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Nicholas Zharkikh

November 17, 2022

Canada will allocate another $34 million in military aid to Ukraine. Where will the funds go?

In Kakhovka, Russians mine infrastructure facilities and destroy communication towers

Ukraine blew up some bridges on the border with Belarus – Arestovych

Ukraine is ready to cooperate with the Polish side in the case of the rocket explosion: Kyslytsia

In Zhytomyr, the court banned a teacher from working at the university for 10 years for supporting the actions of the Russian Federation

Prime Minister of Canada: Russia is responsible for the explosion of a missile in Poland

The responsibility for the missile incident lies with Russia – Poland’s ambassador to NATO

During the day, the Armed Forces repelled seven Russian attacks in Donbas, – General Staff

In Zaporizhzhia, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed two enemy ammunition depots, S-300 air defense systems, about 100 occupants were killed or wounded

Two cruise missiles were shot down over Kyiv

Atrocities of the occupiers: the bodies of 63 tortured people were found in the Kherson region

Missile falling in Poland: Biden disagreed with Zelenskyi’s statement that the missile could not be Ukrainian – Reuters

"Ramstein-7": Ukraine will receive short-range air defense and HAWK, ammunition and military equipment

Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church was not allowed into the EU

The armed forces in the south completed 45 fire missions per day

NATO reacts slowly and weakly – former ambassador of Ukraine to Poland Andriy Deshchytsia

Mass shelling of Ukraine: Kyiv, Dnipro and Odesa under fire

Ivan Bazhura from the Velikobereznyan region died in the war

Oleh Bezveselny, a resident of Sumy, died in Donbas

Viktor Korolyk, a Carpathian, died in the war

A 26-year-old soldier from Smila died in the war

A fighter from Kamyansk was killed in Donbas

Mykola Asmakovskyi, a resident of Semenivka, died in the Donetsk direction

Three defenders from Bukovyna were killed in the area of hostilities

Mykola Makarenko from Kherson: The Russians said that I was an exiled Cossack. They left behind 4 broken ribs, a broken jaw and a Z cut on the leg

"They suffocated with a bag and beat with electric shock and rubber batons" – junior sergeant Dmytro Rashkevich about captivity

In the last hour in the Kyiv region, the Air Force shot down two cruise missiles and one UAV, three "Shahed" were destroyed by air defense forces, – KMVA

Night explosions in Kherson region: fire and detonation in Chaplinka (video)

In Poland, the first details of the investigation into the fall of the rocket were reported

Occupiers destroy Ukrainian textbooks on the history of Ukraine in Energodar, – General Staff

Dnipro – rocket attack on November 17, 14 injured

"Ramstein-7": at least six countries announced new military aid to Ukraine

A Russian agent was detained in Vinnytsia, who was passing on information about energy facilities to the enemy

A colonel was found dead in the Russian Federation – he was responsible for working with the mobilized

News of Ukraine – war – 23 wounded in Dnipro after shelling – OVA

The Hague Court recognized that Russia controlled the "DPR" during the downing of the MH17 airliner

The Czech Republic will train about 4,000 Ukrainian military personnel

11 places of deprivation of liberty have already been discovered in the de-occupied Kherson Region, including 4 torture chambers — National Police

Explosions rang out in Sevastopol – mass media

About a thousand bodies of civilians were found in the territories de-occupied by the Russians

News of Ukraine – Finland will provide Ukraine with a record package of military aid

In the Kherson region, law enforcement officers detained a local deputy-collaborator

A Russian plane crashed in occupied North Ossetia: the pilot did not survive

Explosions rang out at a substation near Belgorod: electricity and water were lost in the region

Belarusian was detained in Moscow for insulting Lukashenko

The MH-17 case: Russia refuses to extradite two convicts to the Netherlands

The Swedish Parliament approved the provision of military aid to Ukraine for a record $287 million

Assembly of the General Staff on November 17

Missile in Poland: Biden’s adviser Sullivan asked the Office of the President to be "more careful" in commenting on the fall of the missile in Poland

