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Content of Terekhtemyriv legends

Nicholas Zharkikh

We now consider the contents of Terekhtemyriv legends and see how it relates to existing historical facts. As elsewhere in this article, we will highlight a digit (1) and green background header such claims arising from their sources; figure (2) and yellow background header – statements that are partially supported, figure (3) and red background header – completely fantastic statement.

(3) King Stefan Báthory granted
Terekhtemyriv for Cossacks

We repeat what we said earlier: Stefan Báthory never provided Terekhtemyriv for Cossacks.

(3) Terekhtemyriv – Castle

There is no evidence of the existence of fortifications in Terekhtemyriv.

(1) Terekhtemyriv – the town

(2) A county belong to Terekhtemyriv

(3) Terekhtemyriv – place of Cossack councils

There is no evidence to hold these councils in Terekhtemyriv.

(3) Terekhtemyriv – the seat of government of the Cossack, Hetman

There is no evidence on the presence of hetman or someone of general officers in Terekhtemyriv.

(3) Terekhtemyriv – Cossack garrison location (place of wintering Cossacks)

There is no evidence on the presence of Cossack garrisons in Terekhtemyriv.

(3) Terekhtemyriv – Cossack arsenal, the seat of the Cossack artillery

There is no evidence on the presence artillery or arsenal in Terekhtemyriv.

(3) Terekhtemyriv – place of Cossack treasury

There is no evidence the Cossacks stored treasures in Terekhtemyriv.

(3) Terekhtemyriv – assembly point of Cossack uprisings

There is no evidence of at least some active role Terekhtemyriv in Cossack uprisings.

Therefore, we examined 10 of the constituent elements of legend. Eight should be considered completely fantastic, one – one that is true, and one – partially confirmed by sources.

Instead, it should be emphasized that seven of ten statements are true if the word "Terekhtemyriv" we replace with "Zaporizhia".

It is an abstract of the chapter. For the full text see please ukrainian version.