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October 13, 2022

The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution on the observance of the territorial integrity of Ukraine

Ukraine will receive medium-range missiles for the American NASAMS from Britain

Missile troops and artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 6 control points and 4 ammunition depots of the Rosarmy last day

The Armed Forces repulsed enemy attacks near Bakhmutskyi, Ozaryanivka, Ivanograd, Bakhmut and Maryinka

During the day, the Air Force shot down 19 kamikaze drones and 5 attack helicopters of the occupiers. INFOGRAPHICS

During the day, the Air Force destroyed five helicopters and almost 20 drones

In Donetsk region, enemy units began to receive orders to stop the offensive, – General Staff (video)

It’s getting closer to Moscow: a drone was shot down in the Kaluga region, another one went into hiding

Rosfinmonitoring added Meta to the list of terrorists and extremists

The occupier complains about the environment, and retreat was forbidden – Interception of GUR MOU

Iranian instructors manage Shahed-136 launches and train Russians in the occupied territories of Ukraine, – Central News Agency

Ukraine received $1.3 billion in emergency financing from the IMF

Avdiivka was completely destroyed – not a single whole house remained

They showed the wreckage of the fighter that crashed near Vinnytsia (Photos + Video)

Russia has confirmed the death of five people mobilized from the Chelyabinsk region

A military man from the Odesa region died in the Kherson region

Another one from the 128th brigade: the European champion who defended Ukraine since 2014 died near Kherson (PHOTO)

A Carpathian soldier died during artillery fire

A soldier of the mining rescue squad died in Mykolaiv

Oleksandr Gladky, a soldier from Prykarpattia, died in Donetsk region

Yurii Holovach, a defender from Lutsk, died in Donetsk region

The death of another Volyn citizen was confirmed

A man from Cherkasy died in the war – a paramedic of a rifle battalion

Oleksandr Kotlyarenko, a soldier from Ostrog, died at the front

A 44-year-old defender from the Dnipropetrovsk region died fighting for Ukraine

A loss in Vinnytsia region: Ihor Podzhigun, a special agent, was killed

The author of "Yermak’s films" Dmytro Shtanko died defending Ukraine

Vladyslav Velesyk, a warrior from Kryvyi Rih, died defending the independence of Ukraine

Those mobilized from Russia end up "in packages" in an average of 10 days at the front, – Bratchuk

Over the past day, the Russians killed 17 civilians in Ukraine

The prepared mobilization resource of Russia is 2 million people, in general its mobilization resource is 29 million, – Nayev

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Russian warehouse where Iranian instructors were housed, Khlan

The world has sent a clear signal: Russia cannot erase a sovereign state from the map – Biden on the UN resolution

Two Ukrainian planes crashed in the Poltava region – the head of the OVA

The first in the world: PACE adopted a resolution recognizing Russia as a terrorist regime

In Kupyansk, a female collaborator who collected taxes from entrepreneurs for the Russian Federation was detained

The Armed Forces of Ukraine cleared the cauldron with the Russian occupiers: Khlan about the offensive in the Kherson region (VIDEO)

Portugal transfers six transport helicopters to Ukraine

Explosions in a village near Belgorod: a warehouse with ammunition detonates, residents are evacuated (supplemented)

NATO will provide Ukraine with means to combat kamikaze drones – Stoltenberg

Almost 1200 square meters. km – the number of settlements of the Kherson region liberated from the occupiers was named by Humenyuk

A video of the new trophies of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, collected near Kherson, has been published

Spain will transfer four Hawk air defense systems to Ukraine, NATO Secretary General said

In the Kherson region, a large group of occupiers surrendered

Armed Forces shoot down 85-90% of Iranian-made kamikaze drones launched by Russia – NSDC

Explosions rang out in Kharkiv, lights went out in some areas

The SBU exposed the system of Russian prison agents

Explosions occurred in the Kursk and Belgorod regions of Russia

October 14, 2022

In the south, the Armed Forces hit three enemy command posts and four air defense positions

Exhumation of the bodies of the dead continues in the liberated part of the Donetsk region. For the youngest – h

The bodies of three people with signs of violent death were found in the de-occupied part of Kharkiv region

A man abducted by the Russian occupiers was found dead in the Kherson region

The enemy targeted Zaporizhzhia with three S300 missiles. Infrastructure objects are affected (updated). PHOTO

Air defense destroyed eight Shahed-136 kamikaze drones today

The Armed Forces shoot down at least 85% of Iranian "martyrs", – Danilov

More than 80% of civil infrastructure is damaged in the liberated territories of Donetsk