The President of Ukraine honored more than 400 defenders with awards, 87 of them posthumously

The Armed Forces hit 3 control points, 17 areas of concentration of enemy manpower

The Armed Forces discovered a warehouse with stolen household appliances

Russia’s war against Ukraine: 63 Ukrainians tortured by the occupiers were found in the de-occupied settlements of the Kherson region, – the Ministry of Internal Affairs

In the Kyiv region, three enemy drones were shot down by the police

November 18, 2022

Executive Vice President of the European Commission Dombrovskis arrived in Kyiv on a visit

Israel has allowed the supply of weapons containing Israeli components to Ukraine – Haaretz

The Pentagon refused to comment on Ukraine’s refusal to investigate the fall of a missile in Poland

More than 5,000 Russian textbooks were seized from the lyceum in occupied Kupyansk

Serhii Mironov, the capital’s tour guide, died at the front * Operative Ukraine info

The US imposed sanctions on companies that helped Iran circumvent trade restrictions

PVK "Wagner" is recruiting employees of the plant in the Belgorod region

Russia is a state sponsor of terrorism: the European Parliament agreed on the text of the resolution

The number of people killed in the missile attack on the Zaporozhye district has reached 9 people

Ivan Bazhura, a soldier of the 128th brigade, died in the battles with the occupiers

Andriy Kalinichenko, an electrician driver from Poltava Oblast, died in the war

Andriy Politylo, a hero from Lviv Oblast, died fighting for Ukraine

A soldier from Kamiansk died in the battle

He was bright and kind: Maxim Kovtun, a resident of the Odesa region, died in battle

Yuri Mitin died near Bakhmut

Yaroslav Lichman, a resident of Cherkasy, died – an employee of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the hero of the meme about "Tolik the video recorder"

The Armed Forces captured the Russian DRG in the Zaporozhye direction

Russians stole exhibits from the funds of the Kherson Regional Museum of Local History (photo)

There was information about the liquidation of the "head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the LPR" Igor Kornet

The Australian billionaire created a fund for the reconstruction of Ukraine. They plan to raise at least $25 billion

About 50 occupiers were eliminated in Skadovsk as a result of an attack by the Armed Forces – General Staff

The mayor’s adviser reported on a powerful explosion in Mariupol: the details are being clarified

Sergey Lavrov: Lavrov was not allowed to go to Poland for the OSCE meeting, – Yozvyak

Half of Ukraine’s energy system was destroyed: Shmyhal turned to his allies

On November 18, Ukraine withdrew from the agreement on a joint scientific center with Russia

Hospitality in the Hungarian style: Naryshkin’s apartment is designed for an associate of Orban

Russia is transferring troops from the south to Luhansk region: the establishment of the General Staff

Ukraine will produce military equipment and heavy weapons with NATO countries – Ukroboronprom

It is the hottest in the Bakhmut and Avdiiv directions, the occupiers have incredible losses – Cherevaty

The SBU reported new suspicions to the Metropolitan of the Moscow Church from Vinnytsia

Ukraine will be able to independently provide the army with helmets and body armor – Oleksiy Reznikov

Aid to Ukraine – USA promises to increase income

In the Kherson region, even teenagers were kept in torture chambers – the ombudsman

In Kherson, civil servants and pro-Ukrainian activists were mainly tortured by the occupiers, — mass media

The SBU blocked a large online casino that transferred three billion UAH to the Russian Federation

November 19, 2022

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled the attack of the occupiers in the area of 6 settlements of the Donetsk region, — General Staff

The enemy shelled three communities in the Dnipropetrovsk region

On November 18, the Russians shelled three communities in the Sumy region

Russian units transferred from the Kherson direction were spotted in Novoaidar

The song "Our Father – Bandera" was recognized as "extremist" in Belarus

The occupiers in Luhansk region intensified their terror

The SBU has identified 11 more organizers of the pseudo-referendum in the Zaporizhzhia region

Even more "meat": the Kremlin is preparing a new wave of mobilization

Luhansk region news: the enemy is sending paratroopers from the Kherson direction into the region

