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Nicholas Zharkikh

November 3, 2022

The President and Minister of Defense of Greece will visit Kyiv and hand over BMP-1 to Ukraine

In OK Pivden, they told how many manpower, material and technical means and weapons of the occupiers were destroyed

The enemy is attacking in three directions, the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled 12 attacks – General Staff

Two educators-collaborators were detained in the Kharkiv region: the Ministry of Internal Affairs disclosed the details

The position of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the addresses of pro-Ukrainian activists leaked to the enemy – a traitor was exposed in Luhansk Region

Spain transfers to Ukraine the Aspide air defense system battery, the Hawk anti-aircraft system, guns and shells, – Kuleba

The war in Ukraine: what is the situation in the regions as of November 3

In the Dnipro, the number of wounded from the Bakhmut direction is increasing

The SBI referred to the court the case of deserters who provide air defense for the Russians in Crimea

In recent weeks, Russia "borrowed" 100 tanks and BMP from Belarus – British intelligence

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Russian anti-aircraft missile system "Pantsir-S1" (VIDEO)

A successful hunt for the Russian Su-30 from the ZU-23 anti-aircraft gun

A defender from Cherkasy died in the war

New cooperating teachers in Genichesk: a list of educators who cooperate with the occupiers

In occupied Horlivka, it was reported about the arrivals of "Styrol": photo

In a village in the Zaporizhzhia region, a Russian lieutenant colonel shot the mobilized

War. More than 1,400 high-ranking military personnel of the Russian Federation were liquidated in Ukraine – ОСINT

The Ukrainian Armed Forces cover the flanks of the Russian army in the Svatov region

They beat out a "confession": Yaroslav Zhuk, abducted by the occupiers, told about torture

HIMARS hit the barge crossing of the Russian army under the Antoniv bridge in Kherson

Ukrainian journalist: a Belarusian helicopter with officers was shot down near Bakhmut

Explosions in Sevastopol: four warships of the Russian Federation were destroyed

The Russian Federation threatened Britain with unforeseen consequences due to the "drone attack" in Crimea

The occupiers create the effect of a complete evacuation: they totally looted Kherson and removed the "tricolors"

The observation post of the Russian army was destroyed

Shelling Ukraine with missiles from a Russian ship: the former officer of the corvette "Ternopil" was informed of the suspicion

Ministry of Digital: the IT army gained access to the documents of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

107 Ukrainian defenders were released from Russian captivity

The Russians want to export solar power plants from the Kherson region to the Russian Federation, — intelligence

The police have already discovered 34 torture chambers and places of detention of Ukrainians in the de-occupied territories

The Czech Republic adopted a resolution recognizing the Russian regime as terrorist

ARMA found the elite real estate of deputies of the Russian State Duma

November 4, 2022

Air defense destroyed nine enemy kamikaze drones overnight

840 Russian soldiers were eliminated in Ukraine in a day — the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

An Iranian kamikaze drone was shot down in the Lviv region

The Armed Forces of the Dnipropetrovsk region repelled an attack by Iranian drones

Ukraine was able to return more than 1,100 of its citizens from Russian captivity

An official was exposed in Cherkasy Oblast, who called for the support of enemy troops and the extermination of Ukrainians

In the Kharkiv region, an 18-year-old collaborator took the position of "people’s policeman" from the occupiers

The Serhiy Prytula Foundation collected funds for the purchase of 60 Spartan armored personnel carriers for the Armed Forces in a day and a half

Border guards destroyed an enemy drone in the Bakhmut direction

Reznikov announced a new aid package from the US – promises "good news"

The occupiers are trying to break through the defense of the Armed Forces near Svatovo-Kreminnaya, – Gaidai

US intelligence: Iran asked Russia for help in creating nuclear weapons

Aid package to Ukraine: Tanks, armored personnel carriers, drones, armored boats: the USA announced a new aid package to Ukraine worth 400 million dollars

Russian authorities and troops are leaving Kherson, but it is necessary to monitor the landing forces that remain – ISW experts

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed three EW complexes of the Russian occupiers

More than a thousand Starlinks in Ukraine have been disconnected due to funding problems – CNN