An employee of the Court Security Service in the Luhansk region began working for the occupiers

200 cases of linguicide were discovered in the occupied territories — Kremin

In the Belgorod region, the movement of trains was suspended. The governor declares that due to the debris of downed Ukrainian missiles

We are returning what is ours, and no one will stop us, – Zaluzhny

Russia: in the Belgorod region, train traffic has been stopped due to shelling

Russian Guardsmen died: the details of the "cotton" near Belgorod became known

Ukrainian soldier shot down 4 Russian "Igla" missiles in 2 days

Ukrainian air defense has destroyed eight kamikaze drones since the beginning of the day

In Tavriysk, Kherson Oblast, reports of arrivals -

Oleksandr Goshilyk, a defender from Dolynshchyna, died near Bakhmut

A young Volhynian died in the war

Defender of Ukraine, resident of Novohrad-Volyn Oblast, Leonid Savitsky, died in the war

Oleg Yefimchyk, a resident of Voytovets community, died in the war

Oleksandr Pohoriliy, a resident of Kryvorizka district, died in Donetsk region

He would still live and live: enemy iron killed a young soldier from the Dnipro (Photo)

A family from Transcarpathia lost 35-year-old Viktor Rusnak in the war

A young soldier from the Rivne region died in the war with the Rashists. Ukraine – News from Rivne and the region

Valery Beznys, a military man from Myrhorod region, died

The Armed Forces in the south destroyed three command posts, three tanks, "Grad", "Uragan" and "Soncepek" in 24 hours

In Ukraine, an official of the Moscow government was eliminated – he was mobilized with zero combat experience

"Vagnerivtsi" have already shot more than 40 prisoners "recruited" for the war – the Strategic Committee of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Armed Forces destroyed the observation post of the occupiers and two "Shahed-136" attack drones in a day

PzH 2000 self-propelled guns repaired in Lithuania are returning to Ukraine

The Armed Forces liberated 1,620 settlements from the Russian invaders – details

The court seized property and corporate rights worth almost UAH 40 million of a Kharkiv enterprise with Russian founders

An 18-year-old agent of the Russian Federation who was filming the positions of the Armed Forces was arrested in the Kharkiv region: he faces 12 years in prison (photo)

The occupiers in Kherson shot the conductor of the Philharmonic

Putin: 222 thousand people have already been mobilized

Dozens of occupiers fled from their positions near occupied Kreminnaya

Russia has begun preparations for the evacuation of museums from Crimea deep into its territory — General Staff

The exhumation of the dead Ukrainian soldiers in Liman has been completed

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Russian Msta-S self-propelled gun in the Kherson region

The Armed Forces told where the IRIS-T air defense system, which was provided by Germany, was placed

Putin declared that the war had to happen anyway: Zelensky responded sharply

Zelensky presented Ukrainian defenders with the "Gold Star" and "Cross of Combat Merit" awards (photo)

An electrical substation caught fire in Belgorod, the authorities report an alleged shelling of the city

October 15, 2022

Ukrainian military repulsed enemy attacks in the areas of 13 settlements in Donetsk region, — General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ammunition for HIMARS, HARM missiles and Humvee armored vehicles. The details of the new package of military aid for Ukraine were told in the Pentagon

The Armed Forces destroyed five enemy kamikaze drones over the Dnipropetrovsk region

Near Berdyansk, the Defense Forces destroyed 4 enemy S-300 systems

Already seven countries are members of the Joint Investigative Group for the Investigation of Serious Crimes in Ukraine, – Kostin

Russia blocked the IMF’s statement condemning the invasion of Ukraine

Zelensky: 15 energy facilities that the Russians wanted to destroy have been fully restored

As a result of the missile attack, a powerful explosion occurred in the Kyiv region

The bodies of six more civilians killed by the Russians during the occupation were found in the liberated Lyman

Germany handed Ukraine 16 Biber tank bridge-builders

The Netherlands will join the training of the Ukrainian military

30 security forces collaborators were exposed in the Luhansk region – details

Bakhmut: the only direction where the Russians are still advancing

The occupiers shot dead the chief conductor of the Kulish Kherson Theater

Frankivchanka declared that Russia would win the war and bragged about her Russian passport: she was immediately expelled from the university

The SBU exposed collaborators in Luhansk region who kidnapped and tortured people

A military commissar was found dead in Russia

An oil depot caught fire in the Belgorod region. The governor blames the Armed Forces

