helicopters from "Corsair": the first case of damage to an air target from ATGM (VIDEO)

They even sell cosmetics and children’s toys. The Russian military arranged the distribution of the loot in Ukraine News Transcarpathia and Uzhgorod

Atrocities of war criminals. In Bucha they found the killed citizens – them shot connected (PHOTOS) |

In Chernobyl, the occupiers received many years radiation dose

APU seized the latest Russian portable communication system "Auriga-1.2B". Photo

In Bucha, the occupiers tortured the couple for four days right in their apartment: the man died (video) – UKRAINE CRIMINAL

The war in Ukraine – law enforcement officers detained five possible enemy informants

Big Kyiv | VK is an online media about Kyiv and the capital agglomeration

The Prosecutor General’s Office registered almost 4,000 of crimes on the part of the Russian Federation – Events in Ukraine – Course of Ukraine

Russian aggression against Ukraine: Russian oligarchs came under sanctions News on

Sanctions in action: another was arrested in Italy Russian yacht UA.NEWS

The forces of the Russian Federation are again destroyed in Chornobayevka, in the north the column from is broken Kursk region

Russian military has killed Ukrainian photojournalist Max Levin

Thirty-five people were killed when an enemy missile hit the building Mykolayiv OVA – SES

Kakhovka News – because of the creation occupation authorities launched an investigation RBC Ukraine

Khmelnytsky region: the Russians hit rockets in Shepetivka district | Ukrainian Pravda

Russian troops block the exit from the city of Buryn in the Sumy region | ICTV Facts

Nationalization of enemy property: In Ukraine almost one and a half thousand cars from the Russian Federation and Belarus are working on nationalization (02.04.22 20:09) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

National Police: detained in Chernihiv fire adjuster for the occupiers – event in Ukraine – course of Ukraine

About 600 people were detained in Ukraine during the month saboteurs – MIA / GORDON

A man shot by Russians was buried in Vasylkiv in Irpen children’s boxing coach Oleksiy Dzhunkivsky

Cyberattack: on the night of February 24, Russia wanted to destroy all cyber defense of Ukraine – SBU Chas.News

In half of the territorial communities of Kyiv region recorded the destruction | ICTV Facts

"Ukraine needs help immediately": President of the European Parliament after a visit to Kyiv Ukrainian Pravda

April 3 2022

Odesa: The occupiers attacked Odessa from the air (03.04.22 07:30) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Raisins: the occupiers destroyed 80% of buildings News on

War in Ukraine: Russians refuse to fight –

War in Ukraine 2022: Kuleba said that The European Union is preparing the fifth package of sanctions against Russia – Politics –

Kyiv news: what is happening in Gostomel after liberation –

The occupiers killed the Lithuanian director Kvedaravičius, whose film about Mariupol won Berlin film festival. Photo

Zelensky awarded orders and medals 131 military – 24 Channel

The bodies of women were found near Kyiv Russians tried to burn on the side of the road –

Zelensky awarded another 136 servicemen – 24 Channel

Disney and Christie’s, Moody’s and Amsted Rail and others RBC Ukraine

There was no Putin in Bucha. Killed and tortured Ukrainians "ordinary Russians" | News on

The Slavutych of the Kyiv region included the APU, residents are asked not to panic

The Zhytomyr highway is littered with the corpses of those shot civilians, some of the dead have their hands tied ️ Kyiv Media

The number of killed Russian occupiers in Ukraine has reached 18 thousand – General Staff | Ukrainian Pravda

Israeli Ambassador Mikhail Brodsky called the atrocities of Russians in Bucha a war crime – news of Ukraine, –

Want a new Srebrenica? Did they want to to reincarnate Treblinka, encouraging "Russian peace", – Podoliak addressed to European leaders Heading

Bodies were found earlier in Kyiv region abducted elders of the village of Motyzhyn and her relatives News of Ukraine – # Letters

