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November 24, 2022

The occupiers launched 78 missile and 23 airstrikes on Ukraine during the day – the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made 6 strikes against the positions of the Rosarmy

Zelensky invited UN experts to visit critically important facilities in Ukraine. Nebenzya called the attacks on them a response to "pumping with weapons"

Kyiv after the missiles. Water was provided on the left bank, 70% of the capital – Klitschko – remains without electricity

Ukrainian military will undergo training in Croatia – Reznikov

"The first swallow of revenge". The mayor of Melitopol announced the destruction of the S-300 air defense system from which the invaders hit the maternity hospital in Vilniansk

NSU fighters destroyed an enemy ammunition depot in the Luhansk region. VIDEO

Since 9 months, the police have processed six million appeals from Ukrainians

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain went on a visit to Kyiv

More than 166,000 Russians who took part in the war were identified in Ukraine

Johnson became an honorary citizen of Kyiv

November 25, 2022

Electricity production has increased, needs are covered by 70% – Ukrenergo

Ukrainian military training in Croatia – what is known about it and whether they will take place

Which foreign companies help direct Russian missiles to Ukraine

The number of victims in Vyshgorod has increased, including 6 children

Journalists found the wanted ex-head of the NBU in Vienna

Norway handed over M-109 self-propelled guns, spare parts for equipment and winter clothing to Ukraine

In the Chernivtsi branch of the UOC MP, the secretary of the diocese was caught with a naked chorister – photo

Military aid to Ukraine – NATO provided Ukraine with silencers against Russian drone attacks

Ukraine returned 50 servicemen from Russian captivity

Collaborators are fleeing from the occupied territories of Zaporozhye

Democratic factions of the Federal Republic of Germany agreed on a joint resolution on the Holodomor – the genocide of the Ukrainian people

An ex-policeman was detained in Transcarpathia with secret information about the SBU and "Azov"

The SBU searched the diocese of the UOC MP in Bukovina. Evidence of cooperation with Russia was found

Heroes of Bukovyna: tomorrow in Kyiv they will say goodbye to the legendary cyborg Valery Krasnyan

Photojournalist Max Levin could have been killed by two shots at close range

A car explosion in Mariupol killed a representative of the occupation administration

Losses of the occupiers – the Armed Forces destroyed the Russian base, warehouses and enemy headquarters

Thanks to the "people’s satellite", 2.6 thousand units of enemy equipment – GUR were discovered

The European Union will urgently transfer transformers and generators to Ukraine

Ukraine will receive generators and mini-excavators from South Korea – war in Ukraine

In Chernihiv Oblast, a serviceman of the Russian Federation was sentenced to 10 years in prison

Residents of Mariupol under occupation continue to live without windows, repairs and communications – the city council

November 26, 2022

Defense forces repelled enemy attacks near 8 settlements

Mobilizing 5 million Russians is an impossible task for the Kremlin – ISW

The Ukrainian delegation announced a boycott of the OSCE PA — reasons (VIDEO)

She helped the occupiers near Popasna: the shelling adjuster was sentenced to 12 years

The Prime Minister of Belgium arrived in Kyiv and met with Zelenskyi

An enemy observation post was destroyed in Donetsk region

In Zhytomyr Oblast, the commander of the anti-tank artillery division "DNR" was convicted

An agent of the Russian Federation was detained in Odesa, who was filming the positions of the Defense Forces of Ukraine on a video recorder

Russia will ban oil sales to countries that have imposed a price ceiling – Bloomberg

The mutinous soldiers from the Moscow region refused to surrender their weapons and put forward demands to the authorities of the Russian Federation

Residents of occupied Mariupol live in tents, cook outside and spend the night in basements, the city council

A Hero from Lviv Oblast died in the battles for Ukraine

A 21-year-old man from Cherkasy was killed in battle in Donetsk region

In Dnipro there is a flight through a residential quarter

The Armed Forces destroyed a convoy of enemy vehicles in the Luhansk direction

Three children were left without a father: Mykhailo Omelianchuk, a Volyn defender, died in the war

Ukraine returned another 12 Ukrainians from captivity, among them the defenders of Mariupol, Chernobyl and Zmiyny

African students in the Russian Federation are being recruited for the war against Ukraine

The SBU detained a collaborator in Kyiv who called for support for Russia’s actions

The President of Hungary in Kyiv: Putin’s responsibility for this war is obvious

Military aid to Ukraine – Luxembourg handed over a batch of drones

Ukraine managed to free 12 more of its people – Office of the President

Belgium will send underwater drones to Ukraine

Membership in NATO: Zelenskyi and the Prime Minister of Belgium signed a declaration of support for Ukraine’s accession to NATO

Zelensky called on the world to recognize the Holodomor of 1932-33 as a genocide of the Ukrainian people

As a result of a missile attack on the Dnipro River, a residential quarter was destroyed

A place of detention of captured servicemen of the Defense Forces was discovered in Pology

The Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the Russians on the island of Zmiiny with Caesar self-propelled guns on barges, mass media

The President of Hungary stated in Kyiv that Putin’s responsibility for the war in Ukraine is obvious