The Armed Forces of Ukraine demonstrated the work of the Bureviy anti-aircraft missile system on the front lines

The day will surely come when Ukraine will shoot down 100% of enemy missiles and drones – Zelensky

The EU will announce the launch of a large-scale training program for the Ukrainian military, AR

Mykola Perchynsky from Fastov joined the ranks of the Heavenly Army. Three children were left without a father

Kyiv was partially closed with an "anti-drone dome" – the mayor’s adviser

Musk made another scandalous statement: he believes that Russia can destroy Europe and the USA in 30 minutes

October 16, 2022

Minus 1 helicopter and 7 air defense facilities and 8 anti-aircraft missile positions: the Armed Forces of Ukraine delivered effective strikes on the areas of concentration of enemy weapons and equipment

Occupiers from Chechnya are evicting residents of Rubizhny from their houses in order to place their officers there – General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ukrainians collected 150 million hryvnias for the anti-drone system "Shakhediv Hunter"

France will start training the Ukrainian military

"Raz*balo the whole street!": Rashists fired 20 rockets at their own city in Belgorod region (video)

The Armed Forces hit the Russian air defense in the Kherson region, OK "Pivden"

"Escape is unrealistic – they will shoot themselves!" The Russian occupier spoke about the realities of Putin’s army. Notch

The ex-principal of the Kyiv Lyceum leaked information about the Armed Forces to a well-known traitor TV presenter

Elon Musk could not demand money from the Pentagon and will provide Ukraine with satellites himself

Video: Ukrainian attack UAV "Punisher" in operation

A soldier from Kamiansk was killed in battle in Donetsk region

31-year-old Vitaly Marmanyuk from Kamianechchyna died in Kherson region

The enemy launched 5 missile and 23 airstrikes on Ukraine over the past day, General Staff

Iran has sent soldiers to Ukraine to help Russian forces operate kamikaze drones

The Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated two lieutenant colonels of the Russian army – Gataullin and Proskurin. PHOTO

The 235th day of the war: the Armed Forces repelled 8 enemy attacks in the Kramatorsk, Bakhmut and Avdiiv directions

The Navy destroyed four Hyacinth-S guns, two ammunition depots, a mortar and 26 Russians in a day

An unknown man tried to set fire to the Military Commissariat in the suburbs of Moscow

"Robota PVO": a video of explosions near the Belgorod airport is published online

Russia: the Military Commissariat was set on fire for the second time in Shkolkov near Moscow

The territory is mined, employees are tortured: what is the situation at the ZNPP

Yesterday, the occupiers hit Dmitrivka in the Kyiv region with a rocket, summary

The Security Service of Ukraine identified 30 new collaborators who joined the occupying bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor General’s Office in Luhansk Oblast

The Ministry of Defense named the losses of the Armed Forces in relation to the Russian army

France plans to transfer Crotale air defense systems to Ukraine, — AP

100 thousand dollars: GUR announced a reward for Girkin

Ukrainian hackers left the Leningrad region without electricity

Ukrainian aviation struck 17 places where the enemy and its equipment were concentrated – the General Staff

The Armed Forces denied the capture of the suburb of Bakhmut by the Russians

October 17, 2022

Kyiv was attacked by kamikaze drones: smoke is visible above the building in the center of the capital

Ukrainian anti-aircraft fighters eliminated 11 kamikaze drones in the south

Enemy shelling of Mykolaiv: three drones hit objects of industrial infrastructure and a pharmaceutical warehouse

The Ukrainian military destroyed three Russian missiles over Dnipropetrovsk region

The Armed Forces destroyed the "pride of the Russian army" near Bakhmut

The Armed Forces repelled enemy attacks on 9 areas in Donetsk region, and the occupiers mobilized communal workers in ORDLO: morning summary of the General Staff

Two people are under the rubble of a residential building in the Shevchenkiv district of Kyiv, 18 people were rescued – Klitschko

Attack on Kyiv by kamikaze drones: photo released

Heroes of Kyiv. Law enforcement officers managed to shoot down a kamikaze drone of the Russian Federation on approach to the target – video

They insulted Allah: the identities and motives of the Tajiks who shot Russian soldiers were established – mass media

The Ukrainian Armed Forces repelled nine enemy attacks in Donbass

In the south, air defense shot down 15 kamikaze drones

The enemy hit a pharmaceutical warehouse in Mykolaiv with a drone at night (video)

The 31-year-old defender of Ukraine will say goodbye in Kyiv region

Russian missiles in Dnipropetrovsk region hit an infrastructure object

Russian troops launched a missile attack on the Odesa region, an infrastructure object was damaged – the head of the OVA