Kyiv region: the Ukrainian military took under control of Pripyat and the border area | Ukrainian Pravda

Atrocities of racists in Kyiv region: Poroshenko demands to convene an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council Direct

Four mayors in the Luhansk region appeared Russian collaborators UA-Football

Let’s leave the hatred, it’s cold time rage – Filatov about the mass murder of Ukrainians near Kyiv. | City Council

Russia has withdrawn about 10,000 units of equipment through Chernobyl, its risk radiation contamination is high – the head of DAZV

Bucha became a "mass" grave for almost 300 civilian: the consequences of the Russian occupation – Navy 2017

Russia withdrew units of two military districts on its territory – the General Staff of the APU – Navy 2017

In Irpen, Russian troops shot girls and women, corpses pressed by tanks – the mayor

Kuleba asks The Hague to send a mission to Bucha to collect evidence – Channel 24

The UN Security Council must Klimkin called on the organization to take decisive action - News of Ukraine

The mayor of Nikolaev reported about rocket blows on the city

90% of Mariupol’s infrastructure is not subject restoration – the head of Donetsk OVA Today

In the internal summaries of the Russian Ministry of Defense said about 23 thousand dead soldiers in Ukraine Today

They beat the butt, threw grenades in the basement, held prisoners – stories from villages in Kyiv region that lived under Russian occupation

A "mass grave" was found in Bucha, where they are buried almost 300 people, dozens of corpses on the streets

Anonymous hackers merged 120,000 data of the Russian military who are at war with Ukraine – news on UNN April 3 2022, 16:30

Scopus and Web of Science close access organizations from Russia and Belarus Chas.News

410 bodies of killed civilians have already been taken out of Kyiv region residents | News on

In the Kherson region caught a collaborator who helped the occupiers to kidnap Ukrainian patriots and participated in torture - Patriot of Donbass

In Bucha, the occupiers organized in the basement torture room – civilians were tortured and shot there – video

The war in Ukraine – Venediktov announced the figure collaborators RBC Ukraine

Sanctions against Russia: a number of companies have left RF – OBOZREVATEL news

A video of the moment of the shooting of the residents has appeared Buchi

The rocket attack on Vasilkov was inflicted on April 3

The murdered children have their hands tied, the girls torn genitals: atrocities of Russians in the Kyiv region shock The voice of the Carpathians

Alexei Reznikov: unsuccessful blitzkrieg of the Russians will end in a successful Nuremberg

April 4 2022

Trudeau about Bucha: Genocide in Bucha (04.04.22 06:32) "The war in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Shot, raped and tortured: online there were photos of the Buryat occupiers and their commander who committed atrocities in Bucha -

It’s a blow below the belt – Blinken about the body killed in the liberated cities of Ukraine – news on UNN April 4, 2022, 7 p.m.

Russian soldiers held 150 hostages in the basement schools of the village of Yagodnoye near Chernihiv RBC Ukraine

In Russia, covert mobilization began reservists

In the Luhansk region one mayor and three heads communities sided with the occupiers: published names – Information resistance

Russian occupiers leave Sumy region – the head ODE – UKRAINIAN CRIMINAL

The occupiers bombed Ternopil: damaged critical infrastructure object Heading

Shooting down of the IL-22 repeater plane of the occupiers: new details have appeared

Since the beginning of the war, 84 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been awarded the title of Hero Ukraine, 42 of them posthumously – Reznikov

Rashists shot portraits of Ukrainians soldiers on the Alley of ATO Heroes in Irpen – ITV

The Ukrainian Armed Forces struck at a Russian frigate "Admiral Essen" – the media

The EU has accused the Russian authorities of atrocities Kyiv region | Heading

The war in Ukraine: I invite Merkel and Sarkozy in Bucha. You will see what the policy of concessions of Russia has led to in 14 years, - Zelensky (03.04.22 21:58) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Merkel replied to Zelensky: NATO (04.04.22 13:26) «Abroad | Censor. NO