Dozens of representatives of the pro-Russian party "Shor" have been detained in Moldova

Anti-aircraft defense repulsed the Caliber attack in the South

Biden’s adviser Jake Sullivan came to Kyiv: the US will help Ukraine with everything it needs

The Netherlands will provide Ukraine with a new aid package worth 120 million euros – #Letters The Netherlands will provide Ukraine with a new aid package worth 120 million euros

The USA will hand over kamikaze drones and M1117 armored vehicles to Ukraine

Support for Ukraine and the introduction of a price ceiling for Russian oil: the results of the G7 summit became known

Energy crisis: EU countries sent important equipment to Ukraine

In Zaporizhzhia, the ex-prosecutor was notified of suspicion of treason

A Putin supporter was detained in Kharkiv: she worked in the occupation administration and collected tribute

November 5, 2022

Assembly of the General Staff on November 5 – the Armed Forces hit an enemy crossing in the Kherson region

Vinnytsia region – the Russians attacked with kamikaze drones

Over 500 prisoners recruited by Prigozhin died in Ukraine in two months – The Insider

Anti-aircraft defense destroyed both "Calibers" fired from a frigate deployed by Russia to the Black Sea

Russian works were thrown out of the program: what schoolchildren learn in foreign literature lessons

In the Russian Federation, a fire broke out in an entertainment center: there are victims

A video of another riot of mobilized people in the Russian Federation was published

"And no one has bombed them yet": the network is joking about the power outage during Putin’s meeting

According to SBU materials, a traitor who "surrendered" to the occupiers a welfare commander in Kyiv region was sentenced to 15 years in prison

The Security Service of Ukraine identified the judge whose decision will deport Crimeans to Siberia

Reznikov – about the new aid package from the USA: This is an investment in a safe 21st century

Dmytro Berdnikov – the ex-mayor of Yakutsk and Irkutsk became the new Gauleiter of Mariupol

Russian troops are creating conditions for an organized retreat in the Kherson region – ISW

Border guards destroyed the occupants’ dugout in Donetsk region

News from Luhansk region: Russia charges "mobikes" in the Kreminskyi and Svativskyi directions

Two Heroes from Volyn died defending Ukraine: Vitaly Arendarchuk and Oleksiy Lepin

Andriy Kurii, a miner from Lviv Oblast, died at the front

The sixth American volunteer from the Foreign Legion died in Ukraine

Maxim Dorozhko, a soldier from Poltava region, died in Luhansk region

18 Russians were killed in the shelling of the building of the occupation administration in Golya Prystan

Soldiers of the Armed Forces captured three Russian soldiers

A 19-year-old shooter from Radyvylov was killed in the fighting in Luhansk region

Collaborator judge Oleksandr Nikulin was assassinated

Explosions rang out in the private sector of occupied Horlivka

Dnipro news: Ivan Ivanovych Pelehach died

Dnipropetrovsk region has lost another Hero

A bitter loss for Dnipropetrovsk region: another Hero will not be able to return home

The marines together with the artillery brigade destroyed a column of Russian equipment

Kherson mayor Kolykhaev, who was kidnapped by the Russians, is now in custody in Kalanchak, a former prisoner

Map of combat operations on November 5, 2022 – defense of the front of Ukraine

268 National Guard servicemen were released from captivity as a result of exchanges

South. The Armed Forces successfully struck an alternative crossing of the Russians and a column of the Russian army

The Russian agent of "Pobyeda" was sentenced to seven years in prison for treason

In Russia, a train with fuel for the occupiers caught fire, sabotage is possible

The German company Wintershall is suspected of aiding the Russian Federation during the war

A fleet of naval drones will be created in Ukraine, the president said

Seventeen EU countries sent aid to the energy sector of Ukraine

The SBU reported suspicion of treason to Kherson police officer Andriy Chumanov

They said goodbye to two defenders of Ukraine in Ternopil Oblast

November 6, 2022

Traces and evidence of Russian crimes are being destroyed in Mariupol

Zeks make up the majority of Wagner’s PMK mercenaries in the war in Ukraine – ISW

Yakovyna: Even in Russia, no one believes that the war will be won. Kadyrovs do not want to go to war – Kadyrov’s troops will come in handy after the fall of Putin’s regime

