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Galician-Volhynian chronicle

Nicholas Zharkikh

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Let us now try to organize all links tracked by us above – between Galician-Volhynian chronicle (GVL) 13 cent. and FEL. In this case, we first consider the basic edition of FEL, and insertion from GVL in Lit1L leave for dessert.

List of Lithuanian princes

Russian names

When analyzing name set FEL, we see that the names of Mstislav, Roman, Leo coincide with the names of the sons of the prince Daniel Romanovich. It is also the name of Vladimir replies son Prince Vasilko Romanovich. Of these, Mstislav, Leo and Vladimir in FEL exposed as Volyn princes. Therefore, we can consider them borrowed from GVL.

Roman of Bryansk

Roman of Lithuania


Foundation of cities



Direct references to the source

"Trojan war"



Brother kills brother

Inserting in Lit1L

Author FEL used his source very creative, using names and assigning them to other activities, changing at their discretion their genealogical relationships.