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To the history of Terekhtemyriv

Nicholas Zharkikh

Here we consider some additional questions of Terekhtemyriv history, which was no occasion to speak before.

Terekhtemyriv hospital

Notes of the hospital belonging to the period of 1594 – 1666 years. Organizational it was part of the monastery, so we must assume that it took care of the monks.

Terekhtemyriv passage

We see that in the 16 – early 17th century there was no passage, because the Left Bank was very little populated. For a number of references follows that Terekhtemyriv passage belonged to the monastery and was situated very close to it. Revenues from the passage went to the hospital. This procedure is likely to have been established during the revolution in the mid 17th century.

Terekhtemyriv and Samara

The observed group of sources that indicate a relationship between Terekhtemyriv and Samara.

Stone handcraft in Terekhtemyriv

Terekhtemyriv company of Pereyaslav regiment

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