Air defense shot down another 11 Shahed, drones flew to Kyiv from the south

Valery Livar, a soldier from the Shum community, was killed in the fighting in Donetsk region

War takes away the best: three residents of Novohrad-Volynskyi died in the fight against the invaders

A 47-year-old sniper from the Dnipropetrovsk region died in the battle with the invaders

On Defender of Ukraine Day, Yaroslav Kapko from Poltava Oblast died in the war

Today he would have turned 38: Zahisnyk from Kamiansk died in the battle for Ukraine

Lviv Oblast lost two more defenders in the war with Russia

The chairman of the Bar Council of the Kherson region and his son are recruiting colleagues to work in Russia

In the Donetsk region, four civilians died during the day, the bodies of seven people killed by the occupiers were found in Lyman – OVA

The Russians forcibly mobilized three thousand residents of Melitopol

A resident of a de-occupied village in the Kherson region told how the Russian occupiers shot her grandson

He went out to make tea for his granddaughter and lost his entire family: a resident of Izyum told how the Russian Federation killed seven of his relatives with an airstrike

The Armed Forces shot down 25 out of 30 drones aimed at Kyiv, Monastyrskyi

Representatives of 1xBet in Ukraine, Tsybin and Rodin, continue to carry out subversive activities for the benefit of the FSB – mass media

In less than a day, Russia launched 43 kamikaze drones over Ukraine: 37 were shot down

The strikes on Ukraine on October 17 are shameful and desperate – the US Embassy

It is proposed to build a memorial to the civilian victims of the military invasion of Russia in Irpen according to the project of a Chilean architect

Ukroboronprom announced a response to the Iranian "martyrs"

Russia: after reports of "roundups", Sobyanin announced the end of mobilization in Moscow

Medvedev threatens Israel over plans to provide arms to Ukraine — CNN

Russian troops launched a missile attack on a critical infrastructure facility in Vinnytsia region

4 dead have already been found, there may still be people under the rubble of the house in Kyiv, – Klitschko

Defenders from Kirovohrad region died in the war with Russia

The Ministry of Information Policy is counting on the restoration of a historic building in the center of Kyiv, damaged by a Russian strike

The EU Council introduced additional sanctions against Iran

The occupying command is preparing to dispose of the replenishment

The ex-mayor of Sviatohirsk, who switched to the side of the Russian Federation, received new suspicions

SBU: Russian saboteurs detained in Kharkiv region "split"

Ukraine is conducting an active counteroffensive on the cyber front, the SBU said

The occupiers again attacked Kyiv with drones: air defense forces are working

Iranian instructors have already been spotted in the Kherson region – the Ukrainian underground

108 women returned to Ukraine as part of the prisoner exchange

The bodies of three dead civilians were found in a de-occupied village in the Kharkiv region – Russian aggression

Four captured PKV militants and special forces of the Russian Federation were suspected of torturing ATOShniks near Borova

October 18, 2022

Explosions rang out in Kryvyi Rih

The US has accused Iran of lying about drones. They promise to take measures against the companies and countries involved

The Russian Federation attacked Mykolaiv with drones: air defense forces shot down 5 drones, the lights went out in the city

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled enemy attacks in the area of six settlements in the Donetsk and Kharkiv regions

Criminal proceedings have been initiated against the "Minister of Digital Development and Mass Communications" of the Kherson Region

The deputy head of the Melitopol station will be tried in absentia for cooperation with the occupiers

Ten missile and 60 airstrikes: the General Staff spoke about the attacks on Kyiv and the regions

The plane crash in Yeisk, Russia: the number of dead is increasing

The occupiers fired at the energy supply facility in Zhytomyr

The occupiers shelled Kharkiv: two series of explosions in 5 minutes

Russians hit the Kyiv energy supply facility (added)

In Dnipro there are interruptions with electricity and water supply

The Ukrainian military destroyed 37 of the 43 drones launched by Russia in one morning

During the night, 26 kamikaze drones were destroyed in the south, three cruise missiles were destroyed in the east, – PS ZSU

5 bodies of children who died as a result of Russian aggression were exhumed in de-occupied Lyman

A hundred mobilized signalmen revolted near Moscow

The Armed Forces shot down a Russian Su-25 in the Kherson region – Air Force

During the Dnipro attack, air defense forces shot down 4 missiles

The Armed Forces of Ukraine demilitarized the Rashist Su-25 and four Calibers in the morning

