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Origin of the story

Nicholas Zharkikh

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Now we summarize our observations on the text "Fabulous emergence of Lithuania."

Stemma copies «Fabulous emergence of…

Stemma copies "Fabulous emergence of Lithuania"

1. FEL preserved in 7 copies that derived from one protograph. Closer to protograph stand 4 copies of "Erdivil" version; from this edition comes protograph "Nemonos" edition, which is reflected in the two copies. The difference between "Nemonos" edition of "Erdivil" is replacing the names of characters while maintaining all of the narrative parts.

2. Special, late edition FEL takes in Lit1L. The beginning story had been rewrited, make the large insertion from Galician-Volhynian chronicle, which is not present in other copies.

3. The main source of FEL was Galician-Volhynian chronicle, as evidenced by the explicit reference in the text. This source is used very creatively, so in a cursory reading the dependence of FEL on the Galician-Volhynian chronicle is not evident.

8. By bringing together all the chronological observations, we propose an indicative date of creation of the FEL and the related amended TOV-3 – 1519 – 1539 years.

9. The purpose of writing FEL – to give an introduction to "Vytautas" chronicle and bind the history of Lithuania to the general history, as it was understood in the 16th century.