GUR has released a list of Russian military, involved in atrocities in Bucha | Ukrainian Pravda

The Rosguardians from Khakassia refused to participate in the criminal war with Ukraine

Neptune’s first success. The Ukrainian Navy was lined up Russian missile frigate

Photos of Russian looters and murderers who mocked civilians in Bucha, Irpen and Gostomel

Denmark has imposed a moratorium on the purchase of Russian oil (04.04.22 20:32) «Energy | Business.Censor.NO

The group was detained in Kyiv during a special operation informants of special services of Russia The war in Ukraine 2022 | OBSERVATOR

Biden called for a trial of Putin atrocities in Bucha ICTV Facts

Merkel did not respond to an invitation to Bucha and stated that she still considers it the right decision not to admit Ukraine to NATO

Zelensky in Bucha: We know about thousands killed and tortured | News – current news about world events DW | 04/04/2022

The Russian military returning from Ukraine is trying to resign en masse after the crushing losses, – General Staff

Counter-sanctions of the aggressor: invented in Russia unexpected punishment for business Today

France is sending dozens after Germany Russian diplomats UA.NEWS

Data leak "Yandex. Food "revealed personal information from agents of the Russian special services

April 5 2022

OOS: The occupiers fired on a chemical plant in Donetsk region (05.04.22 07:27) "War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

Javelins, Stingers and Drones: USA will hand over even more weapons to Ukraine

In the villages of Kyiv, Chernihiv and Sumy regions, the occupiers created something not seen during the Nazi occupation

War crimes Bucha, Irpen, Gostomel - Vladimir Zelensky will speak at the UN Security Council – news Ukraine

Russian troops have partial success in two or three settlements – the summary of the General Staff | Ukrainian Pravda

In Konotop, the occupiers tortured and killed a civilian resident – Society – StopCor

In Kyiv, the SBU detained treacherous traitors positions of the Armed Forces News on

Airbnb disconnected Russians and Belarusians from of their services – Business and Finance – Course of Ukraine

In the basement of the sanatorium in Bucha found arranged Russians torture chamber – ZAXID.NET

Kyiv news: two people are suspected to activists of public organization in treason (photo) – Kyiv –

Dmitry Komarov showed new atrocities, committed by the RF Armed Forces near Kyiv (video)

Russia demands that Wikipedia remove the truth about war crimes in Ukraine

Burns and destruction. What’s left of Borodyanka after the Russian occupation Ukrainian news

Port closures and coal embargo: new EU sanctions against Russia

A military formation was presented in Ukraine "Legion of Freedom of Russia" (VIDEO) – Patriot of Donbass

Latvia, Estonia, Romania and Slovenia send dozens of Russian diplomats "CENTER – the most important events in the country

Ukrainian soldiers captured the station radar reconnaissance of the Russian army SNAR-10M1 – ArmyInform

Occupier Crimes: Killing Civilians Kyiv region (05.04.22 20:42) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

APU shot down 4 missiles fired from Belarus Today

Georgia has denied accusations by the Ministry of Defense assistance in smuggling in the Russian Federation – news of Ukraine, –

Judge and chief of staff of one of the courts Luhansk region sided with the occupiers – GBR – NewsRoom

The United States has blocked Russia’s use more than $ 600 million in sovereign debt payments

He laid down his arms, repeatedly raped and beat: another case of atrocity of the occupier in the Kharkiv region – Channel 24

Russia’s war against Ukraine – APU for the first time applied the Russian Solntsepek | RBC Ukraine \

Ordinary fascism: Latvian Foreign Minister commented on an article by RIA Novosti about the war between Russia and Ukraine – Information resistance

Ombudsman: The facts of mass torture of civilians are recorded on liberated territories of Kyiv, Chernihiv and Sumy regions

The border in the Chernihiv region is under control GPS | RBC Ukraine

Tightening sanctions against Russia: 5 packages sanctions against the Russian Federation (05.04.22 16:16) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