In Donetsk region, Mykhailo Rumyantsev from Kolomyia region was killed in a battle with the occupiers

The Olytsk community and Lutsk are in mourning: a young soldier died

During the war, a soldier from Volochysk, Vasyl Vasylenko, was killed by a sniper’s bullet

Mykola Krushelnytskyi, a resident of the Terebovlya community, died in the war

Rivne region has lost a hero: a serviceman from Goshchan region died in the war

Volyn is in mourning: three Defenders died in the war

Ivan Livar from Ternopil Oblast died in the war

Serhii Pylypchuk, a 53-year-old soldier from the Velikodederkal community, died on the front line

Vasyl Senyuk, a soldier from Prykarpattia, died in the Bakhmut direction

In the Desnyan district of Kyiv, there is no electricity and water supply – residents

A senior soldier from Kamianka was killed by mortar shelling in Donetsk region

The Council recognized Ichkeria as occupied and condemned the Chechen genocide

"Monaco Battalion": New representatives of the Kharkiv political elite were spotted on the Cote d’Azur

"Hello, Shahed": Ukrainian engineers installed a mini-machine gun on a drone (video)

The aggressor shelled the capital. As a result of the morning attack on objects of critical infrastructure of Kyiv, three people were killed – Klitschko

In the Kharkiv region, 30 citizens suspected of intelligence and diversionary activities were detained in one day

In St. Michael’s Cathedral, they said goodbye to the "Dynamo" defender, athlete and ultras

Police officers who shot down a drone in Kyiv were awarded

A local resident called to "bomb Cherkasy", for which she went to prison

NATO will provide Ukraine with air defense systems against drones "in the coming days" | Kyiv 24

The Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated the honored gunner of the occupiers

October 19, 2022

In the captured territories, the occupiers loot museums, burn books and textbooks in the Ukrainian language — General Staff

The occupiers hit an energy infrastructure facility in the Kryvorizka district

Ukrainian aviation struck 16 locations of the occupiers and their equipment — the General Staff of the Armed Forces

An Italian citizen who fought on the side of the occupiers died in Donbas – mass media

The Armed Forces repelled the offensive of the occupiers in the areas of 11 settlements, – General Staff

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said that they "know nothing" about the attack on Kyiv. Called for "calm and restraint"

The resident of Borova, who headed the "department of education" during the occupation, was declared in absentia on suspicion of collaborationism

They supported armed aggression against Ukraine: the court sentenced three residents of Sumy

13 enemy kamikaze drones were shot down in the Mykolaiv region at night

The Armed Forces repelled Russian attacks in three regions and shot down five cruise missiles, General Staff

The bodies of eight more civilians killed by the Russians were discovered in Liman

An explosion rang out in Sevastopol, and the anti-aircraft defense was activated beforehand

They supported the pseudo-referendum in the occupied Donetsk region – 12 deputies of the pseudo-republic were notified of suspicion

The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made 15 strikes against enemy strongholds and positions in the South

Entered welfare to hide crimes: the SBU exposed a collaborator in Buch

The pseudo-head of the Chornobayiv community administration will be tried for collaboration with the occupiers

The EU has prepared new sanctions against Iran for supplying Russia with weapons – mass media

13 Shahed-136 kamikaze drones were shot down in Mykolaiv Oblast – PS ZSU

The Armed Forces intercepted a Russian drone with six grenades in flight (video)

The Air Force shot down 223 "Shahed-136" in 36 days

About 50 employees of the Zaporizhzhya NPP are in Russian captivity – Energoatom

With uninvited guests, we move on to the decisive stage of communicating with "you". Strike drones are coming – in commercial quantities

The "Army of Drones" handed over 179 drones to the front – Ministry of Digital

The former deputy chief rescuer of the Odesa Region became a collaborator and forms a battalion

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Putin’s "martial law": The decree is worthless, it is a new stage of Russian terror

Belgorod in the Russian Federation is partially without electricity: the governor says about the "disconnection" of the transformer, footage of the fire appeared on the network

EU ambassadors approved sanctions against Iran for supplying drones to the Russian Federation

Rocket troops and artillery of the Ukrainian Armed Forces defeated three enemy command posts – the General Staff

The EU has found a replacement for 2/3 of Russian gas, another 99 billion euros have been saved since the beginning of the war thanks to the sun and wind

The bodies of those killed in Kupyansk were the first to be examined by French experts Heading

A woman from Kharkiv surrendered to the Russian occupiers the locations of the Armed Forces and ground defense