The first passenger train during the war arrived from Kyiv to Kherson

Map of hostilities on November 19, 2022 – what is the situation on the front of Ukraine

A soldier from Buryn region died in the war

A 46-year-old man from Luchana died in Donbas

Viktor Anchenko, a paramedic from Lutsk, died in the war

Defended Ukraine since 2014: 29-year-old officer Artem Priymak from Ternopil Oblast died

Master of sports of Ukraine in academic rowing, Roman Minakov, died in Donetsk region

Kyiv activist Serhiy Mironov, the author of a blog about the capital’s historic buildings, died in the war

Yaroslav Kushyk, a resident of Lviv Oblast, died in the war

Igor Proskurovsky, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, a bright memory

In October, the Armed Forces shot down two Russian Lancet drones from fighter jets, which were "virtually impossible" to destroy, BBC Ukraine

Russian occupiers tortured teenagers in the Kherson region: video

News from Donetsk region: In Bakhmut, the fighting continues almost 24 hours a day – everything is littered with corpses of the occupiers

Kharkiv Region: The National Police reported on the collaborators and found torture chambers

In Donbass, the Armed Forces of Ukraine liquidated a Finnish mercenary from the "Ghost" unit

The Armed Forces struck the occupiers on the Kinburn spit and in the Oleshok area -

40 dead soldiers of the Russian Federation – the General Staff confirmed the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Mykhailivka

Crimes of the Russian army in Kherson: Victims of the occupiers in Kherson

Air losses of the enemy – the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Bakhmut area shot down an occupying Su-35 fighter – video

Funds were collected in Lithuania for the second marine drone for Ukraine

FSB against partisans: The FSB created groups to hunt down partisans in the occupied territories

Prime Minister of Great Britain Rishi Sunak came to Kyiv – video

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Germany has supplied Ukraine with 30 Gepard anti-aircraft guns

Ukraine received the seventh Zuzana 2 self-propelled artillery installation from Slovakia

Oil prices fell to a 2-month low ahead of the embargo against Russia

In Zhytomyr region, a social worker of the city council admired the criminal "feats" of the Russian military

Students from Scotland raised money for an ambulance for the Ukrainian military

The remains of the "Azov" fighter who died in Mariupol will be buried in Ukrainka

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation threw a tantrum because Lavrov was not allowed to enter Poland

An explosion occurred in the Belgorod Region

Battles near Bakhmut: Fighters of the 30th OMBr destroyed a group of invaders near Bakhmut with the help of a drone. VIDEO

The occupiers destroyed a church in the Mykolaiv region that survived two world wars

Oleksiy Reznikov: the ninth package of security aid to Ukraine from Sweden amounts to 3 billion kroner

Canada announced a new support package for Ukraine

"The main enemy is Putin." A report from the front line about Chechens fighting on the side of Ukraine

Zelenskyi and the Prime Minister of Great Britain honored the memory of the fallen Ukrainian defenders

Ukraine, together with its allies, began the development of a declaration on the Ukrainian air shield

November 20, 2022

The war in Ukraine: the morning meeting of the General Staff on November 20

Hackers of the Russian Federation carried out a large-scale attack on the state departments of Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Ukraine

A reserve officer of the Bundeswehr was convicted of espionage for the benefit of the Russian Federation

Bulgaria needed nine planes to deliver military aid to Ukraine

France provided Ukraine with Crotale air defense systems. They shoot down cruise missiles

On Sunday, the Russian military fired at and damaged the equipment, the failure of which makes it impossible to take any further actions related to the start-up of power units of the Energoatom nuclear power plant.

