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How to arrange Ukraine

Nicholas Zharkikh

The war will one day end in our victory. So what? How to imagine the future of Ukraine after the war?

The following thoughts are unpopular, so I present them openly and cynically. And briefly, without technical details. I am not a politician or a government official, but only a couch columnist, so I must first say that must be done – without taking into account possible obstacles.


This political misunderstanding must be resolved. They didn’t know how to be independent – so why we, Ukrainians, wille be worry oxer it’s existence?

Divide the former Belarus into 6 principalities according to the number of regions and after the model of the division of the former Russia. 87 principalities or 93 – there is no fundamental difference.

The only complication is that Bulboführer Luke has only one son. Who to appoint as chiefs in the other four principalities? Well, somehow it will.

Ukraine will be able to develop "friendly mutually beneficial relations" with all, especially with the Gomel and Brest principalities. And again – no annexations!


Not sure if we should spend effort on building a wall at the border. I hope in God that as soon as the flow of bloody Moscow money ends, Hungary will remember that "it has always been in friendship and good neighborliness" with Ukraine.

Hungarian existence, ie Hungarian dependence on external financing, determines the Hungarian consciousness.


This Moscow chicken coop must be destroyed by all means. Russian troops in Transnistria are a legitimate target for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which (I hope) will politely offer local Russians to lay down their arms and go «nach Vaterland».

Whether the territory of Transnistria will remain part of Ukraine, or part of Moldova, or part of Romania (with which Moldova can unite) – I think, is not essential. The main thing is that a south-western transport corridor will open from Ukraine to Romania and further to southern Europe.


A distinction should be made between the territory seized by Muscovites (the Donbabwe and Luhanda tribes) in 2014 (ORDLO) and the territory seized by the Russians in 2022. Now we are talking only about the first.

One should not rejoice in the illusion of a "liberation campaign" of the Ukrainian army in ORDLO. Ukrainian army reconquer these territories, not liberates them.

There is no one to "liberate". Residents of ORDLO chose their own destiny in 2014, and they dreamed and dream of living in Russia. Those who did not want to do so have long ago moved to the territory under Kyiv’s rule over the past 8 years. The natural process of human separation is over, and the ORDLO population hates and will continue to hate Ukraine, no matter what Russia does.

So we need it’s territory without population. The population can pack their suitcases, go to the train station and go to any place they like and where there is no Ukraine.

The historical example that really worked is well known to all. These are Polish «". As of January 1, 1945, there were all Germans and there were no Poles, and as of January 1, 1946, there were all the Poles and not a single German remained (I am deliberately simplifying!).

And there was never any talk of deportation or genocide. Just the Germans, who did not want to become Poles, packed their bags, came to the station and went «nach Vaterland».

We need to do the same.


The actions are about the same as in ORDLO. The locals wanted stones from the sky – there are enough of them in Ukraine. Everyone who has moved from Russia to the Crimea since 2014 must return to Vaterland, i. e. to the tree from which they so recklessly descended. Local Muscovites (from the Crimanion tribe) must make the same choice as the ORDLO tribes.

This, of course, does not apply to Crimean Tatars, who have the right to count on Ukraine’s help.

Displaced persons

There are several groups:

1, people who fled the war to the territory of Ukraine, which is under the rule of Kyiv, or to Europe. They need to be given maximum assistance and encouraged to return to Ukraine, although perhaps not soon.

It may have sense to take advantage of the presence of a significant number of our young people in Europe and provide them with grants to study in European institutions. There was no happiness – so misfortune helped.

2, people who left / were deported to Russia. Officially and mechanically, they are citizens of Ukraine, and our government must take care for them at least of the human eye (how – is another matter).

But I am a couch analyst, and the demands of tolerance and Harvard liberalism bypass me. That is why I write: one should not have the illusion that together with a Ukrainian passport a person automatically acquires Ukrainian patriotism. Among these people there are many Muscovites who thought (and think) and said (and say) "Putin, enter!" and "Putin, help!", but did not have the energy and / or opportunity to show their russophilism in deeds.

Now the war has moved them, and if some of them do not want to return to Ukraine after our victory, it will be their conscious choice. We do not have to hunt for them like the Soviet Union in Europe in 1945.

3, people who mechanically found themselves on the territory of Ukraine after the restoration of our borders. Some of them have already acquired Russian passports, while others dream (and will continue to dream) of acquiring them.

I would like to emphasize once again that those who do not want to leave Ukraine cannot be granted Ukrainian citizenship! They hated this "Ukrainian citizenship" and it is their conscious choice, which is why we have had a war with Russia since 2014. (Not exclusively because of this, but inclusive, among other things – and because of this.)

Why impose on them what they did not want, do not want and never want? Let them live as "stateless persons." The example of Estonia shows that local Muscovites do not want and cannot acquire Estonian citizenship, because this requires learning the Estonian language and passing the relevant exam. But they also do not want to return to Vaterland. That’s living for themselves "stateless persons".

