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V. N. Zabila and T. H. Shevchenko

Nicholas Zharkikh

In 1842, Shevchenko sent from St. Petersburg to V. Zabila instance "" poem – "the correspondence acquaintance."

Their personal acquaintance took place in the period from June 1843 to January 1844 (when and where it is – is not precisely determined).

Portrait V. N. Zabila, 1847

T. H. Shevchenko Portrait V. N. Zabila. Borzna, January 1847 (redrawing)

In June 1844 Zabila written and sent his to Shevchenko.

In January – February 1847 Shevchenko stayed in Borzna on the occasion of the wedding P. A. Kulish. At this time, he met with Zabila and drew his portrait (remained to be redrawn).

During the investigation of the Cyril and Methodius society (April – May 1847), the gendarmes asked Shevchenko and Kulish – who is Zabila, but since he was not attracted to the investigation.

Zabila probably did not have detailed information about the arrest and punishment of his comrades.

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