The body of a railway worker was exhumed near Kupyansk on November 26

Lithuania sent 6 trucks with over a hundred transformers to Ukraine

The Constituent International Food Security Summit was held in Kyiv

November 27, 2022

Estonia asked Ukrainian border guards to help detect Russian agents

The Armed Forces hit 2 control points, 11 personnel concentration areas, and the enemy’s OVT

Russia’s strikes on Ukraine’s infrastructure are tantamount to the use of weapons of mass destruction – Zelenskyi

Scholz: Germany supports the introduction of an oil embargo against the Russian Federation from January

Canadians began training Ukrainian sappers in Poland

Missile attacks on Kryvyi Rih – authorities reported "serious destruction"

The occupiers got stuck in the "meat grinder" in the area of Avdiyivka and Bakhmut

The Armed Forces hit 11 enemy concentration areas

Putin is looking for those responsible for the failure in the ranks, catastrophic embezzlement in the Russian army – Malomuzh

"A full-fledged city near Moscow": a military expert spoke about Putin’s underground special shelters

A 40-year-old native of Kyiv spread pro-Russian ideas on the Internet

The occupiers struck Zaporizhzhia – photo

Photos from Bakhmut and footage from the First World War

Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces liquidated a rock star from the "DPR"

320 war crimes committed by the occupiers were recorded in de-occupied Snigurivka in Mykolaiv Oblast

Russian marines suffer heavy losses at Ugledar – British intelligence

A deputy from the Melitopol district works for the FSB (photo)

The General Staff on the war: The enemy is concentrating its efforts to conduct offensive actions in the Bakhmut and Avdiiv directions, – General Staff

The Kherson community was shelled by the Russians 85 times in a week – dozens were killed and wounded

Ingenuity of the hundredth level – NYT told how the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was able to reach Zmiiny

Ichkeria recognized the Holodomor of 1932-1933 as a genocide of Ukrainians

The Prime Minister of Belgium came to Bucha and Borodyanka (PHOTO)

The traitors informed the Russian special services

The SBU detained a traitor who collected data on Azov and GUR for the aggressor country

In Fastov, they will say goodbye to Defender Vitaly Sorokin from Donetsk region

The Armed Forces hit the Russian facility near Svatov, where there were dozens of occupiers – the General Staff

The patrol police of Kyiv published a video from the site of the missile landing

Measures to expose enemy agents are ongoing in Zaporozhye

November 28, 2022

The occupiers have already damaged about 32,000 civilian objects and more than 700 infrastructural ones — Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Russian Federation troops took all the collaborators out of the occupied Novaya Kakhovka

Enemy attacks were repulsed in the districts of 10 settlements of the Donetsk region – the formation of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In Vyshgorod, the number of victims from the rocket attack has increased to seven

Vinnytsia weightlifter Denys Labunsky died in the war

"They laid 7 explosive charges." The police are investigating the undermining of a TV tower in Kherson by the Russian military

Fire in Omsk: the Triumf shopping complex is on fire

The war in Ukraine: the Armed Forces foil the plans of the Russian offensive in the Luhansk region

Hide crimes: occupiers are demolishing historic houses in the center of Mariupol

Ukraine received new packages of military aid from 10 countries in 10 days – Kuleb

Russian agents were exposed in Sloviansk: details

They congratulated Putin on his birthday: the police suspect two female teachers in Zaporozhye of collaboration

Loss: a resident of the Zaporizhzhia region died in battle

Victor Lyashko from Vinnytsia died in the war

A sergeant from Shepetiv region died in Bakhmut

A soldier from Cherkasy region died while performing a combat mission

The Vynohrad community in the Lysyan region lost two of its defenders

Cherkasy lost another defender

Mykola Slutsky, a soldier from Lviv Oblast, died in the war

Dnipro News: Three soldiers from Dnipropetrovsk region were killed

The family lost a loving son: a defender from Dnipropetrovsk died in battle

They were shot by putting the barrel of a machine gun in their mouth: the bodies of a mother and her adopted son were found in the Kherson region

The artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroys the enemy near Bakhmut, but the cold hinders their actions, – a fighter of the Svoboda battalion

80 occupiers were wounded in Pology and Chernihivka after the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the enemy (PHOTO)

A military operation is underway on the Kinburn spit – Humenyuk explained its complexity

The occupiers in Luhansk Oblast remembered about repairing the heating after the frost

Losses of Russian troops in Ukraine: A blow to the concentration of the occupiers

Svalyavsk defender Ivan Metenka was returned from Russian captivity

Alik Kharunov – the occupier from Bashkiria was eliminated in Ukraine – photo

The Russian army on the Ukrainian front uses T-62 tanks and weapons from the Second World War, – Grabskyi

Russia "unilaterally postponed" negotiations with the US on nuclear weapons inspections – State Department

In Kherson Oblast, the occupiers damaged a pumping station that was supposed to supply water to Mykolaiv

Russia launched more than 16,000 missile strikes on Ukraine, Reznikov said

The Council of the EU declared that violation of sanctions is a crime

The SBU detained traitors from the occupation "SIZO" in Kherson. VIDEO

He threatened and threatened with hunger: a Russian sergeant tortured ATO veterans in Katyuzhanka