A resident of Shostka was sentenced to 15 years for treason

"Surovikin Lines": the Russians are preparing for a circular defense in the left-bank Kherson region (photos)

In the Luhansk region, the Ukrainian aviation struck the enemy with seven strikes – OVA

Russia’s war against Ukraine: the enemy tried to attack in four regions at once, all attacks were repulsed by the Armed Forces

The SBU exposed the collaborator who headed the occupation "tax department"

"Sun, I’m at home, I’m in Ukraine," another 19 soldiers were returned from captivity. VIDEO

Shark drones – the technical characteristics have become known

Kremlin fires commanders to avoid responsibility for failures in Ukraine – British intelligence

Two soldiers from Prykarpattia were killed in the battle with the invaders

A 25-year-old soldier from the Rivne region died in the war Rivne news

Died on his 25th birthday: fighter from Luhansk region Bohdan Kozachok died fighting for Ukraine

Vitaly Shrubkovsky, a resident of Bolgrad, died in the battle for Ukraine, may his memory be blessed

Serhii Mykhalchuk, a soldier from the Lanchyna community, died in the battle with the occupiers

The Korop community lost a Hero

The Armed Forces destroyed the occupiers’ ammunition warehouse in Geroyskyi, Kherson Region

Ukrainian partisans reported about "cotton" in the Mariupol district

The war in Ukraine – the Russian Federation was found guilty of the catastrophic losses of its army

They gave the Russians in the Zaporozhye direction: the situation regarding the Russian invasion as of November 6

Two platoons of the invaders were destroyed near Kherson

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation destroyed the grouping of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation under Ugledar

The Armed Forces destroyed a Russian column of heavy equipment – video

The marines destroyed seven Russian soldiers, a tank and three guns in a day

The Ministry of Defense confirmed that the Russians failed to destroy any HIMARS

In the Kherson region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a large column of military equipment and the base of the occupiers – the General Staff

Blackout in Kherson: in the Berislav district of the Kherson region, three poles of the power line were blown up, the regional center was without electricity

They said goodbye to two Ukrainian defenders in the Chernihiv region

The monument to Catherine in Odessa will be dismantled – details

Due to shelling by the Russian army, the railway infrastructure between Sumy and Konotop was damaged: the movement of some trains was changed

Priests of the Russian Orthodox Church at war: A priest of the Russian Orthodox Church died during the war with Ukraine, who suggested that Russian women give birth more so that it would be easier to endure mobilization

The Armed Forces destroyed the Russian ammunition warehouse in the Kherson region

The mayor of one of the largest cities in Latvia called Crimea Russian. He considers not only Russia to be responsible for the atrocities in Buch

The delivery of Iranian drones to Russia: the US reported new details

November 7, 2022

In the south, the Armed Forces destroyed the enemy’s control point for drones

Propaganda broadcasting disappeared in Kherson and Ukrainian radio returned

General Staff: Russian military personnel dressed in civilian clothes strengthen positions in Kherson for street fighting

The losses of the occupiers in Horlivka amounted to 9 combat vehicles, and about 60 people killed and 135 wounded in manpower

The enemy is attacking in three directions, the Armed Forces repulsed eight attacks

The Armed Forces shot down a Russian attack aircraft in the Kherson Region – Air Force

Shaheds in Mykolaiv are shot down by special crews, OVA said

The Russian Federation has reached an agreement with Iran on the supply of ballistic missiles, – GUR

"Great Russia turned out to be a fake. Ahead is a collapse": Zelensky was told about the myths of Russian propaganda

Fifty suspected saboteurs and propagandists were discovered in Kharkiv Oblast within a day

Inciting religious discord: the SBU declared suspicion against the metropolitan of one of the dioceses of the UOC MP

Motor Sich became the property of the state

In Severodonetsk, almost 400 bodies of the dead, buried during the occupation, were discovered – OVA

Occupied territories: the Russians left Berislav without electricity, water and heat

A young lawyer from the Rivne region died near Bakhmut (PHOTO)

