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Nicholas Zharkikh

March 17, 2022

ISS Prosecutor Khan sent a request to Russia meeting on Ukraine

China will never attack Ukraine – Ambassador | Ukrainian Pravda

The Nazis hit three Panamanian missiles with missiles ships in the Black Sea – Russia’s aggression

A criminal case was instituted against Arestovich Belarus: details Today

The landing of the Russian Federation was already waiting in Pechersk: Arestovich about Zelensky refuses to evacuate – Politics News Leaders Today

The war in Ukraine – G7 promised retribution for Russian war crimes RBC Ukraine

March 18, 2022

Australia has imposed sanctions on 11 Russian banks and government agencies – the Foreign Ministry

Famous musician and agent of the Russian Federation: what is known about traitor who surrendered Lutsk airfield to the occupiers Today

Australia, New Zealand and Japan introduced new sanctions against Russia for the war in Ukraine – news of Ukraine, –

Occupiers since the beginning of full-scale about 14,200 men and 450 tanks lost the invasion

In Mariupol from under the rubble of the drama theater 130 people were rescued, more than 1,300 may remain there – Taruta

NATO Secretary General: I understand the disappointment Zelensky, but the war should not go beyond Ukraine Ukrainian Pravda

Russia’s war against Ukraine is in Moscow detain the Ukrainian diaspora RBC Ukraine

In the Odessa region, cyberpolice detained a traitor \

The former official is suspected of treason

The war in Ukraine – it became known how many victims of Russian aggression in Kyiv – Parliament.UA

Lieutenant Colonel Gennady Matulyak saved at the cost his life sat down and destroyed the enemy column RBC Ukraine

"Shameful spectacle" of German Politics – High Castle

Belarus will not have nuclear weapons on the territories declared Lukashenko | RBC Ukraine

More than 1,800 criminal cases have already been instituted in Ukraine cases of Russian war crimes – Patriot of Donbass

Ukrainian military in the Sumy region destroyed a column of Russian military equipment (Photo) – NewsRoom

March 19, 2022

Australia and New Zealand have imposed sanctions on Putin and businessman Deripaska: read on

The war in Ukraine on March 19 – the UN predicts global consequences RBC Ukraine

Sea routes from the Bosphorus to Odessa were mined racists – Russia’s aggression

"They came for me": the SBU detained in Odessa journalist Yuri Tkachev

The SBU detained a collaborator in Rivne region and sapper from the terrorist group "Somalia" – news portal

March 20, 2022

Results for the day of March 19 confrontation n invasion

The singer’s star was dismantled in Chernivtsi Bukovina: he performed at a concert in Moscow in support of the war Heading

Shelling of a home for the elderly in Kreminna: The shelling of Luhansk region (20.03.22 12:18) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

The Kremlin is preparing to engage in the war against Ukraine’s minors – an attack on Ukraine

The occupiers of the Russian Federation bear losses and carry out covert mobilization, – APU General Staff (video)

March 21, 2022

13 states have signed a statement on air defense modernization Ukraine – details – Fleet 2017

Belarus – guerrillas damage the equipment of the Russian Federation and stop trains ICTV Facts

Putin Youth: Russian troops will replenish teenagers from Unarmy – Fleet 2017

Serhiy Bratchuk: The Ukrainian military lined up enemy ship near Odessa. VIDEO (21.03.22 09:24) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

The Russian bomber violated the air space of Poland

Ukraine needs EU membership: Rada addressed the heads of the European Commission and the European Parliament – Information resistance Moscow court bans c Russia’s work of social networks Facebook and Instagram "for extremism"

48 hours out: Anonymous set ultimatum to companies operating in Russia UA.NEWS

The war in Ukraine – Belarus reported withdrawal of troops from the border "Word and Deed

Russians of conscription age complain that theirs do not let out of the Russian Federation

A unique Russian tank "died" in Ukraine - photo – Fleet 2017

The Armed Forces thwarted an attempt by the occupiers to attack Brovary, – General Staff - Evening Kyiv

The Russians destroyed every second house in Makarov near Kyiv – police – Channel 24

Interception of conversations of occupiers: In Brovarsky Colonel Zakharov, the commander of the occupier’s regiment, was liquidated in the district. VIDEO (10.03.22 11:22) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

The APU struck at the positions for the seventh time enemy in Chernobaevka, – Arestovich

During the 25 days of the war, 1271 were registered crime against national security, – MIA – news portal

March 22, 2022

Russian war crimes in Ukraine - The Pentagon will help gather evidence RBC Ukraine

Komsomolskaya Pravda reported the death of 9861 Russian military in Ukraine

Russian Lieutenant Colonel Koshel was taken prisoner - from personally reported to the commander of the 58th Army of the Russian Federation RBC Ukraine

Or the eighth time will be the last: Russian the invaders again "shoveled" in Chornobayivka Heading

Anonymous hacked the Nestle base and called in free access. | RBC Ukraine

A Russian woman was detained in the Zakarpattia region sabotage group (Photo) – NewsRoom

More than two dozen yachts were detained in Finland n oligarchs | News of Ukraine – # Letters

In Russia, began marking the homes of those who protests against the war

Without supplies and in the "boiler": the Russian army is forced retreat in the west of the Kyiv region (map)

The war in Ukraine – the KGB of Belarus said Fr. elimination of Ukrainian spies RBC Ukraine

To date, 100 occupiers have been shot down – Land troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – Evening Kyiv

Slyusarev Vadim: Curator of Kharkiv "servants of the people" Slyusarev left for on the eve of its invasion Ukraine, – mass media (22.03.22 21:03) «War in Ukraine | Censor. NO

March 23, 2022

Destruction and burning high-rises: Maxar published new satellite images of Mariupol –

Police resume work in Irpen, sweeps from saboteurs begin – UKRAINE CRIMINAL

The Armed Forces of Ukraine occupied occupied Irpin, Bucha and Gostomel

The Ukrainian military captured the unit rare Russian complex "Beauty-4" –