The Russians staged the surrender and opened fire on the Armed Forces

The war in Ukraine – Medvedev again threatened to return Kyiv to Russia

Mobile communications have been restored in Chernobaevka and parts of Kherson

Large-scale fire in the center of Moscow. The fire spread from the greenhouse to a large warehouse

Video: in Belgorod, refusers are packed into a funnel, 3 years old, but alive

Arrests of conscripts: In the Russian army, demonstrative arrests of conscripts who refuse to go to war have begun. VIDEO+PHOTO report

Powerful explosions rang out at the Zaporizhzhia NPP – IAEA appeal

Prime Minister: Poland still does not have a clear answer from where the rocket that fell in Przewodów was launched

EU aid to Ukraine: the EU aid program for 18 billion euros provides Ukraine with interest-free loans for 35 years

This cannot be treated. Yermak commented on Medvedev’s statement that "Kyiv is a Russian city"

A mine planted under a printer was defused in the SBU building in Kherson

November 21, 2022

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit a column of Russian troops in the Syrotine district of the Luhansk region, the forced resettlement of local residents continues in the region

Approximately 40 dead and 70 wounded: the General Staff confirmed the defeat of the concentration area of the occupiers in Mykhailivka, Skadovsky District

Britain did not record cases of weapons from Ukraine falling into the hands of criminals

Three Ukrainian soldiers returned from captivity

Three marines escaped from Russian captivity, an operation was planned for them

The occupiers took half a thousand collaborators from the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions

War in Ukraine – in Russia, they announced that Ukraine would be forced to execute Minsk

Makiivka fire – in occupied Makiivka, fuel tanks burned at an oil depot

The Russians took the residents of Bilovodsk to the occupied Luhansk — OVA

Return of Crimea. Bankova’s statement caused hysteria among Russian senators

"Daggers" are able to hit objects throughout the territory of Ukraine, so air alarms are often announced, – General Staff

The StratCom of the Armed Forces of Ukraine showed the Kherson Museum of Local History after the "Russian World" – news on UNN | November 21, 2022, 10:59

A man was detained in Slavyansk, Donetsk region, who was "streaming" the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces through a messenger

Heroes of Bukovyna: Ivan Dronyak, a soldier from the city of Vashkivtsi, has passed away

A soldier from the village died in the war with the invaders

He covered his brothers at the cost of his own life: officer Roman Rusnyk died in the battles for Luhansk region

The death of another Volyn citizen was confirmed

A Kamian resident died in battle

Ruslan Aubakirov, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine

Artur Molchanovych died in Luhansk region

The Armed Forces struck 4 bases of the occupiers in the Zaporizhzhia region

The situation on the Kinburn spit is specific, the weather on the Ukrainian side is OK South

The "DNR" army lost almost everyone who was in it before the start of the war killed and wounded

In Ukraine, the top officer of the Pskov paratroopers was eliminated. PHOTO

"I starved and went crazy for a week "in the basement" – a teacher from Kherson about her captivity during the occupation

Lysychansk will face the winter without communications, and looted mines are being closed in Dovzhansk, – Heyday

The Ministry of Defense on the reduction of prisoners in the Russian Federation: the army of convicts is becoming an army of suicides

Law enforcement officers discovered four torture chambers in Kherson

Sanctions against Russia: New Zealand imposed sanctions against citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus

PA NATO recognized the Russian Federation as a terrorist state – Cherniv

Luxembourg will transfer HMMWV off-road vehicles to Ukraine – Minister of Defense

Captured the building of the Luhansk SBU office: the assistant of the "Minister of Internal Affairs of the People’s Republic of Ukraine" was detained in the Kyiv region

The occupiers shelled the Sumy region with mortars, anti-aircraft guns and artillery, damaged 5 houses and a gas pipeline

The US senator on the transfer of F-16 to Ukraine: When we fought in Vietnam and Korea, the Russians supplied both planes and pilots to the enemy. It’s time to answer

Russia began systematically shelling Kherson. Podolyak demands a response from the UN

Russian language in Latvia: Russian language will no longer be taught in Latvian schools

"War to the last Chechen". Why is Ramzan Kadyrov preparing a combat reserve

Another "gesture of good will": the Ukrainian Armed Forces liberate Kinburn Spit

The Ukrainian military "is not interested in the execution of prisoners" – Stefanishyna

The Russians used a landfill in Kherson to burn corpses, The Guardian suggests that they were Russian soldiers

Torture in Balaklia: A resident of Balaklia spent 85 days in torture chambers set up by the occupiers in the local police station

