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Practical use of Terekhtemyriv legends

Nicholas Zharkikh

It was founded three episodes and they are all related to the falsified diploma on Stefan Báthory Foundation. If traditional historical works written under royal documents, in this case "royal documents" fabricated based on historical works.

The first episode – A falsification of S. Báthory's diploma 1576th year on Terekhtemyriv for the Cossacks, which made the Polish nobleman Anthony Tripolski sometime in 1714 – 1715 years. The source for this diploma served P. Piasecki, whose chronicle at that time was known for 70 years in several publications.

The second episode – falsified by Cossacks universal of S. Báthory August 20, 1577 / B. Khmelnytsky January 15, 1655. Since it became the most publicized in historiography and live somewhat independently of the main array of Terekhtemyriv legends, we need to consider the lateral branch of the main Terekhtemyriv legend in some details.

Third episode – a diploma S. Báthory on April 10, 1579, dreamed up by the author of "History of Rusy" [History Russov. – M.: 1846, p. 28 – 29]. The focal point of the diploma reads: "Who stayed in cossack troops and inscribed in army registers – should have legal proceedings with county courts, as noble state", ie the Cossacks should automatically obtain rights of the nobility.

It is an abstract of the chapter. For the full text see please ukrainian version.