Did the various Euro-Steinmeiers want the "special status of Donbass"? – "Well, I have them"! At least it reduces the number of Muscovites who will vote in our elections.

Border with former Russia

Talks about building a wall on the border with Russia have been going on since 2014. No one known whether we are building it or not building. It is known that no one from our country is in a hurry to boast at least some ready-made segment.

It can’t go on like this. This wall needs to be built. Projected independent principalities in the territory of former Russia will arise or no, and whatever policy they pursue – no matter. The local population, aggressively hostile to Ukraine, will not go anywhere, and his mood will not change. Therefore, fencing off from them with a wall and taking $ 200 for a visa to enter Ukraine is the minimum necessary measures.

Not reconstruction, but development

Dozens of our cities and hundreds of villages in the war zone were completely destroyed. Every day there are news that in such a city so many percent of buildings are destroyed and can not be restored. In the rest of Ukraine, the Muscovites are systematically destroying our industrial enterprises and transport facilities. Housing, educational and cultural institutions, and temples are destroying too.

How to deal with it?

Nikita Solovyov expressed a perfectly valid opinion, and I fully support him: we should not talk about reconstruction of destroyed, and about postwar development.

The vast majority of destroyed factories are legacy of the Soviet era with its inefficiency and technical backwardness. To rebuild these plants in the same places and with the same direction of work is to condemn oneself to eternal inefficiency.

There was a locomotive plant in Luhansk (one of the two in the USSR). Moscow seized the plant and apparently destroyed it. Ukraine is not left without locomotives – we buy General Electric locomotives and consider plans to localize their production in Ukraine. Why should we rebuild the Luhansk plant now? A new plant for local production can be built anywhere.

Ukrainian railways began to move to the European track. Finally! If it weren’t for the war, we would still be living indefinitely with this Russian-Soviet legacy, which is hampering our development.

And so in everything (I do not give more examples, you can find something similar). The best specialists from all over the world need to be involved in planning post-war development at all levels – from the state as a whole to the standard plan of a one-storey residential building. After the war, working in Ukraine will be prestigious, and these specialists will still compete for the right to submit and implement their projects.

Just as guns and armored vehicles for Ukraine are being assembled all over the world, so after the war we will have to gather builders from all over the world to implement these new plans for residential, industrial, transport and all kinds of other construction. This is so that the first stage of post-war development – reaching the level of the pre-war year – does not stretch indefinitely.

Instead of the "privatized" by the bandit methods (in simple language – stolen from the Ukrainian people) plants, which are now destroyed by the Rotten Straw Horde, new plants should be built on the basis of civilized entrepreneurship, for pure, non-criminal money. There must be the latest technology, not the Soviet rubbish of Comrade Ordzhonikidze’s time. And these plants must have a full range of environmental measures – something that Soviet plants never had.

And in this new industry, a large, if not a controlling stake should belong to the Ukrainian people. We paid for it with our blood!

How to do it technically – I do not know, I’m not an expert and I’m not going to break into power. But it must be so!


After the war, such a political misunderstanding as the "Servant of the People" party should be banned and its members subjected to severe lustration.

This party confidently holds the second place in the number of traitors, to whom even the current government, formed from the same "Servants", has officially declared suspicions of collaborationism and treason. I have no doubt that only a small part of what is really happening comes to the surface, in the field of public information. And also the fattest Moscow fish from the highest offices does not appear on this surface.

The first place in the competition of traitors is confidently held by the party "Opposition bloc – for life". No other party in Ukraine is able to compete with it, even the "Servant of the People" lags behind the leader at times. The party "Opposition bloc – for life" must be declared a criminal organization, and as a result, each of its members must prove in court that he is not such a serious criminal that he was only on the sidelines when other real criminals committed their crimes.

The success of the "Servants of the People" in the 2019 elections was due to two factors: 1, a huge flow of dirty Moscow money for the activities of the "party"; 2, an incredible flow of the same dirty Moscow money for informational opposition to the current Ukrainian government, to discredit the latter.

It is written that Medvedchuk alone received $ 5 billion from Moscow. At the same time somehow do not specify – is it all the money, which he received from Moscow under the astonishing blindness of our financial control, is it only the money he left to himself, and there were other (larger) money that flowed through him to where Moscow pointed?

But one way or another – it’s about incredible, downright astronomical sums. And I do not think that Moscow was so stupid that they created only one channel for their money, but there is no second, third, tenth such channel that Sharij and Muraev conducted their anti-Ukrainian activities of their own volition and money, not for instructions from Moscow and at its expense.

Thus, the war and our victory must destroy the command and financial center of anti-Ukrainian activity in Moscow. Without guidelines from Moscow and without Moscow money, the "Servant of the People" party will disappear "like dew in the sun."

The place in power that will be emptied after the war with the fall of this neo-Russian "parties" must be taken by new patriotic figures, hardened in the fire of a real, not paper war.

June 8, 2022 in Kyiv.