November 22, 2022

There are still occupiers on the Kinburn spit, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue the combat operation, – OK "Pivden"

Britain transferred advanced Brimstone 2 missiles to Ukraine

British intelligence: Ukraine’s ability to strike Novorossiysk will further undermine Russia’s maritime influence

The NABU reported the completion of the Mezhihirya case investigation, they are waiting for the Yanukovych

The SBU conducts searches in a church in the Rivne region and in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra

Demanded a bribe with a washing machine: In Moscow, a colonel from the General Staff of the Russian Federation was arrested, SMI

Exchange of dead bodies – Ukraine returned another 33 bodies

"Forget about Kherson": Bankova noticed changes in the enemy’s information space

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine calls the Hungarian ambassador to the carpet because of the scandal with Orban

Reported on the Russian missile attack on Poland: the Associated Press agency fired the reporter

About half a thousand collaborators and their families left for Crimea from Zaporizhzhia and Kherson Oblast

Mykola Mazuryk from Kryvyi Rih died in the battle in Luhansk Region

Russia killed the Hero of Ukraine from the Rivne region

They gave their lives for Ukraine: two residents of Zvenyhorod region died in the war

A graduate of Zaleshytskyi College died in the war

A serviceman from Ostrozhchyna was killed near Bakhmut

Forever 48: Ihor Borisov, a fighter from Prykarpattia, died at the front

Mykhailo Zastavny, a 48-year-old defender from the Burshtyn community, has passed away

Borys Boyko from the Novoushytsk community died in the war

A defender from Buryn region died in Donetsk region Dankor online | Sumy information portal: all the news of Sumy region

Volodymyr Sokurenko died during a combat mission in Mykolaiv Oblast

A soldier from the Ternopil district died in the fighting in Donetsk region

Young and always smiling: a defender from Skalat died in the war

36 years forever: soldier Yaroslav Yunyk fell during the assault in the Lymansky direction of Donetsk region

Tankers of the Iron Brigade spoke about the 12-hour battle for the village of Bayrak and the evacuation of the wounded

The situation in Melitopol – what is known about the atrocities of the Russians

Dozens of bodies of Russians were found in a village in the Kharkiv region, where fierce fighting took place

A Russian combatant who fought in Syria died during the war in Ukraine

A deputy from the "Servant of the People" party became the new champion of Energodar

The occupiers robbed the PrivatBank branch in Kherson – video

The European Commission provides Ukraine with another 2.5 billion euros – von der Leyen

Ukrenergo reported how many TPPs and HPPs were damaged due to Russian strikes

In Kherson, they detained a collaborator who was forcing the region to vote for joining the Russian Federation

A meeting with writer Oksana Zabuzhko was interrupted in Krakow

In occupied Sevastopol, the movement of sea transport was stopped due to an attack by drones

Vadym Khlupianets, an artist of the Kyiv Academic Operetta Theater, died in the battles near Bakhmut

Russian troops left some positions and removed individual roadblocks in Zaporizhzhia – ZSU

The United States will allocate $4.5 billion in direct budget support to Ukraine

"May be involved in cooperation with the enemy." The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported the detention of 41 people in the Kherson region

The SBU detained assistants of the occupiers in the Kharkiv region

November 23, 2022

Ukraine will receive British helicopters and thousands of artillery shells

The SBU is conducting searches at VS Energy, which controls five Ukrainian regional utilities

The SBU exposed collaborators who helped the enemy to maintain railway connections with the Russian Federation

Citizens of 93 countries joined the construction of the Ukrainian fleet of naval drones

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled the attacks of the occupiers in the area of 11 settlements, the DRG was neutralized in the Kharkiv region

Ex-Minister of Education Tabachnyk was informed of suspicion of treason

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Iranian and Russian drone operators are being trained in Sevastopol

Russian assets: Estonia has frozen tens of millions of euros in Russian assets

Ten countries in 10 days announced new packages and contributions to the military support of Ukraine – Kuleb

Germany counted on the defeat of Ukraine, and France did not believe in war, – Johnson