Mykhailo Kyrylchuk, a defender from Vinnytsia, died fighting for Ukraine

Lt. Vitaly Dudarchuk, a graduate of the Ostroh Academy, died near Bakhmut

27 years forever: intelligence officer Vlad Kravets died in the battles for Luhansk region

In July, the youngest son was buried, and the other day, the eldest died: Andriy Ushkevich from Ozernaya died at the front

Horlovskyi, a representative of the Yanakievsky gang, came to Melitopol – what is known

Soldiers of the Armed Forces captured a large group of Russian occupiers in the Luhansk region

Residents of Kherson slashed the wheels of the cars of Russian propagandists Kots and Saponkov

The Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated the Russian military priest

Scouts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the warehouse with fuel belonging to the Russian occupiers

Mariupol — the Russian Federation dug more than 1,500 new graves in the area of the occupied city

Air defense systems NASAMS and Aspide have arrived in Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine report the death of more than 30 Kadyrivians as a result of the attack on Lysychansk

"Lancets" instead of missiles: the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation found a replacement for scarce ammunition

The SBU detained a blogger who filmed a video of arrivals in Zaporizhzhia and supplied TG channel Sharia

The Pope said that he respects the Russians and that they are not the ones fighting in Ukraine now

30 military personnel from Zmiiny Island have already been released from Russian captivity – the ombudsman

Terrorist Borodai said that he avoided blowing up his car in the Kherson region

A monument to Catherine the Second and her companions is being transported in Odessa

An American who fought in the International Legion died in Ukraine

Relatives of those mobilized confirmed the heavy losses of Russians in the Luhansk region

Natalia Korolevska did not declare real estate near Moscow for 16 years – video

Ukraine received the first batch of generators from Lithuania

12 years behind bars: the court sentenced an "official" from the occupied Crimea

The Pope’s scandalous statement about Russia – the pontiff was presented with a mine fragment

November 8, 2022

The USA will support Ukraine and after the elections to the Congress – the White House

In Mykolaiv, the guide of the Rashists, who was correcting the shelling of the SBU building, was detained

The Prosecutor General’s Office documented 63,944 crimes against Ukraine

China banned Charles Michel’s speech condemning Russian aggression

In Russia, the Military Commissariat sent a summons to the sailor who died on the cruiser "Moskva"

Russia and Belarus form a joint grouping of troops, the General Staff

The occupiers have exhausted the arsenal of high-precision weapons and the fleet of combat aircraft for attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure – ISW

What is the situation at the front – how are the Armed Forces destroying Russian warehouses on November 8, 2022

Losses near Pavlivka – the Ministry of Defense of Russia does not see any problems

The Armed Forces of Ukraine defeated the 9th regiment of the occupiers near Svatov: 36 "mobics" surrendered (video)

A soldier from the Rivne region who was injured after shooting down "Shahid" died

Ivan Savchuk, a soldier from Mogilev-Podilskyi, died in Donetsk region

The occupiers killed the defender of Ukraine from the Odesa region: he was only 30 years old

Nikolay Dzikovsky, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, a bright memory

A defender of Ukraine from Romain died in the war

Ukrainian drones massively destroy the invaders near Bakhmut

An enemy Su-25 aircraft, a Lancet-3 drone and 4 Orlan-10 drones were destroyed yesterday in Luhansk region

The Armed Forces integrate the NASAMS and IRIS-T complexes into a single air defense system

The government cancels the import tax on generators and batteries

They planned to implement their education system: secret documents of the Russian Federation were found in Izyum (photo)

The Armed Forces of Ukraine delivered 20 powerful strikes against the enemy during the day, the General Staff

Italy is ready to provide SAMP/T and Aspide air defense systems to Ukraine – media

The Vatican proposed negotiations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation on its own territory

Mi-2 helicopter crashed in Russia: details of the incident

An American company with an estimated value of more than a billion dollars is leaving Belarus

The numerical losses of the Russian army at Pavlivka really are

De-occupied Izyum: Under Izyum, the police found more than 3,000 Russian ammunition

The Pentagon confirmed the transfer of two NASAMS air defense systems to Ukraine

During the day, the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces made 16 strikes against the occupiers. Control points and air defense equipment were damaged

General Staff of the Armed Forces: Representatives of the IC of the Russian Federation were sent to Donetsk to investigate the causes of significant losses in units of the 155th separate brigade of marines

November 9, 2022

In the south, the Armed Forces destroyed enemy air defense systems and ammunition depots

Summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: news from the front on the morning of November 9, 2022.

