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We have seen that the FEL author used some written source on the history of antiquity, ancient Rome and early Christianity. What could it be?

I hardly would have come to this idea, but the hint I gave from Matthew Stryjkowski: Volateranus.

Volateranus – this epithet Raffaello Maffei ( (Volaterranus), 1451 – 1522), author of the Encyclopedia «Commentariorum rerum urbanarum libri XXXVIII» (its editions: Rome, J. Besicken, 1506; Parigi, J. Petit – J. Bade, 1511; ; Basilea, H. Froben, 1530; Lione, S. Gryphe, 1552 and others – it enjoyed extraordinary popularity). It consists of three parts: Geographia (libri 2 – 12), Antropologia (13 – 23), Philologia (24 – 38).

We will use the Paris edition of 1526, the benefit of it exposed on the Web.


Stryjkowski’s reference was correct, and there is no doubt that this record read the FEL author too – because its factual information about Praxeda not exceed recorded.



Maybe that other information on the history of ancient Rome in FEL taken from the same source. The issue requires further study.