In Chernihiv region, a Russian soldier will be tried for shooting a car with civilians

She shouted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine should lay down their arms and surrender to Putin: a supporter of the "Russian peace" was kicked off a train in Kyiv region. Video

A draft law banning the activities of the Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine was submitted to the Council

Burned in a tank: a fighter from the Rzhyshchiv Tergroup died near Bakhmut

The court gave permission for a trial in absentia of the case regarding Medvedchuk’s treason

The Armed Forces spoke about the prospects for the defense of Bakhmut and Avdiyivka

Great Britain is sending Sea Kings helicopters to Ukraine for the first time – Minister of Defense

Explosions in Kyiv: Explosions in Kyiv. There is a dead person, an injured person and a hit to an infrastructure object (updated)

An explosion in the Vinnytsia region on November 23 – the Russians hit critical infrastructure

Missile attack on Ukraine on November 23: large cities were left without electricity

The European Parliament recognized Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism

Zelenskyi on the resolution of the European Parliament: the Russian Federation must be isolated at all levels

War in Ukraine – three people died in Kyiv

Lviv without light: Lviv remained without light

There are also massive power outages in Moldova due to Russian missile strikes on the Ukrainian energy system

Water supply in Kyiv was suspended on November 23

She sent her subordinates to study in the Russian Federation. The "director" of the lyceum was detained in Kupyansk

Russia’s war against Ukraine: In Izyum, the Russian invaders destroyed 80% of the buildings

Rocket attack on Kyiv: the number of victims has increased to nine

Power units at the Khmelnitsky NPP are disconnected from the power system

The EBRD announced assistance to Ukraine with urgent repairs of energy facilities, against the background of new Russian attacks

In the Dnipropetrovsk region, all water channels have been de-energized

The chief editor of a newspaper in Donetsk region will be tried for collaborationism, the prosecutor’s office said

A young soldier from the Rzhyshchiv community died in the battle with the occupiers

Switzerland on Wednesday approved the eighth package of sanctions against Russia

Russian missile attack on November 23: 6 Ukrainians were killed, 36 were injured – the police

Biden announced the allocation of $400 million in new defense aid to Ukraine

Missile strikes today – all nuclear plants, most TPPs and HPPs were temporarily cut off

Exchange of prisoners: managed to return 36 more Ukrainians Exchange of prisoners: managed to return 36 more Ukrainians

Today, the Russian Federation launched 70 cruise missiles over Ukraine. How air defense worked

Took part in hostilities against the Ukrainian Armed Forces: a court in Zaporozhye sentenced a man who was accused of treason

A man was detained in Cherkasy region, who was passing information on the location of units of the Armed Forces to the enemy

31 rockets flew at Kyiv, air defense shot down 21 of them – Klitschko

The new US aid package will include missiles for NASAMS and HIMARS

The Security Council of the United Nations will hold an emergency debate due to the shelling of the Russian Federation, Zelensky will speak

The Armed Forces covered three trucks with Kadyrivs near Energodar

Missile attack in Vyshgorod: the number of victims has already increased to 5

Return home: Ukraine held a prisoner exchange

The military administration clarified when heat and water will appear in Kyiv

The EBRD will provide Ukrenergo with EUR 372 million to repair the damaged energy infrastructure of Ukraine

In the Lavra, they found raschitov and millions of money

The special investigation into the commander of the Russian ship that shelled Mariupol – DBR – has been completed

Fires caused by enemy missiles were extinguished in Kyiv

Shelling of Kyiv region: four people were killed in Vyshgorod [photo] [video]

The European Parliament is under cyber attack. The pro-Kremlin group took responsibility for this

Berlin rejected Johnson’s statement that Germany preferred a quick defeat of Ukraine

Russia has confirmed that it is a country sponsoring terrorism, — Zelensky

How the decision of the European Parliament to recognize Russia as a sponsor of terrorism can be applied in practice, explained Musienko

Rocket attack on Kyiv region: the number of victims has increased to 35, including six children

The Kremlin called the searches in the UOC MP "an attack on Russian Orthodoxy"