In Cherkasy region, a resident of Severodonetsk will be tried for supporting Russian aggression. He faces 8 years in prison

The Russian Federation recorded a record outflow of migrants

Disney closes office in Moscow: almost all employees have been fired, media

Ukrainian military destroyed 5 "Shakhed" and one "Orlan" – air force

Great Britain will hand over a batch of winter equipment to the Armed Forces – Prime Minister

Pentagon: Russia lost half of its tanks in Ukraine

Russia carries out more than 10 cyberattacks on strategic objects of Ukraine every day

Luxembourg blocked a third of all assets of the Russian Federation in Europe: the amount was named

The SBU neutralized the enemy DRG, which was preparing the assassinations of the commanders of the Special Operations Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A 35-year-old soldier of the Volyn Brigade died of serious injuries

Valentin Drymanov, a 28-year-old resident of Nikopol, died in Donetsk region

A young medic from Ternopil Oblast died in the war (PHOTO)

Dunayevchyna lost a Hero

The life of the Kryvyi Rih defender, soldier of military unit 3011 Ruslan Bily was cut short

Another loss: Valentin Bordakov, a rescuer from Chernihiv, died in Donetsk region

Volodymyr Gonchar, a resident of Tomakivka, died during the war with the Russian invaders

Losses of the Kherson region: a resident of Stanislav died in the war

A Hero from the Manevytsk community of the Kamin-Kashir district died in the war

He was a scout and sapper: a native of Yekaterinopol died in the war

His old mother was waiting for him at home: a fighter from Dnipropetrovsk died in battles with the occupiers

Anatoliy Lukyanov, defender from Dunayevechchyna, died

The war took the life of the Defender of Ukraine from Khmelnytskyi

A fighter from the Kamian district died in Luhansk region

As a result of artillery shelling, two soldiers from the Rivne region were killed

A fighter from Kagarlyk was killed in Donbas

A soldier from Zdolbunov died as a result of artillery fire

Dmytro Shpak died in the Zaporizhzhia region

Serhii Burkovskyi, a resident of Fastov, died in Donetsk region

A scout from Cherkasy was killed by enemy fire near Bakhmut

Guerrillas in Voznesenets, Zaporizhzhia burned down the church with the occupiers – video

Liberation of Snigurivka: The occupiers have recognized the advance of the Armed Forces, the battle continues – Palyanitsa

"Cotton" bloomed again in Vasilievka – the ASU entered the college building where the occupiers had taken up residence (photo)

In the Luhansk region, the occupiers surrender en masse

In Berdyansk, the invaders captured former fighters of the "AZOV" regiment, media reports

In the Kherson region, they hit a cafe where the Russian soldiers dined – Khlan

They are trying to stop the counteroffensive: the enemy blows up bridges in the occupied territories

In the occupied city of Zaporizhzhya region, the Racist torture chambers are full of kidnapped people

The European Commission officially offered to provide Kyiv with 18 billion euros in 2023

A collaborator of Stremousov – rosZMI – died in a road accident

The Secretary General of NATO commented on the statements of the Russian Federation about the retreat in the Kherson region

"Any scenario is possible." Heads of the Kherson Regional Council – about the withdrawal of Russian troops from the right bank of the Dnieper

Arestovych explained how to evaluate the actions of Russian troops in Kherson

Sky News reported that it was Russia that provided Iran in exchange for the drones

The court announced the sentences to five militants of the People’s Liberation Army

Law enforcement officers identified 18 Russians who were looting in Buch

Justice will not hide: the Security Service of Ukraine has established the identities of traitorous security forces in the Kherson region

A monument to a Soviet soldier was demolished in Uzhhorod

Putin will not go to the G20 summit, Zelensky will take part in the online media summit

Another liberated settlement. The Armed Forces entered Pravdyna, Kherson region

New weapons from Germany: missiles for IRIS-T and 30 armored vehicles

Motor Sichi president Boguslaev hid real estate in Moscow