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Week 2 – additional links

Nicholas Zharkikh

Ukrainian defenders were destroyed near Balovny enemy landing – Channel 24

Russian invasion: the current situation on Thursday morning – news on UNN March 3, 2022, 7:40 p.m.

The war in Ukraine: 38 countries appealed to International Criminal Court due to Russian aggression ICTV Facts

Representatives of the International Criminal Court went to Ukraine to investigate Russian war crimes European truth

The United States is launching a task force that is not will allow Russian businessmen to avoid sanctions / GORDON

The Ministry has made a selection of sanctions against Russia for the last day

Zelensky called for closing the sky or giving planes RBC Ukraine

"More than 6,000 Russians died": US for the first time published their estimates of the losses of the armies of Russia and Ukraine

Zelensky’s address: We survived that night could stop the history of Ukraine and Europe Public TV

A Russian man was found dead in Great Britain oligarch

EU will strengthen sanctions against Russia – News Of Europe Today

The yachts of the oligarchs they lost. What we are we know about the arrested property of billionaires

The council allowed the expropriation process to begin property of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine | UA.NEWS

Russia may be expelled from the IMF RBC Ukraine

The World Nuclear Association called for the aggression of the Russian Federation and the capture of ZNPP create safety zones around all Ukrainian NPPs

New details of Shufrych’s detention have appeared - Patriot of Donbass

New law. What Russian assets can to nationalize Ukraine?

EU ready to disconnect new banks from SWIFT RBC Ukraine

The IAEA will urgently check the nuclear power plant in Ukraine RBC Ukraine

Consequences of shelling and fighting in Borodyanka, Kyiv region – photo gallery

5 – 6.03

Italy has arrested two Russian yachts oligarchs – Glavkom

Ilya Ponomarev entered to Ukrainian territorial defense

NATO, close the sky over Ukraine: Reznikov’s appeal to the international community – Navy 2017

The head of state called on US senators to close sky over Ukraine and strengthen anti-Russian sanctions – ArmyInform

Rescued under Russian fire "hail": about 400 were evacuated from Volnovakha and nearby villages man

Combat losses of the occupiers after the invasion Ukraine

Anonymous hackers hacked the FSB website

Visa and Mastercard are temporarily suspended activities in Russia

Moody’s suspends business in Russia (06.03.22 10:11) «Corporate relations | Business.Censor.NO

Kuleba discussed with the foreign ministers of the United States and Poland the possibility of transfer Ukraine fighters

North Korea: Russia (06.03.22 14:36) « The war in Ukraine Censor. NO

Russia’s Caliber missiles struck airfield in Vinnytsia (photo, video)

Closed sky over Ukraine – Zelensky accused NATO of supporting the killing of Ukrainians RBC Ukraine

IBM has left the Russian market – ProstoMob

An open photo archive has appeared in Ukraine Russian crimes so that everyone can join the fight against the occupier | Economic News

The occupiers covered the nuclear war with "Hail" object in Kharkov – SBU | Today

The United States and Europe are considering abandoning Russian imports oil – Blinken

Blinken: "We are seriously considering Poland ’s proposal to send in Ukraine its F-16 fighters "- OstroV

Zelensky created a delegation of Ukraine to participate in the UN International Court of Justice in the case of genocide charges against Russia

Nvidia stops selling its products Russia

Fedorov announced two more stages of digital blockade of Russia

NATO member countries have been given the green light sending fighters to Ukraine / GORDON

TikTok will suspend operations in Russia

Fedorov called on Microsoft to block Russians Azure, Skype and GitHub – Channel 24

7 – 8.03

Kuleba voiced the only way to stop the war Ukraine – Business

Zelensky awarded special titles to six to the cities-heroes of Ukraine – Business

The US Congress is ready to allocate $ 10 billion to Ukraine for defense needs – OstroV

In Russia, a priest will be tried for "discrediting the Armed Forces Russia in Ukraine and the slogan "No to war!" – OstroV

War in Ukraine: Armed Forces destroyed 30 helicopters troops of the Russian Federation at the airfield near Kherson ICTV Facts

Visa and Mastercard will stop serving cards of Russian banks abroad from March 10 (07.03.22 15:29) «Finance | Business.Censor.NO

Russia is destroying our Orthodox churches – the UOC Of the Moscow Patriarchate – BBC News Ukraine

Special tribunal to consider the case of Russian aggression, – statement of Dmitry Kuleba – Evening Kyiv

Machine guns and equipment: SALW received weapons from Poroshenko | UA.NEWS

The SBU continues to expose the Russian military criminals, traitors and collaborators

Where are you, sir? Scandalous deputy Shevchenko was detained at the border, – mass media | Magnolia TV

Russia’s war against Ukraine – the EU views Lukashenko ’s regime as co – aggressor RBC Ukraine

Britain is ready to support Poland in this regard providing Ukraine with aircraft – aircraft for Ukraine

The German Attorney General has launched an investigation n crimes

The losses of the Russian occupiers exceeded 12 thousand people – General Staff | Direct

Ukrainian intelligence has published a list Russian Navy war criminals involved in the killing of civilians Of Ukraine | News of Ukraine – # Letters

Give us a weapon – we will close the sky ourselves! Danilov appealed to NATO ICTV Facts

Compulsory seizure of Russian and Ukrainian facilities in Ukraine its residents. Strengthening the responsibility for looting YURLIGA

In the 13 days of the war, Russia lost more aircraft than for the last 30 years, – Zelensky – Evening Kyiv

Putin’s plans have failed – the Defense Ministry Britain

Zelensky called on Britain to recognize Russia terrorist state. Britain will abandon Russia’s energy ️ Kyiv Media

SBU detained another traitor of Ukraine Economic News

Reconstruction of Ukraine after the war: The West will prepare Marshall’s plan for the reconstruction of Ukraine stated Johnson (08.03.22 20:34) "War in Ukraine Censor. NO

Poland is ready to hand over fighters to Ukraine, but there are conditions | European truth

9 – 10.03

The United States has threatened Chinese companies violation of sanctions against Russia Ukrainian Pravda

Russia is already in default, but does not recognize it – the expert CASE – Новости

Polish volunteers managed to destroy a whole column of Russian equipment - News

Sanctions against Russia: EU works on new package sanctions against Russia (09.03.22 14:01) "Abroad | Censor. NO

In the United States, options for restricting access are being studied Russia to cryptocurrencies

Global ISP Lumen stops work in Russia – Science and Technology – Course of Ukraine

Thanks to the messages of citizens in the chat for night destroyed about 500 units of equipment of the occupiers – Ukraine –

The Hague court: Russia has said it has ignored the court in The Hague due to the absurdity of the lawsuit (09.03.22 14:58) «Events | Censor. NO

In the Kherson region because of calls to surrender the occupiers opened a criminal case against the deputy

Technology giant Honeywell is suspending work in Russia and Belarus (09.03.22 15:04) «Technology | Business.Censor.NO

The most expensive Canadian company also comes from Russia

Distributed like chickens: Chechen commander volunteers told about Kadyrov’s shame in Ukraine – Navy 2017

The Russians were warned about the possible blocking of iOS and Android – Ukrainian telecommunication portal

Stoltenberg issued a warning for Russia

Great Britain: The Russian Ministry of Defense admits use of thermobaric weapons in Ukraine