The Armed Forces damaged the bridge near Melitopol, which the invaders used to transport equipment

The fate of the writer Volodymyr Vakulenko-K, who disappeared during the occupation, became known

In Kyiv, light will be provided for 2-3 hours twice a day, – DTEK

November 29, 2022

Dmytro Sydorko, the administrator of the "Ukrainian Offensive" channel, died in the war

War in Ukraine: Sweden will provide Ukraine with 500 million kroner in military aid

The NBU presented the e-hryvnia project: how it will be possible to use digital money

The Armed Forces of Ukraine struck a unit of the occupiers in Svatovo and shot down two planes – General Staff

Production of 152-mm ammunition was established in Ukraine

The border guards published a video of the destruction of the Russian base and equipment with the occupiers

A soldier from the Rivne region died at the front

Sergey Stupak, a resident of Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, may his memory be blessed

Senior soldier Andriy Kurylyuk from Rudnyki died in Donetsk region

A defender from Volyn died during the war with Russia

Hero from Kryvyi Rih, who was considered missing, died

A serviceman from Duben region died at the front

In order to mobilize men in the occupied territories of the South of Ukraine, riot police are being brought in by riot police

Occupied territories: High-rise buildings are systematically demolished in Mariupol

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Up to 20 dead and more than 30 wounded of the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the location of the occupiers in Svatovo

On the Lysychansk and Bakhmutsk directions: the Air Force told where the Russian planes were shot down

The meeting of justice ministers of the G7 countries regarding the investigation of war crimes committed by the Russian Federation in Ukraine began in Berlin

The US State Department sanctions coordinator arrived in Ukraine on a visit – ambassador

Russian troops exaggerate their successes near Bakhmut

Slovakia transferred 30 BMP-1 to Ukraine

The FSB agent who hung the Russian flag in Odessa was sentenced to 15 years in prison

19 militants who were detained during the liberation of Kharkiv Oblast were informed of the suspicion

Busts of Russian scientists and writers were covered with posters with useful information on the "Universitet" metro station in Kyiv

France handed over the fourth long-range LRU to Ukraine

Hungary renewed the blocking of Ukraine’s participation in NATO activities

Burials of brutally murdered civilians were found near Kherson

The SBI detained the deputy mayor of Kherson from the traitor Saldo’s team

The troops of the Russian Federation in the Bakhmut area encountered the iron defense of our troops – the speaker of the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces

The SBU showed how a special unit destroys the positions of invaders (video)

Aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made 9 strikes on areas where Russians were concentrated, General Staff

The court imprisoned a collaborator from Odesa, who organized a criminal group in the city

Fictitious budget and real prices. The war is destroying Russia’s economy

The United States will allocate $53 million for the urgent supply of critical electrical equipment to Ukraine

November 30, 2022

Battle for Donbas: Summary of the General Staff

Battles for Bakhmut – who controls the city, what is the situation today – the latest news from the front and ISW analysis

Battle for Donbas: Photo report from Soledar

Russia’s war against Ukraine: Slovenia will join the EU training mission for the training of the armed forces

In Kharkiv Oblast, the deputy implemented Russian education in schools

In the Kursk region of the Russian Federation, the lights went out after a series of explosions

In Russia, an oil storage facility is on fire near Bryansk

The EU wants to create a special court to investigate Russian crimes in Ukraine

The enemy is advancing in Donetsk region, but is not succeeding – the head of the OVA

The explosion at the Embassy of Ukraine in Madrid took place on November 30

The occupiers destroyed the temple of Yuri the Victorious in Mykolaiv Oblast

The Armed Forces hit the railway bridge in the rear of the occupiers in Donbas

Racists continue shelling Kherson: 1 person died, 1 more was wounded

Zaluzhny: the Armed Forces destroy about 80% of Russian air targets. As of February 24, there were more than 240,000

There is no encirclement of Bakhmut and no retreat of the Armed Forces, – a fighter of the "Freedom" battalion

Battle for Bakhmut – how the Russians try to surround the city, the story of a fighter from the front

A senior soldier from Cherkasy died in the war

Soldiers from Kirovohrad region died defending the country

Oleksandr Piven from Poltava region died in the war with the Russians

The headman of the village of Verbivka from the Lypovetsky district died at the front

Yevhen Havdyda, a defender of Ukraine from Berezhne Oblast, died at the front

A military man from the Rivne region died while performing a combat mission on the front line

Cherkasy special forces officer died defending Ukraine

Historian and teacher of Kamianets-Podilskyi University Vadym Stetsyuk died

Mykhailo Kylo, a soldier from the 17th tank brigade, died in the battle with the Russian invaders – Kryvyi Rih LIFE

The occupiers killed a defender of Ukraine from the Odesa region: he died during artillery fire

The occupiers shot a family in Golya Prystan – the mayor of Oleshkiv

Fearless partisans of Ukraine destroyed a platoon of invaders near Energodar this night (video)

Cheap but deadly: how R18 drones destroy Russian equipment on the front line (video)