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Nicholas Zharkikh

March 24, 2022

Hackers Anonymous hacked the Central Bank of

Hackers Anonymous hacked the sites of Auchan, Leroy Merlin and Decathlon

The court in Moscow considered the phrase "Fascism is not will pass "negative attitude" to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Russia has announced the mobilization of a private park freight cars

An 18-year-old girl was raped for eight days different people: residents of Vorzel told about the atrocities of the occupiers / In Ukraine / Judicial and legal newspaper

Sanctions against Russia prohibit operations with Russian gold – USA Economic truth

March 25, 2022

Russia wants to be excluded from the G20: its place must to occupy Ukraine – Biden

EU countries will set up a solidarity fund for restoration of Ukraine after the war

The war in Ukraine – Alexei Sharov – Mariupol Latest news and events in Ukraine and the world

Sanctions against Russia are the heaviest in the world history – Biden promises to introduce new ones RBC Ukraine

"Never Again": Ministry of Culture presented a site comparing the crimes of Russia and Nazi Germany

March 26, 2022

300 people, 14 tanks, 3 drones, 2 aircraft and 3 helicopters. How much did the Russian army lose on March 25 | Ukrainian News

Russian militants cannot get money for participation in the war

Historian from Kharkiv killed in battle near Kyiv - NewsRoom

Saratov ship: published by satellite pictures of the destroyed Russian ship News on

The EU will buy gas under the new scheme Business news of Ukraine Business UA

Trostyanets was liberated from the Russian occupiers

In Kharkov, the occupiers fired again at the nuclear object | Today

Danilov on Karabakh, the Kuriles and Kaliningrad: opening second fronts against Russia would help us Ukrainian Pravda

March 27, 2022

Mariupol news – what the city looks like now, photo | RBC Ukraine

Trostyanets liberated from occupiers – photo | RBC Ukraine

The war in Ukraine can lead to hunger riots in other countries – IMF –

March 28, 2022

On March 26, Russia released a record number missiles in Ukraine

Restoration of Ukraine: Russia will be after the war to pay contributions and reparations to Ukraine for decades, – the adviser the president

The Armed Forces shot down 4 planes and 1 helicopter in one day racists – Business

Minus the enemy missile over the Odessa region – OVA | Ukrainian Pravda

The number of countries that have appealed to the ISS in connection with the crimes of the Russian Federation Ukraine, rose to 42 – Minister

The losses of the Russian occupiers in the war were reached 17 thousand military – General Staff | Ukrainian Pravda

Putin after the ban on interviews with Zelensky stated that they are not afraid of the statements of the President of Ukraine Ukrainian Pravda

Venediktov: crimes of the Russian Federation in Mariupol can to qualify as genocide – Events in Ukraine – Course of Ukraine

Kirill Budanov provided details of the plan Russia

The war in Ukraine – the construction of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on evening of March 28 – Apostrophe

Russia’s losses in Ukraine news – APU remotely blew up a column of enemy equipment – video

March 29, 2022

The General Staff of the Armed Forces told how many were beaten enemy aircraftLatest news and events in Ukraine and the world

The General Staff has released new data on the situation on front

Saboteurs in Ukraine: in three oblasts detained traitors – Klimenko | News on

Google has been banned from calling the war in Ukraine "War" on its Russian-language pages | Vector

A unique case. The General of the Armed Forces revealed details of the destruction of the ship "Saratov" Today

Nokia helped launch the Russian system espionage -Western media – World –

As a result of shelling of Nikolaev partially YEAH building destroyed – Vitaly Kim

Denis Kurilo – The Ukrainian Armed Forces liquidated the Russian Commander, Colonel Denis Kurilo ICTV Facts

Ukraine requested from the United States 500 Javelin and Stinger daily

Sanctions against Russia: the next US sanctions will concern Russian supply chains (29.03.22 13:59) «War in Ukraine Censor. NO

The Pope gave Lviv an ambulance help

Ukraine received a field hospital from Netherlands European truth

It was nationalized on the border with Belarus trucks for the needs of the Armed Forces – Special vehicles in Ukraine

Already 30 European countries have been removed from their airwaves Russian propaganda channels

The Finnish Hesburger chain will close all restaurants in Russia and Belarus (29.03.22 14:32) «Corporate relations | Business.Censor.NO

In Irpen about 50% of buildings were destroyed, - the mayor of Irpen

The United States and its allies are preparing new sanctions against of the Russian economy, – US Treasury (29.03.22 15:51) «Power | Business.Censor.NO

Territorial defense volunteers were equated with servicemen: what it means – I and the law

Russia’s attack on Ukraine is the Ukrainian army destroyed the universal armored vehicle Kamaz Typhoon "Word and Deed

The war in Ukraine – US intelligence is watching withdrawal of Russian troops from Kyiv RBC Ukraine

Arestovich – about the losses of the Armed Forces: I know for sure almost to man, but by the end of the war there will be no numbers

Near Izyum, the air defense shot down the enemy fighter-bomber and drone – Channel 24

A large-scale network of enemies has been eliminated Internet agents who called for support for Russian aggression – ArmyInform

The Netherlands and Belgium are sending dozens Russian diplomats, Ireland – four, the Czech Republic – one

March 30, 2022

Ukraine’s allies and partners are working on introduction of a new sanctions package against Russia

UN Security Council – Russia has accused the West of supply weapons to Ukraine allegedly in medical vehicles

Visa-free Ukraine Canada is supported by Canadian parliament – what it means

At the one who left Ukraine before the Russian invasion ex-chief of internal security of SBU searches – "Schemes"

"Withdrawal of troops" of Russia, probably misleading – General Staff – Channel 24

Attack of occupiers on the Nikolaev YEAH. 12 people died, 33 injured / GORDON

Russia sent troops to Ukraine occupied territories of Georgia General Staff – Business

The Rada registered a bill on ban of the ROC in Ukraine – Case

In Kyiv, found the wreckage of an expensive Russian kamikaze drone – photo – Apostrophe

Deripaska’s appeal against the cancellation was rejected in the United States sanctions against him – News Yu

Poland bans coal imports from Russia

Firtash lost the lawsuit, the businessman can extradite to USA / GORDON

The assassination of Zelensky and key figures in Ukraine - on the agenda of Russia – Arestovich

The Armed Forces shot down several missiles over Kyiv – Glavkom

Critical imports will fall under the new sanctions and the military-industrial complex of Russia, – Ermak | Ukrainian news

The White House announced the conditions of Biden’s meeting with Putin Ukrainian news

Russia’s war against Ukraine: Armed Forces captured Solntsepek – photo –

Leading IT companies support Ukraine in fight against the occupiers

Samsung removes the letter Z from its name smartphones UA.NEWS

The occupiers are demoralized and temporary refused to blockade Kyiv – General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Today

A collaborator who wanted to lead the occupation authorities, will be tried in Rivne region – Patriot of Donbass

Principles: Ukraine has created a fund for struggle on the information front

The Ukrainian military killed 18 soldiers and 5 Armored personnel carrier of the enemy in the Zaporozhye direction

In the Kyiv region, Ukrainian defenders destroyed another group of the occupiers: photo – Evening Kyiv

The situation in Chernihiv – gunners destroyed 13 units of Russian equipment in the Chernihiv region "Word and Deed

Rescuers showed how after the occupation looks Irpen (Video) – NewsRoom

Biden announced the allocation of budget aid Ukraine for $ 500 million (30.03.22 20:29) «Finance | Business.Censor.NO

For video in TikTok. The first was sent to court indictment for collaborationism