NATO countries will continue to provide weapons to Ukraine against the background of Russia’s desire to take Donbas and the south – Stoltenberg | Ukrainian Pravda

SBU: the head of the prosecutor’s office was detained Of Mykolayiv for treason – Events in Ukraine – Course of Ukraine

Zelensky assigned to the commander of the Land troops Syrsky title of Hero of Ukraine Ukrainian news

April 6 2022

Ukraine is losing its cultural heritage

Canada has expanded the list of sanctions oligarchs of European truth

At least 400 people have gone missing in Gostomel people – news portal

The shelling of Kyiv – who died in the attack on TV tower March 1 – Apostrophe

The war in Ukraine – the Armed Forces regained control settlements Dobryanka, Novovoznesenske and Trudolyubivka»Word and Deed

At night, Russia struck near Vinnytsia, Lviv and Dnieper. What is known about the shelling and the consequences – BBC News Ukraine

War in Ukraine: 14 Russian yachts confiscated in the Netherlands News on

The largest car depot in Ukraine was destroyed spare parts –

Russian diplomats have been announced in Greece persona non grata April 6 | RBC Ukraine

Zhytomyr region is being cleared in the liberated Kyiv region route and build a drawbridge across the river | Ukrainian Pravda

Alexander Markushin: Disassembly has begun in Irpen blockages (06.04.22 12:05) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

War crimes in Bucha and Borodyanka are experts record the atrocities of the Russian occupiers "Word and Deed

The IAEA is trying to legalize Russia occupation of ZNPP – Minister | UA.NEWS

The SBU received lists of occupiers and secret ones maps on the capture of the Donetsk region (photos, videos)

In the Luhansk region in Severodonetsk because of the shelling Russian invaders burn 10 high-rise buildings Heading

2 of our planes against 12 Russian: details heavy fighting near Kyiv, which took place on March 2 – Channel 24

Complete de-Russification: The Council plans to change geographical names associated with Russia – PURPOSE

Russian invasion of Ukraine: the villa of a propagandist Soloviev was set on fire in Italy

Finland was threatened in the Russian Federation "retaliation" in the event of the country’s accession to NATO / GORDON

Ukraine’s war with Russia – the United States imposes sanctions against Putin’s daughters, Russian banks and Lavrov’s family "Word and Deed

Facebook reacted to the cover-up publications about the massacre in Bucha – Ukrainian telecommunication portal

Borodyanka’s footage was shown by the Ministry of Defense RBC Ukraine

Evidence has been found that Putin’s the idiots were actually digging trenches in the radioactive Red Forest

Russian occupiers in the Kyiv region shot parents in front of children – NewsRoom

The SBU exposed enemy correctors and a collaborator who prepared "lists" for the extermination of Ukrainians – Channel 24

The deputy from OPZZh helped Russians invaders enter Raisins – ZAXID.NET

Subsidiaries have come under US sanctions "Sberbank" and "Alfa-Bank" in a number of countries (06.04.22 20:48) "Finance | Business.Censor.NO

The United States refuses to participate in G20 meetings, if there will be RF | ICTV Facts

Russia and Turkey have agreed to barter

What is known about Putin’s daughters, Catherine and Maria, which will be affected by EU sanctions – Il Messaggero»CENTER – the most important events of the country

Western sanctions against Russia – as they will be to solve the question of spare parts for aircraft – Apostrophe

Fighters of the group "East" destroyed up to 60 soldiers of the Russian Federation, the fighting continues Ukrainian Pravda

Russia recruits mercenaries: Russia completely failed to recruit mercenaries for the War in Ukraine – in Transnistria under the plan 15 thousand 2 people came, – Gerashchenko (06.04.22 20:04) «War in Ukraine |

Konstantin Ivashchenko-Pushilin appointed mayor Mariupol of the former deputy of OPZZh